Box Office Report: 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' debuts to franchise-best $125.1 mil

Image Credit: Jaap Buitendijk

Well done, Potter. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1 posted the franchise’s best opening ever by grossing $125.1 million this weekend, according to studio estimates. That figure smashes the wizarding series’ prior opening-weekend record of $102.7 million, held by 2005’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The new Potter flick also registered the sixth largest opening weekend of all time, landing just behind this year’s Iron Man 2, which debuted to $128.1 million in May.

Deathly Hallows launched its weekend spell late Thursday night when 3,700 theaters screened the PG-13 fantasy movie at midnight. (Some theaters arranged showings as late as 3:15 a.m.). The movie gathered $24 million from those screenings en route to a Friday tally of $61.2 million — the fifth best opening day, period. After Friday, Deathly Hallows essentially followed the box-office trajectory of The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which was released on the same November weekend last year. New Moon earned a record $72.7 million its opening day, and then fell 42 and 34 percent on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. Deathly Hallows held up a tad better, dropping 38 percent on Saturday (for $38.2 million) and an estimated 33 percent on Sunday (for $25.8 million). While Warner Bros. may have preferred a somewhat steadier ride from Deathly Hallows, no one’s complaining, least of all moviegoers — CinemaScore audiences gave the movie an “A” grade.

The weekend’s other new wide release, the break-my-wife-out-of-prison thriller The Next Three Days, could have used a charm or two. The $30 million movie landed in fifth place and earned an estimated $6.8 million — star Russell Crowe’s worst opening since 2006’s A Good Year. However, 83 percent of the PG-13 film’s audience was more than 25 years old, and the older a movie’s crowd gets, the less likely they are to immediately rush out and see it. With a “B+” rating from CinemaScore audiences, Lionsgate is hoping the picture will benefit from good word-of-mouth during the Thanksgiving holiday.

Despite having to play second fiddle to a teenage wizard, DreamWorks Animation’s Megamind slid a respectable 45 percent for $16.2 million. After three weeks, the superhero comedy has collected $109.5 million. In third place was the Denzel Washington runaway-train thriller Unstoppable, which grossed $13.1 million its second week — a deceleration of 42 percent. And the road-trip comedy Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis, held up better than expected its third week. The R-rated film dropped 41 percent for $9.2 million, bringing its cumulative total to $72.7 million.

In limited release, the Oscar-hopeful Made in Dagenham, starring Sally Hawkins as an activist who leads the charge for female equal pay in 1960s England, debuted in three theaters and earned a decent $41,100. White Material, the French film by acclaimed director Claire Denis, also premiered in three theaters and grossed $36,300. And Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours continued to perform well as it gradually expands. The true-story drama, starring James Franco as a mountain climber who gets trapped by a boulder, took in $915,000 from 108 locations. Check back next week as four movies — Burlesque, Faster, Love and Other Drugs, and Tangled — launch on Wednesday for the extended Thanksgiving weekend. Which one will play the role of the turkey?

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1 — $125.1 mil
2. Megamind — $16.2 mil
3. Unstoppable — $13.1 mil
4. Due Date — $9.2 mil
5. The Next Three Days — $6.8 mil

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  • Harry Vagina

    What an EPIC flop! Twilight still beat it. AHAHAHAHA. This is a major letdown of what was previously expected. Harry Potter goes out on a whimper while Twilight didn’t even end and made MORE money than this crap!
    Harry Potter fans are probably crying right now!

    • JB

      Nope. Because we know that twilight dropped all across the boards weekend after weekend. I still know TONS of people(including my family) who can’t get to see Harry til NEXT weekend. It will pick up huge steam next weekend where Twilight went “poof”.

      Go back to kissing your Pattinson poster.

      • Lins

        love it :)
        Deathly Hallows was wicked I will be going several times more :)

      • tipsy

        OP is a guy and obviously not even a Twihard but someone who wanted to flame Potheads and succeeded 100%. Lmao! He very likely does the same to twihards by pointing out HP`s critical score that has always been high fresh while Twi was always various levels of rotten.

      • Bradley

        Don’t even begin to compare it to Twilight.

      • amanda

        i like both harry potter n twilight but if i have to choose i say harry potter took my lil bro c it on openin nite fri got tickets a wk n half early n they had 12 showings that day not to mention the midnite one and all they gave us was 3 times to choose from out of 12 n ya i saw twilight on openin day n ya it die down after the first wkend but hey everyone has they own prefences to each they own i say

    • gwen

      I wish it was a flop so that we could stop hearing about it. I also wish Twilight was a flop for the same reason. Unfortunately, both franchises (and that’s what they are, the McDonald’s and Burger King of the film industry) have legions of easily entertained morons, like yourself, to be huge hits.

      • Woot

        Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is a fantastic movie. Say what you want about the franchise, but I would LOVE to hear a case being made about it being a poorly done film. The cinematography was beautiful to watch.

      • SC

        @Gwen: I’m really curious to know whether you’ve read the Harry Potter books or seen the films? Not for bashing purposes, but because I really don’t make the connection between the franchise and “easily entertained morons”. I know the concept sounds silly (both the concepts do), but I read the twilight books to see what the hype was about, and there’s a MASSIVE difference between the two.

      • A

        @Gwen: I don’t understand how you could say that Harry Potter is compared to McDonalds or Burger King when it was an amazing film and the books are also spectacular. These films and books will most likely go down in history as one of the top franchises and will forever be remembered for it as well.

      • Old Uncle Paul

        Couldnt have said it any better then what you did.

      • Molly

        Do you also wish that you weren’t a judgemental and self righteous git? No one is telling you to like these films but the fact is a lot of people love them and they mean something to us “legions” of fans. So basically Gwen, get over yourself.

      • Cara

        So sick of hearing about these crappy movies, I saw a portion of one and it was horrible. I don’t get it…my daughter doesn’t like them either.

      • Rachel

        How THE HELL are you comparing this to Burger King and McDonald’s of the industry? Harry Potter are great movies… I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Twilight is genuinely bad (haven’t read the books, though), but the movies are crappy, but Harry Potter is great, well-acted, and beautiful cinematography. All of the movies according to rotten tomatoes have gotten 70% or higher recommendation from critics. That is great! Every single movie. Twilight… all of them have 50% or below recommendation rating. I do not understand how you can possibly say that Harry Potter are not good movies… because they are one of the best adaptations of book to screen. Also, this is a GREAT opening weekend. Twilight: New Moon and Eclipse both did great opening weekend, but they dropped dramatically after that (also got bashed by critics). Harry Potter, I can see people going to see it over and over.

      • tom

        gwen if you don’t like it, then don’t click a link about it. you are one stupid tw@t!

      • gwen

        Ok, maybe “morons” was overly harsh. But certainly legions of easily entertained fanboy/fangirls would be accurate. To respond to some points, yes, I’ve sat through a Harry Potter film. Was it well made(good production values)? Of course. Was it good? No, it wasn’t. I saw 20 minutes of the first Twilight before I ripped it out of the DVD player. I haven’t read any of the books from either series. And tom, this isn’t a Harry Potter or Twilight fansite. I will comment, positive or negative, on any article that I choose. If you only want to see fanwanking posts about your particular obsession, then go to a fansite or create your own. This is a general entertainment website, so you will see comments that don’t express the blind devotion you yourself feel. If that hurts your eyes, then I would suggest not looking. But it’s a free internet, so do whatever you want, I know I will.

      • Rich

        Gwen, you’re entitled to your opinion… and for the record, I couldn’t get past the first Twilight novel. But I’ve read the entire HP series and I’ll put it right up there with The Chronicles Of Narnia and the Oz books for greatest ‘young adult’ series of all time.

        Depending on what movie you saw, I may agree with you in terms of quality… The first two HP films are definitely the worst of the series.

      • Tarc

        Gwen, you mistake the fantastic with the generic. Potter’s an international phenomenon with all ages and is widely lauded because it’s *brilliant*. Twilight is badly written, badly plotted garbage generated to appeal to 13 year old American girls. It’s awful stuff done badly – and badly reviewed. Big difference. It’s too bad you’re unable to tel the good from the bad; I’m sure that advertisers have a field day with you.

      • Lisa Simpson

        Gwen, I understand that you’re tired of the HP coverage. EW does overdo things, and I really don’t want to see another “Glee” article. However, the movie had a massive opening, which an entertainment site should report on.

        As for the quality of the films, they are very well done. Are they the greatest films ever made? No, but the series gets deeper and more intersting as it develops and Harry ages. It’s one of the best coming-of-age sagas out there.

        Also, you seem to have a limited understanding of the word ‘franchise.’ It’s not about fast food, but about licensing.

    • Leah

      I don’t understand how it could be an epic flop when its worldwide gross will be most likely be higher than Twilight’s. As well as the fact that it is the highest grossing film franchise of all time (beats bond, star wars) and still has one more movie to go. It also performed pretty much on par with what all the experts were guessing, and posted a franchise high opening weekend. Use your common sense before you post nonsense.

    • Jose

      How is it a flop?
      In 3 days Eclipse grossed $121 million and this Harry Potter film made $125 million.

      And why should we the fans be crying? I was satisfied with the film and so were all of my friends who saw it with me and I remember when my friends saw Eclipse a lot of them said it sucked. Plus its total box office run is not over, it can still beat it, get over yourself.

      • Anna

        “it can still beat it”
        NOT can. WILL still beat it.

      • isabella1431

        Exactly most people said eclipse sucked at least in Harry potter it has quality and has gotten better reviews

      • Angel


    • sd

      the difference with potter is a lot of people don’t want to deal with the opening weekend crowds and so its total will remain steadier longer. with twilight the fans who wanted to see it went early and then it dropped off. this will not be the case with HP7.1

    • Natalie Cruz

      WOW!!!! I’m sorry I don’t know you like to watch a girl become stupidly depressed over a freaking vampire. I’ve sadly read those stupid Twilight books and thought they were crap! J.K. Rowling on the other had is a much better writer than Stephanie Meyer. As far as the movies look at the track record for reviews on the Twilight movies (rotten tomatoes gave them all rotten) and then look at the Harry Potter series (more top critics like them.)
      Overall Harry Potter- Better, with great actors and far more entertainment.

      • Lins

        Well said :)
        I watched 15 mins of the first Twilight and I shut it off….

    • Inigo Montoya

      You keep using that word “flop.” I do no think it means what you think it means.

    • AB

      Wow. Epic flop? Really? The Harry Potter series is the most successful movie franchise in history and is 10x more successful than Twilight ever was and ever will be. I actually enjoyed Twilight until stupid, ignorant fans like you ruined it for me. So go watch your pathetic little vampire movies while Harry Potter stomps Twilight into the dirt where it belongs.

    • HP Fan

      Twilight:$385 million
      New Moon: $708 Million
      Eclipse: $691 Million

      HP 1: $978 Million
      HP 2: $879 Million
      HP 3: $796 Million
      HP 4: $896 Million
      HP 5: $938 Million
      HP 6: $934 Million
      HP 7: Estimated to reach $1 Billion

      HP is the highest grossing world wide movie franchise ever, with $5.4Billion and rising; James bond is 2nd and Star Wars is 3rd. Twilight is a distant number 13.

      Also, HP has its own theme park! Does Twilight? I don’t think so. Twilight will always be in HP’s shadows, especially when it comes to total gross.

      Get your facts straight “Harry Vagina.” You truly are a Twilight fan given your ID name-So immature.

      • HP Fan

        Oh and I forget to mention HP 7 Part 2.

      • Lins

        Well done! High five to that….you forgot the stats on the book sales haha…. :)

      • Andew

        Bravo HP Fan!! This clearly proves the superiority of the Potter saga!!

      • Jason

        :) This made me smile. Haha. We have beaten every single Twilight film. Even the first one, and that was in the 1990’s! HARRY POTTER FANS UNITE!

      • tipsy

        Guys, don`t forget that twilight`s low budget makes it more profitable. It`s the way it is. if you want to split hairs over the boxoffice, at least due it aginst the budget cause gross itself doesn`t say anything. Robin Hood made $300 mio worldwide. Sounds good? Guess what, it`s a bad news cause budget was $200 mio and marketing at least $60 mio.

      • @tipsy

        Okay I’m tired of that budget excuse, here are the totals for each Potter film minus the budget:

        HP1-850 mil
        HP2-779 mil
        HP3-666 mil
        HP4-746 mil
        HP5-788 mil
        HP6-684 mil

        Keeping in mind that those amounts do not include merchandise, the theme park, etc.

      • nurse chode

        I’m embarrassed for you

    • Karen

      My guess is that Harry Potter will end up domestically making around 300 mill, which is what the Twilight films make. Clearly, they are both huge domestic successes, and there is no doubt that HP will make more money internationally.

      • Liz Lemon

        Only one twilight film has made 300 mil domestically and that was barely.

        I think HP part two will earn around 130 mil when the weekend actually ends…I’m assuming this is just early estimates. And overall, it will definitely cross the 1 billion mark worldwide and earn between 305-315 million domestically. Go HP! :D

      • Liz Lemon

        *HP part one.

    • Lins

      It’s done over 300 million world wide, first Twilight movie just hit 300 million total….
      Opening day means nothing, Avatar opened low but made 2.7 billion in the end…just saying.

    • Liza

      I’m not sure what world you’re living in that you think $125.1 million is an “EPIC flop.” Moreover, we’re not crying. The Harry Potter series has banked billions of dollars worldwide, earned the respect and praise of both literary and film critics, and captured the hearts and imaginations of the generation that grew up with Harry as well as younger and older fans. People are going to be reading the HP books and watching the films for years to come. We don’t need to beat a record set by Twilight fans.

    • chelsea

      Hey guess what jerk? I know plenty of people who are going to see it next week as well as go watch it when the 2nd comes out because they didn’t want to wait for the second part. So you can shut up. :)

    • Liz Lemon

      LOL. This person is funny. A true comedian.

      • tipsy

        That`s right and that so many hotheads took his comment seriously is comedy gold. Epic.

    • Hype

      Your post is an epic flop. The Deathy Hallows tallied $125 million opening weekend in the US and a total of $330,000,000 worldwide. Thats almost half of what New Moon did in its entire run.

    • dizzy

      And yet, HP manages to make millions more with each movie worldwide. That is something that can’t be said for Twilight; they open big but then drop and never manage to crack the top 10.
      Believe me, no HP fan is complaining about $125 million. Unlike Twilight, this was a good movie.

      • Ashley G

        I agree, I happen to be a fan of both book series but there is one huge difference, the HP films are amazing and the twilight films suck. I am peachy keen with how much money HP is making and I can’t wait to see it again with my family over the thanksgiving weekend

      • James

        People forget about the holiday weekend, that when more people go to the movies and Harry Potter was known for coming out during thanksgiving

    • Champ

      How is it an epic flop? It’s one of the highest-grossing franchises in history…?

    • JonnyT

      Harry Potter fan here. Let’s see, number one movie… well received by critics… I know I enjoyed it… exactly why do I care how much Twilight made? They could make billions (and good for them if they do) and I still couldn’t care less. It’s called life. Look into picking one up.

    • Jason

      No, us Harry Potter fans are extremely happy. Twilight fans earn their wages by exploting Taylor Lautner all over their trailers. Harry Potter has the best acting, storyline, and can actually hold audience’s attention.

      • James

        Exactly, most of the cast are good actors, there are no whining girls or people just there to be there. Harry Potter does a good job at utilizing every character and making them significant

      • Alyssa

        Some older twilight fans say that is why they dont go to the movies. They cant stand all the screaming during the movies.

    • StewyFan

      Seriously? You make Twilight fans look bad. Go away!

    • Korey

      What are you like 14? There’s no way an adult would act that way. The only way your post could be more immature is if you included a “nana nana boo boo”

    • Pikko

      So funny that $125M is considered an epic “flop” to you.

    • shelly

      gwen, give the books a chance…if you are a reader, you will really be fascinated by the excellent writing…the way she carries themes and characters throughout the entire series is a pure gift of talent…but if that is not your thing…fine…everyone else needs to let up, because it affects them not at all if you choose not to read the books or see the movies…

    • Bluto

      Great…another stupid post by another stupid troll. #1: The movie opened with a personal best for the franchise. #2: The movie made its entire budget back and then some on its opening weekend, with a figure that represents almost half of Twilight 3: Vampire Sissyfest’s ENTIRE theatrical run. The movie will gross AT LEAST another $60-70M domestic over Thanksgiving, plus worldwide grosses which will put in in the range of half a BILLION DOLLARS in two weeks. That’s hardly something to cry about, fool.

    • Chappel

      All your post proves is how childish some Twilight fans are. I know you won’t understand that but maybe someday, when you grow up, you will.

    • Stephanie

      First of all, the Harry Potter series is the HIGHEST GROSSING FRANCHISE OF ALL TIME, so why don’t you consider that before labelling it an “epic flop”. Secondly, every single Harry Potter film has surpassed the $500 million mark in worldwide sales, and not a single Twilight film has done that. Thirdly, you are completely entitled to have the opinion that the Harry Potter films/books are “crap”, but perhaps if you feel that way, you shouldn’t be reading an article ABOUT Harry Potter: that’s rather counter-intuitive. And lastly, in the words of Ronald Weasley: you’re a git.

      • H

        well said. :)

    • Rock Golf

      Ironically, at one point in the movie Ron says “Yeah. Twilight. Twilight is better.”

      Listen for it.

      • Bucho

        It was in the book and the book was written before the Twilight series.

    • JPX

      “Flop” It sounds to be that it’s a mega-hit. It’s actually the oppisite of a “flop”. It’s the sixth largest opening weekend of all time, how’s that a flop? Scott Pilgrim was a flop, this is a huge success that will probably make close to a billion when it’s run is finished.

    • Jim

      Why do these fools have to be so mean spirited? Having the 6th highest opening weekend ever is hardly a flop so if Warner Brothers is crying they’re crying all the way to the bank. Hard to characterize it as a flop when the film is in profit after the first weekend. But you weren’t trying to be logical or thoughtful, were you Harry? Only hurtful. Poor fool.

    • jodipo

      yes, we are weeping. we are hrridy disappointed in the biggest potter opening yet. We feel so bad that we got to see a quality made film with young people who can actually act. Weeping we are.

    • NeoDelRio

      Trolling for coments…

    • nurse chode

      what are you 14?

    • Will

      Psst…. harry vagina… let me let you in on something… the Twilite movies only make money bc of the retarted fat girls who wear all black and see the movies 20 times in one weekend. Also, HP movies make more than the 2 dollars Twilight does in its SECOND weekend.

    • Krissy

      How lame do you have to be to get THAT excited about Twilight vs. Harry Potter?

    • Meredith

      Right…we’re crying because the Harry Potter books have sold millions more than Twilight and the films have made millions more than Twilight – all while getting consistently better reviews than Twilight. Yeah, that has us crying…through our triumphant laughter.

    • Luna Lovegood

      Will someone please tell me why Twilight is always compared to Harry Potter? This makes no sense whatsoever. As far as the books go, Stephenie Meyer is a horrific writer compared to Rowling. It would naturally follow that there is a huge difference in quality between the films. And yes, I have read all of the Twilight books and Harry Potters.

    • Bucho

      Coz crazy teen girls are too uncontrollably die hard for Twilight that they’re stupid not to think that they can watch the movie anytime within a month.

    • Bucho

      DON’T PATRONIZE YOUR PRECIOUS TWILIGHT. It has the LOWEST reviews by both LITERARY and FILM CRITICS. This simply means that the Twilight franchise is IDIOTIC — poor quality fit for stupid love struck teens. You’re only concerned with quantity and not quality when in fact HP still beats Twilight in terms of quantity. Haha, lawyered you fool!

  • JB

    I really hate when they do figures early in the day on sunday. The weekend isn’t over.

    • Radzinsky

      The Sunday estimates are almost always right, JB.

    • wendy

      agreed. I wouldn’t mind a play-by-play of how it continues to kick ass for the next few weeks though :)

  • Liam

    Actually, Harry; the most earning Twilight movie hasn’t earned as much as the least earning HP movie:)

  • Jose

    Hopefully this new film has legs and can outgross the new last Potter film by a lot.

    and I’m hoping that 127 Hrs. is in my town by next week so that I can finally see it. If not then I’ll just watch Tangled and rewatch Deathly Hallows.

  • Michelle

    I was not at all disappointed with this movie. I have been a fan of the books and the movies since they first started coming out. I feel that I have grown up with this series, and I could read the books over and over again. I’m glad to hear that this movie is doing so well!

  • Deepak

    Harry potter and deathly hallows is the most succesfull part of potter series

  • Jay

    I not complaining because even thought the domestic numbers dont seem impressive, the international $330+ Million dollars the movie was able to collect truly means it a WORLDWIDE PHENOMENON, with nothing out there to compare it to… even trying to compare its excellence to twilight it just a joke.

  • Old Uncle Paul

    Dont these silly girls and sissy boys have anything better to do?

  • California

    I can’t wait for Wednesday. Tangled and Harry Potter for the second time!! I’m also hoping to see Love and Other Drugs but it may end up a dvd watch. And Natalie Portman’s movie is almost here too!

    • Alyssa

      Im going to Harry Potter with my Friend on Wednesday again. 2nd time for both of us because I went at midnight and she had school. It wont be as big as July. Because it is the school year and Thanksgiving weekend isnt until next week. Plus we still have Christmas break too. HP movies have longevity. Twilight OPENS big then drops off and never picks. up. Cant wait to see Tangled too!

  • tom

    do you really think sitting here comparing the two means anything….harry potter has 7 movies…..(not a fan of either i miss quidich (sp) but come on….twighlight holds nothing to harry….and….i love mr. radcliffs chest now….yummy

    • tom

      and i can say tyhat now since he is 20 plus

      • Lins

        I agree Daniel Radcliff has grown up to be quite handsom, it was creepy how many older women went nuts for Taylor Lautner in New Moon he was 17 at the time eww

    • Alyssa

      I Know, Dan and Rupert were MANLY in this film and made me really drool. Forget Jacob and Edward. Im team Harry and Ron! he he :)

    • Luna Lovegood

      Agreed! Ratcliffe gets better and better looking as he gets older, and Deathly Hallows has utilized this fact with the multiple shirtless scenes. Pattinson grosses me out.

  • Potter Freak

    Wow i love how harry’s loyal fans come to support him!!
    I read all of the twilight books and saw all of the movies. They do not even compare to harry potter. In fact i showed the first twilight movie to my ant and she thought if was a comedy because of the lame effects and horrible acting!!!! so while the amazing deathly hallows movie stands strong, the breaking dawn producers should be scarred to release their movie.

  • Twilight Rulz

    Like, Harry Potter sux. Tha actorz are not pale enough, and too many things are happening… I can’t keep track. And I don’t understand the British language as good as I be able to understand English. And I don’t like the acting. It feelz too real. I like my Twilight cuz it’s nice and simple and i be able to understands it.

    • isabella1431

      Okay not everbody in the world is pale and how can the acting suck if it feels real?

      • @Isabella

        I think you may have missed the joke.

    • Pam

      Very nice, I feel dumber just reading that comment…however i also felt like my IQ dropped after reading the twilight series as well.

      • tipsy

        That comment is a great joke and parody of a typical Twihard that somehow got lost on too many people.

    • Luna Lovegood

      “And I don’t like the acting. It feelz too real. I like my Twilight cuz it’s nice and simple and i be able to understands it.”
      Thank you for demonstrating the intelligence level of Twilight fans. :)

  • SaraS

    I saw it yesterday and it was the first Harry Potter film I’ve seen in a while.. probably since #4!! But it was truly AWESOME. I agree with a previous poster, the cinematography was breathtaking. I was unprepared for how scary it was, though. The entire movie was dark and lots of shocking moments.

  • GS

    I just got home from seeing it and it was AWESOME! This was the first one I have seen on the big screen since I just read the books this summer. The cinemetography was beautiful and it was fairly true to the book. I cannot wait for July!

  • Liz Lemon

    WOW! Go HP!!! And it still hasn’t even been released in like 90% of the international locations. HP always earns most of it’s money overseas. :D

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