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Jerry Bruckheimer still planning 'Top Gun' sequel

No one knows the Hollywood franchise game better than Jerry Bruckheimer, the producer behind Pirates of the Caribbean, National Treasure, Beverly Hills Cop, and the upcoming Lone Ranger. During his more than 35 years of making movies, most of his giant blockbusters have yielded big-budget sequels — except the one that moviegoers are perhaps the hungriest to revisit: Top Gun. After years of planning to send Tom Cruise’s rebel flyboy back into the sky were interrupted by the tragic death of director Tony Scott, who helmed the 1986 original, Bruckheimer says Top Gun 2 is still a Go.

“We still want to do it with Tom, and Paramount are still interested in making it,” Bruckheimer told an audience at Sunday’s Produced By conference. “What Tom tells me is that no matter where he goes in the world, people refer to him as Maverick. It’s something he is excited about, so as long as he keeps his enthusiasm hopefully we’ll get it made.”

If Top Gun 2 seems like an inevitability, Bruckheimer sounds more prudent about the Lone Ranger, the expensive Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer western that rides into theaters July 3. Clearly, it’s designed as a franchise — but then again, so was The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. “Hopefully The Lone Ranger will continue as a sequel,” Bruckheimer said. “It’s always up to the audience. If the audience likes the movie, then Disney will come to me and we’ll make another, or it will be a one-off.”

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Watch the trailer for 'Top Gun 3D'

Goose and Maverick are back and quite literally bigger than ever.

Beginning on Feb. 8 and ending Feb. 13, Tom Cruise’s hit film Top Gun will return to theaters, but this time, you can feel the need for speed in a whole new way: IMAX 3-D. And if the movie’s 1986 success — it grossed more than $350 million in the box office worldwide — is any indication, we’d expect a large turnout.

Take a look at the Top Gun 3D trailer … which looks a lot like just another Top Gun trailer … which it kind of is. READ FULL STORY

'Top Gun 3D' has an official IMAX release date

It’s unlikely that Top Gun 2 will come together now, in the wake of the tragic death of director Tony Scott. But Paramount has finalized plans to re-release the original 1986 Top Gun, with a 3-D transfer, on the biggest screen possible. Paramount announced in a press release that Top Gun will play in IMAX theaters for six days starting Feb. 8. The addition of 3-D promises to add incredible depth to the airborne jet scenes, while also adding important depth to the various pectorals in the volleyball scene. READ FULL STORY

Tony Scott to be honored at private family-only ceremony this weekend in L.A.


Director-producer Tony Scott, who died of an apparent suicide on Sunday, will be honored privately this weekend in Los Angeles, his family announced Wednesday.

“Tony Scott will be honored at a private, family only ceremony this weekend in Los Angeles. The family will announce plans after Labor Day for a gathering to celebrate the life and work of Mr. Scott. Details will be forthcoming once they are formalized,” according to a statement released by the family’s publicist.

Officials say the Top Gun director, Ridley Scott’s brother, took his own life by jumping off a bridge in San Pedro, Calif.

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Was Tony Scott a good director? It depends on what your definition of good is

For years, Tony Scott was the top gun of adrenalized action flash. But was he a good filmmaker? With almost any other director, you might answer that question with a “yes” or a “no” or maybe a shrug of “eh.” But Scott, who took his own life on Sunday, was a special case. I was often ambivalent about him, but to his credit, he rarely invited a shrug. He directed some very big hits, and made famous and influential movies, but quite often the very qualities that excited audiences about his work — the propulsive, at times borderline preposterous popcorn-thriller storylines; the slice-and-dice editing and the images that somehow managed to glow with grit; the fireball violence, often glimpsed in smeary-techno telephoto shots; the way he had of making actors seem volatile and dynamic and, at the same time, lacking almost any subtext — were the same qualities that kept him locked outside the gates of critical respectability. A much simpler way to pose the Tony Scott Question is this: Was Top Gun a good movie? That’s a question that’s much richer than it sounds, and I can illustrate it by recalling my own critical relationship to that much-loved, much-mocked 1986 need-for-speed crowd-pleaser. READ FULL STORY

'Top Gun 2' goes to 'Town' writer -- report

Peter Craig, who wrote the 2010 Boston heist thriller The Town, is the most recent writer to tackle a Top Gun sequel, according to Variety. Paramount had no comment on the report, but the trade newspaper said that Craig will be starting from scratch. Two years ago, Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) was tapped to bring Tom Cruise’s Maverick back to the screen, and last year, Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz (X-Men: First Class) reportedly took a shot.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott are involved in the in-development project, as is Cruise, whose Maverick would inevitably be the focus and star of any sequel.

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