'Hangover' director Todd Phillips talks 'The Hangover 2'

Just as the time-honored treatment for a hangover is some hair of the dog, in Hollywood the time-honored way to follow a huge hit like The Hangover is to dive straight into a sequel. The staggering success of this summer’s Vegas-bachelor-party-gone-awry comedy, which took in $277 million to become the highest-grossing R-rated comedy ever, may have surprised the movie industry, but director Todd Phillips tells EW that, even while the film was shooting, he was already toying with an idea for a possible sequel. “You always have those days when you say, ‘If we did another one, wouldn’t it be funny if…?’ ” Phillips says. “Then once the movie tested so well, Warner Bros. came to me even before it was released and said, ‘Let’s do another one.’ ” Phillips, who’s currently shooting the road-movie comedy Due Date, with Robert Downey Jr. and Hangover star Zach Galifianakis, says he’s midway through working on the script for the Hangover sequel. Though he’s keeping the plot under wraps for now, he promises The Hangover 2, which will reunite the trio of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Galifianakis, won’t simply rehash the stag-party-disaster formula of the first film. “What people loved about The Hangover was not Las Vegas or the bachelor party but these three characters,” Phillips says. “I think you can take those characters and put them in other situations, and you don’t need the sell of Vegas and a bachelor party and all that other stuff.” As long, of course, as those situations involve a whole lot of booze and maybe a roofie or two.

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  • MaxwellHouser

    Wow could this movie be as good as Weekend at Bernie’s 2?

    • Mike

      Nothing will ever be that good. NOTHING!!!

  • darclyte

    And don’t forget Heather Graham’s boobs. They make any movie they appear in instantly better.

    • ugh

      hopefully a second movie means a second boob

  • jon

    I thought the Hangover was boring and not funny at all. The most funny part was the gay asian dude, he stole the movie really.

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    • Mike

      This is not meant to be an angry response, but what movies do you think are funny? I’m always curious what people reccommend if they take the time to post a comment saying “I didn’t like ______.”

    • Ambient Lite

      yeah, I’d have to second that. Jon, you’re the first person I’ve actually ever heard of that didn’t like that movie. Really.

      • Martillo

        Jon isn’t a legitimate poster, he just posted a contrary opinion so you would be more likely to read the advertisement for the site he’s here to promote.

    • Commentor

      If you dont think the hangover is funny then you obviously have nosense of humor

  • Christina

    Why wouldn’t they get the actual writers of the hangover to write the sequel?

    • Celia

      I know right! Obviously the first one was successful so they should just keep EVERYTHING the same( actors, writers, directors, etc) and only change the plot. I hope it doesn’t suck.

    • Mark

      He was the actual writer. Clearly you don’t know a lot about the industry, but it’s a well-known fact the guys who got credit were given credit by the WGA. Phillps and his writing partner wrote most of the movie. The guys who got credit only came up with the concept.

      • Celia

        Well thank God! That’s a relief. I was scared for a second. I think there’s still a lot that can be done with the storyline and the sequel can be pretty amazing if it’s done right. I can’t wait.

      • mykalroze

        The concept may not be as important as how it’s delivered/worked out, but the main idea is important as well. If the general concept’s not good, nothing can save it, not good writing, not humorous moments.

  • Sarah

    I hope they don’t screw this up. I don’t meant to be cynical, but it’s a know fact that Hollywood has a reputation for releasing sequels that are far worse than the original. The first one was so awesome and I don’t want to see it get messed up!

    • Dream Out Loud

      i wouldn’t worry. As awful as Caddyshack 2 was, it doesn’t cheapen Caddyshack for me.

    • Nihilistic

      No the first one wasn’t so awesome.

  • Adam Silleg

    I’d love to answer with a hate comment toward Jon about, but if you didn’t think the Hangover is funny, you clearly don’t have a good sense of humor. It’s really that simple.

    Weekend at Bernie’s 2 lol, thats great…The movie will be funny, I’m sure. Can’t wait for it!

    • Nihilistic

      I have an impeccable sense of humor and I have to sorely disagree with you, Adam. This movie was sub-par, derivative and overly profane as a substitute for true laughs. I’m as R-rated as they come, but to just randomly bombard the viewer with F-bombs and potty humor as a ploy to make us think we’re watching something truly subversive is indicative of just how badly Todd Phillips is losing his touch. This stinker doesn’t touch gems like Old School. And you can take that to the bank, Silly Silleg.

      • leytpr4

        I think you need to put the thesaurus down and deflate that ego a smidge.

      • thatguy

        Hey everyone check it out! Nihilistic likes to be different by hating a movie everyone thought was hilarious; he even tries to impress us with his big words!

  • bedc01

    I actually am one of the few that didn’t laugh once while watching this movie.. it just felt like the whole flick was nothing but concepts and set ups with no real punchline.. and I am starting to think that people laughed because they had to, rather then wanted to.. you know, like those moments when you’re with friends and someone says something that’s meant to be funny and you laugh because everyone else did yet you and everyone else know it wasn’t particularly great

    • Mike

      I don’t buy that for 2 seconds. Are you telling me you didn’t laugh during the end credits with all the pictures being shown? Doubtful.

      • Nihilistic

        Please, the pictures at the end weren’t even mildly amusing. They were such a weak payoff for all that my mind was envisioning had been happening to these guys during their blackout. It was as if the director thought that he could just keep showing pictures of them naked and it would be a fool-proof equation for comedy. It wasn’t. They let me down as I had dreamt up these fellas getting into some REAL debauchery.

  • Rosalie

    the movie was funny! I loved it, and I saw it twice. I wont be buying the DVD though. It was just a good movie that made me laugh but it was not as funny the second time around:( It was like a mystery movie where you already knew what happens at the end. They should leave it alone though. Sometimes a sequel makes the first movie bad. Like the Matrix. I can not recommend that movie in good consience knowing what the sequels are like.

    • Amanda

      That is a good point. The sequels did make the first Matrix somewhat bad. I think that was because the concept was much lamer than it seemed initially, and the new and exciting special effects distracted us from it. I just watched it again and the dialogue is laughable!

  • Matty

    Honestly, I liked the movie, but every movie that stoops so low and uses the f-word (f*g) TWICE is automatically tarnished in my book. It’s simply not acceptable in this day and age.

    • Nick

      Actually, the f-word now only applies to rude biker dudes.

      • darclyte

        South Park FTW!

    • Hooded Freak

      are you serious
      ur saying that ANY movie that drops the f bomb twice is automaticaly deemed as a bad movie
      that is absolutely rediculous

  • gigi

    Nooooo “Hangover 2″!! The movie ended perfectly. Okay, maybe if this time Tyson and Holyfield are in the movie (they did hug it out on Oprah after all). And if Stu’s Song does not get nominated for an Oscar, I’m boycotting!! :)

  • Nihilistic

    So OVERRATED. Did anyone else not find this movie it as laughtastic and orgasim-provoking as the critics? I know movie reviewers have a tendency to latch onto little-known comedies and take them under their wing as if they’re Columbus discovering America, but please, this movie had a handful of chuckles at best and didn’t come anywhere close to measuring up to the hype unleashed by the media. The entire time I kept waiting to “get it”, some magical point in the movie where I could acknowledge that it was worth all the praise bestowed upon it. Never happened. Never even almost happened.

    • Hooded Freak

      this was the funniest movie i have seen in a long time
      you my friend may think u have a great sense of humor and mabe you do but u are far too closed minded if u didnt find this film hilarious

  • Nihilistic

    Yes, I realize orgasim is spelled wrong. It’s better than “organism” which I had originally typed.

  • John

    I enjoyed the movie and agree that the trio’s chemistry really elevated the whole thing, but part of what pushed the original from “kinda funny” to GREAT was the concept and execution (and realistic absurdity…remember, “Dude, Where’s My Car?” tried the same trick but failed for several reasons) I’d hate to see the boys end up in some derivative buddy movie. I hope the sequel has a different, but similarly clever concept.

  • Erin

    HANGOVER was funny but not THAT funny. B+

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  • kc

    Every now and then a movie (or TV show or book) comes out that gets an inordinate amount of undeserved attention and praise. Like a sheep I follow the crowd and expect to be wowed, but only rarely does the actual performance meet the hype. Maybe it’s just me, but in my opinion “The Hangover” just wasn’t all that funny. To be sure, it had some amusing moments, but it was not anywhere near as awesome as it was hyped. Another example of this was “Meet the Parents.” I just sat through it, asking “when does this get funny?”

    • Nihilistic

      Read my opinions above. You’re not alone by any means. This film was very disappointing.

      • BetterThanYou

        You’re a douche bag.

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