'Spider-Man': Emma Stone to be offered role as Mary Jane Watson

emmaImage Credit: Lester Cohen/WireImage.comSources confirm Deadline Hollywood‘s report this morning that Emma Stone will receive the coveted offer for the role of Mary Jane Watson in Sony’s reboot of the Spider-Man franchise. She will be taking on the role as Spidey’s love interest that Kirsten Dunst has played in three movies.

The 21-year old actress is quite the up-and-comer in Hollywood. Her current film Easy A has already generated $35 million in grosses and is destined to have another strong weekend this frame. That comes after her noticeable roles in last year’s Zombieland and 2007′s debut performance in Superbad. She is currently starring in DreamWorks’ adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s bestseller The Help, which Tate Taylor is writing and directing for the studio. Stay tuned for the official announcement.

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  • Sarah El

    Between her and Andrew Garfield, I think I’ll HAVE to see the new Spider-man, even if I don’t entirely care for seeing anymore Spider-man movies.

    • Jeanine

      I was thinking the same thing.

      • Jace

        haha! that’s funny!

    • tori

      You took the words out of my mouth Sarah El.

    • Brooke


      • Steve

        Relax. This Emma chick couldn’t care less about you, you’ll never have what she has, and this movie won’t change your miserable life. So why were you so pumped up again?

      • Walter

        @ Steve – You’ll have to pardon Brooke. She mistakenly thought this was news that you’d died. I’m sure that she’ll be devastated to find it’s not true.

      • Taylor

        lol Walter

      • Stevoreno

        Wow Steve, you’re kinda an a**hole. Tell me the logic in this: why would you read an article like this and not only take the time to post but to criticize people that liked it?

      • ObiHave

        @Steve…still bummed they aren’t making that Douche Man movie based on your life, are you?

      • GotOwned

        Steve. Get a life man.

      • teris

        I just wanted to agree with the consensus that Steve is a prick. Everyone here is a movie fan and you need to respect that or not comment.

      • jordan

        i think we all can agree.. steve kinda sucks

      • TerminationNation

        @Steve: WTF is your problem? Is it that time of the month already? Or are you just mad that the closest you’ll ever get to acting is going home and role-playing with your blowup girlfriend? Oh yeah and, nice job Walter.

    • Dave

      Sarah El, you said it. I still don’t see the need to already reboot the Spider Man films, but with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, I’ll certainly end up seeing the new movie.

      • Blue Silver

        I guess it’ll be ok because she’s a good actress. I just don’t think she has the look for MJ.

    • derek

      If they were going to go through with this remake, I was hoping they would at least change up the female lead and start with Gwen Stacy. She came before Mary Jane in the comics anyway. But Emma Stone is awesome, no doubt about that.

      • tracy bluth

        But MJ’s presence was always there- she was mentioned a lot by Aunt May. I personally was never a huge Gwen fan, although I’m probably alone on that.

      • angela

        Its not a ‘remake’ of the previous Spider-Man films, they are completely different new movies.

      • Nate

        Angela, you DO realize that the previous movies were remakes of the comic, which featured Gwen Stacy as the love interest just as noted above?

      • Julia

        Yes, but that would mean that she would die. I wouldn’t mind having Gwen in there, as long as we don’t go three movies just to have her die. Maybe they could start at her funeral or something.

      • derek

        I had read that this reboot was supposed to be darker than Raimi’s. So the first or second one ending with her getting killed would work great. Plus, I don’t see the point in going rehashing the same relationship when Spiderman has such a great and varied history.

      • zack

        Actually Gwen will be in this movie too. She has yet to be cast though, but they have said she will be in it. Im assuming maybe they will keep her alive though and make more of a love triangle cenario for all of them.

    • A-K87

      Defo agree. Stone is perfect and not just because of the red hair. She’s very watchable.

      • Buzz

        … and she’s easy on the ears as well as the eyes, with her distinctive voice – which is what really sets her apart from all the rest…

    • Doug

      Another entertainment site said that she wasn’t playing Mary Jane, she was playing Peter’s girlfriend before Mary Jane … can’t wait!!!

  • steve

    LOVE Emma Stone, so cute and smart and funny. So happy for her success!

  • Buddy

    Is Mary Jane a badass? Because I don’t see Emma Stone sitting around for someone to save her. I think she’s too awesome to play Mary Jane.

    • WhitneyD

      You know Mary Jane in the comics isn’t very passive. She’s smart, fiesty. And while yes, she’s been captured- more often than not, she’s the one who gives Peter the kick in the butt he needs to keep going. (Not to mention that in the comics, she refuses to let who he is stop her from being who she wants to be) I think it’s great casting.

      • Brooke

        Also, until the marriage was magically undone (long story, don’t ask), there have been stories when Mary Jane’s kicked ass on her own, and the villains haven’t gotten to her. She’s not your typical damsel in distress, at least, not in the comics.

      • ZeCo

        They never should have been married in the first place. It was just a publicity stunt they did to tie-in to the newspaper comic strip. When Pete and MJ got married, they weren’t even dating at that time. It was so forced, and MJ was constantly in trouble, constantly complaining, and always causing the story to derail while Pete worried about her. It got predictable and stupid. If you ask me, retconning the marriage out of existence was the best thing to happen to Spider-Man in a long time… Even if the *way* they did it sucked, because Joe Q is a bad writer who lacks depth and subtlety.

      • Brian

        The way they got married may have been bad, but there was nothing wrong with them being married. Better writing would’ve kept their marriage interesting, but instead of trying that, Joe Q decided it’d be better to never have any character development…

      • tracy bluth

        I was actually perfectly fine with them getting married. Sure, it may have come out of nowhere, but this whole “now they’re NOT married!” thing is ridiculous.

    • Sol

      Kristen Dunst was a bad Mary Jane. The character is awesome in the comics and most of the cartoons based on Spider-man.

      • m1

        I don’t think so. I think she did a great job looking scared and hurt. But it’s a shame that she wasn’t given room to do much else.

      • sarah

        Dunst CAN’T do much else. She can barely act herself out of a wet paper bag.

  • Skippy

    I appeared in a handful of shows with her back in AZ when she went by the name Emily Stone. She is a real sweetheart and I’m so proud of her for making it so BIG! She’s very talented and it’s a trip for me to see someone I used to know and hang out with become a big ol’ flipping movie star!

    • TerminationNation

      That’s awesome, Skippy! I knew Chris Evans before he hit it big.

  • Kim

    This is excellent news! Emma Stone is a good actress. I am very happy for her and her blooming career in acting! ^__^

  • dizzy

    I like her. She’ll give Mary-Jane that spunk that Kristen Dunst didn’t give her.

    • Sol


    • Donnon


  • Pete

    I hope she accepts the part. She would be the best choice for the role. Emma is the only one who can really do justice for the role of Mary-Jane. The only reason for her not being in the film, is that she turned it down most likely because she decided to do 21 Jump Street. Stone obviously is interested in doing the movie since she took a break from “The Help”, to audition for the role.

    Let’s hope this works out. For the role of Gwen Stacy, I think that Mia Wasikowska should play the part. Let’s wait to hear the official announcement.

  • JC

    Why are they even re-booting this? It hasn’t even been a decade?! Hollywood is completely out of ideas!

    • mal

      did you see spiderman 3? i’m guessing no, because if you had you’d realize that rebooting it is the ONLY way to go.

      • Brian

        Rami only got Peter half right in the other two movies too. Peter is NOT some emo depressed guy…he’s an eternal optimist. That’s why Spider-man’s funny. Spidey is the outlet for Peter’s confidence and his way of venting, and all of Rami’s films completely missed that incredibly important detail. The first movie came the closest, but it still had a ways to go.
        I just hope this new one doesn’t have a completely downer Peter Parker. Yes, he has guilt and angst, but he’s not a depressed guy. He’s a responsible one.

      • Will

        Wrong mal. What they could have done is NOT make a useless reboot.

      • angela

        Is that the way we do things now? ONE bad sequel – okay now its time to reboot?

      • Brett

        The fact is that Tobey Maguire is no longer a young man, and looks less like a young man with each passing year. It’s not necessarily that Spider-Man 3 was so bad, but that the actors playing the leads were getting a bit long in the tooth. Oh, and Brian? Raimi nailed Peter Parker in both of the first movies. He was very much the “emo” teenager in the first few years of the book.

    • ZeCo

      It’s not a “useless” reboot.

      Sony has the film rights to Spider-Man, and they keep the film rights only if they continue to make Spider-Man movies within a certain time frame. If there’s a lapse, then the rights can be reclaimed by Marvel Studios and Spider-Man falls out of Sony’s hands (whether by purchase, or default. Not sure which.)

      The reason they’re rebooting is because they want to keep the film rights to Spider-Man… So they’re cranking out this cheap reboot using low-cost, lesser known actors and director. It’s a small gamble for them to spend money on this “teen-oriented” reboot and hope for a teen audience to rush into theaters to see it. If they are as predictable as ever, Sony will at least break even and they get to keep Spider-Man for a while longer. Even if it bombs, they’ll be spending money to keep the rights to Spider-Man, and then they can reboot again and again, until they get another hit or until they get sick of it and let Disney/Marvel have Spider-Man back.

      • jk

        Right. Useless from a fan standpoint.

  • Nick

    Love Emma Stone, but I don’t think she’s the right fit for the part. She’s too cool for MJ.

    • Brian

      MJ is cool. I don’t know who Dunst was playing, because it wasn’t MJ.

    • Sol

      Don’t let Dunst’s lame MJ give you the wrong idea of the character. Watch the recent Spectacular Spider-man cartoon. MJ is definitely cool in it.

      • Brian

        Yes! SSM is the best version of Spidey anywhere, IMO. Even the comics. Sucks that it got canceled in the Disney/Marvel/Sony shuffle.

      • Sol

        @Brian: I credit Greg Weisman with the fantastic writing in SSM. I wish he was working on this reboot.

      • TerminationNation

        WHAT THE HELL! it got cancelled. CURSE YOU DISNEY F***ING XD!

  • tracy bluth

    First of all, I just want to say that despite the good casting I’m not sold on the reboot. The original two flicks were perfect for the source material. Secondly, I have to say I was surprised at how much I like Kristin in the original.

  • Serg

    Finally!! A red head gets to play Mary Jane. Emma Stone is pretty, she is hot, and her acting performance is usually the best part of the movie that she is in.

    Can’t wait to see this Mary Jane Watson on the big screen. Kirsten Dunst was a total disgrace as MJ, glad they are re-booting this franchise.

    • dizzy

      Yeah, I didn’t like Kirsten’s portrayal of MJ. I think Emma will do a good job. Did you know that she’s not a natural red-head; she’s naturally a blonde. I thought she was a natural red-head because it really suits her.

  • Jason

    Sony sure likes to keep it “all in the family”. They keep using the same actors for all their movies. From Andrew Garfield to Rooney Mara to Emma Stone. Well all three are great but why not try out new blood? I think the whole reboot sounds really stupid. They are going back to highschool twilight style, really?

    • Brian

      The Spider-man comics started in high school, so this isn’t exactly new territory (or derivative of Twilight) for the franchise.

      • m1

        Wow. Even when Twilight is irrelevant to a post, people still bring it up. Myself included. :)

    • Tracey

      WShy not use the same actors in their movies? That’s how the old studio system worked. Get ‘em cheap and build them into a highly bankable star.

    • angela

      I wasn’t aware Twilight created movies that take place in high school? The origin story of Peter Parker/Spider-Man started in high school, remember?

      • Sia

        Twilight is that HUGE that it’s talked about all the time WOW !!! Even haters need to realize that.

  • Jason

    P.S. isn’t Emma Stone the chick who decided to quit acting some months back just for P.R. and then came back? Can’t wait to see what other P.R. stunt she pulls.

    • Brian

      That was Amanda Bynes.

    • JB

      Dear god HOW on earth did you confuse the talented and fab Emma Stone with Amanda Bynes??

      They look nothing alike, and the only thing they share is they’re both in Easy A. Otherwise Stone has made some pretty awesome and recently popular films. Bynes, not so much.

    • maiv

      haha fail

  • m1

    Spider Man 3 was HORRIBLE.

  • Dumbledore Fluffernutter

    People saying that Emma Stone is too cool to play MJ obviously never read a Spider-man comic. MJ is supposed to a very cool, fun-loving REDHEAD. This is very good casting news indeed. I liked Kirsten Dunst, but Stone is really a better fit for the part. For this first movie though, MJ should not be the romantic lead; that should be either Betty Brant (mature brunette) or Gwen Stacy (glamorous blonde).

    • Niix Starkyller

      I still find it amusing that, for once, we fanboys (some anyway) are sitting around complaining that an actor is TOO cool to play a beloved character instead of not cool ENOUGH. That said, go Emma! I ran around touting her as the next big thing since I saw her in Superbad. I want mah darn cookie for that.

    • Pete

      Exactly. I think that she is the only one who can really play MJ well. Nobody else can. It will be so upsetting if she turns it down. It will be similar to Kate Hudson turning down the role in the original Spider-man.

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