'Eclipse' opening breaks record for biggest single-day Wednesday opening

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is a box office monster, nabbing the new record for biggest single-day Wednesday opening gross with $68.5 million (including $30 million earned from Tuesday night’s midnight shows). That tops Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen‘s previous record of $62 million during its Wednesday opening last summer. But Summit has even more reason to smile: Exit pollster Cinemascore has given the film an “A” from audiences. That bodes very well for Eclipse, which is the first film in the Twilight Saga to open in the summer. Eclipse opened in 4,416 theaters Wednesday, and will play in a total of 4,468 theaters this weekend, which sets another record: the widest opening ever in the U.S. (Iron Man 2 and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince played in 4,390 and 4,445 theaters, respectively.)

Check back here for my full Fourth of July weekend box office preview, coming later this afternoon.

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  • Bubba

    Yay! First person to comment. Laugh out loud. But to serious matters now, that is a lot of money wasted in my eyes. I understand that a lot of people like that movie but I dont know why?

    • Bubba

      Before everyone starts getting mad about what I just said, I just mean that whats so good about the movie. From what I saw from the first two, they were horrible, and this one doesnt seem much better, so why does everyone love “Twilight”? Why not “True Blood”?

      • Ambient Lite

        You haven’t read the books, you haven’t seen the movies. You couldn’t possibly have enough experience with the story to make a determination about whether it’s good or bad. Why are you even discussing it?

      • TT2

        Twilight and True Blood are 2 different animals. You can love both or one or the other. There’s nothing wrong with that. I like Twilight for its innocence and innuendo in a culture where there’s too much that’s explicit. True Blood is too much gore and violence for me, but that’s ok. It has plenty of fans. I don’t think it needs to be a competition. Are the Twilght saga movies perfect: NO, they leave too much out for the obsessed fans of the books. However, because of the obsession, we’ll take what we can get to just see the characters come to life. It’s hard to explain how the story just touches me and many fans in a profound way.

      • Ja982

        Dude…True Blood if WAY for adults, you can’t expect these 13 year old girls to watch that stuff

      • M

        Bubba, Eclipse blows the other two films out of the water! It’s great!Trust me!

      • Ang

        Does it mean that if I like Twilight, I can’t also like True Blood? I love them both for different reasons. In fact, I am a fan of many different vampire shows, books, movies, etc.

        Eclipse was fantastic and the best in the series thus far…. Cannot wait to watch again! :o)

      • Lynn

        They are 2 completely different stories…just because they both involve vampires doesn’t make them the same. True Blood isn’t appropriate for the same audience…it’s way too mature. I wasn’t impressed with the first 2 Twilight movies but did enjoy the books so I might give this one a chance when it comes to DVD.

      • L73

        I am a fan of both Twilight saga and True blood. Whereas twilight is pure without the characters jumping into bed all the time, True blood is not. It is rated R for a reason. Everyone has a different opinion on whatever film they see. but seriously before you comment on these films and books maybe sit down and read them all at once then watch the twilight films. You may actually like them after all. and for the others u want to whinge and whine about Twilight and True blood why dont u take it else where because i am sure the true fans out there dont want to hear your pathetic comments.

      • sighfikaren

        Bubba – I agree with Ang! They are totally different fictional worlds meant to entertain us. If you don’t like Twilight – don’t watch! Try reading the books first so you can truly understand the story. I am a mature adult, with children and have enjoyed Twilight immensely! It’s brought great entertainment and joy to my life. True Blood is entertaining in a much different way. I watch both. You may not be mature enough to understand the love, family and community that the Twilight characters embody. Sad. Read the books with an open mind. You might learn something. They ARE NOT TEEN BOOKS! Hate it when people think that. Quit complaining about it too – just don’t watch it! Good luck.

      • Tracee

        Money wasted? If you have read the books naturally you’d want to go see the movie. I don’t think the movies are that great, but I go see them because I like to see the book come to life….and I am totally addicted to True Blood too! I’ve read all those books as well. The books are better than the series too.

    • Dustin

      What amazes me about America is people will not go out and vote but they will flock to theaters to see CRAP films like Twilight and Transformers. 6,850,000 people went to see this in one day. Its Drek!

      • M&M


      • M&M

        Not your comment, Dustin. This whole facination with this horribly produced series. There are a lot of easily entertained idiots in the world.

      • AF

        Yes, but do we really want “Twilight” and “Transformers” fans to actually USE their votes? Doesn’t the popularity of these movies make it obvious that these fans preferences have done enough harm already?

      • matt

        I hate to be the one to point this out, but there are alot of people in this country who can’t legally vote, but can go see a movie. Your statement doesn’t really take account any logic.

      • Pisces228

        One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. How boring would like be if we all liked the exact same thing? Lighten up.

      • Samantha

        You’re completely right Dustin. I mean, why waste your time watching a “CRAP” movie when you can stalk twilight articles and complain about them? That seems way more fulfilling.

      • Bubba

        That was a good comment Samantha, kinda mean, but yeah, its a true comment.

    • Jovana

      listen a lot of people saw this movie and you spend like 10 maybe more dollars for just yourself it go’s to show that people really like the twilight saga

    • Mark

      You’re under the idea that people have to choose one or the other…

    • @Bubba

      Don’t worry they all saw it on the same day. It won’t reach 120 mil by the end of the weekend.

      • Liz

        Bubba please,it surely will Surpass 120 million by the weekend.I saw it last night and plan to go again as soon as possible.Woman are in love with the idea that a man could love a woman like that and treat her like the treasure that she is!

      • liz fails

        really liz? get a life. you are a drain on society

    • Tango

      If people post opinions without seeing the movies or reading the books, then they are spewing bias from ignorance. Yes this is not True Blood, but what’s your point? Do you wish somebody would make a True Blood movie? That’s not Meyer’s or Summit’s problem. While many of Meyer’s peers may view her work poorly, only a few of those critics have the credentials to matter–Stephan King being the prominent author that comes to mind. The rest need to put up quality literature before their opinions will carry any weight.
      This movie is a good installment in the Twilight saga, definitely the only movie of the 3 that comes close to following the book. Let the teenage girls swoon and the money flow for Summit. At least they have reason to be happy in an otherwise dismal economy and lackluster industry.

      • LiteraryLoveChild

        Yeah but Stephen King should really lift up the authors of the world instead of criticize them. I love SK but I also love Stephenie. There have been quite a few Stephen King crappy novels and more than enough King crappy movies. Why cant anyone be positive about anything anymore?

      • matt

        I have to stick up for King on one thing, he admits that he doesn’t care about the movies that people make based on his books. He has no say in them at all and usually admits they are horribly done. Hence why he doesn’t really want anyone to make The Dark Tower till the Lost guys came along.

    • cindi

      What makes Twilight amazing is that it is a truely romantic story. Young and old women (as proven by the fan base can relate. While we all know these are fictional characters, some of their ideals and traits are highly sought after. What I don’t understand is what makes so many non twilight fans read these articles and make negative comments about the movies, the book and the fans. We read our books and so see our movies without bothering or dissing anyone else. Leave twilight and the fans alone

      • Fredrika

        I ‘ll tell you most people today hae lost their virginity. They don’t like when some writes a book and show a group of people not living their lives like a group of trollops.

    • Get Real

      People want to see Robert Pattinson as Edward. Eclipse will make much more money than New Moon because Rob’s in a lot more of it. It’s also getting tons of good reviews, unlike New Moon.

      • its called rottentomatoes

        tons of good reviews? on RT it is 51%, you call that tons? look at toy story 3, it is at a 99%. now that is tons.

  • Bisaacs

    Funny, it scored an A from exit audiences. Really? Because only fans of the series is going to go see it at midnight and opening day. The reviews are in, if you did not like the others, you probably will not like this one. If you did not see the others in a theater, you will probably not see this one there as well. I think the exit polling makes more sense on non-established series.

    • Ambient Lite

      I saw it last night and AT LEAST 1/3 of the audience in my theater was boyfriends/husbands/significant others…now I suppose some of those guys are actually fans of the series and would like it either way, but I’d guess that the vast majority aren’t. I also think this was probably fairly common in those theaters where people were polled. It *might* just be (gasp)…a fair score.
      I’m also going to go ahead and guess that most of the people who find their way to this article and tear down the movie didn’t even see it.

      • Preston

        I believe that this movie might also be doing well with male audiences as well as female judging from your theory. They might like the story and plotlines.

      • Linda L

        So Ambient, how did you like the movie? I’m going to see it this weekend?

      • Ambient Lite

        It was great! SO much better than the first two, really keeps pace and tells the story well. I think you’ll love it, look forward to hearing what you think.

      • Chris

        I’ve never seen High School Musical or listened to Justin Bieber’s music either but I don’t need to watch the movie or listen to his music to know that it sucks.

    • M

      Eclipse has gotten good reviews! Check the ‘Top Critics’ section on rottentomatoes.com!

      • Ambient Lite

        It REALLY is deserving of praise. I would love to see an article here about how it’s sort of turned the tide with the movie adaptations. HUGE improvement with this one.

      • michael

        You mean all six of them so far?

      • @M

        It has a 50%. I wouldn’t call that good. Some of the reviews on RT are actually bad, but were called good based on one sentence.

      • dee

        And that sentence usually reads something like, “It’s not a great movie, but it’s definitely better than the last two!” That’s not positive to me.

      • @dee


      • Dwight K Schrute

        We have a nation of idiots who will watch anything.

      • people listen

        I went to see the movie with my two daughters and fell asleep in the middle, I found it so boring.
        Every other scene is a kissing scene which will make the girls fall for the actors.
        In actuality the film might be better than the other two, but still is a bomb.

    • StewyFan (H2)

      When I watched NM, I came on here and told people that if they did not like the first movie, that they would not like NM because well … it sucked. But Eclipse is actually really good. I mean really good. Sure it is still Twilight, but the direction was spot on, the acting much better and a lot of action for the men. Everyone wins. There were ton of men at the midnight showing and they were having fun with it. Don’t knock it until you try it.

  • Lanny

    While very good, I have a feeling this fell below expectations, opening less than New Moons totals.

    • just me

      good point and I agree – the only defense to that is that New Moon opened on a Friday, this one opened on a Wednesday. It will be interesting to see what numbers they pull through the weekend.

      • dee

        Yes, but it opening on a Wednesday during the summer isn’t like when movies open on a Wednesday during the fall or spring. No school. And it beat the Wednesday records and the midnight record, and opened in more theaters. So you’d think that if Wednesday really had that much of an affect on its opening numbers, it wouldn’t have broken any records.

      • Lori

        dee – I saw a LOT of parents (a couple of dads too, not just moms) in the audience Tuesday night at the midnight opening, myself included. Not everyone was willing to go to work the next day on 3 hours of sleep (but as I am a huge fan, it was a fair trade). So yeah, opening on a Wednesday night in the summer WOULD account for less opening night revenue than New Moon. Breaking Dawn part 1 is opening in November 2011 (hopefully on a Friday) so we’ll have to see what happens. But I expect the theaters to be packed this weekend, since it’s a holiday weekend. My guess is it has a record-breaking, or near-record breaking 4th of July weekend box office.

      • @Lori

        Honestly, I’m much more interested in the drop off between this week’s totals and next week’s. That’s far more telling to me than a big opening weekend that also includes a holiday.

    • Tina

      Keep in mind, it opened on a Wednesday.. I doubt they’d expect it to do as well as on a Friday.. And a lot of fans are still waiting for Friday night!

      • just me

        I think more people (kids especially) made the effort to go see it at midnight this time because it’s summer, but people still have to work during the week. We can go around and around throwing out theories why it did not make as much. I know many people waiting until the weekend to see it.

      • Preston

        I think that they didn’t want to open on Friday and get crushed against Toy Story 3. They really hyped that movie for weeks. And summer (especially in July) is when most people tend to get lazy and go on long vacations, yet make an effort to see at least one movie or two within the mix. Hardly anything happens on Wednesdays in the summer. So this was smart strategy on the movie studio that promoted Eclipse and it really paid off with that big opening!

      • Lori

        Preston – TS3 opened what? 3 weeks ago? 4 weeks ago? It wasn’t going to be crushing Eclipse, not by a long shot.

  • Ashley

    And to think that money is being wasted on this garbage rather then use it for good, like cleaning the oil spil in the gulf… sigh, we are doom and we all deserve it

    • Devil’s Advocate

      @Ashley: I would much rather spend my hard-earned money on what some call drivel than towards cleaning the BP-CAUSED oil spill in the gulf. Enough of my tax dollars have gone to fix other people’s mistakes. Personally, I’m done with it and if I were to contribute anything to aid in the oil-spill effort, it would be to help clean beaches and animals, not just to throw money at the problem and expecting that to get it fixed.

      Sorry for the somewhat over-reaction, it’s a sore subject to me, being based on the Eastern Seaboard.

      • Preston

        While I do sympathize with citizens on the Gulf Coast getting through the BP oil spill and others, I think that some people wanted a break from the nonstop 70 days of news coverage and wanted to see Eclipse. Sometimes we do need escapism for 2 hours from the coverge for a little bit.

      • Ashley

        yeah, and that statement alone proves to me that you deserve anything bad that happens to you… let someone else clean a spill that I didn’t casue, even though it will kill me regardless..

    • @Ashley

      And in what ways are you helping with the oil spill, Ashley?

      • Ashley

        by volunteering to help clean the ocean! This is no joke people… our way of life is in danger and rather then help, most of you decide to ignore it and waste tyour time on drivel, not caring about the fact that we all are dying slowly

      • @Ashley

        Really? You yourself are volunteering?

      • @@Ashley

        Nope your mom might be there too, if she’s not busy going down for money… :-D

      • dee

        LOL Wow, “your mom” jokes. How original.

      • avenger

        lol dee. Yep, mom joke (and not even an original one). Wait…did we travel back to the 90s or something

      • dee

        @avenger Seriously. I didn’t realize I was twelve again. lol Hallelujah, my time machine worked!

    • Kasia

      Well then that is your choice. If you think money should be spent on cleaning up the gulf, instead of going to a movie pay a donation to help them out. Or you go down there and volunteer your own time. But the movie was already made before the oil spill so it is all moot.

    • Rebekah

      Ashley, the money used to produce a film is entirely unrelated to the money the government receives from taxpayers to fulfill different federal duties. Also, after taxes have been paid, the extra money citizens have is their own. It is no one else’s business how they choose to spend it, as long as it is not illegal. The oil spill is BP’s fault, and yes, that means that much of the finanical responsibility should lie with them. Though the government and many Americans are helping. The fact that people may take two hours out of their life to watch a teenage vampire movie does not mean they are unaware, don’t care, or aren’t helping.

    • Lori

      @ Ashley – Why don’t you shut up with your self-righteous crap? BP can clean up the mess they made in the Gulf, and if myself, or anyone else wants to take OUR hard-earned money and go see a friggin movie, who the hell are you to say anything about it? If you want to donate YOUR money to clean up the Gulf, that’s your business, but don’t start looking down your nose at the rest of us for wanting to actually ENJOY the fruits of OUR labor!

    • Anna

      So let me try and understand this Ashley. Instead of going to see the movie ‘Eclipse’ I should fly to the gulf and help clean up the oil spill? Hmmmm I’m trying to draw a connection but I can’t… is it just this movie, or movies in general I should refrain from? And what about books? Am I allowed to spend any money on those, or should that, too, go to clean up a mess that a companies ignorance has caused? Sorry if I like to be entertained once in a while with money that I earn. Hopefully you post a more intelligent comment in the future.

  • HC

    those twihards need to get a life instead of seeing that piece of cr*p 10 times in one day.

    • Ambient Lite

      Yeah, we should definitely spend our time trashing people on message boards instead…right?

      • LIVEITUP


      • avenger

        Why can’t someone trash a crappy movie, the books were good (even though they got progressively worse) but the movies suck so much. Just admit you were super disappointed when you saw the first one in the theater, so really how can anyone watch a sh*tty movie a gazillion times or wait in line for days to watch what will inevitably be a sh*tty movie. So yeah, you are a a dumb*ss for getting excited over a crappy movie, hey I like Superman but even I can admit that Superman Returns sucked sh*t, so why can’t Twihards (lol) admit the same, show some common sense

      • Ambient Lite

        95% of the a$$holes trashing the movies on here NEVER SAW THEM.

        And Eclipse wasn’t a crappy movie, it was great. Twilight was pretty tweeny and angsty and cheesy. New Moon was slow and some parts were cringeworthy. But Eclipse was a great movie. So suck it.

      • Ambient Lite needs a man

        Or waste time here defending garbage, or trolling when a Harry Potter article apears (I know you love Craplight more then you will ever love a real human being, but aren’t you a hypcrite by trashing another franchise?)..Seriously though, Dude, you’re the one name I keep seeing here more often then anyone else, and I understand your low IQ prevents you from actually enjoying something good, or even, you know, socializing like normal people do. But come on, once in a while, you should put that twinkie down, move away from your computer, and take some fresh air while others express their opinions here.. just a thought anyway..

      • avenger

        lolol, now thats funny ambient lite needs a man. Ambient Lite doesn’t need a man though, she has a cardboard cutout of Jacob in her house and locks of Edwards golden hair in her freezer, who needs reality when you have a third rate fantasy. Btw I saw the other movies and so I can judge them to be crappy and I read the books, why do you “Twits” find it so hard to take criticism about the movie, you didn’t make it did you, or are you a parent of someone who made or is in the movie. What an unseemly and unnatural and creepy attachment you guys have to them.

      • Ambient Lite

        So, let me get this straight. This barrage of hateful garbage you just put out is more thoughtful and relevant to the topic of this article than anything I’ve added, huh?
        I’m here because I’m a huge fan of the series, have been looking forward to Eclipse’s release for the better part of a year and a half and enjoy others’ feedback and their take on the movie. I’ve been anxious to see if other fans here enjoyed it as much as I am. The Twilight series is something I really enjoy, but only makes up a small sliver of my “real” life. I follow it here because this is, after all, an entertainment site.
        And you’re here….why??? Are you truly just trolling to get attention or try to hurt someone’s feelings? THAT’S how you’re spending your days on this earth?
        I do “have a man”, my IQ is reasonably high, I have an active social life (when I’m away from the cubicle), and I’m not fat. I’m quite active, actually.
        I can only assume (based on the fact that you are hateful, confrontational, and hiding out as an internet bully) your world is probably dreadfully lonely. That’s rough, and I feel sorry for you. It doesn’t have to be this way, I wish you could rise above your sadness and make something productive of yourself.
        Hiding behind a fake name and bulling women on the internet is no way to go through life, son.

      • turbo

        Hahahaha. Looks like someone hit a nerve.. Ambient, a cardboard cut out is NOT consider a “real man”. Social life is not a definiton you give when you only have ONLINE friends. And really woman, you consider yourself a huge craplight fan and claim to have a high IQ? Sorry, you can’t have it both ways… and the guy, or girl above is right, you are such a hypocrite, because according to you, its not ok to trash this garbage but when it comes to Harry Potter, your right there trolling like no one’s business…. Loser

      • Ambient Lite

        I think it’s in poor taste to bully and pick on women, whether in person or on the internet. You should hold yourselves to a higher standard. Do you all have issues with your mothers or what? I think it’s sad, truly pathetic. Why don’t YOU all move along and find something better to do??
        I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about turbo. I DO like Harry Potter. Also, I don’t care whether people trash the series – everyone’s entitled to their opinion…it just doesn’t make sense to trash something you haven’t seen or read.

      • @Ambient Lite


      • tenoch

        I think it’s sadder when someone claims to be a huge twilight fan.. wow, can’t see myself having a decent and intelligent conversation with that kind of person

      • avenger

        Waiiittt a minute Ambient Lite. First, I’m a girl not a guy and I’m not a bully, in fact, you called everyone on here who disses it an A$$hole and you told me to suck it first. So, really now who’s the bully and now trying to act all rational and indignant. And you know what, I can actually respect Harry Potter fans even though I don’t read or watch it, because they are rational and everyone of them I know judges the movies honestly. They are real fans, not a mob of crazed tweens, and (shudder) Twimoms. And shocker, I too am here because it is an entertainment site and I too can voice my opinion–you do know that you don’t necessarily have to be part of the Twilight barbaric horde to do so, dont’ you?

      • @Avenger

        Ambient Lite probably took a twinkie break to cry her pain away.. but you’re right, this woman (I’m still debating if she is one) goes on the attack first and trolls around on other articles, yet god forbid someone talks trash about her precious twilight..

      • Ambient Lite

        Nah, you went overboard with meanness and you’re definitely a bully – apparently one who has adapted the sweeping generalizations and stereotypes about fans and used it to either excuse or attack people. Very questionable way to conduct yourself.
        It’s a shame that these comment boards can’t be a safe place for people to discuss their likes and dislikes, especially those who have actually seen/read the series – which is what my original comment was about. Shame you didn’t understand that, but I’m done with you and your ridiculous bullying and personal attacks.

      • Ambient Lite

        Ah, and “@Avenger”? You can trash Twilight all you want, but you’re not. You’re trashing me. And I’m done.

      • Duncan

        Well, I have seen all 3 crappy movies (and fortunately got paid for it), so Ambient, I can honestly express my opinion.. all 3 movies are horrible, syfy produces better quality then this garbage. So there, that’s my point and sorry you have to be treated in such manner, but you seem to be a bully too

      • avenger

        Whoa, it feels like I’ve been scolded by a teacher or something. I don’t have to make sweeping generalizations, you guys prove all the stereotypes on this board everyday. Oh, and you yourself said “the board should be a safe place to discuss your likes and dislikes” so again why aren’t people allowed to dislike it. If you want a pro-twilight board create one and then go to it to post all your fluffy opinions on twilight instead of trying to shove your pro-twilight only stance down the throats of the general public on a mainstream website.
        God, I think I just made this sound like an abortion debate lol.

      • The truth

        Boohoo, someone made Ambient cry with the truth… and one of the commentators is right, she spends a lot of time here on the comment section.. I highly doubt she has a life

      • just guessing

        you all probably spend alot of time here too and you probably have your own likes (harry potter, comic books, star wars, star trek) that are also lulz worthy. why not live and let live?

      • The truth

        but then again, neither do I. I spend my days trolling message boards and dusting my curio cabinet full of action figures…okay, dolls in my mother’s basement. God help me, I’m pathetic.

      • The truth

        Hahahaha… yeah, I like everyone else here does not have a real life. But god damn it, it is so much fun to trash the twilight idiots..

      • The truth

        Also, unlike all of you, I’m not in denial of who I am… but still, so much fun trashing garbage that deserves it

      • The truth

        and when I’m not trashing the twilight idiots, my interests include skinning kittens, stealing change from fundraiser jars, pooping on toilet seats, pushing my mother to the ground while calling her a whore (because she is), driving my van with the blacked out windows by the playground, hitting a klan meeting, shaving and cleaning the cheese out from under my moobs, and throwing hot coffee at homeless people. But at least I’m not a twilight fan.

      • StewyFan (H2)

        Have I told you lately that I love you Ambient?

      • Ambient Lite

        LOL :)

      • The truth

        Hahahaha.. I knew you couldn’t stay away ambient lite… you dumb b%@ch :-D

      • The truth

        The truth is that I actually do love Twilight. If it weren’t for the fact that my morbidly obese mother were bedridden due to the infection risk with her open sores, caused the skin simply splitting open due to her advanced fatty situation, I would have brought her to the premiere. We won tickets in a Burger King contest. We eat Burger King 3 meals a day, so the odds of us were in our favor. Unfortunately, the Hollywood reps wouldn’t accommodate mother, and though I sold all my gold teeth and picked up cans on the highway, I still couldn’t afford to truck her in on the flatbed that her condition requires. I couldn’t disappoint my best girl though. So sad to see mama cry. So we put on our own little play of Eclipse in the trailer – I rolled in the glitter and sequins (they stuck, all on their own!) and put mother in a Bella wig I stole from Hot Topic. Things got pretty hot and heavy, but we stayed in character. I tell you what, it was just really special. I get all hard just thinking about it. Shoot.

      • The truth

        Lol… dude, you sure have an obsession with your butt ugly mother… ;-)

      • bedc01

        Ok, I’m not gonna defend AMBIENT LIGHT’s taste in movies or her love for twilight, however, she has as much right to like anything she wants as all of us do. But the rest of you people and the personal attacks on her are extremely ridiculous, not to mention, embarrassing. Chill the hell out and get a life you losers.

    • Lori

      Right, because sitting in front of your computer all day bashing Twilight fans is SOOOO much more productive.

      • dee

        Look, let’s not pretend that anyone commenting on any of these message boards is actually doing anything that could be considered productive in the real world. The people posting negative comments are being just as unproductive right now as the people posting positive ones. lol

  • zulu

    Further proof that America lacks intelligence… no wonder your empire is crumbling at a rapid pace

    • Devil’s Advocate

      @Zulu: Americans don’t lack intelligence for that. If Americans spent every minute of every day immersed in the news and all the crap that is going on there and other places, they’d probably all go insane. It’s intelligent to get out for awhile for some escapist movie than stay inundated in news about a crappy economy and how everything is going to Hell in a handbasket.

      • zulu

        So rather then help solve problems, you rather have escapism and not face the reality of life? Wow, you’re a sad, sad little person

      • Rebekah

        Zulu, part of reality is taking some time to yourself, to let go, and well…escape. This doe not make anyone a “sad, little person.” It makes them human. For some, this escape may be a fishing trip, reading a book, or even watching a movie. I don’t understand why anyone thinks they have a right to judge the activities of another person. Eventually come back to face the daily grind. Surely, a few hours of enjoyment or time alone is not too much to ask for.

    • @zulu

      The last movie made more money internationally than in America. It’s not all our fault. I’m American and can’t stand the garbage.

  • dee

    Hm. Lower than I thought it would be, actually. This will be interesting to watch.

  • JC

    Worst Case Scenario: It surpasses Avatar as the top grossing film

    • dee

      I seriously doubt that would happen.

      • Ambient Lite

        It will happen!!!
        Muahahahaha! lol

      • texangal

        That will never, ever happen!!

      • Liz

        Sit back and watch Dee, it will happen!!!!

      • twilight fans aren’t the brightest, eh

        Liz and ambient lite, eclipse made less on the first day than new moon, and new moon ended up with less than 300 million. You really think eclipse could surpass avatars 750 million? you guys really lack common sense.

      • dee

        No, it won’t, Liz. But that’s cute that you think that. Keep dreaming, hon. lol

    • @JC

      Lmfao! That would never happen. There aren’t enough teenage girls in the world.

    • StewyFan (H2)

      I would seriously laugh my a$$ off if it does. World Domination.

      • avenger

        More like a sign of the apocalypse

      • StewyFan (H2)

        The fact that you people take this box office sh*t so serious is laughable to me. Find a sense of humor.

  • Duncan

    I saw it (unfortunately), and I even got paid for it (only good thing that happened to me). At first I kinda thought, “ok, this doesn’t seem to be bad this time”, then the 2 main idiots showed up and open their mouths and that brought this flick back to its usual drivel.. just a horrible experience

  • Bill Ao

    I loved New Moon and Eclipse is incredible! Just saw it at watchmoviespot.com and WOW! It’s SO good!

  • tiffany

    it actually broke new moons opening day record and I’m sure that it is going to be one if not the biggest movie of the summer and before you start on other people for liking it you need to understand that most of them are teenage girls who have never been in love and had their heart broken and I love twilight but I’m 100% sure the Harry Potter is gong to kill this fall so you all need to grow up and get a life

    • dee

      No it didn’t. New Moon’s opening record was 72.7 Million. It fell short by about 5 million. Which is odd, considering it opened in more theaters than New Moon did, and it has the advantage of IMAX ticket prices now.

      • hooiskellie

        it broke the midnight showing record, but not the opening day.

  • Del Taco

    wow $62 million on Wed alone !!

    Amazing !!!

    And I thought New Zealand had a lot of sheep.

  • tipsy

    Trannies 2 recond falls. Yay! better movie wins and yes, Eclipse is Citizen Kane in comparison to Trannies 2.

    Now if you really want to waste your money, go see The Last Airbender. Don`t say that 5% RT socre and terrible WOM didn`t warn you off this turkey. It`s everything that amazing TV show isn`t. So, yeah, there are movies much more deserving of hate than Eclipse. Sure, the phenom is overblown but so where other phenoms-of-the-moment. They all end eventually.

    • Dan

      Yeah, but no one’s camping out for four days at the premiere of The Last Airbender. That’s the frustrating thing. Airbender will go away in a week or so. Twilight, however, is still hanging around, getting far more attention than it really deserves. That’s why people hate Twilight but are indifferent to Airbender, which will be forgotten as soon as it comes out.

      • tipsy

        Everyone will be forgotten when Inception comes out.

      • Dan

        I can’t wait for Inception.

  • Preston

    Wow, they surely must have come out to see that movie!!! Very high opening of over $68 million. Maybe the competition was just weak those few days and it set the floodgates open for Eclipse’s big opening.

  • Bisaacs

    The box office in the first week is not that surpising. This is what the second movie did. It opened huge and then died a quick death. look at the numbers! Eclipse will destroy everything this weekend. it will then drop about 60-65% next weekend. This is what it does. As with Transformers 2, lets not confuse box office with quality. I mean New Moon was a blockbuster and we all know how that one sucked. And before anyone gets on me, i actually know a person who went to see New Moon 4 times in 3 weeks before admiting that Twilight was better. Hello. I saw each of the once and that was enough for me….

    • Rebekah

      I agree, Twilight was pretty tame, and New Moon only improved the film series slightly. That doesn’t mean people can’t enjoy these films at all. It is still nice for fans of the book to see the characters they love come to life. Having said that, I do not expect those who disliked the first two films to watch Eclipse; however, the third film is a vast improvement over the other two. It has edge, style, and humor. It is a bit more adult, a little less sappy, and definitely has more action and violence. People aren’t being forced to like this series. If you like it, great. If you don’t, great. But why must people pick on each other for their movie tastes? That’s sillier than any little teenage vampire movie.

    • StewyFan (H2)

      Actually the difference is that Eclipse is GOOD. NM sucked. I think word of mouth will help it. I have had plenty of people that laugh at my Twilight obsession call me and tell me how good they thought it was. It was a good movie, regardless of your feelings on Twilight. Something for everybody, well paced, lots of action and romance and a great ending. Bottom line. This movie is going to kill at the box office beyond this weekend.

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