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Matthew McConaughey: He's a star reborn, and newly laid bare, in 'Magic Mike'

Matthew McConaughey, as a Tampa strip-club owner-manager named Dallas, spends a lot of time in Magic Mike giving tips and pep talks to his team of on-stage stripper-studs. Instructing Adam (Alex Pettyfer), the new kid on the block, in some of the basic moves, as the two look into the mirror of a workout gym, he shows him how to tease the women in the audience, with slow grinds that grow more and more seductive (if that’s the right word to use for gestures that make it look like someone’s pantomiming a porn film), until, at last, the time arrives to deliver the money shot, a pure hard thrust of the crotch — bam! — that leaves no room for suggestion. Dallas, narrating his own sinewy movements, lets us know that he’s done all of this a hundred thousand times before, and that it’s pure performance, but also how much he relishes the sheer sexy works-every-goddamn-time effectiveness of it, the incredible control it gives him. Late in the movie, he gets up on stage at the Xquisite Male Dance Revue, and he makes good on his lessons. He puts on a mesmerizing strip show, with just the right move for every moment. He’s like a cowboy who’s his own bucking bronco. Yet as you watch his knowing, serpentine maneuvers, you can see that one reason Dallas is so good at this stuff is that he’s been doing it longer than forever. READ FULL STORY

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