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'Zyzzyx Road' lives! Famously low-grossing Katherine Heigl movie is coming back


Lots of movies bomb at the box office — even movies featuring big stars from hit TV medical dramas of the moment. But when 2006 indie thriller Zyzzyx Road came out, its lack of success lit up the Internet. Because Zyzzyx Road wasn’t just a failure: it was an epic, historic, astonishing failure that brought in a whopping gross of…30 bucks. That’s right, 30 U.S. dollars. Total.

Now digital distributor GoDigital has acquired rights to the notorious film, which means soon you’ll be able to stream the film in the privacy of your own home (exact details aren’t available yet, but GoDigital works with iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, and other services).

Wondering how, exactly, this movie managed to earn so little? Five years ago I spent a couple of weeks getting some answers. Here’s the first part of the story (or click here to read the whole thing). READ FULL STORY

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