Emma Stone officially cast in 'Spider-Man'...as Gwen Stacy!

The worst-kept secret in Hollywood is finally a reality. Sony Pictures announced today that Emma Stone will play Peter Parker’s love interest in Spider-Man. The surprise: she’ll be playing Gwen Stacy, not Mary Jane Watson as we had heard. The film will be directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) and stars Andrew Garfield — who can now be seen in The Social Network — as Peter Parker.

Sony and Stone go way back. Stone has starred in Superbad, The House Bunny, Zombieland, and the recent Easy A for the studio. To say she is one of head honcho Amy Pascal’s favorites would be an understatement. Says director Webb, “The chemistry between Andrew and Emma was stunning and made Emma the clear choice.”

Looks like Emma will be going back to her natural blonde roots for the role of Gwen.

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  • Larry David

    This has shocked everyone!! Gwen Stacy and not Mary Jane??? Wow! I am shocked. Biggest surprise. A lot of fans on the Spider-Man site are shocked too. No one could have expected this! We all thought she was gonna be Mary Jane, not Gwen Stacy. I am shocked! Really, really shocked!

    • Zach

      Who cares? As long as she’s in it, what’s there to complain about?

      • Chance

        And who exactly was complaining, Zach? Larry David?

      • Sam Puckett

        I think Jennette McCurdy would have made a better Gwen Stacey

      • nancy

        I prob would’ve made the best Gwen Stacy. But i guess I can settle for MJW. I guess. . . mwahahaha.

      • m.

        The problem is: it will be hard to cast Mary Jane if you cast Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. Like some others have said already: Kirsten Dunst didn’t really do justice for the role.

      • Kris

        You clearly don’t know what happens to Gwen Stacy. She wont be in the sequel.

  • Heath

    I will nevr understand why they cast redheads as blondes in these Spider-Man movies? WHY?! That said, Stone looked the part (sort of) of Mary Jane, but didn’t have the voice in my opinion. She’s pretty and very witty, but that voice is gruff.

    • Grubi

      Stone isn’t a natural redhead. She’s a natural blonde. It was Apatow’s idea to make her a redhead in Superbad and it’s stuck since then.

      • Kris

        She was a redhead in Drive, before Superbad.

      • Joe

        Let’s take one of the best comic book stories, make a billion dollar franchise in movies, then reboot it and take a sh!t on everything about the comic. Ridiculous….

    • nunnya

      OMG, I wondered the same thing!!!! Bryce Dallas Howard and Emma Stone are both iconic redheads. Both playing the blonde Gwen Stacy… when Mary Jane has red hair. Weird.

  • Steph

    YES! Gwen Stacy not MJ! I am happy to see that. I think Stone is a good choice but,really, I ma just thrilled they are having Gwen be the female lead. Hopefully they don’t kill her off. But won’t hold my breath on that one.

    • Kristina

      They should stick to the story. That’s all I’m going to say.

      • Flip

        Agreed. SNAP!!! :D

    • Aliza

      they have to kill her off. In all of comic book history she’s one of the only characters to stay dead. there would be geek riots if they let her live happily ever after

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Hmmm I love Emma Stone but I pictured her easily as the fun party girl that is MJ (Don’t let the Spider Man Trilogy with Dunst fool you) Gwen Stacey was more the wholesome type.

    • bruno

      yeah. i’m not diggin this at all. she just doesn’t seem the type to even be in this kind of movie to me. hmmm…

  • Patrick

    So for the Raimi movies they cast a blonde as Mary Jane, and this time around they cast a redhead as Gwen Stacy?

    • Hannah

      Better than that — they also cast a redhead (Bryce Dallas Howard) to play Gwen Stacy in the original trilogy.
      So it’s a blonde playing a redhead, a redhead playing a blonde and a redhead (in the spotlight, even if she is a natural blonde) playing a blonde again.

    • Summer

      Emma Stone is a natural blonde. She dyed her hair red for a few movie roles.

      • Phanith

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  • Bryan

    I guess no one reads the article before commenting on it. Stone is a natural blonde, not a redhead.

  • sam


    • Adie

      Some things need time to mtianrae. This was one of them. It is actually more fun this way, as it is a surprise. Love seeing this post.

    • Najwa

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  • Princess

    WTF? I love Mary Jane….Gwen Stacey is a w***e. I was really hoping for a Spidey 4 movie w/ Kristen and Tobey, but I guess that isn’t happening. Looks like I won’t be seeing this installment of Spiderman…

    • Cris

      Gwen Stacy is a whale?!?!

      • Matt


  • Anna

    Really thought she was going to be MJ. I don’t really know much about Gwen Stacy except that she dies. Would have preferred her as MJ but I guess the producers know what they’re doing

    • mary q contrary

      my sentiments exactly, word for word

  • Flip

    This is stupid. It’s Spider-Man and MARY-JANE, not Spider-Man and that dead b!tch Gwen Stacy.
    Oh well. No plans to see this movie. At least I have the Raimi dvds to enjoy.

    • Lucy

      Awesome. Enjoy your repeated viewings of the dancing scene from Spider-Man 3. I’ll take my chances on Emma Stone as the ‘dead b!tch’.

      • Stan Lee

        that scene was awesome for two reasons. 1) It made you want to despise Peter with the black suit. 2)guess what? It’s a movie based on a comic book, from 50 years ago

      • Griff

        1) It actually made me despise the move. 2) guess what? black suit Spider-man came around in the 80′s, so either you math is awful or you just are misinformed and come off kinda like a d*uche

    • tracy bluth

      I’m still going to stick to the first two Raimis. Sorry Andrew Garfield.

      • Sean

        Ya I honesly might not go see these movies. There making the new ones into
        1. a reboot of an already established and world-known franchise.
        2. They’re making it into a movie that only teens will be able to identify with.

        The originals had morals and a true meaning to what it means to be a good person. These will just be a bunch of kids running around in capes (obviously not capes but you know what I mean.)

      • Brian

        I’m SURE Spider-man will retain the morals and what it means to be a good person. However, I’m hoping that there’s more humor and confidence in Spidey’s character, rather than depression. Yes he’s got angst, but Peter Parker is an optimist and the Rami films missed that completely.
        Spider-man started in the comics as a teenager, so why not put him back in high school here?

  • Brian

    There’s no reason to think that MJ won’t be brought in later on. And hey, is this going to be the classic “nice girl” Gwen, or will it be the Ultimate “punk rocker” Gwen?

    • Flip

      But we shouldn’t have to suffer through Gwen Stacy to get to that point.
      This is clearly Marvel’s doing…they eliminated MJ from the comics and they definitely don’t want her represented in film. People might get the “wrong” idea and want the marriage back. *rolls eyes*

      • tracy bluth

        I want the marriage back.

      • Brian

        This movie’s supposed to start at the beginning. Gwen was the beginning. And this gives them the chance to do MJ correctly, unwanted setup orchestrated by Aunt May and all.
        Just because Gwen’s Peter’s first love, it doesn’t mean she’s Peter’s true love by any means.

      • Quirky

        Marvel has no say in the Spiderman movies. The rights (and the blame) all belong to Sony.

  • hans

    yeeeeessss! i really didnt want her to play mary jane.

  • tracy bluth

    Maybe she’ll make Gwen…likable? At least she’s better than Diana Agron (Diana looks the part, but as an actress she just bores me). And again, I guess I’m the only one who liked Dunst’s MJ…in the first two films only though.

    • Brian

      I liked her MJ in the first movie. It was the closest to comics MJ she ever got. But it was downhill from there.

  • Sean

    Ok clearly some people here have never read the original comics. Gwen Stacy was a seductive cheerleader in high school that flirted with Peter like crazy. MJ was wholesome, beautiful and down to earth. Stone is perfect for Stacy because she is that party girl type. Nice move Sony! P.S. I don’t think this shocked the Spiderman world. In fact, I think many people are excited to see Emma play this role instead of the other. I was actually hoping they would bring back the Stacy from Spiderman 3 to revive this role….she was perfect. Emma will fit perfect into this role though as it is clear Sony is trying to market the movie to a younger teen generation

    • Brian

      Not exactly. Gwen and MJ were introduced in the original comics once Peter went to college. Gwen was the smart, studious one and MJ was the fun-loving party girl with hidden depth. Neither was a cheerleader.
      In the Ultimate version, which was released to coincide with the first movie, MJ was made wholesome like Dunst and Gwen was made into a punk rocker.

    • Rois,ireland

      I never read the comics and didn’t watch SM3 (just haven’t gotten around to it, I actually can’t believe I haven’t yet since I loved the first 2) so haven’t heard of this character but I LOVE Emma Stone so I’m psyched, didn’t know she was a blonde, you learn something new everyday I guess

  • Jazz

    Well this is what I get for complaining about rumors that she would be MJ…this is definitely worse news then I was expecting. I mean seriously, they couldn’t cast a blond for Gwen? So now, I’m more upset now that she’s been cast as the role I didn’t expect…

    • Brian

      She IS a blond. It’s right there in the article.

      • Jazz

        My mistake, I meant a natural blond who looks pretty with her natural hair color…

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