Lindsay Lohan's 'Inferno' role flames out

This has got to burn: A rep for Matthew Wilder — the director of the upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic, Inferno — confirmed with EW that the helmer will be recasting Lindsay Lohan’s role as the Deep Throat actress. Up until this point, Wilder had been supportive of Lohan throughout her legal troubles, insisting that he would wait until she fully completed rehab to start filming the feature. The director, however, has now decided to replace Lohan with another actress, whose identity will be announced on Monday. Said Wilder to E! Online: “We have stuck by Lindsay very patiently for a long time with a lot of love and support … Ultimately, the impossibility of insuring her — and some other issues — have made it impossible for us to go forward.” Lohan is currently at a sober house affiliated with the Betty Ford Center, where she checked into rehab after violating her probation earlier this fall. Stay tuned Monday to hear who will now burn up the screen as the infamous porn star.

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  • snark

    Tara Reid call you agent

    • Joe

      lol, the director’s probably done sucking as much publicity from Lohan’s drama as he could and has already been looking for a replacement for a now…

      • Wzrd1

        Wow, it is REALLY messed up when an actress is SO messed up that she can’t play a messed up porn star!

      • Moop

        why seeking? and lovemore: You’re comments have nothing to do with the article and especially nothing to do with the comment you replied to. A doctor and a lawyer posting on a site like this to get a date? Get real! And what is with the definitions for “fart”?

      • chris

        Moop, it’s called SPAM… This sh*t is on every message board… it’s unavoidable…

      • susan gordon

        Ha ha Dark lord. ……Seriously?

      • FFFart

        DarkLord?… Is that you? We should have never broken up.

    • Ty

      No one seems to point out that whoever was making this movie was just using Lindsay for the publicity. There in no way they didn’t know she was uninsurable for months. I’d say that after 1st trip to jail it was pretty much set in stone that she couldn’t be insured. I hope that this trip to rehab teaches her to recognize the leeches and the users in her life.

      • Sheila

        This is the best for Lindsay herself…maybe another reminder of the importance of staying sober and a chance to focus on more important issues–like healing herself rather that delving into the role of another hurting woman. As for the money…its all dirt if she doesn’t have her sobriety.

      • onebuckchuck

        And how many times has she been to rehab??? No way to fix this train wreck. What people dont get is that only SHE has the power to quit acting like an idiot. No amount of ‘rehab’ is going to fix anyone unless they take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for their actions and own up to it. She doesn’t think she has a problem. People keep coddling her and she uses them……thats what addicts do. No one will allow her to hit rock bottom, but its coming!

      • Heidi

        I have a feeling Lindsay might have decided it was not a good idea to be around users and to have her comeback film be s a porn star. She’s probably opening her eyes for the first time in a long time and doesn’t want to go back. Good.

        And yes I do agree that they’ve probably known for a while that she couldn’t be insured. I think they would have shot it anyhow with her but its the ‘other things’ like maybe a new attitude towards what is good for her and what is just plain stupid, that had them back away from each other.

      • Stu

        It may be that Lohan’s manager and Wilder coordinated when they would make the announcement. After all they are backing out on her, they would probably give wide leeway as to when the announcement was made.

      • mci

        Oh shut up, you gaseous tool. You haven’t got the first clue what they knew or when they knew it.

      • kh

        I’ll bet they just didn’t announce it until they had a replacement signed.

        @onebuckchuck: “What people dont get is…” – don’t worry, everyone gets it. But I guess if you didn’t start out with that, then you’d look stupid stating the obvious.

    • fred

      I think Sarah Palin might be interested in this part. She’s always up for media exposure.

      • winner

        you, my friend, are a pathetic loser. Fed up with Palin? then STFU

      • Greg

        It might finally be something Palin is good at. Acting, I mean.

      • fred

        Struck a nerve, did I? Why in the USA must someone who doesn’t like Palin STFU? Tea-Partiers don’t believe in free speech?

      • winner

        sorry Fred you are right. So You think Palin would be good….. nahh. I think we should start a movement to get Michelle Obama to play a porn star. I am sure someone with her “assets” could play the star of Deep Throat. This free speech stuff is good!

      • winner

        the more I think about it the better I like it…. sample dialogue “for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my…. gaaaggggggggg”

      • Chuck

        How about Michelle Obama?

        She has been tramping herself out for her hubby in a desperate attempt to save his career…and the fake smile she has shows that big things can not only go out her mouth but in as well.

        PALIN ROCKS AND IS SEXY TOO…..way better than the trio of Hilary, Michelle and Barrack….oh yeah and Hilary’s wife Bill…the real reason the USA GOT ATTACKED!!!!

      • jmr

        If only Palin would catch hepatitis during filming, I say let her have the role! But she’s a money grubbing cu-t so it will be expensive to hire her. Anyway, she gets to publicity whore and we get rid of her disgusting mouth years early due to her hepatitis. Ms. Lovlace she should be!

      • mci

        Palin couldn’t be insured either. Too much danger she’d quit halfway through filming.

      • Greg

        Now, Sarah Palin is practicing riding the Tyrannosaurus, hope to appear in Jurassic Park III.

      • Stosh

        Fred, you nailed it. Tea baggers only believe in free speech when it is speech they agree with. They only believe in democracy when they win elections. Did you notic that when the Dems won, the tea baggers whined about non-existant voter fraud? But when they won – no voter fraud! Isn’t that amazing!

      • Reese

        Stosh… Are you being obtuse? BOTH sides of the political aisle pull the same s#!+. To think that one side is some how going to act differently when the shoe is on the other foot is foolish.

      • Rentin

        That is funny stuff.

    • sdfgsdf

      HOORRRRAAAAAAY!!!! YAY!!!!!!

    • Bruce Perkins

      Tara Reid? heh is that sex kitten even relevant these days?

  • Troy

    Meh, I dont care for this movie anymore.. Oh wait, i never did to begin with.. Moving along, nothing to see here…

    • Talgington Fostrephonie

      Why did you read the article if you don’t care?

      • Gary

        Why do you care if he doesn’t care?

      • Ungly Bob

        Why do you care that he cares about people not caring?

      • Joe

        why do you care that gary doesn’t care about talgington not caring about troy not caring?

      • Leela

        It’s okay, friends, I care for us all.

      • Another Gary

        You should take this on the road…

      • Tim

        Care: a person or thing that is an object of attention, anxiety, or solicitude

      • meh

        i gotta fart

      • Wzrd1

        I don’t care either. It was a combination of morbid curiosity AND I needed a laugh.
        Both urges were satisfied.

      • Meat is Murder

        Joe and Ungly Bob, seriously…why should you care if Gary wonders and probably cares that Talgington Fostrephonie cares about Troy not caring about the movie?

      • usul

        To expel intestinal gas through the anus; break wind
        1. An often audible discharge of intestinal gas.
        2. An annoying or foolish person.

      • kmjs

        Heh–that was more fun than reading the article.

      • onebuckchuck

        Very well done! Absolutely better reading than the article. Lindsey who? Oh yea, someone cares to not care about caring for the care they are about to care for. Ugg, how stupid

    • Damn, not tatas

      Damn, I was hoping she was going to do a bunch of sex scenes

      • onebuckchuck

        Dude, I wouldn’t want to see that scab encrusted cr0tch at any price! What hasn’t this turd nailed?

  • Talgington Fostrephonie

    Poor Lindsay Lohan. The girl can’t catch a break.

    • Yawn

      Catch a break? She did! She made it in Hollywood but decided to waste the opportunity.

      • Mike

        true that. Only a few dozen make it to the level she was once at out of nearly 7 billion human beings. She’s trash. Not to mention she’s now suing the TV show Glee for defamation of character. Yeah, they were stating facts. She’s a doped up fool.

    • HF


      She did more than catch a break, she was a superstar, she then wasted her career.
      I have no pity on a pampered past superstar who can’t even get a job as a dope-head porn actress.

      • Terry

        Maybe she could star in the jan Micheal Vincent Story.

      • Thomas

        I don’t think Lohan was ever at the level of a “superstar”.

    • Thomas Bodetti

      By not getting the role she may have just saved her career this film is going to be a huge flop

      • Garry

        Yeah, after making such a mess of herself, I don’t think starring in a soft porn film was such a great idea anyway.

      • Ricky

        It’s already a huge flop. done & over with. She can’t blame anyone but herself.

    • ajay c

      I don’t think she will be considered for a major role for a very long time. Lohan is too much of a liability, but that’s not to say that she can’t bounce back. The industry gives people way too many chances for redemption.

      • LEAN6

        I believe the reason for dumping her, they couldn’t afford to wait any longer and couldn’t insure her. When that situation works for a different movie and different director, she will work again, and her addiction and lifestyle will continue to be facilitated until tragedy or until she achieves a Robert Downey Jr type of turnaround.

      • CasualObserver


        big acting talent difference between LiLo and Downey Jr.

      • Ricky

        I doubt any producer or director will consider her now.. Uninsurable, you’re down the drain.

      • mci

        Downey has 100x times Lohan’s talent, and male actors have much lengthier careers at the top anyway. More time to turn it around.

    • Scott

      She had a break and she blew it.

      • Dan

        Then she blew it at blowing it.

    • muhrvis

      I know, it’s really a terrible shame that a good looking woman with no talent can’t star in movies anymore because he acts like a loser.

    • Surf_Dog

      Catch a break?

      The courts have given this girl so many breaks and she has blown each and every one of them! Todd Bridges of the TV show Different Strokes did some serious time – he didn’t get such breaks as this girl has been given. I bet he is seriously pi$$ed!

  • OhMyLohan

    She can play the role for me.

    • muhrvis

      Except that you lack a penis.

  • Will

    I remember a couple of years ago Anna Faris was attatched to this role, then she did House Bunny, and bid this project adieu. The script must be golden if they’re still trying to get this made after this long.

  • Jager

    LOVELANCE? Doesn’t your website have these things called EDITORS?

    • HF

      They outsource to India.

      • Ghandi

        We in India use and understand the English language better than Americans.

      • Codepwned

        I seriously doubt that. I work in IT.

      • ajay c

        Despite your racist and stereotypical views, Indians are quite proficient in the English language.

        To the person who made the IT comment, Indians excel in almost anything they set out to do. To employ an aphorism, Info-Technology is just “the chip of the iceberg”. For proof, just review the projected GDP growth by top US economists of India for the next ten years.

      • happyinsa

        They may be proficient in the English language. But whenever I’ve called inbound 800# for various things, I can’t ever understand them because of the heavy accent and pronunciation of words. I’m hard of hearing too, and seem to understand americans better. call apple. the one’s that answer the phone sound like americans.

      • rt

        not to be overly critical (and I agree with your comment for the most part), but the phrase is “the TIP of the iceberg.” if you are going to use an aphorism to demonstrate your English proficiency, it would be more effective to use it correctly :) (I think you combined it with the phrase “chip off the old block.”)

      • Scrum

        You may use and understand it better, but you sure don’t SPEAK it better!

      • jhollmes

        lol…indians own 711s and they think everyone who walks in will steal. freaking morans,

      • Aishwarya

        Wow… is that what you lot think of Indians? We speak in thick accents and can’t speak or write in English? I am an Indian and currently studying at Stanford. Guess at least I will be qualified for the call centre job that awaits me. God and you wonder why the rest of the world hates Americans. Crack a newspaper once in a while. India is one of the fastest growing countries in terms of GDP and education. And we Indians have our pride.

      • usul

        Maybe if those Indians would put away their bows and arrows and smoke a peace pipe with us Americans, they would learn to speak English more better.

      • Lord Binki

        Ghandi, if people in India understand and use the English language better than Americans, could you do us a huge favor and learn to speak it if you get a job involving customer service over the phone please? It would save a lot of time for all involved, and increase productivity. Thank you.

      • Dan

        Everyone hates americans yet everyone wants to move here. Get off your high horse, go back and read through the comments and find the hypocrite. In the words of Linda Lovelace, Thanks-you and come again. (thats just a joke folks)

      • Tracy

        I’m a native English speaker who speaks several other languages, and I have a harder time understanding some of my fellow US citizens who have heavy accents than I do my Indian colleagues. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is that the Indians I know who grew up speaking English tend to use British pronunciation with enunciation that’s often unique to Asia. This is often true of others as well, like Canadians from the far northeast. If you listen and make an effort, it’s not hard to understand. Try to remember that you may not be that easy to understand to them, either.

    • CasualObserver

      Actually, Lovelance is quite appropriate.

    • smithypoo

      Yep, and Helmer is not a word.

    • muhrvis

      The comment section doesn’t have any EDITROS either.

  • D

    This is what needs to happen to her..her behavior has to have consequences. Anything different is enabling and validating her behavior. So long as her access exceeds her self discipline, she may as well stick a gun in her mouth and be done with it. Waiting for her to come out just enables the behavior.

  • Harry

    There’s always real porno movies for Lindsay.

    • HF

      I would rather NOT watch that.
      That girl has lost everything she ever had, T&A included.

  • Who’s it gonna be?

    Courtney Love would’ve been perfect for this in the past, and I mean than respectively. Now… my mind is running towards Mischa Barton and Chloe Sevigny-that is of course only if this movie has some actual caliber. If it lakes any ability of being a true-gritty work of art, then it will surely star a generic D-List scream queen or someone from the CW. The thing that’s interesting to me is whether or not actresses will even want to go after a role Lohan has already made famous. It’s also interesting to wonder whether or not this movie even has a shot in hell of being any good (were they casting the talented Lindsay Lohan in a role that would revive her career… or was it a B movie landing a name actress). This development of this movie has been fun to follow… I can’t possibly picture it working well though.

    • KWise

      You meant it “respectively?” Do you mean, respectfully?

    • muhrvis

      You’ve thought *that* much about this movie? Oh dear.

    • whatever

      you think mischa barton is talented? evidently noone in hollywood does… also this is not exactly an A-List project. Yeah, i am sure ever A lister in hollywood is chomping at the bit to play a porn star. Most people if they wanted to play a porn star could actually go BE in a porn. This was a bs project from the start that was DOA and this director used LL’s infamy to further his own agenda.

    • ick

      Get Sasha Grey. If porn stars want to be “legit” actors, let them play porn stars. We have enough actors in hwood that can’t act without employing ones that already have lucrative careers putting sex acts on film.

  • maxwell

    Lindsey “the Loser” Lohan, who cares if you want to crash and burn?

  • tom

    i understand this is a journalistic tpye site….and they should spell correctly….but go shut up you bloggers….they are trying to get a story out before someone like perez….i would rather read it here with a “typo” then there….plus get a life…i just read and if i see the typo…o well…i still get the article….haters come i am sure

    • tom

      i see my own typos and grammatical errors above….but comment anyway

    • Sneaker

      Geeez!!! Take a very basic English class dude! Got school????

  • HF

    Pretty sad when an actress is not even fit to play a drugged out porn star.

    • Liam

      No kidding. Tell us Lindsey, just what kind of wood to they make the bottom of the barrel from?

    • Garry

      It’s typecasting, actually–I’m guessing that before long, she WILL be a drugged out porn star.

  • 3 Dog Mama

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. I knew because of insurance issues that they would have a hard time insuring her. I don’t feel sorry for her. She has made mistake after mistake after mistake. Maybe some day she can make another movie once she proves to the studios that she is going to stay dry.

    • Liam

      Yup. For now the studios are hanging onto their 10 foot poles.

  • Alex

    This proves that Lindsay cant’ even suck!

    • Joe Fattal

      Oh no!. Lindsay can suck, but maybe it wasn’t enough sucking for her.

      • Alex

        That’s my point, I was just being sarcastic.

        Lindsay BLOWS!!!!!!

  • JPX

    Well this isn’t surprising at all. The only thing surprising in all of this is that the director was considering the borderline personality, drug addict Lohan at all. Her career is DOA.

    • dan

      Who CARES!

      • suziq

        It’s a blessing for Lindsey. She has better things to look forward to than playing a porn star. She has the opportunity to start fresh in a new direction and I for one am glad it’s not as linda lovelace.

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