'Expendables' holds off five new releases to finish No. 1 at weekend box office

expendablesImage Credit: Karen BallardWith the help of a stronger-than-expected Saturday, The Expendables held on to first place for the second weekend in a row, beating out five newcomers that were trying to dethrone the aging action stars. Earning another $16.5 million, the Sly Stallone project fell 53 percent from its opening weekend, pushing its total gross to close to $65 million. The film that got the closest to the top was Twentieth Century Fox’s Twilight spoof Vampires Suck, which grossed $12.2 million over the three-day frame. (It has grossed $18.5 million since its Wednesday opening.) The rest of the new releases struggled, most failing to crack $10 million for their opening weekend.

In its second weekend, Eat Pray Love held in pretty well in theaters. The Julia Roberts-starrer dropped 48 percent for an additional $12 million. The globe-trotting piece has now grossed $47 million after ten days in release. Lottery Ticket landed in the fourth spot for the weekend and seemed to generate good will with audiences. The Bow Wow-starrer earned $11.1 million plus an A- from exit pollster CinemaScore, which portends a strong hold for the movie going forward. The Other Guys rounded out the top five for the weekend with an additional $10.1 million in its coffers. The Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell action-comedy has now earned $88 million since its opening three weeks ago.

Spot six went to the much-hyped, rarely viewed R-rated B movie, Piranha 3-D. Bowing to $10 million, the over-the-top bloody mess didn’t score that well with audiences, earning only a C from CinemaScore. Nanny McPhee Returns opened to slot seven. The sequel grossed $8.3 million but since it’s already earned north of $63 million from its international run, the kids flick (which had a $35-million budget) will end up in the black. And families seemed to respond well to the Emma Thompson-starrer, giving it an A- on the exit polls.

Despite the star power of Jennifer Aniston, The Switch bowed in eighth place. This romantic comedy didn’t receive as wide of a release as her movies usually get and earned only $8.1 million. Audiences weren’t in love with the flick either, scoring it with a middling B, according to CinemaScore.

Rounding out the top ten were two very different holdovers. Inception, in its sixth weekend of release, earned $7.6 million for a total cume of $261 million, making it one of summer’s biggest successes. Meanwhile, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World grossed only $5 million its second weekend in release, marking one of summer’s biggest box-office disappointments. The well-reviewed flick starring Michael Cera just isn’t working with audiences and in its second weekend, it dropped 53 percent for a meager cume of $20.7 million. It’s a shame since the Edgar Wright-directed flick is one of the most original to hit theaters in a long time.

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  • jordan

    i just saw scott pilgrim and its definitely one of the best movies of the summer,completely original and very enjoyable,but i wish it was doing better at the box office.

    • ugh

      i can’t believe I live in a world where Vampires Suck will do better than Scott Pilgrim….(sigh)

      • Will

        But it is nice being in a world where a Jennifer Aniston movie opens in 8th place. At least there is that.

      • Riley

        Will, I agree with you. Of course it would have been even better if the movie went straight to video, OR never been made.

      • Tego Livi

        I can’t see why people thought Scott Pilgrim would be such a blockbuster. The only promotion I’ve seen for it doesn’t make it clear what it’s about or even what type of movie it is. And the star is a weird, wimpy kid who has never lived up to what seemed like a high potential when he started out. His chin seems to be receding as he gets older, too. The movie may be fantastic, but nothing in the ads gives any indication of that.

      • tommy

        I agree with Tego — who the heck expected a blockbuster here? And I’ve seen plenty of bad reviews for it as well. No shocker at all it stunk up the joint.

      • Ana170

        I don’t think anyone expected it to be a blockbuster but that it would do better than it has. It sounds interesting enough but I haven’t been able to stomach Michael Cera post-Arrested Development.

    • Garrett

      just glad that whem Pilgrim comes out of DVD it will become a cult hit at get the recognition it deserves.

      • Joanne

        Like Serenity became a DVD cult hit?

        Why do people think that every well-reviewed box office flop will become a cult hit on the home video market? It just doesn’t work that way. Serenity was a box office flop that is still a DVD non-entity and has not become a cult hit. SP will have the same fate.

      • m1

        I agree. It will be the Napoleon Dynamite of this decade.

      • taylor

        Except Napoleon Dynamite performed pretty well in its theatrical release.

      • LAJackie

        @Joanne – Serenity was a big enough hit on dvd for them to deem it worthy of a Special Edition version a few years later.

      • Skip182

        in what world is Serenity a non-entity? everyone i know who has become firefly fans has done so because they saw Serenity on dvd.

    • Mark

      Scott Pilgrim original? It is a pastiche of a million eighties fads and it’s based on a comic book.
      I’m glad it’s flopped miserably, especially because I hate Michael (One Trick Pony) Cera and his tired “I’m a nerd and I’m socially awkward” schtick…Seems like audiences are also tired of him

      • RA

        ugh, mark. Get over it. Michael Cera hate is sooo old right now. Plus, Scott Pilgrim was awesome. So…it’s your loss and everyone else’s.

      • Figi

        Won’t see this movie with over-the-top homely Cera. Ugly guy gets cute chick…argh, ugh, no more!!!!

      • Anna

        Not as tired as they should be of Sylvester Stalone’s schtick.

      • Skip182

        Being a “pastiche of a million 80′s fads and based off a comic” does not make it unorigional. The film is unlike any other film to date (in some ways similar to Kick-Ass, but not much), so what does the source material matter? It was based off of a comic, but the movie itself IS origional. Also, having references to 80′s video games does not equal unorigional, it equals nostalgia. You base your statements off of a flawed concept of what is origional and what is not. If you don’t personally like Cera, fine, but don’t try to sound smart when your entire argument is based off of a false premise.

      • MockingbirdGirl

        A “pastiche of a million eighties fads”? And you think THE EXPENDABLES isn’t?

      • mike


      • Brad

        Ok, I will say I don’t like Cera, but I LOVED Scott Pilgrim. I just think that unless you grew up playing video games, listening to underground rock, and reading comic books, the movie wouldn’t connect with you. Me and my Girl/Friend (We’re still figuring out whether or not we’re just friends or closer) enjoyed the movie, and I think it will be a cult hit.

      • steve

        Cera plays the same character in every movie he’s in. It’s boring. This was a terrible movie season with the exception of Inception. That was a fantastic film! Iron Man 2 was next best and that is it. A summer of complete garbage. It’s a shame Christopher Nolan doesn’t direct more movies!!!!!

      • Ari

        Brad, you are a wiener. I bet you’ve been barking up that tree for years. She’s gonna break your pansy heart.

      • Michael

        Mark, don’t not watch it for Michael Cera. Watch it for Edgar Wright. He has a short but good track record.

      • Tim

        Do you know what I find funny? When people bash other people about the horrible acting jobs these actors act. It is true that S.P. was a good movie but do you think you could do better. I agree with the part where his role of being a wimpy kid is being over used in every film he does but can you see him doing anything else. Really think about it you remember that skinny kid from road trip when he tried to be a macho man in one of his films it didn’t really work out for him. So what do you want Cera to do? Imagine if cera had a role in the expendables how awkward would that be seeing him shooting guns and throwing grenades. What I think is if he’s getting paid millions to be that persona then I applaud him cause he’s doing work. Hell if I got paid millions of dollars I would bark like a dog and jump through a flaming hoop with nothing but a tutu on. I hope this will stop with the wimpy kid comments but I know for a fact it won’t because there will still be haters in this world.

    • Joe

      I mean, I didn’t like scott pilgrim very much personally, but it certainly doesnt deserve to be one of the biggest bombs of the year. I mean, those are atrocious numbers for the marketing blitz they had. Why cant friedberg and seltzer have a failure like this instead of genuinely talented people like Wright? very, very sad

      • Skip182

        The failure of SPBVTW is BECAUSE of the marketing. I thought the movie looked terrible but was dragged to it by a friend. I have seen it 3 times since then. The movie is amazing and it’s a shame the terrible marketing for the movie affedted it at the box office.

      • Oprah’s Minge

        Skip, the marketing for Pilgrim is indeed terrible, but even so there is a thing called Word of Mouth and this film just isn’t getting it. Even though I saw it based on someones I knows recommendation and I really liked it I think the film’s hipper than thou attitude may be a turn off to a lot of people.

      • John

        I am still in shock at how well The Last Airbender did. That piece of crap made over $100. It is too bad Scott Pilgrim didn’t do better. I don’t really care one way or the other for Cera, but I am a fan of Edgar Wright. I dunno….today’s movie audience baffles the hell out of me.

    • Handler

      really? why would it be important to you that a movie make money? i only care if it’s good.

      • Bryan

        Well movies get made usually to earn money so when newer ideas fail and stale, cliche movies prosper you’ll have more sequels and safe films. Then people complain about that. Of course everyone complains about the lack of originality yet movies that are often considered ‘original’ have difficulty doing well at the box office

    • jmo

      I agree. You’ll see once it hits DVD, it will have a cult following. Look at Office Space, it was considered a “disapointment” too.

    • Jo A Bray Phillips

      Seen this movie the Friday it came out in the theaters. Really enjoyed it. Good action movie with some great stars in it.

  • jack

    Me and my friends went to see The Expendables again, on the way in, we stopped and took a peek inside the nearly empty auditorium for Scott Pilgrim. It was funny, but kind of sad at the same time, I mean, I do like Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Hopefully she will get a new agent after this debacle.

    • jack’s undeveloped brain

      Oooh everyone! Look at me cause I am awesome! I went to see Expandables again with friends, who I swear are not imaginary. Then I went to check out the auditorium where Scott Pilgrim was playing and even though this in no way affect my life at all, was happy to see the place empty.. Did I mention I am awesome by the way? And special.. My Mommy tells me so all the time

      • m1

        LOL. Notice how I put a period and not an exclamation point. LOL.

      • d

        Wit fail

      • Adam

        Strange response, dude.

      • jack

        Well, at least you called me awesome, so I’m happy, lol.

      • Kim

        You’re an idiot.

      • hmm

        u need a life jack, creeper

    • Jeb

      Too bad Expendables totally blows.

      Scrawny Michael Cera has better, more entertaining action scenes than all the ‘roided up men of the Expendables! Forget the box office — THAT’S WHAT’S SAD.

      • Respect

        I love it when a person who can’t get the type of body you see in movies sees somebody with that body, they pass it off as “had to be roids”. Similar to those who have not attained the highest tax bracket in income chalk up anybody who has made it to “they committed a crime and robbed the little guy” to get it.

        Just because YOU can’t do it does not make it impossible.

      • Doc J

        @ Respect – To be fair, Sylvester Stallone admits he used Human Growth Hormone to obtain this physique in his 60s. He has been admitting to doing them since at least Rocky Balboa.

      • point

        Stallone didn’t do HGH in the 60s, he did it in the 1980s and 90s, when having a huge bod was fashionable. Stallone was a kid in the 1960s.

      • John

        No Point…Doc J said Stallone did HGH IN HIS 60s….not the 60s. Read a little more carefully next time before typing a response.

    • Per Sjoblom

      Hmm. To watch a Stallone movie twice? You should get a donor card.

  • DW

    Scott Pilgrim, Toy Story 3, and Inception are the movies everyone should have seen this summer. At least they saw two of them…

    • Garrett

      Seen all 3 and my favorite my a small bit was Scott Pilgrim!

    • Will

      It’s so weird, it seems like everyone has seen Scott Pilgrim, yet…no box office numbers…sad times..but i agree with you those are the 3 best movies of the summer.

    • Shea

      DW, I totally agree! Those are the three best movies I’ve seen this year. I also agree with Jeb — “Scott Pilgrim” has far better fighting scenes than “The Expendables.” I wish more people would give “Scott Pilgrim” a chance and stop seeing those mindless spoofs.

  • bob

    I just saw Jean Claude Van Damme latest movie and it went Straight to DVD too….Van Damme said he is moving up that is why he turned down the expendables

    • Jamaaliver


      • Will


    • Blue Silver

      Jean-Claude Van Damme has a voice role in the upcoming “Kung Fu Panda 2″ and is also rumored to be offered a role in “The Expendables 2″; he will rise again. Having said that look for Steven Seagal in the upcoming, “Machete”, and everyone on this thread(including the haters) should go see, “The Expendables”; the greatest time at the movies this summer!

  • Maya

    I’m sad that Scott Pilgrim didn’t make more but here’s hoping it will still be hanging in the top 10 next weekend.

  • Turbo

    I am seriously envious of those 2 idiots that make those horrible movies like vampires suck.. They get a studio to finance their garbage with a very low budget, get unknowns to “act” in it, and do a lazy job at “directing” such drivel, market it with little fanfare and watch as the mindless dweebs pay money to see your c-rap.. Ok, now I truly believe those 2 are geniuses

  • darclyte

    Scott Pilgrim was different, that’s for sure, but it was not one of the best movies this Summer. I’m pretty surprised that the dopey Twilight spoof came in second as it was barely promoted, and soundly thrashed. Too bad the guys who did the Naked Gun movies couldn’t have done the spoof, these clowns who have been making these recent spoofs seemed to have gotten lazier and worse with each one since Date Movie which was the only one worth watching.

    • Jamaaliver

      And yet you keep watching them…..

    • Vikki Sixx

      Barely promoted? If by barely promoted, you mean 5 ads an hour on every channel that target teens to 30somethings.

  • E-Hustle


    That is not why Van Damme turned down the expendables. It’s because he didnt want to lose the fight to Jet Li. I think Dolph who took his spot did the best acting job out of the entire movie which had bad acting all over it. But still an enjoyable action movie that paid homage to all the old action heros. Atleast the black guy (Crews) didnt die. That was my highlight! =D

  • Mel

    I am embarrassed that I saw The Expendables this weekend. I wish I had gone to see Scott Pilgrim instead :( $30 doe the tube…

    • Blue Silver

      Girly-man :)

      • Mike in Moncton

        That’s what Michael Cera is, a girly man. I’ve never seen a guy defy puberty like that. Or maybe he’s gay.

  • AcaseofGeo

    My unexpected pleasure of the weekend was the “Nanny McPhee Returns” movie. It was a spontaneous decision that we went to see it. It was such a pleasant delightful surprise. We had previously thought that it would be just the same thing. In some aspects it was, and in some ways it touched us much deeper than we had thought…….aaaahhh, Maggie Smith…..

  • Woot

    I have a hard time believing Cinema Score is accurate. Everyone I know who saw Piranha 3-D loved it. Plus it got solid reviews. Plus I believe the Sorcerer’s Apprentice got like a B+ from Cinema score. It just seems inaccurate at times.

    • loops

      nope it’s true, it’s turd, only for fanboys who also loved the poorly received flop splice…crap film all around…admit it

      • m1

        Splice was well-received by critics.

      • Figi

        Splice was well-received by critics promoting the anti-German theme

    • hecati

      I saw Piranha and loved it, it lived up to all the hype and thought it was really well done.

  • James S.

    Wow. $10M for an R-rated b-movie gorefest is pretty good. I expected Piranha to open far below that.

    • Terry

      Though I wish they would open these flicks closer to Halloween. They keep opening scarier movies in late august when kids are going back to school. For a plick like this to open well, they need to open it in october or at least the middle of summer.

  • TheReelRussell

    I went to see The Expendables, Pirahna 3D AND Scott Pilgrim. SP was the best of the 3. I think it will do very well on dvd…and yes Joanne Serenity is a cult hit…thus the group…the Browncoats. Happy for Stallone and the rest of the old folks…I look forward to the sequel.

  • Lori

    Saw Pirahna 3D, surprisingly it was good, an absolute gore-fest but totally entertaining.

    • Tony

      Meanwhile everyone else gave it a C, So i dont believe u on that one.

      • hf

        A C is still a passing grade. It’s fun summer entertainment, nothing more.

      • woody

        RottenTomatoes has PIRANHA at 81% and everyone I know who saw it absolutely LOVED IT. It’s not art, but it blew Expendables AWAY, IMHO.

      • MDS

        Piranha 3D was a really entertaining hour and a half of over the top cheese and gross out gags. Also I think this must have been the funnest movie to be an extra on in the history of film. The over-acting by the extras in the background is hilarious!

  • ms Thing

    So much has been written about miss Aniston’s superstar draw, and yet, when she has to carry the movie by herself, without a major male lead, all she can muster is a paltry $8.1M! She is another case of Hollywood mega, empty overhype!

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