Kristen Stewart sounds off about Robert Pattinson romance rumors: 'We are. We aren't. I'm a lesbian.'

robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart_lKristen Stewart, the 19-year-old star of the Twilight franchise, knows that she can come across as sullen and self-conscious in the public eye. But during an exclusive EW roundtable in Vancouver, Canada, where the cast was prepping for their last week of the Eclipse shoot and then the immediate onslaught of publicity for the November 20th release of New Moon, Stewart was funny, quick and outspoken in a wide-ranging conversation with co-stars Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson.

Asked about the endless rumors of her supposed off-screen romance with Pattinson, for instance, Stewart got nicely fired up. “I probably would’ve answered it if people hadn’t made such a big deal about it,” she said. “But I’m not going to give the fiending an answer. I know that people are really funny about ‘Well, you chose to be an actor, why don’t you just f—ing give your whole life away?! Can I have your firstborn child?'”

Pattinson himself, who clearly loathes confrontation, tried to softly interject with philosophical statements about the need for an actor to hold onto his individuality. But Stewart cut him off. “I’ve thought about this a lot,” she said. “There’s no answer that’s not going to tip you one way or the other. Think about every hypothetical situation: ‘Okay, we are. We aren’t. I’m a lesbian.’  I’m just trying to keep something,” she said. “If people started asking me if I was dating Taylor, I’d be like ‘F— off!’ I would answer the exact same way.” Without missing a beat, Pattinson looked at Lautner, promising “Me too.”

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  • Katie

    They all have my sympathies (it has to be annoying), but when did EW turn into Tiger Beat and Us Weekly?

    • WD

      Ha, thank you. How is this exactly a news story worthy of EW? come on guys, lame!

      • jojo

        Kristen Stewart is an appalling actress. I am fed up of the same one note performance in her films. Her stuttering and stammering a.nd blinky eyed turns are getting ridiculous

      • caris

        I love Rob as ever but Stewart bores me rigid.

      • shona

        Luckily Rob will be in Europe filmign for mons so that should split them up. Rob can do so much better than this miserable girl.

      • maggie

        Yes, her constant blinking is irritating!!

      • libby

        jojo – don’t forget the biting of the bottom lip. so the stuttering, stammering, binky eyed, bottom lip biting turns…..I can only hope that she will get better when she grows up a bit. she IS only 19. Maybe to a 19 year old all the aforementioned affectations is what she thinks acting is.

      • laura

        It might not be news ‘worthy’ but it got YOU to click on the story, YOU to read it and YOU to post. So I guess EW did it’s job … it got YOU.

      • rachael

        Jojo – rent the Cake Eaters with Kristen Stewart. She’s actually quite a talented actress. You shouldn’t base your entire opinion on her skills from one or two movies.

      • Isabella

        I agree, Kristen is a talented actress and u shouldnt judge her based on some bad movies u saw…i think that ppl who dont like Kristen, Rob, or Taylor should like NOT COMMENT! im mean no one wants to read it!

      • Ashley

        She’s as classless as she is talentless. Seriously, does she use the f word in every sentence?

      • Eden

        OK! Magazine is the center of bullshark. If you read it, congratulations, you’re a loser.
        Also, if you’re really on here fighting over whether Kristen is a good actress or not, you’re also a loser.
        Kristen, has been in more movies than any of you.
        Apparently casting directors think her eye batting and lip biting leave something to be desired, yes?
        P.S. Who gives a crap if Rob and Kristen are dating? Let them live their lives, what does it matter to you? You just watch them act out a character from a book.
        You just got served. =)

      • Briony

        The stupid Stewart is making things very difficult for Pattinson. She’s clearly stopping him revealing anything. She seems ashamed of their relationship. Ditch the stipid girl Rob asap.

      • Mel

        why r u reading it then?

      • Renee

        I can appreaciate how this can become tiresome and maybe it is something she has yet to realy learn to deal with, but her response was a choice. The movie MADE her as no one was seeking her out before Twilight as they do now. I have seen movies she was in and did not notice it was her until reading her bio, again after Twilight. The SAGA’S FAN BASE includes very young people who do not understand or want to understand enough to differentiate character from actress and so “Bella Swan” not only is possibly rejecting “Edward” but telling them/us where to go in not so many plesant words. The road to success can be tedius in the film industry and I know I could be wrong, but something tells me her light is as bright as the next powerful acting performance AFTER this Saga ends. If she can pull an audience, and/or have REALLY GOOD PR, then she may stay newsworthy. If the 75% young female audience rejects her performances in the furture, then she won’t have to worry about fame or becoming an “Angelina Jolie” As she cried about in aanother interview….we won’t show up to see her. Yes, she has the right to privacy, but you CAN NOT claim to be in this business for ten years and not know the kinds of questions you will be asked! You are seen together ALL the time. THe role you played and are replaying is getting steamier and you want to be anooyed that you are asked question about dating? You are unrealistic. Learn how to present yourself as a professional. As for me, it is the Saga and not Stewart that pulls me into the theatre. She does indeed have a right to her privacy, but as a paying customer, I expect you to show more class when you remind me I have crossed the line. For the record, I don’t care who she is dating and frankly, I doubt many others care…they care who ROB is dating and since that might be her… she gets fifteen minutes of fame.
        Bootom line, she is a bit arrogant about her own importance and she could take a page from Taylor Swift who did an adorable shout out to Taylor Lautner on SNL last night. Yes, they are dating (meaning Taylor and Taylor), okay, and we move on.

      • Jeni

        All I can say is that I have heard enough from Kristen Stewart now to hope they are not dating! It would be so sad to think that she is his preferred taste in women…what a let down.

      • Jilly

        Actually, Jojo, suggest you rent Kristen’s SPEAK, THE CAKE EATERS & INTO THE WILD. Then you will see why she is considered one of the best actresses of her generation.

      • tiredofthat

        So True!!

        “Kristen Stewart is an appalling actress. I am fed up of the same one note performance in her films. Her stuttering and stammering a.nd blinky eyed turns are getting ridiculous”

    • LoveRob

      ROB: “Me too” meaning “F— off”

      • PamJ

        Uhhh…………Rob was making a joke. In the simplest of terms, Kristen said that if she was asked if she was dating Taylor, she’d tell them to f—off; Rob answered that he would too, i.e. if HE was asked if he was dating Taylor, he’d tell them to f—off. See, the joke’s not funny anymore now that I had to explain it!

      • lorna

        I love Rob’s comment. So funny.

      • bluebell

        I adore Rob but this silly little actress is getting annoying

      • Optrix

        Hey, Taylor is way hotter then Stewart, and seems alot more nicer and sweeter! So, I would date him over her!

    • Malorie

      I have to agree to Kristen I would not want to share my whole life to story to the public either. I know how she feels I work in an office where some and even my boss would like my whole life story but I keep quite and stay as like the others they share everything.. I want Kristen to know I have held on to her quote on “Own what you want to own and keep it to yourself” it has helped me in changing my life. Thanks Kristen :)

      • leila

        How over dramatic. Just like Stewart

      • Pia

        Yes I respect the privacy thing, everybody needs it blah blah blah but seriously, her gestures annoys me so much.

      • lou

        Roll on end of franshise so I dont have to suffer her whining

      • Mary

        Over-dramatic? BS. Try living in the spotlight 24/7 yourself. It’s like everyone wants your firstborn, like she said.

      • Jamie

        Kristin’s the one that chose this life. She needs to stop acting like the victim. If she wanted to be an actress that doesnt get recognized then she should have been in the theater.

    • TSE

      Amen! I was hoping there would be more to this… piece. (I was going to say article but it’s far from that.)

    • cha

      The best thing about this piece – Rob’s quick wit.

      • treschiq

        The only interesting bit is Rob’s comment. This bad actress sends me to sleep.I’ll never go and see any of her films. Shame we have to suffer her in the twilight franchise

      • queue55

        Totally agree with both of you!!!

    • ann

      I detest this wooden actress.

    • sydneyb

      Kristen is a f-ing badass. Nicely, Nicley done! I love her acting and I hope that people keep getting bitter about her unwillingness to bow to the public pressure to reveal all and then choke on their frustration–maybe then she can get some peace and be able to act like a normal 19 year old. Girl gets mad props in my book.

      • lou

        she cant act. All she does is blink, twitch and stammer Zzzzzzzzz

      • bri

        exactly i think she is the best actress of our generation and she is so real and does not care wut people say/think about she is gonna be her self no matter wut
        GO KRISTIN

    • Debra

      …and yet it’s the 2nd most popular item on this website at the moment. And we’re all commenting on it.

      • Rod Johnson

        He’s probably gay and she’s needs some of my mangurt.

      • Stephanie

        I totally agree. Everyone is griping but you all read it and felt strongly enough to comment. You may not like her. It is a free country and you don’t have too, but I guarantee that if Rob was a wooden actor you wouldnt give a crap cause he is ‘hot’. And for those who think she is not good enough for him…that is between them and apparently he loves her and I for one am happy about it! I think they are both talented and I love that she is outspoken. If anyone thinks they can act any better, feel free to try…or shut up about it.

  • Becks

    Good for her! Celebrity or not, nobody deserves to be harassed.

    • brandy

      The worst thing about this – a terible actress getting so much pr. Find a better actress to talk about

      • Felicia

        I agree with you. I really think that Kristen is not a good actress at ALL! Ever since she did Panic Room I always thought of her as a freakin’ weirded tom-boy that tries to act hardcore. But she is not at all! She seriously needs to go back to acting school and get more lessons because every movie she has played in is boring and untalented. Even in Twilight she did a poorly job and I got so sick and tired of hearing Catherine Hardwick and Robert commend her on her skills, when they knew that that was a lie! She did not do a very good job in Twilight and from the looks of things, she isn’t going to do a good job in New Moon either. She shows no emotions or any type of feelings at all! She needs to show some interest and let everyone know that she is happy to be employed because from what I read, she was soon on the breaking end of her so-called career. Catherine and Stepheni Meyers were like a life line for her.

      • katia

        she’s a great actress

      • Romantic Fool

        Kristen’s boyfriend Michael knew Hardwicke and got her an audition. Kristen is an over-rated, nasty, repulsive, bossy,control freak who should be glad to be working with her 3 hour a day tutored incomplete education. She has so much to be thankful for and she’d rather look goth and get stoned. As if her life is so hard. Teens can’t even get a job with 10% unemployment. I thought she must be nice since Rob liked her. She adores him..He just admires her and owes her for advocating that he get the role. He has to disengage himself from being linked to her…SHE will ruin his career. Everyone is thinking…what does that sweet and nice guy see in this punk chick.

    • sarah

      She cant act and has no manners

    • Donna

      Harrassed? Do you not understand that these questions were asked during an interview? If she did not want to do the interview and be asked the questions then maybe the primadonna should have stayed home. Perhaps she could have done her bad acting, lip biting, turns there in front of the mirror, where there would be appreciated.

  • Erin

    So, I hate Twilight. But Kristen Stewart just earned mad cool points in my book.

    • Maureen

      Why? >_<

    • Romantic Fool

      Try behaving like she has and see how long you keep your job. The rules that apply to us apply to even over-rated “stars” like her. She is tough not strong, hostile not impressive, punky not cool. There is BIG difference…Rob figured it out a while ago and that is why she changed so much…He fell for her as Bella…SHE IS SO NOT BELLA. Rob is Edward -Taylor is Jacob…Kristen was miscast…Rob would have had chemistry with anyone he is that good. He said he thought he had faked it last year in interview.

  • Nik

    Way to go Kristen there is a word in the dictionary called PRIVATE. Good girl shame theres not many other female actresses with the same morals.

    • Alli

      I totally agree. Team KStew FTW!

      • debs

        A lot of lesbians on here today.

    • bess

      She just keep bringing more attention her way. Drama queen

      • Aoife

        Too right. I think she secretly loves it all but enjoys rubbing the opposite idea in the Twi-fans faces. Seriously. As in: yeah, I’ve got all this but I don’t want it (but secretly I love it), knowing that all the fans would kill to be in her place. Have you ever noticed the smug look on her face in photos with Rob AND Taylor? She’s a hopeless actress. She’s mouthy, tough and sticks by her guns, I’ll give her that and I understand completely her wish for privacy. Tired of her face everywhere. Wish that movie would come out already.

      • Will

        Well to be honest, what can she do? The media is part of the acting career, its unavoidable and she would only look more miserable if she didnt agree to some interviews, no matter what she says in an interview people will always talk, they always do.
        I do agree on the wooden acting though, i was watching the birthday scene and when Alice goes to take a picture of them, Rob smiles and clearly makes it look like Edward loves Bella, but Kristen looks miserable and doesnt show any chemistry at all, Bella is more aware of Edward than that.

    • Romantic Fool

      Huh? The word morals and Kristen don’t belong in the same sentence. She wants privacy so she does not have to bother to look presentable,smoke a bong and can hang with the rough crowd.

  • Trish

    I love Twilight, Kristen and Rob…but I can’t believe is publishing an article about their relationship status.

    • Heather2

      Agree. Vanity Fair and EW need to take a page out of Harper Bazaar’s mag. They had both of them together, alone do an interview and they never asked the relash question. Disappointed EW.

      • samandmark

        Kristen stewart has zero charm and is not the draw for this franchise. pattinson is. Time her ego was taken down a peg or to.

      • Heather2

        I agree that Rob is the main draw. That is a duh statement.
        I don’t agree that Kristen has zero charm, and I don’t think she has an ego.

    • sarah

      um, this is Entertainment Weekly, not the New York Times.

      • julie

        lol, yes. we’re all reading this aren’t we? you knew exactly what this article was about when you clicked. I was only annoyed because I thought there would be more than the one question.

  • Ellie

    ‘Well, you chose to be an actor, why don’t you just f—ing give your whole life away?! Can I have your firstborn child?’”

    You go Kristen!! Say what you think & don’t hold back! It’s enough give your best as an actor & appreciate, meet n’ greet your fans because they’ve supported you. Playing a part doesn’t entitle people to your soul.

    • julie

      I agree, I also think that when most people try to become actors they never really think that far ahead to paparazzi and all of that because they probably never think they’ll actually get that famous that people would care. Although today anyone who appears on screen for 5 minutes seems to warrant paparazzi.

      • debs

        Rob’s nice and she isnt end of story

  • CARL


    • Em

      It’s called a joke, Carl. TRY TO KEEP UP!

      • crispy

        Oh Carl.

    • kim

      For God’s sake, you don’t even understand a simple English sentence. Please go back to school and learn to read. It’s right in front of you, why don’t you read it….

      • samandmark

        Stop patronising people. But then yoru a fan of Stewart so says a lot.

    • michelle

      Are you kidding me? Don’t tell me that you don’t understand English..

      • sarah

        You guys are all so judgmental

    • sp

      please tell me you’re not seriousl

      • helen

        Rob needs to grow some balls and dump this terrible actress. She is so charmless.

      • zariah dante

        Stop being jealous of Kristen Stewart,yes she may do the eyeblinking and everything else or what not, but if you read the roles she’s doing then you’ll understand why.! If she wasn’t supposed to do that, then she wouldn’t have been in the movie!So STOP HATING ON HER SHE’S GORGEOUS! AND UNTIL YOU BECOME FAMOUS THEN SHUT UP! I DONT SEE YOU IN ANY MOVIES! haha

    • Will

      Yes CARL, lol sorry just joining in.

  • nina

    “I probably would’ve answered it if people hadn’t made such a big deal about it” which means: I’d confirm if you idiots hadn’t made it such a big deal to follow my life! I only thought this because last year they were both like: “No, no, no we aren’t” and now they’re like “Leave us alone, I don’t want to answer” . I don’t blame them, I hope gossip mags&sites would leave them alone to figure things out between them…

    • kate

      It’s the latter for sure. She knows what people say about her; she admitted she searches the net, so she definetely knows. Poor girl :(

      • jennifer Quade

        Kate, I think you need to go back to school. No offense but she is just reiterating what mags have claimed. By the way, she is with RPattz and in love with him, completely. Do some more research. Watch them and you’ll find out. Hell, everyone will know sooner or later!

    • Chris

      That sounded like a “We are dating” answer to me. She would have said yes if people didn’t stop bugging them and wanted a part of their souls.

      • Heather2

        Because they ARE dating, they just want to stay private about it. Which everyone, including the fans, the press, and the paps should respect. But that will never happen, unfortunately.

      • mishka

        “I probably would’ve answered it if people hadn’t made such a big deal about it”
        Excuse me but that is bullsh*t!
        They’re dating and so what…Zac Efron/Vanessa Hudgens, Penn Badgley/Blake Lively,… Pasta and Stew are not the first and won’t be the last on- and off-set couple. People will get thrilled for 15 minutes and get over it. Why are they playing games? It’s so unnecessary, only for papz who are out hunting the million-dollar-kiss. Just live your life because anytime soon, this vampire craze will be history.

      • toni

        I totally agree. Thank you for proving some poeple do read every line not just between them.

    • michelle

      You are so stupid for saying that. It’s her PERSONAL LIFE. She chose to talk about last year, but she doesn’t have to say it again this year. Did you come back every year to tell stranger about your love life?

      • bess

        She needs to go back to er third rate films and stay out of the limelight. he rego is huge.

    • PamJ

      I don’t know; I understand her desire for privacy, but she sounds like a petulant little kid. If they are in a relationship, it might actually HELP Kristen to admit it, so the paps aren’t constantly trying to snap a pic to prove the alleged relationship. (Rob, I stuck in the word ‘petulant’ just for you, LOL)

      • By any chance….

        is your last name “Jones” and that you used to live in NC?

    • julie

      If other celebrities never started making public statements to the press about every breakup, pregnancy, etc in the first place, the press and fans wouldn’t have gotten so out of control with their “right to know” as they have.

    • paulineB

      Stewart is wonding up the press and they will focus on her a lot more now. Silly stupid girl

      • Briony


      • FedUp

        I think her plan to tough-it-out with the media is going to backfire…and backfire loudly!

        I don’t want to see that happen, but just the comments on here alone, have me nervous that she’s gone overboard. This could be bad…

    • Romantic Fool

      He changed his mind a long time ago. How do you say…I thought she was nice..she isn’t even close. It is hard for him as she is in love with him. Look at old articles here. She fell during Twiight for him..He got over it when it ended as it was brought on by him being an inexperienced guy and shoved into all these erotic scenes, call backs and retakes, touring and photo shoots. It would have fizzled out a long time ago if not for constant reunions.

  • Viviana

    Kristen just became idolized more by me. It’s true what she say if pappz and F*@K*G mag like OK!!! stopped being all noisy in there business Kristen would had reply!!! Rob and Kristen deserve respect and privacy!!!

    • julez

      YOU’RE SOO RIGHT VIVIANA! ACTORS DO DESERVE THEIR PRIVACY BUT DONT GET IT BECAUSE OF THEIR STATUS. and what i dont like especially is OK! magazine saying all this shiz about celebs that everyone knows isnt true! i mean seriously, when was the last time OK Magazine had a completely accurate story?

  • holly

    The Rob anecdote at the end is hilarious. He has such a great sense of humour

    • PamJ

      I agree! Love his quick, dry wit – he’s much smarter than he thinks he is!

  • Winter

    I totally agree! Somebody needs to take a stand against all of this nonsense. Everyone needs privacy to grow up, fall in love and make mistakes. Why do we force celebrities in positions where they can’t? Go for the jugular Kristen…let Hollywood know that you deserve your privacy respected…and if they don’t comply…you’ll f***ing let them know!!!

    • paulineB

      Yawn. The press are rubbing their hands. They get off on this stuff. She has played into their hands. Daft as a brush.

  • Marie

    I love Kristen Stewart but hate Twilight. I’m looking forward to her other projects like The Runaways, Welcome to the Rileys, K-11, and American Girl. Plus, EW
    since when did you become a gossip column?

  • Tzortze

    Lol she’s hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahahah I suddenly like KStew now. She’s definitely got character;)

    • mm24

      since when does saying a curse word in every intereview multiple times and acting immature to questions she knew where going to surface give you character? If this is true then every middle school and highschool student would be model citizens and would looked opon as highly intellegent and invoke awe from there parents. Obviously this is not the case, Kristen is a 19 year old women who was reportedly highly intellegent for her age. Apparently lacking vocabulary and acting like my 10 year old niece makes one “highly intellegent”. I’m a 17 year old junior and the actions of Kristen remind me of my sad fellow class men who strive for attention any way they can get it, truly everyone should take lessons in class. As to the subject of a romance between her and Robert it is truly none of our business, though it is interesting to know. Ladies please do yourselves a favor and move on to a real man who you have things in common and a where relationship would actually work. Unfortunatly our lives are not a romance book so take a nice big breath of reality and move on.

  • Lucy

    She’s right! If people dadn’t made such big deal over the dating thing, I don’t think they would’ve mind talking about it or at least admiting it. But everything about these actors is take to extreme. I feel bad for them. :(

    • FedUp

      What was her answer the first time someone asked? “No, we’re just friends,” right? So, didn’t she already answer this question? What time is she refering to here that she won’t answer to?

      Anyway, the frenzy is over the fact that they say they aren’t dating, yet totally act like they are. Bottom line…

      So we have 3 conclusions:
      1 – they are dating
      2 – they aren’t dating
      3 – they’re gonna see who can crack first. Them, or the media. (and that’s alot of media against 2 people) I say enough with the games R&K…

  • amy

    it’s a simple question and by making a big deal of it she makes it an adventure for all the paps to keep talking about it.

    • not a fan

      She’s doing it on purpose to stay in the papers. It’s a marketing ploy to help sell the next movie, that’s all.

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