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Tom Cruise denies 'Vanity Fair' story

A representative for Tom Cruise denied a Vanity Fair story that accused the Church of Scientology, of which Cruise is a member, of secretly “auditioning” actresses following his 2001 split from Nicole Kidman in order to secure his next girlfriend. “Vanity Fair’s story is essentially a rehash of tired old lies previously run in the supermarket tabloids, quoting the same bogus ‘sources,’” said Cruise’s attorney Bert Fields, according to CNN. “It’s long, boring and false.”

The story, written by Maureen Orth and appearing in the magazine’s October issue, claims that the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige supervised a series of interviews where actresses were led to believe they were auditioning for a Scientology training film when, really, they were being vetted as possible Cruise companions. According to Orth, Iranian-born actress Nazanin Boniadi, who dated Cruise for a few months in 2004, was one of the woman who auditioned. READ FULL STORY

Was Tony Scott a good director? It depends on what your definition of good is

For years, Tony Scott was the top gun of adrenalized action flash. But was he a good filmmaker? With almost any other director, you might answer that question with a “yes” or a “no” or maybe a shrug of “eh.” But Scott, who took his own life on Sunday, was a special case. I was often ambivalent about him, but to his credit, he rarely invited a shrug. He directed some very big hits, and made famous and influential movies, but quite often the very qualities that excited audiences about his work — the propulsive, at times borderline preposterous popcorn-thriller storylines; the slice-and-dice editing and the images that somehow managed to glow with grit; the fireball violence, often glimpsed in smeary-techno telephoto shots; the way he had of making actors seem volatile and dynamic and, at the same time, lacking almost any subtext — were the same qualities that kept him locked outside the gates of critical respectability. A much simpler way to pose the Tony Scott Question is this: Was Top Gun a good movie? That’s a question that’s much richer than it sounds, and I can illustrate it by recalling my own critical relationship to that much-loved, much-mocked 1986 need-for-speed crowd-pleaser. READ FULL STORY

'Jack Reacher' teaser gives peek (and that's all) at Tom Cruise's vigilante -- TRAILER

“Remember — you wanted this.”

That’s what Tom Cruise’s title character in Jack Reacher says to a group of punks who gang up on him outside a bar, shortly before breaking their bones and severely diminishing their chances of having children.

But fans of the Lee Child novel One Shot, which featured a 6-foot-5, 230-something-pound hero, have been extremely vocal about not wanting Cruise for this adaptation, since he radically changes their view of the character.

Will the first trailer win over any converts? Check it out below …


FIRST LOOK: Tom Cruise makes a stand in crime thriller 'Jack Reacher' -- EXCLUSIVE

A wise man once sang, “When  you got nothing, you got nothing to lose,” and that about sums up Tom Cruise’s title character in the upcoming crime saga Jack Reacher.

Adapted from Lee Child’s best-selling novel One Shot, Cruise stars as an ex–military policeman turned vigilante drifter, who finds himself drawn into the case of a sniper who randomly targeted civilians.

While we’re used to seeing Cruise as men who are ambitious, highly-stressed, and inveterate charmers, this film (out Dec. 21) provides him a somewhat darker and more stoic soul to inhabit. READ FULL STORY

Box office report: 'Madagascar 3' earns $35.5M, more than 'Rock of Ages' and 'That's My Boy' combined

A couple of high-profile openers couldn’t force the animals of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted into their cages. The animated comedy topped the box office once again this weekend, while Rock of Ages and That’s My Boy delivered majorly disappointing debuts.

Dreamworks’ $145 million effort Madagascar 3 roared a second time following its $60.3 million start. The CG-animated film dipped 41 percent to $35.5 million this frame. That’s better than the second weekend decline of its predecessor, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, which fell by 45 percent and had earned a slightly softer $116.9 million at the same point in its run. Madagascar 3 has grossed $120.5 million over ten days, and is headed to a $180 million finish domestically. Worldwide, the 3-D film has grossed a robust $278 million, and will likely finish near $600 million. READ FULL STORY

Box office preview: 'Rock of Ages' and 'That's My Boy' take on 'Madagascar 3'

Tom Cruise and Adam Sandler, two box office titans (in very different genres), offer up their latest movies this week.

Cruise stars in Rock of Ages, the ’80s-rock musical based on the hit Broadway show, while Sandler serves up his standard crass-and-proud-of-it comedy with the R-rated That’s My Boy. Both titles should play to broad mainstream audiences, but whether they can dethrone Madagascar 3 is another story.

Here’s how I think the Top 5 will shake out: READ FULL STORY

'Rock of Ages': Alec Baldwin's hair-raising transformation


After 30 years in showbiz, Alec Baldwin has had plenty of onscreen alter egos: mobster, brain surgeon, ghost, CIA agent, Charles Nelson Reilly… But it’s safe to say we’ve never seen the Emmy winner looking like he does in Rock of Ages (out June 15), the musical based on the hit Broadway show about the ’80s metal scene on the Sunset Strip.

Baldwin sports feathery shoulder-length locks and glam rock-inspired outfits to play Dennis Dupree, the owner of a club where Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise), the world’s biggest rock star, puts on a one-night-only show. The actor’s 30 Rock comedy chops come in handy for the role, which requires him to canoodle with Russell Brand and croon REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling.” But getting laughs required serious dedication according to director Adam Shankman and lead hair stylist Camille Friend, who chatted with EW in this week’s issue about creating Baldwin’s character — from the hair down.


The state of the modern movie star: 2012 and beyond

Writers have been documenting the incredible shrinking movie star for decades. Google “the last movie star,” and not only will you find serious musings about George Clooney, Will Smith, and Tom Cruise, but thoughtful ones about Elizabeth Taylor. Hyperbole about imminent extinction aside, movie stars have shrunk as the films have grown bigger and louder. Just look at the box-office results from last year. Thirteen of the top 15 films were sequels, franchise starters, or animated films that don’t always require or even want stars. So far this year, The Hunger Games has proven once again that you don’t need a huge international star like Smith, Cruise, or Brad Pitt to mint box-office millions, and The Avengers cruised past a billion dollars with stars predominantly of Marvel’s own creation. Meanwhile, Johnny Depp, one of the other famous faces currently chiseled in Hollywood’s hypothetical Mt. Rushmore, learned that makeup, eccentricity, and Tim Burton do not always connect, as Dark Shadows opened poorly and is limping home. It all begs the question: Are movie stars still essential? And as the current class of elite stars inches towards 50, who is poised to save the planet and catch the bad guy while kissing the girl? READ FULL STORY

Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher film has a new name

Paramount has confirmed that December’s Tom Cruise-headlined One Shot has a new name. The first adaptation of Lee Childs’ popular series of novels focusing on the drifter Jack Reacher, One Shot will now be titled (drumroll please) Jack Reacher. It’s a subtle confirmation that Paramount has big franchise hopes for the December film. Those hopes could be justified. Cruise is newly ascendant post-Ghost Protocol, and he brushed off concerns that he’s not tall enough to play Reacher in an old-school charm session at CinemaCon. And keep in mind, the film has a secret weapon: morose cinema icon Werner Herzog as the movie’s villain.

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Casting Net: Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy team for cop comedy. Plus: Mila Kunis, Peter Dinklage, Chloe Moretz, Rupert Everett, Tom Cruise

• Robin Williams, Mila KunisPeter Dinklage, Melissa Leo, and James Earl Jones have signed on for The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, about a patient who is erroneously told he has 90 minutes to live. The comedy marks the first film from Field of Dreams director Phil Alden Robinson since 2002′s The Sum of All Fears. [Screen International]

• Jessica Biel, Chloe Moretz, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan will star in The Devil in the Deep Blue Sea, about a widower (Morgan) who helps a girl (Moretz) construct a raft to cross the Atlantic Ocean. (Biel will play Morgan’s late wife.) Justin Timberlake will add two more hyphens to his multi-hyphenate resume, meanwhile, serving as the film’s composer and music supervisor. Bill Purple will make his feature directing debut from a script by Robbie Pickering (Natural Selection). [THR]

• Speaking of Chloe Moretz, the in demand actress is also in talks for Kick-Ass 2, reprising her role as Hit Girl, who will go into retirement. But will she stay there?! (No.) [Total Film]

Colin Firth, Emily Watson, and Tom Wilkinson will star in actor Rupert Everett‘s directoral debut The Happy Prince, a biopic about Oscar Wilde. Everett will play the famed author and playwright, and also wrote the screenplay. [Variety]


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