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Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning don't want to be 'Very Good Girls' -- VIDEO

It’s the summer before college and best friends Lilly (Dakota Fanning) and Gerry (Elizabeth Olsen) decide that they have to lose their virginity. And soon.

Unfortunately, in Very Good Girls, they fall for the same dreamy “ice cream guy,” played by Boyd Holbrook.

Even though it could just as easily be the set up for a raunchy, slapstick sex comedy, first time director Naomi Foner (Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal’s mom) has chosen a more elegant, subdued path in her examination of female friendship, jealously and betrayal on the edge of adulthood. Jenny Lewis even provided the music.

Take a look at the trailer after the jump. READ FULL STORY

Sundance 2013: Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen are 'Very Good Girls' -- VIDEO

At a Sundance Film Festival remarkable for its strong female perspective, Very Good Girls might be the most earnest and accessible of those films. It’s the coming-of-age story of two Brooklyn teenagers (Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen) who are determined to lose their virginity before the summer after their senior year of high school ends. They both fall for the same boy, but there are no hijinks; this is no distaff version of American Pie. “What I wanted more than anything was it to be a fly on the wall experience,” says writer-director Naomi Foner, who makes her directorial debut after a long career as a successful screenwriter (Running on Empty). “We’re there with these girls as these things happen. I wanted nothing more than for women of all ages to walk into it and to feel ‘Oh, yeah I remember that,’ or ‘I see that,’ or ‘I can do that.’ And have a model for themselves of some sort. And I didn’t want to do it in way that’s silly.”

If it had been sillier or crass, Foner might have had an easier time getting it made. She initially wrote the script 20 years ago, and nearly had a go-picture a few years back, but the financier flinched because the two actresses Foner had recruited weren’t big enough: Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence. READ FULL STORY

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