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Fox greenlights 'Independence Day' sequel: report


On the eve of another all-American holiday, Fox has reportedly given the go to an Independence Day sequel. Deadline reported that Fox has scheduled the movie to start production in May.  READ FULL STORY

Meet Christian Grey's family in new 'Fifty Shades' photos


Mr. Grey’s family will see you now…

The first Fifty Shades of Grey photos of Christian Grey’s adoptive family were released today. Because nothing says Thanksgiving like the family-friendly Fifty Shades.

The photos show “R.I.P” singer Rita Ora (in one, err, interesting wig) as Christian’s sister, Mia Grey, Marcia Gay Harden as his mother, Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey, and Andrew Airlie as his father, Carrick Grey.

Mark your calendars for the film’s February 13 release date, and take a look at Mia above and mom and pops below:




Chris Rock's Top Fives: The star of 'Top Five' ranks the best comedies, stand-ups, and movie cameos

In his new movie, Top Five, out Dec. 5, Chris Rock plays a movie star whose already-fading career is about to crumble on the day he’s being interviewed by a savvy New York Times reporter ­(Rosario Dawson) about his comedy career, his ambitious new Oscar-bait movie about the Haitian revolution, and his imminent nuptials to a reality star. She accompanies him to his old neighborhood, where he and his friends kill time arguing about their top five rappers. “What are the normal ­conversations—not the contrived romantic-­comedy conversations—that happen when you get a bunch of old friends together?” Rock says, describing the scene.

EW asked Rock to give us his own MC list—then we got greedy and had him rank a bunch of other stuff, too. READ FULL STORY

On that time 'Unbroken' star Jack O'Connell delivered a pizza... naked

Unbroken, directed by Angelina Jolie, tells the true story of Louie Zamperini (Jack O’Connell)—who, among other things, survived 47 days adrift on a raft after his plane went down over the Pacific along with Russell Allen ‘Phil’ Phillips (Domhnall Gleeson) and Francis ‘Mac’ McNamara (Finn Wittrock). The actors went on an extreme diet for the two months before filming began, and found themselves with plenty to bond over once shooting got underway.  “The three of them were so hungry,” says Jolie. “Every time I’d go and sit near them they were always talking about food.”

Gleeson says that they’d try to make each other laugh: “We also spent a lot of time talking about food and what we’d eventually eat.” So when Gleeson’s day to go off his diet arrived, O’Connell decided to help him celebrate. “I took off all my clothes and waited in his trailer for him, naked with a pizza box,” he says. “When he came in I opened the box and said, ‘Do you want more cheese with that sir?’ He just cracked up.” O’Connell laughs. “I knew he was having to deal with the sight of my balls and everything else being very close to his food.”

For more on Unbroken, pick up the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands now. 

Kevin Smith to cameo in his own biopic


Kevin Smith will make a cameo in the independent film celebrating his own rags-to-riches Hollywood story. Shooting Clerks is a crowd-sourced biopic of how Smith bankrolled his grainy $27,000 first film with maxed-out credit cards and became the darling of the Sundance Film Festival when Clerks debuted there in 1994. Smith gave the project his blessing when it was announced in February, and the filmmakers announced today that Smith will be part of the film. He’ll also provide narration and play a small role as a Canadian reporter named Larkin Eve (an anagram for Real Kevin).

The film, directed by Christopher Downie, is currently in production in Vancouver, New Jersey, and the United Kingdom, and the filmmakers hope to debut it at Sundance in January.

EW gets down and dirty with the gang from 'Horrible Bosses 2'

In 2011’s Horrible Bosses, Nick (Jason Bateman), Kurt (Jason Sudeikis), and Dale (Charlie Day) were hapless drones plotting revenge upon their sadistic overlords. But in the sequel (rated R, out Nov. 26), the trio go into business for themselves

Their plans to mass-produce an all-in-one bathing apparatus—the Shower Buddy—go astray when a SkyMall-style marketer (Christoph Waltz) and his selfish son (Chris Pine) set them up for ruin. There’s a kidnapping, a car chase, and the return of some familiar sinister faces: Kevin Spacey as the emasculating ex-boss, Jennifer Aniston as the sexually omnivorous dentist, and Jamie Foxx as “crime consultant” Motherf—er Jones. The trio discover that even the self-employed can be their own worst enemies.

With the setting sun casting gold and pink light across the palm-lined streets below, Bateman, Day, and Sudeikis sit down on the rooftop of the Beverly Hilton Hotel to chat. Although they’re technically on the clock, things get Not Safe for Work fast. READ FULL STORY

'Insurgent' finds its composer: What to expect from the new score


Listen up, Divergentees! Joseph Trapanese will work as the sole composer on Insurgent, EW has confirmed. READ FULL STORY

Casting Net: John C. Reilly signs on for 'Les Cowboys'

• John C. Reilly will star in Les Cowboys alongside Finnegan Oldfield and Francois Damiens. The film marks the feature debut of Rust and Bone scribe Thomas Bidegain. Bidegain co-wrote the script with Noé Debré. The story follows a father (Damiens) who, along with his son (Oldfield), goes in search for his missing daughter; she disappears after beginning to date a young, Muslim fundamentalist man. They turn to American headhunter (Reilly) for help. [Variety]

• Sam Trammell (The Fault in Our Stars) has signed on for Three Generations. Gaby Dellal is directing the film, which stars Naomi Watts, Elle Fanning, and Susan Sarandon. The film came from an original idea by Dellal, which Nikole Beckwith fleshed out. The film tells the story of a teen, Ray (Fanning), transitioning from female to male, and the impact it has on her single mother (Watts) and grandmother (Sarandon). Tate Donovan also stars as a boyfriend of Watt’s character. [THR]

• Eddie Marsan has been cast in the untitled adaptation of author Patricia Highsmith‘s The Blunderer. The psychological thriller stars Patrick Wilson, Jessica Biel, and Haley Bennett, who replaced Imogen Poots. With Andy Goddard directing, the film follows a successful architect living in 1960s New York, Walter Stackhouse (Wilson), who has a beautiful wife (Biel). Walter’s fascination with unsolved murders leads him to a killer/detective (Bennett), whom he lusts after. Susan Boyd adapted Highsmith’s 1954 novel for the screen. [THR]

• Lesli Margherita has signed on for One Shot. The movie musical stars Topher Grace and Taye Diggs in the story of a failed actor (Grace), who becomes a stage manager, and must keep his new show afloat for opening night. Margherita will play Brandy, a chorus girl who challenges Malcolm (Diggs) to see who will hook up with a new cast member first. [Deadline]

Taylor Swift won't play Joni Mitchell because of Joni Mitchell

In 2012, long before the days of 1989 and cat Olivia Benson, it seemed Taylor Swift was going to play Joni Mitchell in a film based on the book Girls Like Us. Not so anymore, says Mitchell herself. READ FULL STORY

Jennifer Aniston chases pills with wine in 'Cake' trailer


Jennifer Aniston is obsessed with Anna Kendrick in Cakebut not for the usual reasons.

Aniston’s character, Claire, has a problem with chronic pain and fixes that problem by taking pills. A lot of pills. She joins a therapy group full of others who experience chronic pain and becomes entranced with investigating one of the former group members, Nina (Anna Kendrick), who committed suicide. READ FULL STORY

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