Jonah Hill in negotiations to develop '21 Jump Street' movie

21 Jump Street
by way of…Jonah Hill?! Yes, it’s true: The breakout Superbad comic and Judd Apatow acolyte is in negotiations to develop a movie adaptation of the popular ’80s TV show starring Johnny Depp. It hasn’t been decided whether Hill will actually star in the movie, but Sony confirms that he’ll work on the screenplay and serve as executive producer. The series, which ran from 1987 to 1991 on Fox, centered on a group of young cops whose youthful appearance allowed them to work undercover in high schools and colleges and search out troubled kids. Sony declined to give any details on the tone or direction of the movie, but it’s probably safe to say that this new version won’t be featuring any earnest public service announcements, as the series often did. Neal Moritz (I Am Legend) and series cocreator Stephen J. Cannell will produce.

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  • aps

    seriously. enough of this. make up some original movie concepts. hell, just dont call it a “21 jump street” movie. just call it a movie about young cops and stuff. there HAS to be something out there that can be made.
    And that’s not to say the movie won’t be good. it’s just that you’d think that someone could be a little original.

  • Delon

    I was a big fan of 21 Jump Street back in the day, but i have absolutely no interest in seeing this Jonah Hill remake. I just can’t stand him!

  • Elizabeth


  • Allen

    Why won’t the film be serious? Because the cadre of actors they choose for the roles can’t act, and can’t carry a dramatic film. Plus, we haven’t had a good stoner movie in a while. Oh yeah, I almost forgot….what a stupid idea!

  • Jennifer

    Don’t they use focus groups to determine if people even want to watch these movies? It would save them from wasting money making a movie like this, that’s for sure.

  • llmmss

    There is NO ONE who can fill Johnny Depp or Peter DeLuise’s shoes for this movie. I repeat NO ONE.

  • Frothy

    Can we start calling it “21 Jump the Shark Street”?

  • voiceofreason

    First off it’s always amazing that despite Micheal Keaton, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Tom Hanks and countless other comic actors have transitioned to dramatic roles that fan boy posters still b–ch and moan, when a comic actor is in discussions to take on a dramatic role. Second ’21 Jump Street’ is not some sacred cow of TV that isn’t above remaking. The only noteable things about the show were 1) It fueled Depps career, and 2) It was one of Fox’s first good TV shows! That’s about it. It never seriously tackled an social issues, wasn’t an Emmy Favorite, wasn’t even landmark in concept (Mod Squad anybody). Also they didn’t say this Hill Kid was the Headliner (he could be playing the lighter ‘DeLouise part’ in this movie version.
    Un-knott your panties people! This is the same crowd of posters that balked when Robert Downey Jr. was cast as Iron Man, or when Heath Ledger (RIP dude!) was cast as the Joker. Wait till a finished product comes out before the b–tching starts!

    • chipperkeet

      Regardless of 21 Jump Street not being of “sacred cow” status… the underlying point is, the trend is further and further away from original ideas, and more and more toward franchises. It speaks of a dearth of creative vision in Hollywood. It’s all about banking on an established idea, to ensure money, rather than anything even remotely artistic in nature. I couldn’t have cared less about Jump Street when it aired, but I find the idea of a movie based on it appalling, Jonah Hill notwithstanding. It’s not about who’s making it, or even the direction they take it (one aside–I think the “Starsky & Hutch” movie should prove that taking a dramatic series and making it comedic is a BAD idea… end of aside).

      All this to say, it’s shameful that everything has to be based on something else, rather than searching for new ideas.

      • Val

        It is hard to come up with completely original ideas. Most everything is a remake of something. Many romantic movies have been based off Shakespeare, epic movies based off Greek Mythology, etc. Why is making a movie about 21 Jump Street so terrible? In my opinion it was a fabulous show and I watched it when it was originally aired. I am a huge fan and see no problem with a modern day remake. I agree that people should give things a chance before jumping all over it. If it turns out to be awful then start bad mouthing it. This Hill guy could just love 21 Jump Street and wants to become a part of it’s history… just let him.

  • Dan

    It took years– sometimes decades for comics like Keaton, Williams, Carey and Hanks to earn enough respect and credibility to do more dramatic roles. Jonah Hill has been in like what, 4 movies? He’s played the lead in 1? I’m not close to convinced that he can handle executive producing, but I suspect his decision making will likely be limited to what type of coffee they’ll order on set. This is at best a marketing ploy.

  • andy Man

    Only one name and this movie will be an instant success… John Depp. Millions! Count them! All of them… there’s no debate here… if he’s in on this series again then this movie is already a trilogy!

  • andy man

    Just don’t let this Hill guy touch it…..

  • Charles

    voice of reason,
    Great Post. What will Johnny D play? Pirate hat with a Stone member accent sure; but maybe a recurring principal or teacher that has fun with the girls???

  • Wes

    It’s odd that if you’re a guy and funny, you can look like Jonah Hill and have movies developed for you. If you’re a girl and funny, you better be a knockout, or you’ll never work. Even the characters that are supposed to be mousy or clumsy or awkward or nerdy are played by beautiful girls with model-thin bodies. I mean, best of luck to Jonah Hill, but the double standard has never been more obvious.

  • Amy

    Considering the hoops Depp jumped through to get out of the original show, I somehow doubt he’ll be involved. And this movie will inevitably a) suck or b) not have anything to do with the series (and probably still suck).

  • Rob Grizzly

    Wes- you’re right.
    voiceofreason- good point.
    But I agree with Dan. Say a few dirty words and all of a sudden Jonah Hill has serious clout in Hollywood? Comparing him to Tom Hanks is about as rediculous as this movie sounds.
    What does he even know about 21 Jump Street? He was a fan of it as a kid? I’m pretty sure he and his buddies thought this up while they were high.
    Jonah- “You know what show I loved?”
    Judd- “I dunno. What?”
    Jonah (smoking)”21 Jump Street, yo!”
    Judd- “OH Yeah! I remember that s***!”
    Jonah- “Dude wouldn’t it be awesome if someone remade that?”
    Judd- “Dude, why don’t WE? We got enough money.”
    Jonah (choking)- “Dude! Yes, man! But I’ll front it cause it was my idea.”
    Judd- “It’s on!”
    I get the feeling this gem of an idea went something like that.

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