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Brad Pitt swears he didn't save any lives on the set of 'World War Z'

Brad Pitt needs you to know that he’s not some kind of hero—despite recent reports suggesting otherwise.

In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, Brad Pitt responds to  claims that he rescued an extra on the set of upcoming zombie movie World War Z during an in-depth conversation on his life and career, the first in a series called The EW Interview.

Read an excerpt from the interview below: READ FULL STORY

Brad Pitt knew 'Fight Club' was a great film -- despite its tepid reception

Fight Club may be one of Brad Pitt’s most beloved films, but when it debuted in 1999, it flopped at the box office, earning just $37 million against a $63 million budget.

In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, Brad Pitt reflects on  Fight Club‘s original reception during a rare in-depth conversation on his life and career, the first in a series called The EW Interview.

Recalls Pitt: “I remember Fight Club playing at the Venice Film Festival at a midnight screening. And Edward Norton and I, after having a few drinks, were sitting next to the president who’s running the whole thing. We’re sitting up in the balcony. It’s subtitled, and we are the only f—ers laughing. It gets to one of Helena [Bonham Carter’s] scandalous lines — “I haven’t been f—ed like that since grade school!” — and literally, the guy running the festival got up and left. Edward and I were still the only ones laughing. You could hear two idiots in the balcony cackling through the whole thing.”

Still, Pitt claims that he knew the film was a keeper, despite the unenthusiastic reception. READ FULL STORY

How Brad Pitt fought to keep Gwyneth's head in the box in 'Se7en'

Fincher fans, this one’s for you!

In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, Moneyball star Brad Pitt reflects on his life and filmography in a rare in-depth conversation, the first in a series called The EW Interview.

During the chat, Pitt opens up about a particularly frustrating experience early in his career when his favorite scene in Legends of the Fall was cut after the studio determined that it elicited the most negative response from audiences. “Guys, this is exactly why we’re here,” Pitt remembers. “We want to evoke emotion — not favorable opinion, not agreement.”

Pitt claims that he “had no juice,” and couldn’t do anything about the change, but he made sure to not let the same thing happen on his next film, the extra-edgy David Fincher film, Se7enREAD FULL STORY

This Week's Issue: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart share how they really feel about Edward and Bella in 'Breaking Dawn'


After playing the parts of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen for so long, is it any wonder that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson can get heated talking about their characters? When EW sat down with the two stars and their director Bill Condon to talk about the upcoming Breaking Dawn Part 1 (in theaters Nov. 18), the penultimate chapter of the Twilight Saga, the 25-year-old actor spoke frankly. “Look, there are a lot of moments when Edward sort of acts like a p—y,” Pattinson said. “You can quote him on that!” Stewart laughed.

One example from Breaking Dawn? [Spoiler Alert!] When Bella is gravely ill, due to her pregnancy, yet still wants to spend time with the third prong of Twilight’s love triangle, Jacob (Taylor Lautner). “My wife is dying, I have completely f—ed up my life and hers, and Jacob’s like [To Bella] ‘Hey, baby, you don’t look too bad to me,’” Pattinson said. “And I’m just sitting there, like, with a bucket collecting [Bella’s] vomit. That really wouldn’t happen. I should have thrown the vomit at him.”

Pattinson also has some tongue-in-cheek criticism of his character in relation to the highly anticipated flurry-of-feathers scene. “I wanted to have it as a line so much,” Pattinson told EW, switching to an American/Edward Cullen accent. “I bit through all the pillows. Every. Single. One,'” he laughed. “And then he’d start crying. By the way, that’s what he should be ashamed of in the morning. All those beautiful pillows! Egyptian cotton! ‘I ruined this bed!'”

And then, of course, there’s the wedding scenes, which truly affected Stewart, much to a teasing Pattinson’s amusement.

“I could see her getting sort of emotionally affected by it and I almost didn’t want to stay at the end of the aisle,” Pattinson said. “I wanted to go down and say, ‘Stop being ridiculous’ [laughs].”

“I wanted to run down the aisle,” Stewart said. “I was literally pulling away from Billy [Burke, who plays her father]. Now it’s a trip to watch the wedding scenes especially. It was so volatile and emotional — I was being such a crazy person.”

For more with Stewart, Pattinson, and Condon — as well as exclusive images from Breaking Dawn Part 1 and this year’s Fall Movie Preview — pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands Friday, Aug. 12.

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'Glee' star Cory Monteith talks his big-screen trip to 'Monte Carlo'

Janet Mayer/PR Photos

By the time summer is over, Cory Monteith, who plays nice-guy jock Finn Hudson on Glee, will have wrapped his second concert tour for the Fox series and appeared in two films, Monte Carlo (out July 1) and Glee the 3D Concert Movie (out Aug. 12). In Monte Carlo — a teen comedy starring Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester, and Katie Cassidy — 29-year-old Monteith plays Cassidy’s boyfriend, Owen, and is one of the few males in the flick. “Just how I like it,” he says with a laugh. “Owen is someone I think the Glee audience could relate to.” The actor shot the movie in Europe shortly after he and his fellow Gleeks wrapped their initial concert tour last summer. “I gotta say, I took almost every opportunity I had to disappear and travel,” he says. “I saw 10 countries in a month.” READ FULL STORY

Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams discuss how they met and reveal the true origins of 'Super 8'

in the car and being just so out of my mind excited that I got completely lost,” recalls Abrams. “I had no idea what freeway I had gotten on. I was miles off course. I shouldn’t have been driving, frankly.”

The first official Spielberg/Abrams collaboration occurred when Abrams did some writing work on the Spielberg-produced Casper, released in 1995. READ FULL STORY

'Green Lantern' star Ryan Reynolds talks fear filming stunts: 'I started screaming the most random thoughts ... something about Alan Thicke.'

As one of this summer’s biggest superhero offerings, it’s a safe bet the sci-fi epic Green Lantern will haul in a lot of green at the box office when it opens on June 17. Still, despite a comicbook history that stretches back to the 1940s, some moviegoers may not initially be too familiar with the character, a sort of green-suited space cop (played by Ryan Reynolds) who keeps the universe safe from baddies with the help of his trusty power ring.

In EW’s Summer Movie Preview, co-star Blake Lively admits she had never even heard of Green Lantern before she signed on to play the role of aerospace exec Carol Ferris: READ FULL STORY

'Hangover Part II' director Todd Phillips and stars talk Tasers, fish blood, and Mel Gibson

As members of The Hangover‘s Wolf Pack, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms, and Bradley Cooper are used to being put in uncomfortable situations — like in the first film, when director Todd Phillips wanted to use a real Taser on them during a scene in a police station until Warner Bros. lawyers put the kibosh on the idea. “My boys would have done it,” Phillips says now. “These guys are soldiers.”

But as Cooper says in EW’s Summer Movie Preview issue, nothing quite prepared them for the grueling experience of filming The Hangover Part II, the upcoming sequel to the 2009 comedy smash. The cast shot the film for nine weeks in sweltering, chaotic Bangkok, Thailand, where the Wolf Pack reunites for the wedding of mild-mannered dentist Stu (Helms), only to see things go horribly awry again. READ FULL STORY

'Captain America: The First Avenger': Chris Evans on fighting to play the Marvel hero's wimpy kid alter-ego

The recently-released trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger is generating much buzz among comic book fanboys and less geeky civilians alike for showcasing one of the movie’s most impressive effects — and it isn’t the frightening spectacle of Hugo Weaving’s blood red skull or the stirring sight of the All-American hero hurling his vibranium shield at phalanx of Hydra baddies. (But for the record: Pretty cool, too.)

No, it’s the striking image of star Chris Evans looking distressingly gaunt as Captain America’s alter-ego, Steve Rogers. READ FULL STORY

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