'The Blind Side' rises to the top of the box office with $6.8 mil on Friday

As is typical for the weekend following Thanksgiving, Friday was an underwhelming day at the box office — but that shouldn’t prevent Sandra Bullock from celebrating the impressive longevity of The Blind Side. After two weekends of placing second to The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the football drama drove into first place with $6.8 million on Friday, according to early estimates. That brings the movie’s total to $115.6 million — not too shabby considering its $29 million budget. Settling for second place was New Moon, which added $5.2 million, bringing the shirtless vampire/werewolf movie’s cumulative gross to $245.1 million. New Moon dropped 71 percent this week, but we doubt anyone at Summit Entertainment is sobbing. Not even Bella.

Third and fourth place went to two newcomers: the family drama Brothers (a remake of a 2004 Danish film) and the heist thriller Armored. The former grossed $3.6 million, while the latter stole $2.4 million. In fifth place, the John Travolta and Robin Williams comedy Old Dogs collected $2.1 million. Failing to crack the top five was the new Robert De Niro holiday flick Everybody’s Fine, which pulled in a measly $1.3 million.

In limited release, Jason Reitman’s Oscar hopeful Up in the Air, starring George Clooney, took off with $329,000 in 15 theaters for a buoyant per-screen average of $22,000. Friday’s figures are below, and check back here on Sunday for the complete box office report:

1. The Blind Side — $6.8 mil
2. The Twilight Saga: New Moon –$5.2 mil
3. Brothers — $3.6 mil
4. Armored — $2.4 mil
5. Old Dogs — $2.1 mil

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  • Amanda Rox

    I saw The Blind Side with GF. We make out after. Viva La Quebec!

    • anthony

      for all you HP HATERS! New Moon will officially pass Harry Potter:Prisoner of Azkaban, this weekend. now go kick rocks!

      • James D

        What about the five other harry potter movies?
        This movie’s like transformers 2, all spectacle while faintly disguising the fact that it is a horrible movie.

      • Emma

        HP cost $250m to make while Twilight cost $50m. I think Twilight people are smiling right now. Don’t get me wrong. New Moon was boring as hell. It made Twilight seem awesome by comparison but the fact is the return on the investment was great. I’m sure HP will try all sorts of gimmicks and stunts to try to counter it.

      • Denny

        Who gives a crap how much TWILIGHT: NEW MOON costs? A piece of crap is a piece of crap no matter the price tag.

      • RA

        lol. I’m sure the makers of Harry Potter don’t give a crap about Twilight. Jo Rowling could buy Stephanie Meyer 20 times over.

      • dizzy

        HP doesn’t need to try out any “gimmicks and stunts” to counter New Moon’s success. Half-Blood Prince is the top money-maker of 2009. HP franchise isn’t shaking in its boots. They have loyal fans who will show up to see the final two movies (which from the looks of the teaser trailer, looks like it’s going to be amazing).
        And, James D is right: “A piece of crap is a piece of crap no matter the price tag”.

      • Emma

        Suddenly Dan Rad is taking off his clothes in HP and they are announcing it even at parts that are not in the book. No, they aren’t using any gimmicks at all because of Twilight /sarcasm.

      • Emma

        Although it will be laughable to see Dan Rad’s little naked short body after the 10 packs of Jacob and the sexiness of Edward Cullen. Harry Potter is a better series than Twilight but the movies have not lived up to it at all.

      • Please…

        So I guess the cheesy Twilight movies have lived up to the mediocrity of the novels, then.

  • Tony Stark

    Freak you, Canadian jerks! Off our website!

    • Uh Huh…

      Yeah, get off our World Wide Website!

  • John’s Candy

    We taking over Americans. Just look at the Boxoffice. Twilight is shot up here. We collapse Brock Lesnar. We go to Le Pigale afterparty.

    • ugh

      I thought canadians could speak English?

      • Vince

        I guess you also believe non-Canadians cannot speak English. :P
        I love it when a member of the grammar police makes a grammatical error while attempting to assert his or her superior grasp of the English language.
        The term “Canadians” should be capitalized. It’s time to dismount your high horse. ;)

      • Just saying…

        Hey Vince, don’t you mean ‘dismount FROM your high horse?

      • Vince

        Wordiness is a sign of a weak grasp of the English language.

      • Sarah

        Point 1 for the Canadians.

      • ugh

        I didn’t want to correct any grammatical errors. I mean that his comment makes no sense. spel thngs how evr u wnt just hav it b coherent sum how.

      • James D

        Oh, so it’s not about grammar when you mess up, eh?

  • Jennie Y

    GO BLIND SIDE!!!!!

  • Kyle

    2012 is Dead (Thank God), cant wait to see The Blind Side

  • Fatima

    What is going on with these comments?

  • Shamrock

    New Moon is doing what was expected. Doesn’t have the legs after the initial wave of tweens.

    • @Shamrock

      Basically every big blockbuster (including HP) drops in the range of 60-70% during subsequent weeks.
      In fact, after this may days in the box office, Harry Potter had made 10 million less domestically, even though it was released during the summer, which gave it a huge advantage.
      I’m not even a fan of Twilight, but it bugs me when people don’t get how the box office works, and then use that “against” a movie or franchise they don’t like.
      You can’t mold the facts so that they are negative when it comes to something you don’t like, and positive when it comes to something you do like.
      Also, EW posted stats which stated that half of the audience for New Moon was over 21. Once again, you are ignoring facts that you don’t like to make your point (i.e., you think that all Twilight fans are so called “tweens”)

      • Ama

        You are the one who does not understand the box office. Two consecutive weeks of 70% drop is not the norm. Dark Knight made more than new moon in the first week and had a smaller drop in the second week. The big blockbusters typically see a mid 60s drop in the second weekend and a smaller drop in the third. You are the one ignoring the fact that twilight has a fixed devoted audience and that is why they had the huge opening week. It is not appealing to anyone else hence it is fading faster than the norm for massive blockbusters. But you are right that the audience is not just the tweens and what it has made so far is outstanding.

      • Shamrock

        Tweens or love lorned older women.

      • to Shamrock

        what a sexist comment.

      • Linda

        This comment is directed at Ama.
        LOL, I didn’t see anyone even mention the Dark Knight, so I don’t know why you brought it up. Clearly, the Dark Knight did better than Twilight.
        However, it is true that most blockbusters experience a significant drop in the weeks following their release.
        With most movies that have such devoted followings (including Harry Potter) there is a huge drop each week.
        This is not unique to Twilight AT ALL.
        Like you said, it made an insane amount of money, and it has experienced the drop anyone would expect from any film franchise with incredibly devoted fans.

      • Ama

        @ Linda

        New Moon’s drop is bigger than other movies. Go look at the numbers for other movies. It has made a lot of money and is a huge hit, but don’t pretend that other blockbusters generally drop as fast as new moon has. Normally, there is a big drop the second week and smaller drop in the following weekends. new moon has seen dropped 70% in two weeks. That is not what you see with Harry Potter and other popular franchises. My point is twilight is big but don’t overestimate its appeal.

      • Linda

        @ Ama:
        New Moon has definitely experienced a drop, but that drop is in the range of other blockbusters. It may be a few points more (i.e., others may have dropped 64 or 65% as opposed to 70%) but there’s absolutely no doubt that it’s within the normal range.
        When you mention HP, it dropped more because it started off higher.
        At this point, New Moon has made 10 million more than HP had made at this point in its box office run.

      • Linda

        I meant:
        *When you mention HP, New Moon dropped more, however, it started off much higher.*

      • Ambient Lite

        I went to see New Moon (for the second time since its release) today, hit a 10:45 showing – and the theatre was completely packed!
        I think it always sounds like haters are grasping at straws when they start a squabble about what percentage the movie has dropped week by week. It was huge, it’s still pretty huge. Get over it.

      • @ Ambient Lite

        Your theater was packed but its box office numbers are dropping rapidly. Guess which fact I will take more seriously.

      • ???

        I’m not sure why the “This has made more money than such-and-such movie had at this point in its run” argument has any merit.
        Yeah, so? What would you rather be, a movie with $150 million on Day 15 and $600 million on Day 100, or a movie with $250 million on Day 15 and $300 million on Day 100? The only value a weekend-to-weekend comparison has is to predict trends and *hint* at what a final gross might be. No one cares that Movie A had more money than Movie B at a certain point. This isn’t a damned relay race. They care what Movie A and Movie B had at the end of their theatrical runs.
        And people keep bringing up Harry Potter and how New Moon is like $10 million ahead of where it was at this point, or something. Check out the last HP film weekend by weekend, and see how it dropped. Wait a couple of weeks and see how New Moon keeps dropping. The difference between, say, a 40% drop and a 65% drop may seem negligent, but if you add up a few of them, there’s your $10 million deficit, regained.
        I guess my point is, if I were a frothing New Moon fan who has serious final box office ambitions, I wouldn’t be paying attention to what the film has NOW. I’d be paying attention to how it performs week over week and how far it drops. In the end, it might be better for a film to have more modest weekend grosses with smaller drops than larger weekend grosses with very large drops.

      • Jen

        ^ Agreed.
        New Moon has more in the bank than HP6 did at this same point (at least domestically; HP will still throttle it globally), but New Moon is also dropping much more weekend-over-weekend than HP did. HP had a 62% drop its second weekend, but only a 40% drop its third. New Moon had a 70% drop this weekend and is looking at a 60-70% drop its third. Eventually, if New Moon keeps plummeting like this, whatever advantage it has now over HP6 will be a wash. Given the absolutely massive amount of films out in the next couple of weeks, New Moon CANNOT keep slipping by 60-70% each weekend and still come up with $300 million.

    • Sarah

      I agree with @Shamrock.
      These stats are to be expected for basically any big blockbuster.
      And I’m not a Twilight fan either.
      I’m a huge fan of Harry Potter, and I know that when it’s released, it’ll have an insane opening weekend, and then significantly drop off after that.

  • TellyB

    WHo cares WHEN during its box office run it makes the money??? NM cost 50 million, and in only three weeks, it has grossed HALF A BILLION dollars worldwide. Any way you slice it, it’s an impressive feat; And BTW, it’s very disturbing that most detractors use “but it’s fangirls”, or “who cares what a bunch of tweens girls like” arguments, as if there was something intrinsically less valid about a film whose audience is predominantly female. Is that a whiff of sexism I detect?

    • Jane

      Really! You are going to play the sexism card. People say the exact same thing about fanboys and crappy movies like Trasnformers 2 and bad comic book movies. Women should also get the same criticism when they support dumb movie. That is equality.

    • Lynn

      I think New Moon and Transformers both sucked. One happened to be aimed at girls, and one aimed at boys. Am I sexist? And I’d be careful about using the “it made a lot of money, it must be good!” argument. By that definition, Transformers 2 must be AMAZING!
      However, I don’t remember 800 Transformers blog posts or EW covers or apologist articles going around, either.

  • Sally in Chicago

    The Blind Side was such a good movie. So good….GO TBS!

  • rush

    why does it matter that new moon dropped 70 percent again?? i mean the movie has already made its budjet almost 8-9 times over. sure the rush of tweens and twi-mums is over, but that doesnt mean its not a successful movie and not to be disrespectful but the dark knight made a ton of money cuz of ledgers death(and you americans know it) and stop comparing twilight to harry potter, they are two totally different franchises, while yes twilight is hugely popular among the teen/tweenset, harry potter is popular With EVERYONE, men and women alike, you guys really have issues with what other people see at the movies, like they’re spending your money. i get it if you dont like twilight, that’s your perrogative, dont go watch it then. why look down on those who did see it.

    • Ama

      It matters that it dropped 70 percent because it shows the movie has a very specific audience, so the media should not shove it down our throats like it is the most important thing in the world. I am sick of all the hype like it a significant part of the mass culture when it is a movie based on a trashy book that has a large but limited fan base. It is a big movie but lets not get carried away. And you are looking down on americans who saw dark knight with your heath ledger comment so you may need to direct your lecture to yourself.

      • Susanne

        I’m going to agree with others who have mentioned Harry Potter. At this point in its run, HBP had made 10 million less.
        So, according to your logic, based on its domestic gross, it doesn’t deserve that much hype either, right?

        LOL, a movie that made 250 million during it’s first few weeks has a VERY VERY LARGE “specific” audience. If you can even still call it “specific” with those kinds of numbers.

      • Kara

        It is absolutely a significant part of mass culture, whether you like it or not.
        There are many pop culture phenomenons that I don’t enjoy (i.e., Twilight and Harry Potter), but there’s no doubt that they are significant parts of the entertainment culture.

      • Sarah

        I’m sick of people acting as though something is shoved down their throats, when all this article did was talk about the box office gross of various films on Friday.
        What did you want them to do, not mention New Moon?
        I get it if people complain when New Moon is unnecessarily brought up, but this article clearly needed to mention New Moon.

      • Ama

        Titanic started with about $30 million and ended with $600 million. It does not matter where you start, it is where you end. At the rate new moon is fading it will be lucky to reach HBP’s total. HP does not get as much repeat view as twilight movies so you can’t really compare the mass appeal. I’m a fan of the HP books but l’ll admit the movies are a little over hyped but at least they are critically acclaimed and its fans are more diverse. So yes I can call the twilight audience specific. HP has more style and substance than Twilight so it will deserve more hype than twilight regardless of box office.

      • Emily

        Sure it’s made ten million more than HP had at this point. But its opening box office was also twice as high as HP’s was. For it to only be making 10 million more at this point isn’t all that impressive to me. It’s more telling of how quickly it’s dropping and that it doesn’t stand a chance at coming close to Half-Blood Prince’s worldwide total, because the audience has dwindled so quickly. It should be more than 10 million ahead, given that it’s opening was twice as much, seems to me.

      • @ Sarah

        Look at the top of the web page. EW special coverage>> Twilight. This article is not focused on Trashlight but EW and other media outlets would not shut up about this crap for weeks.

      • @ Ama

        LOL, nobody is comparing this movie to Titanic!
        For most movies, it absolutely matters where you start. If you start higher, you often drop more quickly.
        Every industry insider who has posted an opinion about this, is SURE that New Moon will exceed 300 million.

        I don’t think that if something isn’t critically acclaimed, that somehow makes its fans “less important”. I guess I don’t believe in belittling peoples’ opinions just because I don’t agree.
        And while you may think that HP has more style and substance, that is just an OPINION. It is not absolute fact, since reading books and watching movies is a SUBJECTIVE experience. Everyone has their own opinions, and those opinions deserve to be respected.
        LOL, I don’t like either HP or Twilight, yet I think they both “deserve” hype, because they have a lot of dedicated fans.

      • Ama


        HP does not get as much repeat view as twilight movies so you can’t really compare the mass appeal based on box office alone.

      • Ama

        New moon has made more money than titanic after 3 weeks but it is not going to end up like it. I gave titanic as an example of many movies that don’t start as big as twilight but end up making more money so because it is $10 million more HP at this point does not mean much. When it ends we can talk. I’m sorry but it is a fact that HP has more substance than twilight. That is not debatable. I also think HP and Twilight deserve hype because of their fan base but they should not be over hyped.

      • to Ama:

        I don’t know why you keep mentioning Titanic.
        Nobody has said that New Moon will end up like Titanic. There’s no chance of that happening!
        Titanic is a very unusual example of box office growth, so you somehow using that to compare HP to Twilight makes no sense, since HP also experienced significant drops (it can’t be compared to Titanic since HP didn’t experience ANY growth during following weekends. It experienced steep drops)

        There’s no question that it will reach 300 million according to box office predictors, so you’re right, when it ends, we can talk.

        When it comes to “substance”, a close friend of mine lost her mother, and reading New Moon (a book about pain and loss) helped her deal with her own grief. So, I disagree that your OPINION about substance is a fact.
        To a lot of people, New Moon is a powerful series, and I’m not going to belittle that opinion just because I don’t agree.
        I don’t believe in “fact” when it comes to books or films. To believe that your opinion is “fact” represents a complete misunderstanding of the subjective experience of reading books or viewing films.

      • Emily

        I agree about HP having more substance and style. Yes, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions of what’s good and what isn’t, but when you have several critics (and not necessarily only professional ones) who, independently of each other, all make the exact same criticisms of a movie, maybe there’s some truth to it, you know?

      • to Emily:

        I don’t like Twilight (or Harry Potter). So, I agree with those who dislike Twilight.
        However, I still don’t believe in the idea of “fact” when it comes to books or films.
        People see value in different things. I have adult, educated friends who passionately love Twilight, and see a lot of value in the story. I would never say that they are wrong, and that I am “right”, just because we disagree.

      • Trish

        To add to the last commenter,
        the New York Times has said that Twilight has the same “indefinable” characteristic that LOTR and HP have: the author has created a world (and characters) so internally sound that readers want to crawl into the world of the novel, and live there.
        So, while critics may agree that the writing isn’t great, clearly some of them are able to understand why fans love the series.

      • Emily

        I’m speaking on a technical level though, not on an emotional one. I’m talking about whether the film is well-made on a technical level or not, and I don’t think it is. Having seen the movie, I felt it was overlong, there wasn’t enough plot/character development, and the pacing was terrible, which is how I felt about the book as well. Even people who like the books have issues with Meyer’s pacing, and it has nothing to do with their emotional responses to it. People can still emotionally respond to something without being blind to its faults.

      • Ama

        There many other movies with over $310 million domestic gross had smaller openings than twilight but still grossed more than new moon will. Titanic was just an example. From Spider-man 2 to Shrek 2/3 to lord of the rings sequals to dead mans chest. Just because it started strong does not make it the biggest thing in the world. Yes it has bragging right with the 3rd biggest box office weekend, but it does not mean as much as the final total.
        To me it’s a fact HP has more substance. That is my own opinion. Don’t belittle my opinion.

      • To Ama:

        I agree about the films you mentioned…but I don’t see your point.
        New Moon will make over 300 million dollars, and that’s a fantastic box office gross.

        Also, nobody is belittling your opinion. You are entitled to that opinion. It is you who is belittling the opinion of those who like Twilight by saying that even though there is a HUGE number of dedicated fans, they don’t “deserve” to see Twilight coverage, just because you don’t think that Twilight has substance.
        THAT is belittling someone’s opinion.

      • Ama

        Evolution is a fact but there are people who do not accept it. That HP has more substance than twilight is also a fact. Not everyone has to accept it. I respect their right to deny a fact for whatever emotional reason.

      • To Emily:

        I also didn’t think that the movie was good, and I know many fans of the books who also disliked the movie.
        That’s not the point I’m making.
        My point is that everyone is entitled to their opinions, and those opinions should be respected, even if others don’t agree.
        Just because something isn’t great on a technical level, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have “value”. Many people can find emotional value and substance in forms of entertainment that are not perfect on a technical level. I don’t think that emotional reactions should be ignored.

      • Natalie

        LOL I’m just entering this convo…Ama’s last response definitely makes me not want to read anything else she has to say.
        In case you didn’t realize it, reading and watching movies is usually an EMOTIONAL experience for people. So all this talk of “facts” is ridiculous in my opinion.

      • To the person who is obsessed with me

        Go back and read where I said the gross is outstanding. I’m not denying it is a hit, i just can’t stand the fact that it is overhyped. It gets more attention than it deserves. The reason why so many people hate the series is because it is overhyped. HP did not receive this level of backlash. I respect your right to disagree with me, but I can still express how I feel. If you don’t like it, you have to deal with it. My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge and I have heard a lot of people talk trash about it but it has not change my opinion about the movie. I don’t think they are belittling my opinion and if they are, I don’t care. It is just an opinion that twihards like something that I feel has very little substance if any. They can like whatever they want. I’m cannot force them out of the theater because I don’t like the series. I have no say in their lives. I am just expressing how I feel. I should be able to state my own opinions. I just think it is funny, you telling me to respect others opinions when you don’t respect mine.

      • JJ

        By the way, no movie EVER in history has lost $100 million in the second week. That’s something you should think about.

      • Ama

        @ JJ

        I’ll play devil’s advocate and say very few movies have made enough money to drop $100 million the next week, so it is not a fair assessment.

      • rush

        my heath ledger comment was more to point out that the dark kninght wasnt the best movie of the year last year but it still had record breaking slaes and statistick, and that was cuz of the exploitation of heath ledgers death. the fact twilight hhas been exposed to so much media before, during and after its releas is cuz people like us(and im not ashamed to admit it) keep coming back to write om forums like this one doesnt matter if its to bash the movie or to praise it, WE STILL COMING BACK and that the medias effect on us. an like i said in my initial comment, why does it bother you so much that the movie is making oned, limited or not limited audience its a movie that has generated a great deal of buzz, bad and good. seriously why does it bother you so much, if you dont like the hype around it, then dont post coments on forums like this, dont spend your money on tocket to go see it. dont read the magazines that publish articls aout it. but to deliberatly come to a site to bash on a movie, time and time again is just plain wierd. and im not trying to lecture anyone, but seriously its just commen sense

      • rush

        also its an enetertainment magazine/website, they are gonna write about the biggest ongoing phenomenon, because its ENTERTAINMENT!! and people like us(or me) keep coming back to read it. if you dontlike dont read the articles cocerning twilight, (btw the title of this particular atricle was the success of the lind side, new moon’s sales were just mentioned)

    • to Emily:

      It doesn’t work like that. Movies that have that much momentum in the beginning will experiences sharper drops.
      Box office predictors are sure that New Moon will exceed 300 million, so that guarantees that it will meet or exceed Harry Potter’s domestic gross.

      • Emily

        I was talking about its worldwide total.

      • James

        New Moon is going to have to avoid any more 60%-70% drops every successive weekend if it has a chance to crack $300 million, especially with huge holiday and Oscar slates coming up. The August/September drought is a big reason that Potter was able to maintain reasonable drops and get to $301 million domestically. New Moon isn’t going to have that kind of competition drought, not with Avatar and Sherlock Holmes and The Princess and the Frog coming up. Box office predictors can find basic trends but are far from foolproof. As an example, who would have predicted that The Blind Side would be #1 in its third week and show such impressive growth?
        Oh, and whoever said, “New Moon’s opening weekend gross was almost twice as high as Potter’s” has a terrible memory. Potter opened on a WEDNESDAY and none of the money it make Wednesday or Thursday was tallied toward its opening weekend gross. That’s why it only showed $77 million its “opening weekend.”
        Seriously, a lot of this ignorance could be easily solved just by flipping through Box Office Mojo or something. It’s not rocket science.

      • Emily

        You’re right James, I did forget that HP opened on a Wednesday. When you compare the 5-day totals, New Moon still outstrips HP, but just barely. But my point in mentioning that was that with New Moon having such huge numbers on its opening weekend, the fact that it’s 10 million dollars ahead of HP at the same time during its run isn’t all that impressive. More a sign of how quickly the audience is dwindling and how quickly the interest is fading. I mean, good on it for having a big opening, but I’d be more impressed if it had more staying power than it seems to be having right now.

  • Celia

    The Blind Side is about to make a LOT more money. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!

    • Mike

      You are right! It could easily double its current bank by year’s end, I’m thinking.

  • toolio

    Why NO review for Blindside EW!!!????

  • Celia

    This is completely off topic, but sense EW hasn’t posted anything about it yet…I just saw the teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the DEATHLY HALLOWS!!!! AMAZING!!!! This movie is going to SHATTER records!

    • Dee

      What?? Where? Is it in ABC Family’s HP weekend, because I’m watching it right now, but I didn’t see the teaser.

      • Celia

        No! It’s on Mugglenet.com if you want to see it. It’s the most AMAZING thing I’ve ever seen in my life and it’s just a teaser. I can’t wait to see the theatrical one!!

      • Dee

        Holy crap! Thanks, Celia!

    • Gina

      I saw it!!!! OMFG it was awesome!! It was pretty bittersweet cos its the last first harry potter trailer.

    • @Celia

      I’m surprised EW isn’t on the DH teaser, considering that it’s packaged with the DVD/Blu-Ray and such.
      Although I guess Robert Pattinson used the toilet today, so they’ve probably got people on that…
      If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s still up on Mugglenet and it’s fantastic. New Moon can make whatever the hell it wants now, but Twilight will never, ever touch what HP has.

      • Ara

        Quite weird EW didnt report on the DH sneak peak. Then again, they might have been spying on Robert Pattinson.

      • Dee

        Seriously laughed out loud.

      • dizzy

        “Although I guess Robert Pattinson used the toilet today, so they’ve probably got people on that…”
        LMAO! Good one. It is strange that EW didn’t report the DH teaser. It’s too busy digging up for Twilight related new, like this article.
        Oh, and I did see the teaser and it’s incredible. It gave me chills.

  • Kelsey

    Hah, I knew Nicole was low-balling Brothers when she said it wouldn’t cracked the top five.
    I’m not getting into the New Moon box-office debate (except to say that HP6 only dropped 39% in its third weekend as opposed to NM’s projected 70% drop), but since it will neither beat Transformers 2’s $400 million domestic total this year nor Harry Potter’s $930 million worldwide total for this year, its box office is pretty much a moot point. It’s still dropping like a rock, as was expected. I see nothing newsworthy about that.
    Glad to see The Blind Side still going strong.
    And yes, I too have seen the Deathly Hallows teaser. It’s absolutely epic and I can’t wait for it.. :-)

  • To EW

    I’m calling you out. Where’s the post or article or whatever about the Deathly Hallows sneak peek/teaser that leaked? Or is there an issue that you can’t release it without WB’s permission? The DVD and Blu-Ray are out in the States this Tuesday. I expect a write-up, if for no other reason than a Hallows teaser is about ten times the story as half the Twilight BS you’ve taken to posting.

    • Lucy

      dont compare a story line from a book that took like 4yrs to write to a story line from a book that had to be put out in months w/a first time writer– not to mention a movie (HP) that had like 2 yrs to shoot and almost 2yrs more of post production time & a huge budget to make it perfect (i am a fan btw) to a movie that had 3 months to shoot and less than 6 months of post production & like 1%(exaggerated but still) of the budget that harry potter has. And to a Potter fan from a Potter fan back off Twilight cuz it’s not BS!

    • Annette

      Uh Lucy, I’m pretty sure no one held a gun to Stephenie Meyer’s head and made her release her book quickly. She’s the author. She decides when she’s done with a book, as does JK Rowling. It’s just that Rowling chose to take more time. All of Meyer’s books, including The Host, were released fairly quickly. This is not unusual for her.

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