Comic-Con: Angelina Jolie drops by for 'Salt'

It may be opening tomorrow, but that didn’t stop Angelina Jolie from making one last push for audiences to go see her film Salt. On a panel with her director Phillip Noyce, producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and co-star Liev Schreiber, Jolie described that keeping the film grounded in reality made it “a better action movie than any I’ve done in the past.” Doing her own stunts, however, didn’t keep her injury-free. When jumping through a door, shooting a gun sideways — a stunt she called “one of the easiest” — she hit a desk and cut her head open, giving her a nice scar above her eyebrows as a souvenir. The PG-13 Salt opens tomorrow everywhere.
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  • Stef

    i’m so over angelina jolie. don’t really see the appeal to be honest but maybe that’s just because i’m totally team jenn and always will be.

    • Mic

      Wait, really? You can’t be a fan of Angelina Jolie because you’re a fan of Jennifer Aniston? Come on.

      • Stef

        um, yes i can choose that if i want — i have never liked her acting or personality, whereas i have always loved jennifer aniston, and it didn’t help when angelina became the “other woman”. so why on earth would i like her and straight up lied about having a relationship with a married man. so why should i like her? not saying you or anyone else has to feel that way, but i do.

      • Stef

        *should say “…”other woman” who straight up lied about having a relationship with a married man. so why on earth should i like her?…”

      • M.N

        I get the “team Jenn” concept, but I wonder if people confuse “Jenn” with Rachel, even referring to her as “Jenn” implies a familiarity you don’t have.

      • Stef

        @ M.N – fair enough, though i really didn’t mean it that way — it was just quicker to type.

    • RS

      You sound like an idiot. What are you, five years old?

      • Stef

        well that’s your opinion — i can choose to like or dislike who i want, and frankly people have made their own judgments on people they don’t know on much less. it’s a freakin comment board, i posted my opiniono which last i checked is what these boards are for.

    • Chris

      I feel sorry for you, you must be some overweight, low self-esteem woman who takes pleasure in bring down other people. Yes this is a comment board, but if you can’t seperate the work from the person, then you have a lot of growing up to do, and I feel sorry for your children if you have any.

      • Stef

        umm, WOW all i did was express a non-offensive opinion on a comment board. for crying out loud people why all the attacking??? your comment towards me is way more hurtful than anything i posted on this board…it’s pretty amazing how low people can sink when it comes to such petty non-serious issues.

        and no, i’m not an overweight low self-esteem woman, and i don’t take pleasure in bringing people down but you certainly seem to.

      • M.N

        Wow, that’s harsh dude. She’s a fan, she gave the “team Jenn” disclosure. Fan is short for “fanatic” after all.
        There was an article about this earlier this month. It basically said that alot of women are intimidated by Angelina (presumably because she’d take their man, too) and so they side with Jennifer

      • AL

        Stef has valid points I am not sure why everyone is attacking her unless you are a bunch of desperate guys who wanna hook up with Angie. Sorry to tell u guys, it’s too late!!!

    • coolrepublica

      You can’t be that over her since you are reading about her.

      When I am over something I pay no attention to anything that concerns them.

      That is not the case with you so cut the BS.

    • Stef

      okay if i had known my original comment would have caused all this hoopla, i probably never would have posted it. really wasn’t meant to be taken this seriously or pulled so far out of context. it’s just an entertainment news article, what’s the big deal???

    • Mike (San Diego)

      To the person who said, “i’m so over angelina jolie.” Has this person seen her speak in person? I was in Hall H yesterday (Thursday, July 22, 2010) and watched many panels with many famous people. After watching so many Actors and how they handled themselves in public, you really get a handle on how prepared they are and how they handle themselves in front of a live audience. Not an easy feat, I’m sure.

      However, Angelina Jolie was the best dressed, had the best hair, had the best make-up, had the most sex appeal (I’m gay, This is not the comment of a biased straight guy.) and the actor with the most class–her presence was refreshing.

      Before Comic-Con, I liked Angelina as an actor but she wasn’t in my top ten list of favorite actors. However, after seeing her presence on stage and how she handled herself, I’m completely sold on her professionalism and ability as an actor and she’s now on my top ten list of favorite actors.

      Several examples, looking good for the camera at all times (This is an important point, that’s her job), talking about her movie with enthusiasm and keeping it interesting, having a genuine interest in being at Comic-Con. (Or at least seeming to, no one knows what anyone is really thinking. But I’m a believer that she liked being there and that she appreciates her fans.) She’s good at speaking well in front of a live audience.

      Then during the Q&A session, four different people asked Angelina, basically, the same question. Did Angelina give the people who repeated the question a flippant answer? No, she did not. She gracefully answered the same questions again and gave a slightly different answer each time with new information.

      Hands down, she was the best Actor who was able pull off being in front of live audience with sincerity, grace, style and poise.

      • QuietCloud

        Mike of San Diego, I agreed with your assessment of Angie. Whenever I watched her Q&A, she is always very thoughtful and has depth in her answers. Even Nic Kristof of the New York Times was impressed with her intellect. She is a real person and put the money where her mouth is. I understand Angie and Brad donated $8 million dollars last year. She just donated $1 million dollar to Doctors without Border in a low key way. Well, it appears to me that all Aniston cares about is how to maintain a perfect tan and perfect figure. Life is more than appearance. Aniston seems like a shallow person without much talent other than playing comedy role and looks pretty. She does not sound that intelligent to me either. Sorry Aniston fan.

    • Teniba

      My question to people hating Angie for man-jacking Jennifer is this: would you hate Angie if she was a man who commited a woman-jacking on another guy… let’s say Clooney taking Julia Robert from who ever she is married to these days after Ocean’s 12? I bet Not!

  • Adam Charles

    This Article should have been Titled:

    “Skeletor drops by Comic-con for salty undeserved fame.”

    Yuck this woman is hideous, seriously she made out with her brother? how desperate can you be.

    • Shirley

      Okay Jennifer Aniston, a.k.a Adam Charles, we’re on to you.

  • YY

    I am so excited to see this movie! She is such a talent! (And no, she didn’t make out with her brother – grow up, people.) And ridiculously sexy (and I’m a woman), though I wish she wasn’t quite so thin right now.

  • BJ

    She is hella hot and the movie looks great!

    • Liz Lemon

      Agreed. She looks better than ever. I can’t wait to see this!! :D

  • Dirk Diggler

    Whiny pu$$ies all of you!

  • GGali

    Why blame Angelina Brad made his choice last I checked no one forced him to make the decision he did. Angelina is an amazing woman in talent and in giving back. Jennifer Aniston did herself no favors when she told brad career over family seriously how many millions did she need. She could have had babies and worked after if she felt inclined.

    • M.N

      How do you spout off about private conversations as if you were present and participating? Hopefully, you’re just an Angelina fan and not crazy enough to think that you really know anything about their relationship.

  • 808hen

    I love how AJ can switch it up from being a humanitarian, a mom with 6 kids, an actress and a strong woman. AJ YOU ROCK!

  • PNK

    Where are the pics?? Great shots of her on Huffington Post!

  • melanie

    Can’t wait to see Salt! Love Angie, she is gorgeous and fun to watch, one of absolute favorites. How cool of her to show at Comic-Con!!!

  • Brett

    Talented actress, gorgeous woman, tireless humanitarian. Can’t wait to see “Salt.” Still waiting for decent performance from Aniston in anything.

    • Adam

      What’s the point of pitting their acting abilities against each other? Who cares? It’s really immature. And as a matter of fact, even if you think Aniston is untalented, she has an Emmy Award that says otherwise. Plus, her performances in Friends with Money and The Good Girl are definitely more than just decent.
      On another note, I too am looking forward to Salt.

      • Teniba

        No we should not angega in that competition but who cares about an Emmy when you have never really done a lot of TV and got an Oscar for supporting role and got nomminated twice for best actrice if i am not mistaken LOL i am just sayin…. u know!

  • frogs

    Angelina is an action star she blurs the line male/female and it is going to be a lot of fun seeing her in this film. I just like seeig good movies no biase on the actress. Give me a good movie don’t really care who you are!!

  • frogs

    People need to seriously get over peoples personal lives and move on. Man some people here feel for aniston but last time I checked aniston was taking care of herself with her boy toy mayer. Hey she moved on why can’t everyone else. Beside the point that Angelina is a good person and is talented and all this judging doesn’t stick to the point that she makes good movies, is humanitarian, loves her family and has a wonderful husband. Just move on already people!!

  • Erica

    Aniston even don’t like her fans they are embarassing. This is a decent sight to talk about movies not about a divorce that happend 6 years ago and the woman who was “wronged” have been at least with 6 men in relationship after.
    They rush to every Angie blog just to put ” I don’t like her becasue she stole Brad” I mean isn’t that sick? it is freaking 2010 not 2004.

    • Debbie Reynolds

      Listen Erica, that bum Eddie dumped me decades ago for that tramp Liz. I still ain’t over it. So quit your preaching.

  • erica

    I am looking forward to see salt tommorrow . It looks very good.

  • joanie

    I just want to see angie and jenn make out. That’s hot.

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