Exclusive: Summit looking at Academy Award-nominated directors for 'Breaking Dawn'

Yes, it’s still early days, but Summit is trying to up its pedigree for its big-screen adaptation of the final installment of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. Sources tell EW that the studio has reached out to at least three top-notch directors, including Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation), Gus Van Sant (Milk), and Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) to gauge their interest in what is likely to be two movies. (Van Sant’s reps confirmed that he’s been approached, but Coppola and Condon’s people didn’t return phone calls by press time. Summit declined to comment.)

No decisions are likely to be made until the studio delivers screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg’s detailed outline to the directors. That should happen sometime next week. Until then we can just wonder how these three very diverse directors will approach Bella’s controversial birthing scene.

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  • w-fish

    Like that’s really going to help that train wreck of a book any? Maybe if they change it completely…

    • tipsy

      I think that`s in the cards. The change. And it is hard to imagine that any serious director would want to be attached to the project based on this particular book which is infamously horrible even among Twilight fandom (ignore Team Renesme,they are far and few between).

      Summit knows they have a turd on their hands (the book) and are trying to give the movie more prestige by luring awards-winning directors, as if directors don`t know what a stain on their resume The Love Story of the Werewolf and the Spine-Breaking Demon Foetus Born By the Fang`d Cesarean movie would be.

      • mickey


    • ****

      A badly written book should end up as a badly made film, no fair trying to change that by getting good directors.

      • Rubay

        Godfather was a pulp book made into one of the best movies of all time. It can be made good.

      • Lala

        Generally I would agree. Van Sant and Coppola aren’t writing the screenplay, so I don’t see the point. However, badly written books make badly made films only if the movie is completely faithful to the crappy book. The movie version of The Devil Wears Prada was MUCH better than the book. And it had to do with the script itself, not the director.

      • tipsy

        Rubay, lmao, you just compared BD to Godfather? Pacchino and Brando to Patz and Lautner? Lmao!

      • Rubay

        OHHHH do not take that for comparing it to Godfather. LOLOL no! I am not comparing the BOOK SERIES of twilight to the MOVIE of Godfather. That would be like comparing plastic to gold.

        But the Godfather BOOK is a pretty unarguably pulpy, not-very-good but very readable book. Lesser known. Movie turned it around.

        Just saying it’s possible. NOT LIKELY! But it IS possible to make a better movie out of a book that lacks, well, much past the words on the page.

      • TB

        Bonfire of the Vanities was considered to be one of the best books of our generation. Then Hollywood makes an adaption and it was universally panned. Pirates of the Carribean was based on a @#$%ing park ride and it was a hit. Point is it doesn’t matter how good or (in this case) bad the material is, but if everyone puts any effort into making a good movie.

      • Charlotte

        I never read the book, but critics said that Bridges of Madison County was a much better movie than book. I thought it was a pretty good movie. Then again, one of my favorite books, The Time Traveler’s Wife turned into a pretty crappy movie.

    • Tami

      Why do you have to post if you don’t like it. Many of us LOVE the book and the series. I just don’t get why haters even bother posting!

      • Lima

        Um, ’cause the thought of Gus Van Sant coming anywhere near Twilight is just that horrifying.

      • w-fish

        Because getting the fanbrats riled up is fun stuff!

        And, we’re just sick of EW shoving this series down our throats. I for one can’t wait for the final part of Breaking Dawn to come out so this series 15 minutes are up.

      • Nick T

        Or Sofia Coppola. They are the only two current American directors that I really, really love. Now if Coppola was writing it, then maybe she could make it awesome!

      • The Ween

        @w-fish – Come on. You can’t say you’re waiting for the series’ 15 minutes to be up. Everyone (hater or lover) has to admit that this series of books AND movies has made a significant mark on this moment in pop-culture history. It’s not going to be forgotten, EVERYONE knows something about it. While it’s not great literature or film, it obviously has something that speaks to a LOT of people. Quite honestly I can’t figure out why it has a hold on me, but it does. It is a totally guilty pleasure, and I love it? Yes, love is the appropriate word. (Insert higher power)help me.

      • blane

        w-fish… I am horrified. I mean, genuinely, truly horrified to learn that EW.com has abandoned its policy of posting content online for people to peruse at their leisure, picking and choosing what interests them! No one told me that they invented a way to reach out through our computer screens, grab us by the throat, pin us down, and SHOVE CONTENT DOWN OUR THROATS! Oh, the horror!

        Well, I shall certainly be on the lookout for this disastrous and frightening new policy, because there is an amazing variety of topics published on EW.com that hold absolutely no interest for me, but thus far I have done a very good job of not clicking on links to them. In my experience on EW.com, those links are really easy to avoid and by avoiding them, I don’t get pissed off because other people’s tastes are different from mine. I don’t have to complain and insult and try to stir up trouble among people who want to discuss things that don’t interest me.

        Wish jerks like you could do the same.

      • Cat

        Yes, I completely agree with Blane. And I honestly believe the movies are only going to get better. (although idk that NM was better than Twilight). This makes me extremely excited, im not getting any hopes up but I would be very happy to have a director such as these directing. I think honestly some of the crazy fans add to the whole connotation to some people that Twilight is lame (I don’t even like alot of “fans” ive seen). It’s hard to explain, but I honestly love it as a story, they’re not the best piece of literature but I love them as a great story. I think the movies weren’t as good (to some people) because the books are just so large and the movies kind of rushed everything they tried to in, alot of dialogue without real depth. (I of course disagree lol)

      • brittany

        listen to all these lonely haters. such a shame. I LOVE TWILIGHT

      • Twidawn

        I loved Breaking Dawn and the entire series. I don’t understand the assumption by some here that it was horrible. When you have your book(s) published and make a bazillion dollars…I hope you can stand the criticism of those that have never read or seen your work.

      • pshht

        Sad thing is… Smeyer can’t take criticism of any kind towards any of those novels. Breaking Dawn is the biggest pile I’ve ever read.

    • sarah

      commenting on articles thats about something you obviously dont like? get a life.

      • Nom de Plume

        You know, I’m sick of morons like you who think that the word ‘opinion’ is equivalent to ‘glowing praise’. Everyone has a right to comment on what they think, whether it be a positive or *gasp* NEGATIVE opinion. Please spew your obvious fangirlism somewhere else, and take your own advice.

    • jesse

      Excuse me some one has no taste in books

    • Kaly

      Why is Summit looking for anyone other than Catherine Hardwicke? I loved Twilight. It was a gorgeous film. I hadn’t read the books when I saw it and then read the books because of Twilight. Couldn’t stand N Moon. Yech. Think Catherine H. is the best possible director for BD.

      • da

        yep, CH at least understands Twilight. Despite flaws, the first movie was better than the shite that was NM and the shite that will most probably be Eclipse. Yuck. I say bring back Catherine and take the script away from Melissa Rosenwhateverhernameis and give it to someone who actually understands the story to be the love story between the tortured vampire and his passive-aggressive human mate. BD is gonna be a tough book to film because it could easily be a howler. But in the hands of the right director and screenwriter, it can be salvaged.

      • Jim

        Can we all be honest and say that Twilight was a bad movie? Take the book away and the movie looks like, “you smell good, I can’t read your mind, I will die for you.” Really? I think we will all look back at these movies and laugh.

    • Lily

      I loved TWILIGHT. I hope Catherine Hardwicke directs Breaking Dawn. TWILIGHT launched the frenzy of R. Pattinson & K. Stewart because they were so wonderful in that film. My 2 cents.

  • graeme

    Yeah, directors can only do so much with the material and actors that they have.

  • Jane

    The book does not warrant two movies. Nor does a 2-hr feature length film; a ninety-minute television Lifetime special is the only thing adequate to Meyer’s horrible grade-school thesaurus-heavy writing. At best.


      That is just ridiculous! I don’t know how they crammed Eclipse into one movie. There is definatly enough content for 2 movies! If you don’t enjoy the books or movies, don’t waste your time reading the article that is intended for someone that is excited about the information, much less take the time to make a comment. I loved Breaking Dawn and look very forward to the movie!

      • Blanche DuBois

        It’s easy to condense Meyer’s horrific writing–simply take out all the “Edward’s so pretty” narration and the twelve pages she spends describing how Bella can’t choose between Edward and Jacob. Furthermore, Jasper’s retrospect into his Civil War past can easily be done into a forty-second clip. Don’t think that because the book is so long and “action-packed” that every comma, period, sigh, look, thought, et cetera has to be transposed onto a film. P.S. It’s spelled “definitely.”

      • LIVEITUP

        Hey Blanche….Dorothy could make it to Oz in 10 minutes if they skipped over the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man….but what would be the point??? And sorry about the misspelling, I hate it when people do that!

      • Danno

        I spell “definitely” wrong all the time. So much so I actually avoid using it when I post things on these boards or anywhere without a spell check.

      • LIVEITUP

        Gud point Danno. Eye will definitely avoyd that next time!

      • yk8080

        that’s why I love Google Chrome… spell-check wherever I type. :D

    • Carrie

      I love it when people make fun of Stephenie Meyer’s writing skills. She’s laughing all the way to the bank.

      • @Carrie

        Yeah, because a legion of teenage girls and their moms enabled her to get away with writing crap.

      • Jim

        Fat, lonely girls like to read.

      • Charlie

        So do fat, lonely moms and the boyfriends of aforementioned girls. :P

    • Gazza

      For me BD was the book that ruined the whole thing; til then I was actually a fan. While I would love to see some things like Jasper through vampire vision I don’t want it made into a movie

      • G

        I agree. I did not like this last book in the Twilight series.

      • Heather P

        I agree. The first three, while no Shakespeare, were mildly entertaining. BD was absolute crap.

  • Emily

    How about they can Melissa Rosenberg and immediately they’ve got themselves a better film. I doubt any top notch director is going to sign on to a crap script she’s once again going to produce.

    • Yesenia

      I agree. I don’t think the book is the problem because it was an entertaining book. I think Rosenberg is a terrible screenwriter that misses the point of pivotal scenes repeatedly.

      • tipsy

        Since pivotal scenes in BD are the butt of all jokes, perhaps Rosenberg missing them is what BD needs? :)

      • lea

        Please youre kidding right.

        SM can’t write a shit.
        Have you ever seen dexter? That’s a good show writen by MR, the woman can write. Can’t say that much about SM.

      • @lea

        i’ve never seen Dexter.
        all i know is that the twilight movies have been horribly written. a bad screenplay destroys the whole movie, no matter how good the actors are.
        important scenes in this movie series are either missing altogether or have been turned into a comedy (and by that i mean i was laughing in the theater during multiple drama scenes in both movies).
        maybe MR should just stick to Dexter.

      • Ambient Lite

        I think my first MR cringe was when Eric Yorkie said “chillax”. Ugh, still makes me shiver.

      • @lea

        Melissa has written about 6 episodes out of all 4 seasons of Dexter. All of her episodes are extremely boring and cheesy just like twilight.

      • Its Not That Serious

        I agree that Melissa is a huge part of the problem. I am somewhat amazed that Summit kept her on for all four books. The Twilight movie could have been more cohesive, and should have displayed the developing relationship between Edward and Bella more effectively. Twilight, the book, certainly offered readers a sense of Edwards and Bella undeniable attraction (for lack of a better word) for each other.

    • Ambient Lite

      I did literally picture a steaming pile of poo being delivered from MR to Summit later this week.
      Of the directors, I’m pulling for Gus Van Sant. I hope he’s willing to tackle such a mess.

      • Mare

        I hope GVS goes all My Own Private Idaho on BD…that would be AWESOME!!

      • TheObserver

        Van sant has my vote too. Although Coppola would be insanely interesting. she handles dark material well ( see virgin suicides)

      • Charlie


        He could do that or go Elephant on BD. Either would be interesting.

      • springs

        “We’re going surfing, and I don’t mean the Internet” (or something to that effect). Ugh.

      • Momo

        I hope Van Sant goes all stupid Batman Forever if he gets Breaking Dawn.

      • Jamie

        Why are you “pulling” for Gus Van Sant? What on earth makes you think he has any interest in this at all?
        I highly doubt he’s sitting by the phone wringing his hands and thinking, “God I hope I beat out Bill and Sofia to direct Breaking Dawn!”
        The studio wants them. No evidence at all that it’s reciprocal.

      • Kat

        B Dawn need a woman director. CATHERINE HARDWICKE!!!!!!! Please.

    • w-fish

      I’ve got a theory on this. It’s pretty clear KStew and RPatz are haters, they’ve just been reigned in recently. I think MR might be too and she’s deliberately trying to screw the series over.

      And as for the steaming pile being sent into summit this week, it was sent into Little, Brown about two years ago.

    • Hannah Lane

      I agree with you! I’m shocked that Summit is looking for a great director while they are keeping a screenwriter who really belongs on Lifetime or ABC Family!

  • crispy

    No Uwe Boll?

    • Danno

      that’s pretty funny

  • Maria

    Right because you are all award-winning novelists, you have the right to degrade someone’s hard work and effort. I think it’s a wonderfully unique perspective to an already bloated genre and this book, like the ones before it deserve their chance at the silver screen, no matter who is in it or whose directing it.

    • Marcus Johnson

      I’m pretty sure your comment is evidence of why Summit Entertainment isn’t going to ask you to write or direct this project.

    • Sam

      Maria, I couldnt agree more.

    • Marco

      Um… no. You’re totally wrong. All Twilight does is foister its twisted morals upon young minds, all the while reducing a powerful allegory to a laughingstock. Complete with 100% awful writing and NO PLOT.

      • Cat

        Yes Marco, you’re so right. All teenagers are so blank in their minds that they can so easily be brainwashed. That’s ridiculous, people like you just generalize the Twilight fans as a whole into this idea of psycho shallow teen girls. Im not as vocal as those girls and I agree, there are those types. (And I am a 17 year old girl).But that’s why they overshadow everything. Stephenie Meyer is a great storyteller. It’s stupid to me when people say there are morals and hidden agends through Twilight, IT’S A STORY, IT’S FICTION. I love the book i’m not modeling my life or reflecting what Stephenie “is really trying to say”. It’s ridiculous. I understand not everyone likes the same things, but all I know is when I hate something, I don’t wish to read more on the subject. (i.e. click links)

    • Jeff

      Shut up, Mrs. Meyer.

    • Jamie

      If not being an “award-winning novelist” should stop us from criticizing Meyer, why should YOU get to praise her? Surely you’re also not an award-winning novelist?
      It works both ways. Stop being a hypocrite.

    • pshht

      You think it’s so “unique”? Read the Sookie Stackhouse series. It makes Twilight seem like a cheap corny ripoff (oh wait, I’m pretty sure it is…). Those books are actually worth the paper they’re printed on.

  • Amanda

    It saddens me to see how many people in this world have lost their sense of imagination. It’s funny how this “Grade school writer” sold millions of copies of her books, and has had them made into movies, which also have made millions. Even more so, furthered the careers of every actor in them. Hmmm, makes you wonder who is lacking here??

    • lea

      What is even sad is her minions think that she wrote a masterpiece.
      I’m like come on, roosewelt with vampire all again. At least roosewelt was better writen.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        The friend that recommended I read the series (which I did, because I was sucked in, even though I was embarrassed to tell anyone) actually told me that Breaking Dawn was the best of the series, that I would LOVE it, and that it was her favorite book OF ALL TIME. She seriously said these things to me. I shouldn’t be surprised, though. Her favorite authors are Anne Rice and V.C. Andrews (Ha!). Someone please find me some new friends.

      • Sara

        No one is saying that SM wrote a masterpiece or is a superb writer. What she did write was something utterly romantic and a great read. It’s extremely catchy and gets readers hooked from the get go. Is it everyone’s cup of tea? No, but denying the millions of readers this guilty pleasure is just mean and self-righteous.

      • rowena

        @ Mary Q. Contrary- You are such an amazing friend! Just because your friend likes something you loathe, makes you want to exchange her for someone else. Yup, hate really makes you an educated person with morals don’t it. I am glad you see twilight as mediocre so you can feel better about yourself.

    • Mare

      Just because a book is popular doesn’t mean it’s well written…in the same way that not all well written novels get their fair share of time in the spotlight. It’s all about trends, people! Meyer tapped into the “girls who want to be saved by a big strong vampire” market and made bank because the age range of this market is 12-100!

      • Amber

        ok, so just to clarify… some people think the books suck and the only reason it has been a success is because it is a trend and “tapped into the “girls who want to be saved by a big strong vampire” market and made bank because the age range of this market is 12-100!”… Seems to me if this is true, that’s pretty pathetic that girls feel they have to be saved. Says something about men nowadays doesn’t it?
        Men need to stop being rude, chauvinistic pigs and start treating women with respect. Maybe then girls won’t need to look towards being saved by a “big strong vampire”.

      • Jim

        …or it says something about women. It is pure fantasy. A boring normal girl being fawned over by two superhuman teenage boys for no apparent reason. In the real world they’re called psycho stalkers.

    • Angela

      I thought the Twilight series was an entertaining read, but the books are no literary masterpiece. I am not discounting Meyer’s success, but let’s take the books for what they are – fluffy, mindless reading. Well, that’s how I felt after the first three books; when I completed “Breaking Dawn”, I was left flabbergasted and disappointed.

      • Fridge

        Couldn’t agree with you more. I consider myself to be a fairly well-read individual with varied tastes. I try to read books from various differnt genres and sometimes you just need something to help you escape reality. The Twilight books definately did that. Are they the best written books out there? Certainly not, but I still enjoy world that SM created. People just need to lighten up–they’re only books and they’re only movies.

      • Mickey Z.

        Angela and Fridge,
        Couldn’t agree with you MORE. I am the most serious reader I know, who reads a variety of genres. “The Twilight Saga”- not masterpieces, but definitely entertaining. Loved “Anna Karenina” as well as “Crime and Punishment”, but not all books I read can be that ponderous…. They are only books, they are only movies. Amen to that!

      • mrc

        yesyesyes. who cares if they’re poorly written? (i honestly don’t see what all that’s about, they’re not horrible..) they’re ENTERTAINMENT. if you don’t like it ignore it.

      • Becky

        Not a fan of Twilight, but I agree completely – it’s not like my fluff reading is terribly great literature either, but I don’t love it any less.

        That said, to the Twihards who tell me that I only dislike Twilight because I haven’t actually read the books: I read the first book, guys. It wasn’t for me. That’s not an insult – just different tastes.

      • Cat

        Thank you people, that’s what all these people don’t get. Noone’s saying they are the best written books in the world. Saying they are the best books(opinion) and best written are two completely different things. I’ve never read something saying Twilight was a masterpiece. And while I agree it is a means of entertainment, there’s nothing wrong with people taking this to heart and truly caring about it. (It is wrong when they take the actors & popularity rather than actual story though:) I just find it amazing that people act like Twilight is ruining their lives, like it’s something so horrible that they feel the need to constantly rant about it. For goodness sakes they do it more than the actual fans.

    • Will

      Transformers 2, also made a ton of money and was seen by a large population. It also furthered the career of Megan Fox…..you do not have a valid point.

      • Danno

        I love transformers 2. Are you team optimus or team megatron? Tee Hee

  • w-fish

    Aww, u mad?

    I’ve seen very few people, minus ridiculously hard core fans, defend Breaking Dawn. It was even given a D by Entertainment Weekly. Of course, since they’ve started sucking Twilights and Smeyer’s you know what, they’d have probably given it a B and a review that really doesn’t say much, like with the New Moon movie.

    • Ambient Lite

      It was my least favorite of the series, but to be fair, a D by Entertainment Weekly doesn’t mean anything. Their ‘rating system’ is completely wonky.
      I also wouldn’t agree that EW is totally pandering to Twilight. They cover it excessively and simultaneously trash it, just fishing for site hits. It’s more like repeatedly grudge farking than what you mentioned.

    • Heather2

      I agree Ambient. BD was not the best book, in fact my least favorite of the series, but it had it’s moments. And EW’s rating system is laughable. They gave NM a B+ and Remember Me a D, when it should have been the other way around. They play on the side of both the haters and the followers.

      • Ambient Lite

        Uh, I liked New Moon and think it deserved a B+!

      • Heather2

        I think we will have to respectfully disagree on this one. NM was just ok for me. There were parts and moments that I loved, but the movie as a whole was just ok. Maybe a C+. I loved the cast in it, especially Kristen, but dude the entire last part of the book was rushed through. The only part I liked post arriving in Italy was the Volturi scene. I didn’t even like the reunion. And WTF was my meteor speech? hahahaha

      • Ambient Lite

        Meteor speech WAS M.I.A., wasn’t it?!?
        Melissa Rosenberg fail #18,342.

  • tipsy

    Meh, they will tone down what makes the book such a hilarious read (which is what gives the studio and cast a major headache) – the demon foetus body horror, blackout sex, fang`d cesarean and werewolf falling in love with a baby (and before BD fans jump on me in defense of SM`s intention here, if so many people read the “imprinting” as pedophilia, than something was lost big time in translation between SM`s intention and how it looked like to everyone else so blame SM`s ineptness as a writer).

    This is a movie for Von Trier, Cronenberg, Eli Roth and whoever is directing those Saw movies.Mel Gibson with his Passion of the Christ torture porn sensibility would be a great choice too.

    • Mare

      Eli Roth! Brilliant!
      I applaud your “out of the box” thinking!!

      • CineCzarina

        I love the Eli Roth idea – he would “take it there” for sure! Summit – Make it happen!

    • Lala

      Ha! The book has “demon foetus body horror” AND

      • Lala

        “werewolf falling in love with a baby”…yet it’s still an uninteresting and disappointing? Yikes, how bad of a writer IS Stephanie Meyer?

      • Mom of 2

        Okay first of all the baby did not “eat” her way out of her mother, Edward tore open her stomach with his teeth to save her and the baby. Second anyone who got pedophilia from Jacob “imprinting” paid absolutely no attention anywhere in the books when imprinting is explained. That has nothing to do with SM as an author but your own sense of understanding. SM may not be the greatest novelist of our time, but she writes enjoyable books and for those of us who read a broad spectrum of books on any subject, she makes a great get away read. Personally I think NM director should come back, he did a much better job than Catherine Hardwick. If you hate the books and the movies so much, why would you even bother to reply on here?

    • shani

      i agree that meyer isnt a great writer. not even all that good. she explained it well through jacob. if you dont get the imprinting through a baby then its your fault not hers. its simple and plain as day. he doesn’t see the baby that way. just as what she is…a cute baby. one day when she’s fully mature and grown he will though. he’s just her playmate now. and i dont know why people call her a demon spawn? she’s just a baby and not fully grown yet to make “evil” actions. seriously, i don’t get it. so she ate her way through her mom? yeah it was disgusting but what did you expect? she’s half vamp and bella is human. 1+1=2. just cos she did that to her mom doesn’t make her evil. seriously? do people have no common sense or compassion? yes its a fictional character but still…if it happened in real life, i wonder if you people would throw stones and pitchforks at the poor kid.

      • tipsy

        Lmao@ “if it happened in real life”! Tell me you are just joking? Because if you don`t, I`m calling 911. You need professional help,pronto.

      • w-fish

        A. We wouldn’t throw stones and pitchforks at the kid, but at the Jacob character in the situation.

        B. Whe she’s physically mature, she’ll be chronologically 7, how is that not messed up?

        C. It ruins any point Eclipse has. It’s supposed to be about her deciding to sacrifice any other possible future to be with the leech forever. If she can have her cake and eat it too, what’s the angsting about? Smeyer just didn’t have the guts to do anything ambiguous or not completely 100% happy.

        Of course, if I’d written in, Bella would have become a bloodthirsty demon with extremely hightened senses as a newborn, as was implied by the fact that she can smell blood as a human. But eh, I like my vampires to actually be horrific. Not Superhero Expys.

    • Becky

      Eli Roth! Love it.

      As for me, since someone described the book to me, I started to wonder what Tarantino would do with that birthing scene.

      • pshht

        HAHAHA that would be great.

  • Chris

    You don’t need talent to have sales, or success. You don’t need talent to sell books and movie rights. You clearly don’t need talent to star in the movies. I don’t think we should confuse talent with popularity. There are a lot of talented people who find ZERO success… and unfortunately many successful people without talent, Stephanie Meyer among them.

    • tipsy

      But the fact that Summit is reaching out to Oscary talent to helm this shows that they aren`t sure of sales this time around.

      I don`t expect BD to flop in any shape or form because it`s the closure and no matter how much most of fans hate the book, they`ll be there opening weekend. But I think that Summit is either affraid it`ll make less than other movies while having a bigger budget (since Renesme will have to be a CGI and the actors will be crazy if they don`t ask kazillions to come back for this embarrassment) or winning Best Picture for Hurt Locker suddenly made them crap-conscious and BD is the worst book ever written (and this is from a Twilight fan, casual as I may be).

  • JB

    Please you have to stop thinking this is great literary work. It’s brain popcorn, just something to read without to much stress.It will take a miracle to make Breaking Down work, it was the worst book of the series. Summit has to start by firing Melissa Rosemberg.

  • Marie

    I don’t think any Academy Award nominated director is going to jump to work with Razzie nominated Melissa Rosenberg. If Summit wants to get anywhere, they can start by getting rid of their current screenwriter who has already destroyed the first two films and is about to slaughter the third.

    • lea

      Melissa rosenberg wrote dexter a show with grammy.
      She can’t do much with some ridiculous books.

      • Mary Q. Contrary

        We get it, we get it. She works on Dexter. Okay. But her scripts for Twilight are crap. Painful, even. And I would be the first in line to bet a sizable amount of money that a better screenwriter could make something decent out of such crap material. I just think that, like Catherine Hardwicke, she was the wrong choice for the job, but instead of rectifying that mistake after the first film, a la Hardwicke, they for some reason decided to keep her on board all the way until the end. :/

      • @lea

        Are you sure it’s not an EMMY that Dexter has?

    • Mare

      You can’t get award-winning screenplays out of crap source material without changing it completely–then all the Twihards would bitch and moan that she changed everything and it’s no longer Meyer’s vision. Meyer can’t write. Period. Rosenberg did really well considering the giant turds she’s had to work with!!

      • @Mare

        a good screenwriter makes a movie that is enjoyable in some way or another even if the source material is bad. the problem is, that is not what happened to the Twilight series. even if the source material wasn’t that good, THE MOVIE SCRIPTS ARE STILL BAD. that’s all people are trying to say here.

  • Mary Q. Contrary

    Coppola would be great. I’m thinking of Lost in Translation and Marie Antionette, and her pacing and tone would be perfect for the book. There’s a certain quiet, serene quality about her films that would really work for the last book, which was so god awful (and that’s really saying something, considering how bad the other three were), it would take a special touch to make it into anything decent. I also think she would be able to work around the crap that is a Melissa Rosenburg script, and avoid all the weird, creepy, cheesy parts of the book. Viva la Coppola!

    • Charlie

      I think another person commented on this, but i’ll just reiterate it here:

      She can also impressive handle dark material (Virgin Suicides), so that could come into play.

      • Charlie


      • mrc

        but i don’t think bd is that dark. i mean, it’s some heavy material towards the middle-end but not dark in the sense that is should literally be dark. like twilight with it’s blueness and wanna be horror movie feel..ugh! it’s a romance! (a fictional one!) so i think coppola would be good with making it light and kind of quaint like marie antoinette, but there are definitely some dramatic scenes, and i don’t think it should be artsy-farsty like antoinette either.

  • hooiskellie

    i saw an interview with robert pattinson in which he was asked who he would like to direct breaking dawn, and he actually said gus van sant.

  • Alichat

    This is not a complete surprise. They’ve already had an Academy Award-nominated director. Chris Weitz, who directed New Moon.

    I think a big issue with these movies is Summit’s insistence…probably to appease the fervent fans….on staying too true to the book. While you can keep the same incidents and plot from the book, mining so much of the dialogue is hurting the films. Not all book dialogue translates well to the screen. Weitz’ nomination was in screenplay adaptation, so the man knows how to translate a book to film well. I just don’t think he was allowed to have that input on NM, and it’s a shame as I’d like to have seen what that movie would have been. So, add Summit’s insistence along with the mixed feelings from fans and controversial scenes in Breaking Dawn, and this movie already has some handicaps before even getting out of the gate.

    • Alan

      I just don’t see an auteur director wanting to do a sequel to a film based on a pulpy young adult novel. I think they should looking for someone a bit more mainstream.

      • Alan

        and Weitz has never received an Oscar nomination as director–look up your facts!

      • Sara

        @Alan: Yes, Chris Weitz was nominated for an Oscar!! He was nominated for best screenplay for “About a Boy”….which btw, was a fantastic movie.

      • @Sara

        He said Weitz had never been nominated for best DIRECTOR and he hasn’t. Maybe read the post first?

      • rowena

        They should get a fresh, up and comer to direct. If they do this people will think:”OH it must be oscar-winning now!”. And I could just imagine the myriad of bad reviews after the film opens. Breaking dawn, the whole of twilight is for entertainment. I was one of those fans who kept rallying for Twilight to be epic and possibly could save the economy and what not but it just won’t. I, as a fan, will just be happy that it had the limelight for awhile.

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