'Buffy the Vampire Slayer': Warner Bros. sinks fangs into reboot

Richard Cartwright/The WB; Everett Collection

Today, Warner Bros. announced plans to remake 1992’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which gave birth to the much-loved Sarah Michelle Gellar-headed TV series (which we all still worship unashamedly).

While details are sparse, filmmakers claim the movie would not revisit the vampire slayer’s high school days, attempting instead to capture the “witty, tough, and sexy” heroine in a new way. The team behind the project includes Dark Knight producer Charles Roven and relative newcomer Whit Anderson. The movie could hit theaters in 2012 or late 2011, according to the L.A. Times.

What do you say, readers? Is it time to bring Buffy back from the dead?

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  • Lizzie

    Uh,no…not unless they plan to use the cast from the show.

    • SHILO

      agreed. stupid idea from a bunch of suits. go figure.

      • Kyle

        The TV show WAS THE REBOOT. UGH, this cannot happen. What are they thinking? ($$$$$$$$$$$$$, right?)

      • Shiny

        The only way to stop this train wreck is for Warner Bros and/or UPN to block the film or buy out the Kuzuis. Paying them off would be difficult and expensive, but the studios can sue the Kuzuis and tie them up in litigation for years. Or until they get Joss involved in the project. This may explain why Joss was never able to do a Buffy film; he’d have to pay the Kuzuis to use the characters that he created; kinda sickening.

      • slwah

        Unfortunately, WB was the one who owned the rights…and the Kuzuis, but WB already gave the green light

        Maybe with enough anger from the fans something will change…or UPN will step up

      • Brett

        “UPN”? Jesus, what rock have you guys been sleeping under? There is no “UPN.” And if there was, it wouldn’t have the right to sue.

      • Greycouncil

        I agree. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” applies in this instance. It’s not Buffy without Whedon!

      • trillian

        I’m disgusted at the prospect. I will never watch the remake.. look what happened to the remake of nikita for example. It has to be a Joss whedon project or it will be yet another series that ends up in the trash after a season… what a slap in the face for joss whedon.

    • Korri

      And Whedon. If there is no Whedon, there is no point.

      • Alia


      • Sharon

        Def needs Whedon. They are going to ruin a great thing.

      • CE

        Seconded. No Whedon, no go.

      • anya

        Definitely needs both the original cast and Whedon. Like a REAL Buffy movie.

      • Tracy =)

        I completely agree. It may not have started out with Whedon and the Scooby’s but they made it what it was and it was awesome. I loved that show and still do…

      • icantsay

        Double THIS.

      • Heather

        I agree. No Joss – No Buffy

      • Kate

        No Whedon, no Sarah Michelle, no point!!

      • Roncon

        What if instead of Whedon it’s a collaboration between JJ Abrams and Chris Nolan? still a no no?

      • liz

        No Whedon, no point. Maybe a new cast would be-sorta ok? But no Whedon, no point-he is the genius behind Buffy.

      • David

        Nope. Not even if Joss agreed to come on board (which he wouldn’t). Buffy ended. It’s over. It said what it had to say, and it’s time to move on. The only reason to make a movie is to go back and make it the way that Joss originally wrote it. And that really isn’t enough reason. I’d rather see what he’s going to do next, than see how he would have done the Buffy movie his way.

      • Lolita

        Amen to that!! They will screw this up like they do everything else.

      • musica1

        Amen! No Joss, no Buffy!

      • Richard Chandler

        I don’t care about Joss Whedon. He’s first among us only in point of time. He doesn’t own Buffy any more than I do or anyone else. I wish this studio every success. If we stifle creativity, this saga will die.

      • Casey

        @Richard Chandler – Seriously? Rebooting is not creative. It’s just lazy. They’re out of ideas and looking for something to cash in on.

      • Azrael

        @Richard Chandler – You moron, Joss Whedon created the character. Without him, there would be no Buffy. No, he doesn’t own the rights to story, but only because that’s how Hollywood works. Regardless of who owns what, Buffy is Whedon’s character, and if anything is going to happen with her, it should be at Joss’s behest, not a money hungry studio.

      • Stephanie Smith

        @David: Ever heard of Season Eight?

    • megan

      It’s a remake of the movie, not the show. The movie came first and was awesome. I think it will b great as long as they get the right actors

      • Sheryl

        Well, Whedon wrote the original as well. =P

      • cassi

        The movie was the most stupid crap EVER!!! The completely destroed Whedon’s original script.

      • Jesse

        Megan: The movie was written by Joss Whedon. It’s entirely his creation. There would be no Buffy if it weren’t for him.

      • Brent

        To be clear. Yes, he wrote a script for the first move, but the producers totally bastardized it and decided to change the concept from an action to a comedy. The TV show was much closer to his vision

      • Shiny

        Whedon sadly does not have the rights to the movie; the producers bought the rights, ruined the movie and now they are planning to ruin the movie all over again.

      • @Shiny

        The Kazuis still own the rights?!

        If so, I’m officially on the NO side of this….

      • anya

        The article clearly states that this will not be a remake of the movie as it does not take place in high school. I’m hoping it will be a Buffy movie, like the Sex and the City movie was for it’s series, only good instead.

      • musica1

        You think the movie was awesome? You’re thinking awesome like “Hercules in New York” awesome, right?

      • Casey

        …You think the movie was awesome? Like, “Haha this is awesome in a campy stupid way but not really” right? Because the movie trashed Joss’ original script.

      • PrincessBride

        Got to agree. The movie was campy fun, but I’m kind of surprised they went ahead with a series based on that movie – it really wasn’t very good. The series, however – legendary.

      • REASON

        yes, Whedon wrote the original, but it was reworked so much that it was nothing like Whedon wanted. The TV show was specifically created in spite of the movie.

      • devada

        I wish they would but sarah aka buffy and james aka spike together in the movie i think it would be nice for them two get together they have chemistry together i hope you do this for me i have be a fan since the first epiodse. and are you going to bring dawn back to

    • MeMe

      So… I just watched the ENTIRE SERIES on netflix and I LOVED IT.

      This would be super awesome if they based this off of the TV show rather than movies and brought back the cast… and BROUGHT BACK SPIKE. PLEASE OH PLEASE.

      • rose

        They can’t base it around the TV show. They don’t own the rights.

        The Kuzui’s have the rights to the concepts, characters, and names from the movie only. So the reboot cannot contain Willow, Spike, Angel, Xander, Giles, or anyone or anything else that everyone grew to love over the years of Mutant Enemy running the show.

      • anonymous

        Seriously?? No Willow?? No Xander?? No Giles?? No Spike and Angel? That’s not even Buffy! Might as well just put Kristen Stewart in the lead and make the vampires sparkle! (No offense meant to Twilight fans but I you know they’re just doing this because of the current vampire craze.)

      • heather marie

        lol anonymous. totally agree with everybody.
        If they are remaking the movie, they are going after all the teeny-boppers and not the die hard Buffy fans!!

      • Ash

        ha i’m not all into whoever owns the rights and what not. i mean isn’t that what movies are for? to entertain people? i think they should just give us what we want. and we want spike and willow and xander (maybe not so much dawn :) but it just wouldn’t be anythinbg without them. if they can bring back everyone then cool. lets see how this goes.

    • Erin

      Nooo! It was perfect how it was.

    • Melissa

      Only if they can use the original cast!!! Then I’m all for it!!

    • Julius

      I just nodded to all of these comments. *BARFFFF* reboot

    • Hellenbackagain

      ooo! I know, make a Fray movie with Joss!!!

      • Melissa

        Yes, Fray is amazing!

    • Megan

      If this doesn’t have Sarah & the whole gang including david boreanez then this is a horrible idea. It’s not Buffy without them & I won’t be seeing it & I’m a HUGE FAN of the show!

      • Mrs M

        David Boreanaz and James Marsters are too old to play Angel and Spike.

      • mommylebron

        I agree David Boreanaz looks too old, but James Marsters? Still hot. ;) I would love to see a movie that addressed all the loose ends (from BtVS and Angel) but without Joss, SMG and Scoobies what’s the point?

    • soleil

      thats what Im saying

    • Carla

      Unless it’s a continuation of the series, with the original cast, keep it. So not interested.

    • Dan

      The movie was terrible, and the show was great. Joss Whedon made Buffy what it is. This movie will be a wreck without the original cast and Whedon.

      • forrest

        straight to dvd….may be little better than “Vampires Suck” since it’ll have nothing to do with the TV series.

    • lizzy

      100% agree I am worried

    • Jason

      Whedon is officially out, and so far, no mention of the TV cast in any way. Without that original cast, this idea is a guaranteed flop. I don’t think enough time has passed for people to openly accept new actors in any of their favorite rolls (even if they just use the Buffy character, and no one else).

    • kellybelly

      This has got to be one of the DUMBEST ideas ever.! Why would anyone remake the movie without the original writer – Joss Whedon??
      The only reason they want to make the movie is because the TV show is iconic. Without Joss, or SMG and the TV show cast — it’s not a Buffy movie. It’s even more ridiculous since Joss is continuing the Buffy adventure in the comics. Who is this movie supposed to be for? NOT the fans of Buffy, obviously! Twilight movies were successful because it was made from the books that the fans loved. This movie will have ZERO following. They might as well make a generic vampire movie and call it something else. Absolutely ridiculous!

      • Brett

        Get over it. Movies are remade without the original writers ALL THE TIME. On more than one occasion, the remakes were BETTER than the originals. You people who idolize Whedon need to realize that he’s just a writer. He had one moderately successful series. He had a spinoff that lasted a few years. Nothing he’s done since has been successful.

    • Meredith


    • Nancy

      I know Kristy was the first Buffy, but Sarah Michelle Gellar is the REAL Buffy. I’m going to watch the movie regardless because I want to see an Angel and Buffy happily ever after. But it really pisses me off if Joss, David and Sarah aren’t part of it.

    • Dennis

      Sarah Michelle Gellar is the true and only buffy, Don’t make a movie unless u are willing to use original cast anything else is just boring.

  • Sierra

    I’m totally excited and supportive of this…on one condition. Keep the cast of the tv show, don’t get new people, it just won’t work!!

    • megan

      It’s a remake of the movie…not the show

      • cassi

        Well, Buffy fans care about the TV show and not the stupid movie.

      • Brent

        The show and movie were the same concept in different styles. It doesn’t matter if they’re saying it’s a remake of the movie or not, it’s the same thing. “seemingly defenseless blond girl that kills vampires.” And if they’re staying away from the high school years, then it’s actually a ‘remake’ of neither.

      • Keegan

        NO one even liked the movie. The movie totally tanked at the box office. Its going to be nothing without joss. The movie is going to ruin everything about buffy movie or show.

      • erin

        But the show IS “Buffy”. I cannot imagine another actress as Buff, or the exclusion of any of the Scoobies. This is a terrible, terrible idea. There would be no movie remake if the show had not achieved such iconic status. No one would care.

      • Erin

        Ok, playing the Devil’s Advocate over here! You all say that it HAS to have to original cast and whatnot, but most of them have other projects! Their contracts for “Buffy” are over, and a lot of them didn’t profit off of the exposure anyway (Not counting Sarah or Allison, of course) Since this IS a remake of the movie, it could be amazing. A lot of remakes these days are better than the original, whether they had a TV show or now. Yes we all have our pre-concieved pictures, but GET OVER IT. A fresh crew would be fun!

    • Emma

      Great idea. Sarah Michelle Geller totally looks like she belongs in high school.

      • jessica

        I hope that was sarcasm cause SMG looks like shes in her late 30s in candid pics

      • anonymous

        Jessica, do you need your sarcasm meter tweaked? How can that NOT be sarcasm?

      • Grace

        Pretty sure the article states that the movie will not “revisit the high school days”.

    • viddingwithkyle

      I’ve heard that they wanted Vanessa Hudgens for Buffy which made me puke. Thankfully she declined. Hope they pick a good actress. Anyone else for Katie Cassidy? (Anyone who says no, watch her on Supernatural and re-think your answer)

  • Liv

    My heart just broke a little bit. Teenager who weren’t old enough to enjoy BTVS with SMG & co. will watch this and hate it and never watch what I consider to be the real Buffy. Just say no Warner Bros. Just Say NO

    • Lizzie

      I’m 16 and I love the Buffy tv show :)

    • Billy

      I am 15 and enjoy the TV series very much! I would only go with a movie remake IF they use the original scoobies and SMG

    • PrincessBride

      My 12 year old son and I have been doing marathon weekends of Buffy watching. I’m trying to make sure he’s raised properly :) Gotta love streaming Netflix!

  • An

    No, No, No, No, No. I love my Buffy and I don’t want anything to change that! Let’s just work on a BtVS reunion show, okay??? :)

  • L

    If SMG plays the lead villain then I’m in!

  • An

    Oh and PS – it’s not time to bring Buffy back from the dead – BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T DIE…this time anyway.

    • Manda

      No, but she did die three times! :P

      Will the movie follow the events of the movie and tv show, and what about season 8 in comic book form. Will it stay true to the current time line or just hit Buffy in a completely new light?

      If it’s completely new why not just use the same premise but different slayer?

    • Geronimo Jackson

      She did die; but death could not stop Buffy.

  • Karyn

    Without Joss Whedon the movie will be a bust.

    • Mary

      Completely agree

    • aby

      Absolutely. This is just ridiculous. The show ended perfectly, leave it alone unless Joss is doing it.

      • megan

        It is a remake of the MOVIE! Why can no one read

      • viddingwithkyle

        Megan, Joss created the Buffy franchise INCLUDING the movie. He wrote the original script for the movie and it was ruined by executives.

      • wildflowerfaith

        I LOOOOOOOVE Buffy but the show did not end perfectly, Angel had a more fitting end than Buffy did. I would love to see a Movie with the show cast and Whedon would HAVE to be at the helm, anything else would just feel cheap. A re-envisioning of what exactly…the vision was perfect.

      • bma

        We CAN read. We just don’t want them to mess with Buffy, in any form or version.

      • S

        Yes, we can read just fine. The point is that Buffy is completely Joss’s. He wrote the movie and the TV show. It is his brain child and WB wanting to make a movie without the very person who understand and knows Buffy is just silly.

      • icantsay

        Wow, megan, are you a paid poster?

      • Bodom

        Megan, we can read, i think you have the problem, not us. People got used to the cast of the TV Shows and making a remake with another Buffy is completely pointless. Just sayin’

      • Geronimo Jackson

        This has nothing to do with our literacy Megan. I hate to sound like a geeky fan boy and/ or a jerk but it clear that you have little understanding of the Buffy fandom or the history of how the movie became what it is. This isn’t an insult, because there are obviously more important things in life than Buffy, but please hold off on your comments until you have better clarity.

      • onlymystory

        Besides Megan, those behind this ‘remake’ have stated that they know there’s a massive fanbase who wants to see Buffy return. We’re reacting because as that fan base, we don’t want any movie as long as it has a girl named Buffy in it. We want the Buffyverse created by Joss Whedon, with the tv characters. Telling fans this will make us happy when it just pisses us off means that even if it is a movie remake, they’re still using the world created by the television show.

        On a similar note, so basically this girl just wrote a really good fanfic and now gets a Buffy movie. Geez I gotta do more fanfic.

    • Dw Dunphy

      I agree with this in theory. Whedon’s voice is the show’s voice and people love the character because of the show, not the movie. That said, from the financial side of things, the suits at the movie studios see Joss as pure box office poison. The fan love for Firefly did not translate into Serenity tickets. In their mind, less Whedon is better.

      From a quality side, what we’ll end up with is sexy, blonde vampire hunter who is in lust with vampires, because that’s the only way Warner Brothers can break into that sweet, sweet Twilight cash cow money.

      • Jason S

        Yeah that’s why they hired him to direct the Avengers movie huh? You know the one that combines Iron MAn, The Hulk, and all the other great superheroes. Yeah he will never get another film! Fact is they cant get him to do the Buffy movie because the producers alienated him with that first awful movie that changed his vision.

      • Peter

        Unless I’m mistaken, due to Firefly being made on the cheap (relatively), it was actually a roaring return on investment at the box office. Going on to obliterate those returns with dvd sales following.

        The original Buffy movie was none of these things. And as someone who watched the “making of” where Fran Rubel Kuzui thought that Peewee Herman dying a thousand stupid deaths constitutes a completely valid reason to butcher a script, it’s hard to refrain from fingerpointing in that general direction.

        The only thing you could badmouth about the Firefly film was that the script and dialogue was a little busy. As most of Whedon’s are. May it never change.

        The marketing, on the other hand, left a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, it was just a “best of” jumble from the film. Which completely ruined a number of one liners because you heard them too many times in previews. They would have done a lot better to chop a few cohesive scenes from the series in advertising the movie, or even just done a character expose on the villain and let the viewer meet the crew in the theatre.

      • anne

        I think you’re probably right and if they are going to do this, I wish they would call it something other than Buffy the Vampire Slayer because without Joss, SMG, Willow, Giles, Xander, et al., whatever else it may be, Buffy it will not.

      • kimmy

        bleck. i hate the thought of anyone lumping Buffy in with Twilight. even if its a new Buffy movie. it just won’t be Buffy w/o Joss, SMG, the Scoobies, Angel and Spike.

  • Kate

    Umm..that description fit the TV show. The movie was supposed to be the fun camp to give some validity to the early iterations of Buffy (or maybe she was like that to be the holdover from the movie)

    • k

      She was MUCH more of an airhead in the movie. I think she started off that way in the tv version partly as a holdover but also to give the character room to grow. Movie Buffy had ditzy, materialistic friends who ditched her when she got weird. TV Buffy had true friends, and we got to see how they changed her and made her a better person/slayer.

      • Jason S

        YEah that because Whedon believes in character development! HE always intended her to begin ditzy and change with the responsibility of changing the world. He doesn’t believe in keeping characters the same over long periods. His writing is more believable.

    • Shiny

      The concept and characters were created by Whedon; yes he sold it to the movie’s producers, but they then ruined his script (by Whedon’s own admission.) Whedon then got a chance to make the BTVS he always wanted to make. The movie was a hot mess; it is sad to see it get shat upon yet again because the producers hit the jackpot and bought the story rights.

  • Ce

    The series ended so beautifully. If I’m going to look for more Buffy, I’m going to the comics.

    • niecy


      • Diesel

        Here here!

  • Amanda

    Whoa! Any Buffy sans Joss Whedon is blasphemous. If Joss, SMG and the Buffy cast are not making a movie version of the show we all know and love, I’m not interested.

    • Lisa Simpson

      I’m in if it’s a follow-up to the TV show and not of the movie. And it must have Joss Whedon, SMG, and the whole Scoobie Gang involved.

      • Re

        There is a follow up to the show WITH JOSS, it’s the comics, the story is still going in the comics.

  • natasha

    that would be badass… but they need to keep the original cast! thats a must

  • Laur

    As long as Sara Michelle Geller plays Buffy, and the rest of the cast is in it. If there not it will be crap. Any info on where there going with casting?

  • MIB

    Somewhere Joss Whedon is crying to the cosmos.

    • natali

      Yup! Why anyone thinks this will work without Joss Baffles me

  • cassi

    Get Joss Whedon. The characters everybody cares about (Buffy, Willow, Xander, Giles, Angel, Spike etc) and we can talk. Otherwise get that CRAPFEST daring to call itself Buffy away from me!!!!

    • Manda

      Bring Anya back to life and get all the interesting characters like Darla and Drucilla :p

      • cassi

        I didn’t want to sound too greedy! God, I would love it if Anya, Darla and Drucilla would be in it. :D

      • bma

        Team Anya! Miss her :(

  • natali

    No Joss Whedon? Then prepare for CRAP! I love Buffy when it’s done right! Joss, Marti Noxon OMG i loved this effin show

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