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Tom Cruise in 'All You Need Is Kill' -- FIRST PHOTO

After next year’s Oblivion, Tom Cruise will continue his sudden sci-fi kick with a film called All You Need is Kill, a March 2014 release wherein he plays a man named Bill Cage who has to fight a battle against an alien race. The twist: Bill keeps on dying and then being reborn to fight the same battle, kind of like a videogame character replaying the same level until he gets it right. The first image from All You Need is Kill has just hit the Internet. Check it out below, and treasure this beautiful moment in time when the movie is still actually officially titled All You Need is Kill. READ FULL STORY

Paramount, Skydance seal deal to acquire Tom Cruise-attached 'Our Name Is Adam' script

Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions are pairing up for yet another Tom Cruise star vehicle.

EW can confirm that Paramount has closed a deal, with Skydance as a partner, to acquire the script Our Name is Adam, written by T.S. Nowlin, with Cruise attached to play an astronaut who goes back in time to meet his younger self. Shades of Looper abound.

Skydance and Paramount produced Cruise’s upcoming action thriller Jack Reacher and last year’s Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol.

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Is John Hawkes in 'The Sessions' another able-bodied actor playing a disabled part bound for Oscar?


In The Sessions, opening in theaters this weekend, John Hawkes plays late poet Mark O’Brien, who was paralyzed from the neck down due to polio, and sought, in real life, to lose his virginity by working with a therapeutic sex surrogate. Hawkes is beyond emotionally and physically adept as O’Brien, restricted to laying flat in a huge iron lung, or being wheeled around on a portable cot, his face shifted to the side, his arms pinned to his sides. He’s partially nude at times, staring up at his sex therapist, played by distant-then warm Helen Hunt, and by turns funny, sweet, neurotic and moving. Oscar buzz has been swirling around Hawkes, who told EW at Toronto last month that the role was a challenge, like hungry flies to honey.

If Hawkes is nominated for an Oscar, he’ll join a long line of able-bodied actors and actresses who have been nominated or snagged top acting Academy Awards playing physically disabled – or physically challenged, as others say – roles. While real-life deaf actress Marlee Matlin won a best actress Oscar in 1987 for her part as a deaf pupil in Children of a Lesser God, and Harold Russell, whose hands were amputated after an accident in 1944, nabbed a best supporting actor Oscar trophy in 1947 as a World War II vet in The Best Years of Our Lives, they’re less the norm compared to the long line of able-bodied actors inhabiting those kinds of parts. READ FULL STORY

'Jack Reacher' trailer: Tom Cruise gets 'Taken' for a ride

Watch your back Liam Neeson. Tom Cruise is also a man with a very particular set of skills. In Jack Reacher, out Dec. 21, Cruise plays a maverick ex military cop who finds trouble when he starts asking questions about an Army murder conviction. (No, it wasn’t a Code Red.)

When a friendly lawyer (Rosamund Pike) gets… taken… he gets that phone call from the kidnappers. “Do you think I’m a hero? I am not a hero…” he says calmly. “I have nothing to lose, and if you’re smart, that scares you.”

Jack Reacher: “He doesn’t care about the law. He doesn’t care about proof. He only cares about what’s right.”


Watch the trailer below: READ FULL STORY

Tom Cruise eyes 'Our Name is Adam'

Tom Cruise is attached to star in a science-fiction movie titled Our Name is Adam. His spokesperson confirmed a Variety report that he’s teaming with Pacific Rim producer Mary Parent on a spec script from writer T.S. Nowlin. Cruise, whose next movie in theaters is December’s Jack Reacher, is currently filming Doug Liman’s All You Need is Kill, opposite Emily Blunt and Bill Paxton. He remains attached to several in-development productions, including a Van Helsing remake, and it’s unclear where Adam fits in at this point. Cruise has not announced a next film.

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Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt's 'All You Need Is Kill' gets release date

Loved Looper? Then you might want to mark March 14, 2014, on your calendar. Warner Bros. has announced its futuristic thriller All You Need Is Kill, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, will hit theaters that day. Doug Liman (Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Jumper) is directing.

Like a sci-fi-tinged Groundhog Day, the 2010 Black List pick finds Cruise’s Lt. Col Bill Cage battling against a race of aliens called the Mimics. Though he’s quickly killed, he wakes up moments later and is forced to relive the day of his death repeatedly, even as he grows closer to defeating his foes. Blunt plays a tough Special Forces fighter who goes into the fray alongside Cruise.

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Tom Cruise denies 'Vanity Fair' story

A representative for Tom Cruise denied a Vanity Fair story that accused the Church of Scientology, of which Cruise is a member, of secretly “auditioning” actresses following his 2001 split from Nicole Kidman in order to secure his next girlfriend. “Vanity Fair’s story is essentially a rehash of tired old lies previously run in the supermarket tabloids, quoting the same bogus ‘sources,'” said Cruise’s attorney Bert Fields, according to CNN. “It’s long, boring and false.”

The story, written by Maureen Orth and appearing in the magazine’s October issue, claims that the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige supervised a series of interviews where actresses were led to believe they were auditioning for a Scientology training film when, really, they were being vetted as possible Cruise companions. According to Orth, Iranian-born actress Nazanin Boniadi, who dated Cruise for a few months in 2004, was one of the woman who auditioned. READ FULL STORY

Was Tony Scott a good director? It depends on what your definition of good is

For years, Tony Scott was the top gun of adrenalized action flash. But was he a good filmmaker? With almost any other director, you might answer that question with a “yes” or a “no” or maybe a shrug of “eh.” But Scott, who took his own life on Sunday, was a special case. I was often ambivalent about him, but to his credit, he rarely invited a shrug. He directed some very big hits, and made famous and influential movies, but quite often the very qualities that excited audiences about his work — the propulsive, at times borderline preposterous popcorn-thriller storylines; the slice-and-dice editing and the images that somehow managed to glow with grit; the fireball violence, often glimpsed in smeary-techno telephoto shots; the way he had of making actors seem volatile and dynamic and, at the same time, lacking almost any subtext — were the same qualities that kept him locked outside the gates of critical respectability. A much simpler way to pose the Tony Scott Question is this: Was Top Gun a good movie? That’s a question that’s much richer than it sounds, and I can illustrate it by recalling my own critical relationship to that much-loved, much-mocked 1986 need-for-speed crowd-pleaser. READ FULL STORY

'Jack Reacher' teaser gives peek (and that's all) at Tom Cruise's vigilante -- TRAILER

“Remember — you wanted this.”

That’s what Tom Cruise’s title character in Jack Reacher says to a group of punks who gang up on him outside a bar, shortly before breaking their bones and severely diminishing their chances of having children.

But fans of the Lee Child novel One Shot, which featured a 6-foot-5, 230-something-pound hero, have been extremely vocal about not wanting Cruise for this adaptation, since he radically changes their view of the character.

Will the first trailer win over any converts? Check it out below …


FIRST LOOK: Tom Cruise makes a stand in crime thriller 'Jack Reacher' -- EXCLUSIVE

A wise man once sang, “When  you got nothing, you got nothing to lose,” and that about sums up Tom Cruise’s title character in the upcoming crime saga Jack Reacher.

Adapted from Lee Child’s best-selling novel One Shot, Cruise stars as an ex–military policeman turned vigilante drifter, who finds himself drawn into the case of a sniper who randomly targeted civilians.

While we’re used to seeing Cruise as men who are ambitious, highly-stressed, and inveterate charmers, this film (out Dec. 21) provides him a somewhat darker and more stoic soul to inhabit. READ FULL STORY

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