'Godzilla' to be remade, courtesy of Legendary Pictures

The giant Japanese monster is getting the Hollywood treatment — again. This time Legendary Pictures will do an American Godzilla movie, based on Toho Company’s legendary monster. The studio, which is behind the upcoming Clash of the Titans, has made it clear it won’t be a sequel to the 1998 film that Sony and Roland Emmerich made. (That movie starring Matthew Broderick grossed close to $400 million worldwide.) Rather, it will be a re-imagining of the original Godzilla movies. Legendary has plans to announce a director for the film soon. The movie — which Legendary hopes to release in 2012 — will be a co-production and co-financing deal with Warner Bros, and Toho will distribute the film in Japan.

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  • Vince

    Awesome! The 1999 version was terrible. It didn’t even look like Godzilla.. It was basically a giant Dinosaur.. Godzilla had hand skills and human like menuvers.. I’d love to see some of the villians like Garganchua and Mothra.. That would be amazing!

    • levi

      Mothra for the win!!!

      • Nshi

        Its official, Hollywood is TOTALLY out of ideas!

      • Knee She

        Nshi, please delete your racist comment.

      • brendan

        no way.. Godzilla all the way!!!.. haha

    • Jeff


      • Celia

        My sentiments exactly.

    • Dan

      Godzilla had hand skills and humanlike maneuvers because he was a human in a rubber suit. It wasn’t intentional.

      • Vince

        Yes certain shots were.. He kind of had a Ali type bob an weave.. He had huma qualities though and I think that was intentional so we could relate to the monster as opposed to the 1999 remake which was basically a giant evil T-Rex..

      • KFed

        No, seriously, it was just the guy in the suit.

    • phil

      Could you make Gozilla eat the democratic party this time?

      • Alan

        Only if you manage to convince it that fictional “death panels” will be forcing its termination!

      • Ryan

        how about Godzilla eat conservatives and tea partiers…. now those idiots need to go..

      • flex

        NAH i think the republicans need to be eaten, so they will shut the hell up…!

      • Tys

        Nah hellz no the Libs definitely need to get eaten. Tho I think the big guy would have a heart attack if he tried to eat Hillary Clinton. That’s like eating 80 bigmacs in one hour…Stupid libs…

      • godzilla

        Plz but eat Obama first.us

    • Darklighter

      That’s actually cause it was really just a guy in a big suit. I know! Hard to believe huh? I really thought it was a giant lizard too.

    • J.Norman

      I have to agree. In the 1998 version they decided that they needed a sleek, hip Godzilla. It didn’t really work. Most of the grosses came from the first week and then the receipts dropped dramatically. It was still obviously a success, but they (the producers) realized that a follow up with this modern Godzilla was not going to be anywhere near as successful.
      A return to the old clumsy Godzilla may work. . .or it may not.

      • Tys

        They need a combo. A best of both worlds type monster. Like they did with Clover in Cloverfield. You didnt see him sprinting around jumpin over buildings and what not, but he still moved fast, and could jump a 1000 feet into the air, not bad for a baby huh?

    • Austin Fuller

      the 1998 movie stunk it wasn’t really like a giant dinosaur more like a giant iguana

      • Mike

        Of course it was an Iguana, sea iguana to be exact. Didn’t you see the beginning of the movie? Atomic testing in the pacific on a french owned island.

    • Mike Barbosa

      Please!..even though the “rubber suit” Godzilla with it’s cute moves and speech indepament while talking to Angiulas was cute i wanna see a whole different Godzilla. The newer movies that Toho made between 1993 and 2000 were HORRIBLE and the last one has the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers treatment SUCKED! How can anyone with half a brain appreciate those movies anymore? I liked the 1998 Godzilla but what they needed to do was write the script according to fanbase. If they make it again i hope it’ll turn out more like Cloverfield without the 3rd person mock-umentary foramt which was good for the movie.

    • g

      who do i have to choke to see another godzilla vs mechagodzilla or the smog-monster?

  • Moe

    “Look, it’s Godzilla” (imagine it in a Japanese accent.

    • Nshi

      You mean, Rook its Godzirra.

      • maiv

        so bad, but i can’t. stop. laughing.

      • yep

        you got me on that one, it now hurts to laugh, thanks lol

    • Tony

      Man, the word “Godzilla”is originally Japanese.
      It means your accent is wrong!

      • Branr

        Actually, the name was Gojiro, not Godzilla

      • Sue1

        Actually it was Gojira, but you’re close.

      • ritasguy

        And in the original, the scenes with Raymond Burr were added later for the U.S. market

  • bedc01

    please let it be Roland Emmerich who directs this movie.. he is the only man for the job

    • Wil

      Orrrr not, seeing how he directed the last Godzilla movie which was terrible…

      • sm

        “Orrrr not, seeing how he directed the last Godzilla movie which was terribleā€¦”


      • Mike

        How about Peter Jackson or Joe Jonston

      • Tys

        J.J. Abrams. enough said.

    • paige

      please do- so it can bomb again! i like it when Roland Emmerich movies bomb

      • Anthony

        None of Emmerich’s movies have bombed. They suck, but they all make money. His Godzilla made $400 mill worldwide. Get a dictionary.

      • moie

        in the artistic sense, right?

      • Samantha

        Please, so the Japanese will get mad and make real Godzilla movies.

    • Nick B

      Roland Emmerich is a hack. His movies are terrible.

      • Jackie McGriff

        hey! Independence Day was awesome; The Patriot was fantastic. Also, if you totally ignore the lack of science…The Day After Tomorrow is decent. (I mean, seriously, the special effects are made of win!) Otherwise, I’d agree that MOST of his movies are made of suck and FAIL.

    • Samantha

      Oh HELL No.

    • Jessytkt

      WOAH! I can’t possibly be exetpecd to wait! These are some excellent designs head and shoulders over the ’98 design but different enough to keep it interesting. Even if it doesn’t turn out true, they would make some kick-awesome toys.

  • jack

    Enough time has passed to make up for that awful Emmerich atrocity.

    PS to filmmakers: no one wants to see Godzilla suffer an undignified death in the end.

    • Erik

      I guess you didn’t know that was the parent of the real Godzilla, that hatched at the end of the movie, that died. Had they made a sequel, you would have realized that Godzilla Jr would have been raised by those humans and therefore would protect them from beats such as Mothra. Then again, I don’t you ever heard of “Godzilla: The Series”.

      • Erik


      • Ryan

        didn’t you hear of the original gozilla where he attacks mankind and haven’t you watched godzilla vs. mothra cause if you did youd know mothra is actualy a good beast that is fighting for man while godzilla is the wild monster atacking

    • LOL

      Exactly Jack. That ending was the worst ever.

  • John

    Hard to believe that movie made $400M domestic or worldwide.

    • MCP

      Extremely Agreed!

  • KC

    No thanks.

  • James


  • Brian

    Cant wait. My son is really into watching the old and new Toho studio releases. He is only 4 and does not care for the 1999 remake, to him its not Godzilla. Here is to hoping that they keep his original design and bring in some of his rogue gallery to fight.

    • Larry

      That proves your son is a true Godzilla fan and that the 1999 make (release) was not Godzilla. There is the prove a 4 yr old knows the difference.

    • KFed

      How many four-year-olds do they need to make this one a hit movie? I just don’t think there are enough.

  • Phil

    No CGI, I want a man-in-a-suit stomping on miniatures…_that’s_ Godzilla!

    • Samantha

      Preach it!

    • Jon

      in my mind they should do what the did with the matrix movies. and use live action and models to have a base and tweak things with cg so it has a more seamless feel to it. but cg should be keep to a minimum if possible

  • darclyte

    Kewl! I hope they keep the “new look” that Toho has used for Godzilla in their most recent movies. It’s a modernization of the “classic” look (and not the lizardy look of the 1999 debacle.) Legend has a pretty good track record, so I’m hopeful!

    • Hussein

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  • DLS

    Why? Toho made Godzilla Final Wars to “correct” the Emmerich version. To watch Godzilla destroy the Emmerich Godzilla was the best part of the film. Well that and seeing Rodan, Mothra, King Ghidora and the rest of the monsters.

  • levi

    McG or Zack Snyder should direct it!!!

    • Jackie McGriff

      YES YES!!

    • Nathan

      ecccchhhh… McG destroyed the Terminator franchise. Don’t let him get anywhere near Godzilla.

      Zack Snyder… not the type.

      I could see Michael Bay doing this. As long as he casts people with an IQ of more than 5. *cough* unlike Megan Fox.

      • Tim

        I don’t want to see Michael Bay turning this into the big, stupid, confusing, CGI mess Transformers was, thank you. I don’t want to see Tim Burton touching this movie either.

    • yep

      not Mcg please not him.

    • Eros

      Levi, you & all other McG fans should do the world a favor and kill yourself. Or better yet stop going to the movies. So McCrappy Director can go away.

  • Jim

    PLEASE…..If this American Godzilla film does get made, make him LOOK like Godzilla…..I think we have learned from the other American version what NOT to do. Also, dont do it in 3-D.

  • movie goer

    it would be great to see some fresh ideas show up on movie screens!

  • Krackenn

    Rolan Emmerich should be pumping gas – he should not be allowed to SEE this movie, much less DIRECT it. Of COURSE it’s going to be in 3D, why else would they make it? Let’s just pray that no one thinks to revive Godzooky in it.

    • Vince

      AW, Why are you hating on Godzooky?

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