'Despicable Me' and 'Predators' battle for box office gold

despicable-me3Image Credit: Illumination Entertainment/Universal PicturesOne person who won’t be having a despicable weekend? Producer Chris Meledandri (Ice Age, Horton Hears a Who!), whose latest film, Despicable Me — released under his new company Illumination Entertainment — will almost certainly end up on top of the box-office this weekend. The film, Universal Pictures’ first foray into 3-D/CGI animation, has luckily generated solid reviews, a must considering the crowd of family films it’s jumping into. (Not only will it have a hot Toy Story 3 to contend with, but other hit family films as well, such as The Karate Kid and The Last Airbender) In contrast, Predators will be supplying starving action-horror fans just the meal they’ve been waiting for. Reviews have been mixed, but that shouldn’t stop audiences from coming out to support Adrien Brody’s dip into the genre. Read on for my predictions.

1. Despicable Me: $35 million

The studio is trying to lower expectations, considering the $69 million movie isn’t a sequel with a built-in audience. Still, with 1,500 3-D locations and terrific reviews, I think it will nab the No. 1 slot with more than $30 million in receipts. More likely, the film should fall in between two recent original animated hits: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – which opened to $30 million — and How to Train Your Dragon, which bowed to close to $44 million. The fact that Steve Carell’s voicing Despicable‘s lead character will help, as will those cute little yellow minions that kids can’t seem to get enough of.

2. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse: $26 million

In the past seven days, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has generated close to $200 million in box-office receipts. Its predecessor, New Moon, lost 70 percent of its value last year on its second weekend in theaters, but that film wasn’t released in the summer. Eclipse should hold in a bit better, simply because its giant opening day doesn’t figure into the weekend gross. Expect a 60 percent fall off for the frame.

3. Predators: $25 million

This predication may be high, considering 2004′s Alien vs. Predators is the only film in the 23-year old franchise to open beyond $20 million. Still, with nothing like it in the marketplace, this R-rated flick couldn’t come at a better time. The brand itself will be the biggest draw, as the cast — which includes Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, and Alice Braga — won’t do much to move the needle. Nimród Antal directed it, but the film’s producer, Robert Rodriguez, is getting most of the attention.

4. Toy Story 3: $17 million

With $313 million already in its coffers, Toy Story 3 will surely become Pixar’s highest-grossing film. Whether or not it surpasses Finding Nemo’s $339 million gross this weekend will depend on how hard it is hit by Despicable. Universal is aiming squarely at Toy Story’s audience and should have some success hitting it. As such, Toy Story will likely fall around 45 percent for the frame. It may just have to wait until sometime next week to cross Nemo’s milestone.

5. The Last Airbender: $16 million

The fact that M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender has grossed nearly $80 million is a remarkable feat, considering the hate dumped on it by critics. And, perhaps because of those poor reviews, it’s unlikely the movie will hold up well its second weekend in theaters. In fact, a 60 percent drop seems quite rational. Most of the fans of the Nickelodeon’s anime series on which the film was based clearly showed up on opening weekend. Whether or not they’ll return remains to be seen. Either way, the film will surely gross over $100 million domestically and should signal a reprieve for Shyamalan, who’s already written a first draft of the second installment of what is supposed to be a trilogy.

In limited release, Focus Features opens the highly-anticipated The Kids Are All Right from Lisa Cholodenko (Laurel Canyon), Paramount Pictures opens its Grease: Sing-A-Long in 12 theaters across the country (some are already sold out), and Music Box Films bows the second installment of the Millennium trilogy, The Girl Who Played With Fire.

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  • MovieMan

    Twilight will get hit hard like it always does.

  • skellington

    what do you mean like it ALWAYS does? only happened with new moon. yes there were drops to the second day but we have to wait and see what, acording to you, ALWAYS happens.

    • @skellington

      Twilight dropped pretty heavily on its second weekend, too. Like 65%.

    • dee

      Uh, the first Twilight movie also had a significant drop on the first weekend as well. It wasn’t just New Moon.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Yep Eclipse is going to drop, but it does have better reviews than NEw Moon so I expect it to fall a bit less than it’s predecessor.

    Of course because of it’s HUGE opening I doubt Summit is going to fret over a large drop.

    Like it or not Twilight saga has two more movies coming our way

    • Karen

      Exactly. I expect that its overall gross will end up being around 300 million, like New Moon, and in the domestic range of the Harry Potter films.

      • Josh

        Neither one of the Twilight movies thus far have grossed $300 million domestically… New Moon didn’t even hit 250. Harry Potter has been, and ALWAYS will be, a more popular franchise than Twilight.

        Besides which, what ultimately matters is what a movie makes worldwide, and New Moon barely pulled in 50% of what the least successful Harry Potter movie did. The two franchises aren’t even in the same ballpark.

      • Jon Dekerley

        But the Twilight films have never cost more than 70 million, which have made them way more pofitable than the insanely costly HP films

        The last HP cost 250 million and grosses 900, versus New Moon which cost 50 million and grossed 750 m

      • poop

        But Jon, they are talking about the films popularity, not profitability.

      • ML

        New Moon made 296 million domestically. What are you talking about that it didn’t make 250??

      • @Karen

        Here’s my opinion: If Twilight fans are going to complain and moan whenever Harry Potter gets brought up by non-Twilight fans, then Twilight fans also shouldn’t be able to mention Harry Potter. I think that’s fair, don’t you, Karen?
        And notice how you only mention “domestic” numbers. Worldwide, even the financially weakest Potter film finished almost $100 million above New Moon. Worldwide it’s still not even a contest.

      • @@Karen

        I agree. It’s a tad hypocritical, no?

      • Gabby

        You just had to bring up Potter. Why couldn’t you talk about another film that actually came out THIS year?
        Anyways, at this rate, I don’t see the twilight movie grossing over 250 mil domestically.

    • sarc

      You also need to factor in that this is the first Twilight film to be out during the summer, so its target audience isn’t going to wait until the second weekend to go see it; when school is out, they can, and usually do go see it during the week. So, Eclipse is likely to have a much larger drop this weekend due to weekday business.

      • clay

        new moon made 296 mil domestic to correct that guy who said it didnt even makee 250. and to the guy who says twilight is actually more successful than hp, stupidddd!each harry potter movie made 900 mil international except for part 3 =900 times five is 4.5 billion dollars. now 300 times five is 1.5billion subtract from 4.5 and you still have 3 billion of a prophet the harry potters have made you dumbass not to mention dvd sales and a superior record shattering book series that has made more money than anything else in the world oh yes harry potter is our god, and he rules!!!!!!

      • Kelsey

        I thought of this, too! A lot of the demand HAS to be released more during the week for Eclipse, whereas New Moon was out during the school year. That might just offset the fact that Eclipse’s week-over-week comparison won’t include Wednesday and Thursday of last week.

      • Gabby

        That’s one that confuses me. Summer movies typically have higher openings that films that open during the fall/winter season. However, NM grossed more than the 3rd one. I think the fans are losing interest.

  • Bruce

    Predators is getting great reviews. I don’t know what you are talking about. Check Rottentomatoes.

    • clay

      great reviews by some but not so much from the top critics-metacritic.com and rottentomatoes.com

  • Jose

    Why are my comments not being submitted?

    • Jose

      Oh, now you submit them EW. Anyway, I was trying to say that the movie that will end up being number 1 will undoubtedly be a hit that Universal desperately needs.

    • dee

      It happens to me sometimes too. Sometimes it won’t show up for an hour, then I do a re-post, and it’ll show up. Hate that. lol

  • billy

    a movie doesn’t “luckily” generate solid reviews… it earns them. and i’d say an 84% on rt is better than “solid.”

  • bill

    adding on to the comments above, for your information EW, it’s not Adrien Brody’s first dip into the genre– Splice was an action horror as well, and better than Predators.

    • dipshat

      What’s with all these genre dips? I’ve heard that expression at least 10 times when it comes to this movie!

  • missly23

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  • tipsy

    Adrien brody can dip into genre as much as he wants, he has ZERO star power. Splice bombed and if Predators open, it won`t be because of him but because of the Predator himself and his siblings. I get that brody is trying to up his non-existent boxoffice track record by appearing in the safe movies that open thanks to the monster/other money shot, but, IMO, he is a turn off for many. I avoid his movies because I can`t stand him. he was terrible in the Village and King Kong and two genre movies with him are enough for me to avoid everything else. he doesn`t work. At all. Zero charisma. Zero.

    • Josh

      He also won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2002, so he must be awful. They give that award out to everyone, like Jack Nicholson and Tom Hanks.

    • sarc

      That same sort of logic doesn’t stop people from thinking that Gerard Butler and…uh…the guy from Avatar(it’s not Channing Tatum…though his name works as well) have star power. And Splice bombed because it was a little movie that was marketed toward the wrong crowd, not because of Brody’s involvement.

    • dipshat

      Dips, dips! What the hell?

    • dee

      I quite liked him in The Pianist.

  • Haters

    Why do you so-called movie experts frigg’in care about the “drop off” when it doesn’t matter. Twilight will make close to a BILLION DOLLARS!! It hasn’t even opened in Japan, UK or Spain yet and it’s made over $300 MILLION IN ITS FIRST WEEK OF RELEASE!!! LMAO!!

    You’ve got to be kidding me!! DROP OFF?! WTF! SAY IT WITH ME….BILLION DOLLARS!! It will make close to a BILLION DOLLARS!!

    With two weeks of release it will make close to a HALF BILLION DOLLARS…SAY IT WITH ME…HALF BILLION.

    Let me tell you a secret…shhhh…keep this to yourself but it only cost $68 million to make and it got that in its first day.

    Will any of these movies opening make their entire budget in a day then go ahead a gross a billion? NO! SO SCREW THE TWILIGHT HATERS.

    Twihards don’t care if it’s #1 week after week after week. It broke box office records. Time to move onto Breaking Dawn. LOL!!

    • Josh

      Um… it hasn’t even done $300 million WORLDWIDE yet, and to say that it’s going to break a billion when New Moon didn’t even hit $700 million is quite a statement. In fact, it’s quite a blatantly wrong statement. Your numbers are WAY off, you shouldn’t post something you know nothing about.

      • Jon Dekerley

        Actually, NM grossed 725 m. Remarkable for a film that only cost 50m

      • dee

        Yeah, and it SHOWS that it only cost 50 million. It looks cheap, because it IS cheap. Not exactly a good thing for anyone but the studio.

      • @Jon

        You keep remarking on how much it cost to make it, but your total is completely WRONG. They may have only spent about 50 million on the film itself, because they know they can make a terrible movie and the fans will go see it. However, there’s NO DOUBT that they’ve spent a VAST SUM on promotion. Twilight is everywhere and that costs money. If you factor in the costs for promotional material, then it cost them around 200 million.

      • Emma

        You know what? If it cost 60 million to make, but it LOOKED like it cost over 100 million, THAT would be an accomplishment. There are plenty of movies that had smaller budgets, but look more expensive. District 9, for example. If a movie cost 50 or 60 million, but you’re constantly asking yourself, “Where did the money go,” that’s not something to brag about.

      • @Haters

        Yeah, it did cost $68 million and it shows…bad special effects, bad wigs, bad make-up, mediocre actors (well, not Dakota and Anna), cheesy dialogue, etc.

    • Emma

      It’s not going to make close to a billion dollars, dear. If it makes you feel better to think that, go ahead. But it won’t.

    • sam

      THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATE TWIHARDS!! they post blatantly incorrect statements, ignore facts, think they are always right, AND TYPE IN ALL CAPS. Personally, I’m gonna see inception, which has a 100 on metacritic. That looks like a quality film. (unlike the crap you love)

      • TWIHARD

        why do you have to HATE us? just face it. WE like a movie that we think is #1 and YOU like your movie which I quite frankly think looks stupid! let’s just agree to disagree. TWIHARDS are passionate for a reason. don’t you realize that when you say stuff like that it just makes us want to love it even more? we LOVE to stand up for what we believe in even if that means getting in someone’s face. I personally think it’s great that so many people are passionate about one thing. GET OVER YOURSELF! oh, and the “crap” WE love is just your opinion of the movie. I know I loved the movie and I’m not afraid to admit it. also, true fans do their research and we KNOW we are right when we are talking to people like yourself. A person who has nothing better to do then come on this website and pick apart a good movie that people love and enjoy. so, now that my RANT is over, go out and do something. even if it is just seeing your LAME movie.

        bytheway, I typed in CAPS on purpose. annoyed yet?

      • @Twihard

        Oh, honey. You’re just not doing yourself or the fanbase you belong to any favors. Why do people hate Twilight fans, you ask? Because, as you’ve just displayed, they can’t defend the thing they like without being obnoxious and just plain wrong. For example, saying that Inception is a “lame” movie, when everything else so far has indicated that it’s actually a fantastic movie, is just one example of why people don’t like fans like you: You don’t know how to defend what you like, without attempting to tear down things that actually have merit. I can’t figure out if you people really believe what you say, or if you think making outrageous claims in capital letters will make your argument sound better. Either way, it doesn’t lend a lot of credibility to what you say. Oh, and as someone who did attempt to research, and who did read the books and see the movies, I can agree with Sam’s assessment that it’s crap. Is it bad that people like crap at the movies? Not really. To each his own. But at least see it for what it really is: Cinematic fluff that will be forgotten as soon as the credits on the last movie roll. Trying to convince anyone that it’s anything more than that is just asinine.

    • @Haters

      Get your facts straight. That film has opened EVERYWHERE! There are only 2 or 3 countries which haven’t gotten it yet.

  • StewyFan

    I hope Eclipse does well this weekend, it deserves it.
    Jose, don’t reply to me. :P

    • StewyFan

      Or Josh rather.

      • Josh

        You were calm, sensible, and made a statement that could offend no one. I have nothing against what you said. Why would you be afraid of me??

  • m.

    Will Cyrus get wide release this week? It’s doing pretty well in the limited release.

  • Haters

    Apparently there was a technical problem w/my last post but this goes to JOSH the Twilight HATER and STUPID JERK WHO DOESN’T KNOW SH*T OR WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT!

    Here are the figures for Eclipse you dummy from Box Office Mojo as of Wed. This doesn’t include Thursday’s numbers:

    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $195,731,290 65.2%
    + Foreign: $104,600,000 34.8%
    = Worldwide: $300,331,290


    Here are the New Moon numbers CAN YOU READ?! Jerk! Over $700 MILLION!! CLOSE TO A BILLION AND IT ONLY TOOK $50 MILLION TO MAKE!!

    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $296,623,634 41.8%
    + Foreign: $413,087,374 58.2%
    = Worldwide: $709,711,008


    • barryzukerkorn

      @haters: Your use of capital letters makes you seem like an insane, 12 year old fan girl (which probably means that you are a desperate, lonely 40 year old fan girl that can only find solace in the idea that someone could “love” you as completely as Edward “loves” Bella). Whether or not twilight makes a bajillion dollars or not, does not change the fact that the twilight books are poorly written and boring to anyone that looks for more than sparkling, rock-hard abs and childish, self-centered relationships in their books and movies. HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!! (Did my caps and gratuitous exclamation points prove that I really mean it Haters?)

      • dipshat

        You have a perfect point.

      • TWIHARD

        do you have nothing better to do with your life? I came on this webstie to read a FLIPPIN’ article and all you want to do is pick apart some person’s comment! GET OVER IT! we get it. you don’t like the movie. it was not meant to be liked by everyone. face it. WE are passionate when it comes to this. and yes, we do read the books not for writing but for the content. they are good books! who cares if YOU don’t like them. TONS of people in the world are in LOVE with these books! and you think that YOUR own personal opinion is going to stop that? in your dreams. I hope that you feel better that you just ruined some girl’s day with your LAME little comment. now, I have said what I need to say, and I’m going to go live my life and get AWAY from people like you. maybe you should do the same.
        P.S. I typed in all CAPS on purpose :) have a GREAT DAY!

      • Emma

        “Ruined some little girl’s day with [his] comment?” If that’s really the case, this is further proof that you people take this thing WAY too seriously. No one insulted anyone’s family, for goodness sake. If you can’t read dissenting opinions about something you like, the internet isn’t the place for you. lol

    • poop

      Yeah but you forget that Twilight sucks

    • @Haters

      Hate to bring it up, but since the two franchises are similar (because they’re both based on a book series):
      Half Blood Prince grossed around 325 million worldwide in 24 HOURS!

      • @@Haters

        Bring it up all you want. Twilight fans have, and I’m sick of them complaining about it every time someone else does it, yet it’s somehow okay when they do it. lol

      • dee

        It made 325 million in 24 hours?? Wow. I didn’t know that. Good for it. Then again, it was the highest grossing movie worldwide last year, so I guess it’s not that surprising.

      • @dee

        Technically Avatar was #1 last year, but HBP was #2 by a healthy margin.
        And yes, it’s silly to brag about Eclipse getting $300 million or however much in a week when HBP hit that mark in a single day. In fact, I’m pretty sure that HBP holds the record for biggest worldwide opening, but don’t quote me on that.

      • dee

        Yeah, I see what you’re saying about Avatar, but all the reports that came out at the end of last year didn’t include Avatar, since it came out in the middle of December. I was talking more about films that had been released prior to Avatar, and whose final box office totals had already come in.

      • Luke

        You know what boggles my mind? Alice in Wonderland. I don’t know anyone who liked that movie, and I hated it myself, and it got mediocre to bad reviews, yet it made over a billion dollars. I guess Johnny Depp + Tim Burton really does equal gold.

      • @dee

        I think HBP made about 394 million in 5 days. Not 24 hours. lol. It still made around 104 million worldwide in one day, which is still impressive.

      • @Luke

        I know what you mean. I don’t get it. I just rented it on dvd and it barely held my attention. I love Tim Burton, but “Alice…” was definitely his least enjoyable film. The actress who played Alice was all wrong and the storyline lacked any kind of heart.

    • strickens_girl

      Wow. Bitter much? I hate to break it to you, but it just a movie. Get over it.

    • Josh

      Wow, I’m on here less than anyone, why did I become the bad guy?

      F.Y.I. I will admit that I was wrong about the number, I was being irrational, but 700 million and a billion aren’t even freaking close to each other, and not even Breaking Dawn Part 2, even with it’s 3D ticket prices added in, will hit that mark. New Moon is as big as these movies are going to get.

      You took my blunder and made your statement look stupid. Try again.

    • Will

      You do realize $700 million and $1 billion are not close to each other. In fact there difference is as big as the $300 opening week figure you keep touting.

  • Twilight Sucks

    Hopefully this will be right……we can only hope people gain some common sense and support something more entertaining than the horrible series that is Twilight.

    • sam

      like inception! 100 on metacritic and rotten tomatoes!

  • Haters

    So I go back to my initial statement which I ask do you really think Summit cares about a frigg’in drop off when it’s not only made back the $68 million it took to make Eclipse in one day but to gross over $300 million world wide and it still hasn’t opened in 3 major markets overseas yet?! DO YOU THINK THEY REALLY CARE?!! Uh, I don’t think so.

    Eclipse has broken box office records for a chick flick that didn’t have dragons or wizards or car chases and explosions and a company who’s not even a major studio a la Warner Bros. or Universal.


    Not to mention, that it’s the 3rd movie in the franchise and it’s going to do better than most 3quals i.e. Pirates, The Matrix etc…

    SO SCREW ALL OF THE HATERS!! AND JUST WAIT…IT’S NOT OVER…WE STILL HAVE BREAKING DAWN!! For those who have not read the books, this will include *SPOILER ALERT*………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………a wedding, a honeymoon which if you read the books is going to be hotter than the “leg hitch” scene in Eclipse, a crazy pregnancy and an awesome birth scene…and yes, Bella’s transformation into a VAMPIRE!! Not to mention the final clash with the Volturi which will not be like the book at all I’m sure.

    So take that you Twilight Haters. We have an Oscar winning director/writer doing the last film as well. That’s more than I can say about Potter who’s director just hacks up the books whereas the movies look nothing like the books.

    I mean really, HOW IN THE HECK CAN YOU LEAVE OUT THE BACKGROUND OF THE HORCRUXES WHEN THAT’S THE WHOLE KEY TO HARRY KILLING VOLDEMORT! Oh, you just thought I was a Twilight fan?! Duh, I’m a Potter fan too and I hate how this franchise hacks up the books and the stupid fan base let’s these producers get away with it like a bunch of dummies. Prisoner of Askahban wasn’t even close to the book. It sucked! Half-blood Prince was a half ass job. The first two movies were the closest to the books but they’re sooo kiddie-like. Goblet of Fire is my favorite and it’s not because Rob’s in it. Krum’s hot! LOL!! But it’s just a better story. Plus we actually get introduced to Voldemort which Feinnes does a great job doing it. Chamber of Secrets is my second favorite Potter film.

    Anywho, so Josh, stay off the comment boards because you look like an idiot!

    • Jordan

      Seriously, just be quiet. Harry Potter is a world-changing series that actually deals with real THEMES such as equality and the darkness inside of us which is more than can be said for Twilight, which is about a girl who crushes on a sexy vampire. True, the HP movies aren’t as good as the books, but they’re a heck of a lot better than the Twilight movies.

      • Regina

        Not to mention most of the Harry Potter movies have been either shortlisted or nominated for Oscars. They’ll never be as good as the books obviously, but they’re still good, and they’re still well-made, which is more than I can say for Twilight, which looks cheap because it IS cheap.

      • @Regina

        And the HP also do consistently well with the critics. None of them have scored less than a 77% on Rotten Tomatoes.

      • Regina

        Exactly. They’re just better movies all around. I don’t see how anyone with an ounce of sense can deny that, and I can’t believe it’s even a debate. lol

    • barryzukerkorn

      Alfonso Cuaron, Mike Newell and David Yates are all award winning writers and directors (I won’t argue with you on Chris Colombus). Your ignorance and blind devotion to all things Twilight is comical and sad all at the same time.

      • @barryzukerkorn

        Hey, Hey, Hey. Chris Columbus isn’t award winning, but his film DID get the most Oscar nominations out of all the Potter films. He was the director chosen out of hundreds, which included talent like Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton, Stephen Speilberg, etc. Chris Columbus was the right director for the first two films and he did a great job. They’re the lightest of the whole series, so it was a great match. Columbus is a genius when it comes to family films (e.g. Mrs. Doubtfire, Home Alone, etc.).

      • Regina

        You know, there are other movies in the series that I like better, but I do have to give Columbus credit for visually creating that world and getting good performances out of children who were brand new to acting. I was watching the first movie yesterday (Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family!), and he really did put together a good movie. In fact, watching that movie years ago was what made me start reading the books, so I really do have to thank him. He did a good job with the first two. I wouldn’t want him on any of the others, because the subject matter is a lot darker, but for those two movies, it was appropriate.

    • WTF

      If ANY non-Twilight fan brings up Harry Potter or makes a comparison, Twilight fans freak out and say they shouldn’t be compared and how dare you and wah wah wah. But it’s OK for YOU to do it? Filthy hypocrites, all of you.
      Where’s StewyFan and Ambient Lite telling you not to compare the two? The silence is deafening. If I made a post calling Twilight crap and saying how much better HP was, I’d have ten replies from Twihards telling me they “shouldn’t be compared.” But will they reply to YOU to tell YOU that? Of course not.
      And on that, I’d take HP, both books and movies, above Twilight any day of the week, any time.

      • Emily

        If this were Facebook, I would be clicking “like” for this comment.

    • James

      ^ This, right here, is why people hate Twilight.
      It’s not just because the books are written like bad fan fiction and the movies are cheap-looking and usually awful but make a ton of money.
      It’s largely because of the obnoxious fan base, like this sparkling specimen above. THAT is why there’s backlash.
      And instead of complaining that “We all shouldn’t be feathered with the same brush!” I suggest that all non-psychotic Twilight fans reply to this clearly functionally illiterate, troubled and obsessed individual and call her out for making the rest of you look like morons.

      • @James

        Seriously, if I were a Twilight fan, I’d be embarrassed to be represented by that person. You’re right. Fans like these are exactly the reason people have such a vehement hate for Twilight.

      • Gabby

        You’re absolutely correct. When I think of twilight fans, this is what I think of. The majority of them are just like that. They give the sensible ones a bad name.

    • @Haters

      Please don’t respond to this CHILD!

    • @Haters

      And obviously Summit doesn’t care about you (the fans) if they’re handing over crappy Twilight films. You gave them a billion for the last two films, and yet they only used $68 million for Eclipse. And it’s funny that you, the fans, let Summit get away with it.

    • Josh

      Obviously I make a threatening point, or you wouldn’t be slamming ME like this. I made one comment, and two days from now we’re all going to forget this ever happened. I hate the movies, and I think their success is undeserved, but it’s people like you that get so wrapped up in Twilight that they have a heart attack trying to defend it that annoys me the most.

      Go see it again. Go spend $300 million of your own money to make it cross that billion dollar mark. It’s a waste of life.

      On that note, Inception, here I come.

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