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Happy Valentine's Day: Nicholas Sparks talks wet kisses, training swans, and tearjerker moments


If you’re looking for a romantic movie to watch over Valentine’s Day weekend, you can get seven of them in the recently released Nicholas Sparks Limited Edition DVD Collection, which, for the first time, unites Safe Haven, The Lucky One, Dear John, Nights in Rodanthe, A Walk to Remember, Message in a Bottle, and The Notebook. Sparks chatted with EW about some of their signature moments, the challenges of topping sex scenes, why the ending of Safe Haven really shouldn’t have shocked you, and what’s next.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: The adaptations of your novels always include what I like to call “the wet kiss.” Do you have a favorite?
Nicholas Sparks: [Laughs] There are all sorts of versions of the wet kiss — under a shower, in the rain, in the ocean, in the river. We’re running out of them. I say this because I have two more films getting ready to film. No favorites, but I will say that it’s kind of a requirement to come up with one. It’s part of what you expect when you see the film. We work to get a new version of it in there. With every film, there are significant discussions about, “Well, we’ve gotta make our love scene better than X.” Then they reference basically every movie that has been made before that of mine. [Laughs] Oh yeah, we spend time talking about how to make it different, how to make it new, because it’s a goal. It’s a goal for the director to make it new. It’s a goal for the cast to make it new. They want to see if they can top it. They know they might not, but there’s always the fun in trying. You can top it in different ways, because some strike you as more passionate, but others might strike you as more sensual. Others might strike you as more real and everlasting. READ FULL STORY

Valentine's Day: Does big box office equal love?

Hey, how was your Valentine’s Day? Did it make you feel like $52.4 million bucks? That’s this morning’s estimated box-office tally for the movie Valentine’s Day, and that’s before adding in the romantics who plan to buy tickets on Presidents’ Day. Before the weekend, I asked you if you, too, were planning a date with Ashton, Topher, and the Jessicas Alba and Biel.T wrote, “It’s the movies, it’s Valentine’s Day, and sap is practically mandatory.” Kim said, “When it comes to rom-coms, I just assume every reviewer will pan them.” Angie reported, “I loved the movie and so did my husband! What I like the most is the scenes show things that could happen in real life.” Carlisle predicted, “I expect it to be light, breezy, cheesy, and schmaltzy.” And bedc01 announced, “The girlfriend and I will avoid this trite, dumb, Hollywood ‘romantic’ movie and will rather stay home and watch the greatest modern-day romantic comedy ever: Shaun of the Dead!

Wow, bedc01, I like your style. Me, I channel-surfed my way onto Casablanca on TCM, watched it for the 43rd time, wept and swooned for the 43rd time, and felt love for the whole wide world, even for Major Strasser and Peter Lorre’s Signor (“just because you despise me, you are the only one I trust”) Ugarte.

But I’m still thinking about Valentine’s Day because I’m guessing that, given its commercial success, Hollywood is about to develop a big 2010 crush on this reliable, recyclable format, the celebrity-ensemble-novelty-act movie. That’s entertainment! Already, plans have been announced for a similar whoop-di-doo pegged to New Year’s Eve. I’d recommend Independence Day, Mother’s Day, Income Tax Day, and the autumnal Jewish harvest festival of Succoth (during which observant Jews eat meals outdoors in little, roofless huts) as equally strong marketing opportunities.

What I don’t recommend, though, is relying on our collective audience goodwill for too long. We the people are able to recognize the difference between pleasurable familiarity of format and lazy cliche. And we demand more from our entertainment dollars than Taylor Swift making out with Taylor Lautner. The best romantic comedies give us what we expect and give it to us fresh — you know, like really good chocolate. Or Taylor Swift on SNL. And we can tell the difference, right? Right?

So here’s your chance: Pick a holiday and a dream ensemble cast, and let’s talk about what you want to see when Garry Marshall directs College Acceptance-Letter Day, Driver’s License Renewal Day, or Thanksgiving 90210.

Image credit: Ron Batzdorff

'Valentine's Day': Big box office predicted for bad movie. Who's going? Are you?

I don’t exactly shower Valentine’s Day with roses today in my review. That’s because it’s Crap, Actually! But I’m not alone: Check out Rotten Tomatoes before you accuse me of overdosing on cranky pills. Meanwhile, my EW colleague Nicole Sperling declares right here on this site that she predicts opening-weekend ticket receipts to reach into the trillions!–or at $50 million! So I’d like to spend this romantic weekend discussing the following with all of you, my dearest Valentines:  Are you planning to go see Valentine’s Day? And if so, why? Is it Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift, Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Foxx, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, or Hector Elizondo who draws you like a bee to honey? Is it the urging of your own dearest Valentine?

Other topics for conversation between pauses to eat more chocolate: Do critics’ reviews influence you about this particular movie? Have you decided to go or not to go because of something you’ve read? In spite of something you read? Because of the trailer? In spite of the trailer? Are you choosing between Valentine’s Day and another title at the movie theater, and if so, which? Are you waiting to hear what your friends say? Do you think that if I, Lisa, hate it, it’s a good bet that you’ll like it, because I gave Twilight: New Moon a B+, so I must be crazy? Be specific — and as you always are (hah!) be nice. I’ll be checking in over the weekend, and will write more about critic-proof crowd-pleasers on Monday.



Image credit: Ron Batzdorff

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