Jaden Smith exclusive: A possible sci-fi 'journey' with M. Night Shyamalan, and will there be another 'Karate Kid'?

jaden-smithImage Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesIn the wake of his breakout turn in this summer’s hit The Karate Kid, Jaden Smith has growing movie-star mojo — like his dad, Will, but scaled down to a 12-year-old’s size. So how will he capitalize on his newfound clout? Though his name, along with his sister Willow’s, has been attached to an adaptation of the kids’ graphic-novel series Amulet—a dark fantasy tale about two lost kids who are searching for their mother—Smith tells EW that isn’t on his immediate to-do list. Instead, his next film will most likely be 1000 A.E., a science-fiction project that’s being developed for him to star in, with M. Night Shyamalan slated to direct. “We’re reading the script right now,” he says. “I don’t want to give it away because that wouldn’t be tight, but it’s set in the future and it’s about a journey.” Perhaps not surprisingly, given the movie’s nearly $360 million global box office haul, Sony is also batting around the idea of a sequel to The Karate Kid. “They’re talking about it,” Smith says. Added to the mix is a script Disney recently purchased as a possible vehicle for Smith called Monster Witness Relocation Program. But just to be on the safe side, he’d better keep those karate skills sharp.

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  • UGH

    Starring in a Shylamaladingdong movie is almost the kiss of death these days.
    I kind of like that idea with this arrogant brat.

    • George

      I completely agree. An awful director for an awful actor.

      • Tag

        I don’t think young Smith is a bad actor. He did a decent job in “The Karate Kid,” even if the role didn’t call for much. Shymalan’s career is strange to me. People used to love him, and now they seem to enjoy watching him fail. I don’t know much about him. Is it personal? Really, I’m asking.

      • reel_deal

        I think Tag, the problem people have with Shyamalan is that he gained this sucess as a filmmaker and he began to indulge all of his characteristics and styles as well as rehash old plot devices, hopefully 1000AD gets him back on track.

    • Chris

      lol. I haven’t laughed all day. Thanks for that.


      Lil Jaden might bring things back for him… Sorry, but I watched this kid and he has raw talent and is sharp as a knife.. People see it as cocky, I see it as self confidence..

    • Jacob

      Really? We’re still calling him that? My goodness, people, grow up.

      And yeah, not cool knocking a 12 year old kid, entitled, spoiled, arrogant or otherwise. He’s just a kid. What Will has done for his kids isn’t any worse than any other stage mom/dad, except he has the money to back them…

      Also, Shyamalan has proven himself a capable director, but as a writer, he needs to learn a few things about dialogue and thematically relevant revelations vs cheap surprise endings. I’ve completely given up on him as a writer, but I have hope for him as simply a director of other people’s material.

      Take away the clunky dialogue and the sounds-cool-on-paper-but-not-in-execution concepts, and he might make a decent movie again. Also, from the looks of it, he’s not writing this one, so…

    • Greg

      How long before he beats up his girlfriend, get arrested for coke, and winds up in jail?

  • B Willis

    M. Night is not a bad director. He’s just a bad writer. from a Tech perspective, a majority of his movies are shot beautifully. If they can get a good screen writer the movie could be decent. Will Smith is not gonna put his kid in a sucky movie & with Will most likely producing, they’ll get the best screen writer money can buy.

  • “We’re reading the script right now,”


    • FromChicago

      At least he’s rich – beyotch!

  • Zombie Jesus

    This is the part where suppossed “adults” will come on here to bash a 12 year old child.

    Nothing more heroic and courageous than putting down other people’s children who you have never met.

    It’s right up there with making fun of the handicapped.

    • KC

      Welcome to the internet!

      • Zombie Jesus

        Oh, I am not naive to think no one will do it. And certainly trash talking is the backbone of American culture. But maybe before they spew their hate they can read my post and just let it go.

      • Judo Thong

        I’d almost agree with Z.J.’s statement if Jaden didn’t come across as such an arrogant kid.

      • The Devil

        @Judo – “arrogant kid,” with an emphathis on kid. Yeah, i’d much rather EW report on all matters relating to Lindsay Lohan’s rehab, Paris Hilton’s whatever, then to read about a kid that actually does movies. One that what dynamite at the box office.

  • ^ ^ ^

    What? What?
    Apples and oranges there with your analogy.

  • KC

    Zombie Jesus, your grasp of proper grammar is astounding!

    • Zombie Jesus

      Oh, was this a grammar test? Or are we on an entertainment website commenting about Jaden Smith?

    • @KC

      What is wrong with his grammar?

  • Chris

    That kid has a crazy ego on him. The pic says it all.

  • Nomi Malone

    I’m waiting for the sex tape myself

    • natalie portmenteau

      Nomi, you rock my world. Are you still eating lots of brown rice?

  • JJ

    I wish my parents bought me a career and lead me into a Hollywood life at a young age so I wouldn’t know what it means to achieve something on my own but just make millions to have a skewed sense of reality too!

  • Adwina Lambert

    May you two arrogant, pompous-swaggering, curry-smelling duo bomb spectacularly! tee-hee!


    Lovely, bashing a 12 year old who is witty, talented and damn humorous.

    I know it’s hard to love kids that are self-assured. We are so used to hearing about bullies. Jaden is talented and I would rather have my kid watch his movies than to be a Paris, Bristol, Lohan, Spears fan!! We hate successful, intelligent kids don’t we?

    • bezza

      I hate his parents. I merely dislike the kid.

  • George W. Bush

    Why must celebrities inflict their children on us when we don’t want them? And why must Shymalan inflict more bad movies on us?

    • Juke

      Why did your parents force your presidency on us?

  • F

    What’s creepy is how much he and his sister look alike, right down to the “I’m Richer Than You” sneer.

    • Greg

      I have a theory that they are one in the same and his dad puts him in a dress when it is time to pimp his “daughter” to the media

  • MWeyer


  • datruth82

    No offense, but alot of these posts seem filled with racist vitriol. Kate Hudson only broke into Hollywood b/c of her mother. I don’t see anyone complaining. Same thing for Michael Douglas. Again no complaints. Cue Kiefer Sutherland. Who else? Colin Hanks. Jeff Bridges. Carrie Fisher. Ben Stiller. Bryce Dallas Howard. Shoot, Drew Barrymore was a drug addict and alcoholic at 13. 13!!! Happy she turned her life around, but Jaden’s done nothing even close to this. And, it’s not a problem for any of the aforementioned to get ahead with the exact same brand of nepotism that you’re trying to ping on Jaden. And, no offense. These people are all stuck up. They live in a completely different environment than the average person will ever experience. So, point blank – if Jaden were a little white child with a famous father, no one would be on here complaining about a thing. But, oh no. Let it be a little black boy and his sister living better and seeing the world in a way 99.9% of the people on this site never will, and it’s an issue.

    • Havinfun

      Oh please, the race card is so 1990’s. Arrogance is the real issue here.

      • datruth82

        Uh, you’d like to think it was 1990s. What country do you live in? Please. I heard someone just this week talking about ‘black people this and black people that’ – and I live in what’s supposed to be a large, cosmopolitan, modern-thinking city. So, no offense. It’s not pulling a card. It’s calling people out.

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