'Toy Story 3' becomes highest-grossing animated flick of all time

Toy Story 3 is now the highest-grossing animated movie of all time, with $920 million in worldwide box office receipts. It just surpassed Shrek 2, the previous record-holder, which racked up $919 million worldwide in 2004. Domestically, Toy Story 3 should cross the $400 million mark this weekend, making it only the second Disney film to do so. The animated hit also now holds the title of Disney’s fourth-most successful film in the company’s history.

Disney announced today that the DVD release of Toy Story 3 is now set for Nov. 2. Expect it to break records in that arena as well.

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  • TheCriticizer

    It really really really really REALLY deserves it.
    I’m glad ‘Shrek’ didn’t do good, 1st and 2nd ‘Shrek’ films were great. The other 2 sucked hard!

    • Shannon

      It really does. I mean Shrek was good, but there is no comparison to how good TS3 is.

  • Arabang

    Why bring up Shrek?Stereotype American.

    • if you don’t like Americans, then why are you on an American media website?

    • Brandon

      Not sure who you’re question is addressed to. If to the writer of the article, Shrek is relevant because it was the previous record holder. If you’re talking to the first commenter, because Shrek was mentioned in the article. Either way, you’re wrong

      • Brandon

        and yes, I realize I used the wrong form of “your” at the beginning of my post. Stereotypical American

    • John

      @Arabang-Where are you from? Everytime I see yor name on a thread, you always seem to have atleast one post where you are bashing Americans. What’s your problem?

  • JC

    I saw TS3 yesterday, I was the only one in the theater

    • Medyo

      “I saw TS3 yesterday, I was the only one in the theater”

      —Hahaha! Nice!

    • Andrew

      It’s been in theaters for over two months. That’s why.

  • Marissa Evans

    That’s something to celebrate. I’m glad; it was a great movie. Not my favourite of the three, but definitely great.

  • Crystal

    Interesting: When AVATAR came out, every week that EW reported all the records it broke, they made sure that EVERYONE knew that the 3D was partly responsible, due to the extra charges, and it seemed like they almost wanted to subtly undermine Avatar’s accomplishments. Yet, now, NOT EVEN A MENTION IN PASSING on the fact that TS3 WAS in 3d to, therefore it has extra charges, and therefore the numbers are unfairly padded. Not to mention that after 6 years worth of inflation, SHREK 2 has been seen by way more people than TS3, even though the latter has grossed more money. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. So, yeah…TS3 may be the # 1 grossing animated film of all time, but it’s FAR from being the most successful and the most attended.

    • who cares

      I hardly think anyone would agree that Shrek is more successful than Toy Story. Kind of ruined your argument there.

    • Dumb Comment

      What a dumb argument to undermine the factual definition of success in this industry–INCOME! The first sentence of the article says it all; only a dumb female would dare to argue that.

      • Tina

        The dig about females kind of ruined your argument

      • akc

        Agree with Tina

      • dee

        Also agreeing with Tina.

      • Sam

        Disagreeing with Tina.

      • Rosey

        Performing chinese water torture on Sam and Mr. Dumb Comment

    • Crystal Shrek

      I bet this person looks exactly like Shrek…though obviously Shrek is smarter than she is!

    • tvgirl48

      You have a small point in commenting on 3D extra charges. I had no choice but to see it in 3D, and I think it was a total rip-off just to get images that had a tiny bit of depth to them. Better watch out, though, you’ve got some geniuses on the rebuttal! ^With intelligent arguments like these, how on earth do you stand a chance?!

      • Crystal

        Thanks tvgirl48. Yep, the geniuses of debate are out in force. How can I debate brilliantly thought-out , logic-filled gems like “only a dumb female would say that” and “She must look like Shrek”. Those people must be absolute killers at public speaking and debating ;-)

    • Zach

      Do you really think most people chose to see a computer-animated movie in 3D? I didn’t, and my theater was full.

    • MJ

      Pow!!!!!!!!! choke on that EW, LOLZZZZZ

    • Dave

      Wow! What’s up with the hatred? I really liked it. You don’t have to like TS3, or even like that it has made so much money, but, unfortunately for you and your argument TS3 is still in theaters in the US and around the world, and (unlike any of the Shrek movies) it will continue to make more money for the next month. Back at ya!

    • Anna

      Crystal is right about the EW hypocrisy. Regardless of how you feel about a movie or whether 3D and inflation should be factored in comparing movie grosses, there should be consistency in ones views and I clearly remember one of many EW articles where they explain how Avatar was not actually the highest grossing film because of inflation, but actually 26th. However, they don’t mention any negative comment about TS3 which shows a clear bias in their reporting. I personally prefer TS3 to Avatar but the unfairness bothers me.

      • John

        Yes, but most people watched TS3 in regular screen, whereas everybody had to see Avatar in 3D. If you followed TS3 at BOM, they tell you that their 3D profit was less than 30 percent. I even remember alot of the critics advising people to not see TS3 in 3D because there wasn’t that big of a difference, and they were right. Besides, what would EW gain from pimping TS3 and not Avatar

      • Anna

        Regardless of how many people saw it in 3D, it still alters the gross but there is no mention of it. And when you factor in inflation without considering 3D, it is not the highest grossing animated flick as they made sure to point out with Avatar. As for their motive, I’m as clueless as you are but all I know is there is a bias here which is nothing new with EW. *cough*Twilight*cough*

      • Patrick

        John – What the hell are you talking about? You did NOT have to see Avatar in 3D, there were 2-D screenings everywhere as well. And if *you* followed TS3 at BOM you would know that over half of its tickets sales have been from 3D showings.

    • Woot

      You may have somewhat of a point. Toy Story 3 was released in 3D and I’m sure many people did see it in 3D. But I think it makes sense that EW would talk more about Avatar being in 3D because it was shot in 3D, with a new and revolutionary type of film making. Plus Avatar was seen as a 3D movie, while TS3 is seen more as a movie that could be seen in 3D. And yes, I feel bad that there are some people who are attacking you with such logical responses ;)

  • Charles

    Wondering what the top three Disney films are?

    • TJ

      Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Alice in Wonderland (The live-action, Tim Burton one), Pirates of the Caribbean 3, in that order.

  • C

    I loved this movie, and it was certainly better than Shrek 2, but it wasn’t my favorite Pixar flick by a long shot. I guess I’m just sort of surprised that it’s passing all its predecessors so quickly. I’d rather Nemo or Wall-E or Monsters Inc. be holding this title.

    • Walrus

      My favorite Pixar movie is The Incredibles.

      • Woot

        Incredibles is one of my least favorites! (didn’t see Cars, and A Bugs Life IS my least favorite.) But I think that’s what makes all their films so great, it’s hard for people to come to a consensus on their best film.

    • Carrie #2

      I totally agree! None of my friends seem to understand why I thought TS3 was the worst of the series. Not the worst movie ever, just not the best Toy Story for sure. And yes, I think Wall-E or Finding Nemo should be holding this record.

  • Liz Lemon

    Awesome! Go TS3!

  • Racer X

    Actually Shrek 2 has grossed more domestically with $441 million compared to Toy Story 3’s $400 million. The figure of $920 Million is a world wide total gross.

    • the story said the totals are a worldwide gross.

  • jamie

    “TS3″ is the most overrated sequel since “TDK.”
    Next to “Monsters, Inc.,” it’s the only Pixar film to date that I didn’t love.

    • d$

      Jamie. Your dead inside.

      • @jamie

        Your opinion matters…only to you.

  • Creighton

    TS3 was amazing, and TDK isn’t overrated it’s more “in” to say it’s overrated. Hating it is now “in” so if you want to be original now, you gotta love it. In your attempt to get away from the sheep, YOU’VE BECOME ONE!!!!

  • DarkLayers

    I agree that there is some level of hypocrisy here. Shrek 2 would have a significant advantage with inflation. One justification, though, is that TS3 is winning up against a 2004 movie. The effect of inflation is especially pronounced, because say ET and Star Wars were in the 70s and 80s. Then again, it would be interesting to see how TS3 compares to say Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

  • jj6

    “Up” was a better film.

  • McCoy

    I am flabbergasted that SHREK had the number one record! A different Pixar movie should have had the spot! Pixar owns Dreamworks!

  • Eddie

    Shrek series is a good franchise,shrek 1 was ok,2 was my fav.3 meh, and 4,havent seen lol..but it don’t compare to toy story,also monsters Inc 2 was announced by Disney around may,sometime in 2012 or 13

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