Box office report: 'Harry Potter' remains No. 1 with $50.3 mil, 'Tangled' a close second

deathly-hallows-part-1-002Image Credit: Jaap BuitendijkAlthough the “chosen one” was nearly defeated by a long-haired princess, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1 managed to keep its grip on first place by grossing $50.3 million over the three-day weekend, according to studio estimates. Add in Wednesday and Thursday, and Deathly Hallows collected $76.3 million during the five-day Thanksgiving weekend — the fourth best Thanksgiving weekend ever. The PG-13 fantasy film has now earned $220.4 million in 10 days, which is the tenth-best 10-day tally on record. However, Deathly Hallows is slipping a bit quicker than some of its predecessors. For instance, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the last Potter film to be released a week before Thanksgiving, earned $81.3 million over this five-day holiday weekend. But if it’s any consolation to Potter fans, Deathly Hallows did garner better Thanksgiving numbers than The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which drained $66.3 million during the same five-day frame last year.

The weekend’s real box-office story, however, was Disney’s Tangled, which surpassed the studio’s wildest fairy-tale expectations by grossing $49.1 million during the three-day weekend, and $69 million for the five-day period. Those numbers gave Tangled the second largest Thanksgiving weekend opening ever, behind only Disney’s Toy Story 2. In fact, Disney essentially has a monopoly on the harvest festival — the studio is responsible for nine out of the top 11 Thanksgiving weekend debuts. Tangled earned 56 percent of its gross from 3-D showings, even though the PG movie had to share its 3-D screens with Megamind. And word-of-mouth couldn’t be more favorable, as CinemaScore audiences handed the animated retelling of Rapunzel the first “A+” grade of the year.

Third place went to Megamind, which dropped only 20 percent for $12.9 million. The animated superhero comedy has tallied $130.5 million in four weeks. In fourth place was the new musical Burlesque, which shimmied to $11.8 million (and $17.2 million for the five-day frame). The PG-13 movie, starring Cher and Christina Aguilera, attracted an audience that was 69 percent female and received an “A-” from CinemaScore graders. Within a tiptoe of Burlesque was the Denzel Washington action thriller Unstoppable, which declined only 10 percent for $11.75 million. The week’s other two new releases, Love and Other Drugs and Faster, claimed sixth and seventh place with $9.9 million and $8.7 million, respectively.

In limited release, The King’s Speech debuted in four theaters and summoned an outstanding $350,000. The R-rated drama, an Oscar frontrunner that stars Colin Firth as the stuttering King George VI, earned $87,500 per location — the largest per-theater average so far this year. The Nutcracker in 3D, however, barely made a sound. The $90 million adaptation of the Tchaikovsky ballet grossed just $68,000 from 42 theaters. Check back next weekend as one new wide release, the long-delayed action film The Warrior’s Way, joins what is sure to be another fierce battle between Deathly Hallows and Tangled.

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1 — $50.3 mil
2. Tangled — $49.1 mil
3. Megamind — $12.9 mil
4. Burlesque — $11.8 mil
5. Unstoppable — $11.75 mil
6. Love and Other Drugs — $9.9 mil
7. Faster — $8.7 mil

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  • Edward Cullen


    • Bella

      Oh Dear! My Edward! Harry Potter is only 100 million away from our most successful movie’s worldwide total! They did that in only 10 days! OMG! I just counted using real numbers!! Hold me Edward!!

      • PJ


      • zombie

        Brrrraaaiiinnss.. oh wait, Bella doesn’t have any.. moving along

      • StewyFan

        Bahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Edward, do more than hold her. For me? Please.

      • Margie

        You people are lame. You too stupid to like more than one fandom at time. Aww, Twilight make the stupid people mad.

      • @ Margie

        Speaking of stupid, let’s have a grammar lesson, shall we? Your second sentence lacks a proper verb for the subject “You”. Secondly, Twilight, being singular, makes the stupid people mad, not “make”. Go read a better book, and you likely won’t continue to make these mistakes.

      • Edward Cullen

        Grammar BURN!!!

      • @@Margie

        I believe the grammar mistake was intended to further demonstrate the stunted intellect of the Twilight fanbase. Alas, in your comment, you have added to that the stunted sense of humor we all knew they possessed. Excellent work for one teeny post…BRAVO!

      • Brandy

        Actually, I would bet English is not Margie’s 1st language but at least we could understand what she wrote, unlike most people pre-21 who use dat, dis, wat and other idiotic misspellings of words.

    • Jacob Black

      Come on Edward stop your sparkling girl tears and man up! We still beat Potter for overnight release without IMAX prices. We are still good man. Want to go and get some animal blood while I get some animal meat? This Bella girl is getting boring.

    • DGH

      Did you guys ever think The Harry Potter nuts are just as idiotic as the Twilight nuts? When actually both series are way over hyped and shouldn’t be watched by anyone with half a brain.

      • meso soup

        HP films are well done. Twilight is not. It’s simple.
        DGH I’m not sure what you consider a “good film”?
        Maybe your the one who lacks the ability to understand a great movie when its put in front of your face…. but alas to each their own…..

    • Wendy

      3-Day Actuals are in and Harry Potter still took the #1 spot but it only beat out Tangled by $320,000. Good show by both movies. Per BoxOfficeMojo:

      1. Harry Potter 7 $49,087,101
      2. Tangled $48,767,052

  • tony


  • Jose

    Hooray for The King’s Speech!
    Hopefully it’s in my town by Christmas.

    And those weekend results for Potter and Tangled are way too close, I’d rather wait till tomorrow when the actuals are released to see what happens. The results could be flipped. Either way the amount of money both films made is still an achievement for both films.

    • AcaseofGeo

      I know! I’m hoping it will come to small town Pennsylvania. Its a long shot but I really want to see this movie!

  • Larry David

    Ugh, that pig Christina and that Ugly animal Cher actually have fans??? Hary Potter, who still cares? Twilight and Harry Potter just need to go away, they are both the same crap.

    • Tye-Grr

      I’ve realized how sad your life must be, living life through a keyboard and mouse.

      • Larry David

        You love me…piggy.

      • Will

        This site is boring without Larry. I feel sad for all of you who take him seriously, post here 19x everyday, and whine when he comes back! All of you please leave and let Larry David do his job. Thanks

      • Larry David

        Shut up Will.

      • Meso Soup

        So what does Larry like then?

    • m1

      Christina and Cher are talented singers. Harry Potter is a solid fantasy franchise. As for Twilight…well, I’m going to be bashed for defending it, so I’ll just say it is a guilty pleasure and leave it at that.

      • StewyFan

        Plus Rob and Kristen are effing hot. ‘Nuff said.

      • StewyFan

        Daniel Radcliff and Robert Pattinson need to do a British comedy together just to show that there’s no bad blood, no pun intended, so both fanbases can bury the hatchet and move on. Both franchises have their strengths and weaknesses. Nothing so far with the box office has been shocking. We all saw this coming.

      • AK

        Harry Potter vs. Twilight has become the new Backstreet Boys vs. NSYNC.

    • Corey

      Larry, I’m starting you a fan page on Facebook.

  • Tye-Grr

    Awesome. Good for both ‘Harry Potter 7, Part 1′ and ‘Tangled’.

    I’m also happy for ‘The King’s Speech’. I hope this means they’ll open it a bit wider soon.

  • Simon

    Ohhh god Larry David is back.

  • Bella

    Okay so it loks like Twilight is winning, hahaha Harry Potter you are going down, Edward will sink his teeth in you!

    • SC

      Edward doesn’t have real fangs, so Harry shouldn’t be worried.

      • Mark

        I would say something about Harry and his wand but I saw Equus and know that he has a nice wand.

    • Kate

      Actually this usually happens with HP vs. Twilight. Twilight opens bigger but plummets faster. It’s the hare and HP is the tortoise. Hallows will end up with more money domestically in the end, easily. And MUCH more internationally.

      • Nan

        Love your comment. Totally agree. Tortoise HP FTW!

    • Hype

      LOL! What is Twilight exactly winning? Deathly Hallows has already grossed over $600 million worldwide and is on pace to hit the $1 billion mark. A mark that none of the Twilight movies haven’t even come close to hitting..

      • Nan

        BOOM! love this comment, too! : )

      • Barbie

        I’ve gotten sick of vampires, so Twilight has nothing for me. I saw HP at iMax and I bet it stays on the list until the next one comes out!

    • Allicat

      Sorry to burst any bubbles… but the truth is the truth…

      (If the link doesn’t work, there’s a Harry Potter vs. Twilight stat analysis from, which tracks domestic/foreign grosses of film releases)

      While it would seem that ‘New Moon’ won the opening weekend race, HP as a franchise has wiped the floor with Twilight.

      And on an unrelated note, Tangled was fantastic.

  • m1

    Happy to see everyone’s getting along.

    Congrats to Harry Potter, Tangled, and The King’s Speech.

    As for my most anticipated film to see next weekend, I have two words: Black Swan.

  • Bradd bradd

    Hooray for Potter. I’m glad it was number one this weekend, I was scared Tangled was going to knock it off. While 220 million in ten days in massive, it’s hold is a little bit too big, and I don’t want the gap between hp7 and hp4 to start getting closer. HP4 fell 64% the weekend after thanksgiving in 2005; over the last two years, movies have more and more been holding on much better, so hopefully it can make anywhere between 22-24 million next weekend. Best movie of the year! Let’s help potter become the biggest worldwide movie of the year. And saw Tangled; slightly overrated, but still very solid and fun. Will probably hold up well next weekend.

    • Nan

      Well I’m going to Potter for the 3rd time tonight, and I now a lot of other Potter fans that always see the Potter films at least 2-3 times. So that always helps the numbers, I think, which is great.

  • Matt1

    Nothing to care about til Tron comes out. At least we have the Inception Blu-Ray in a little over a week!

  • Jose

    I have a feeling that next weekend Tangled will be number 1 with about $30 million and Potter will be number 2 with around $25 million.

  • LAJackie

    Well I know that we will be going back to see Harry again. Just haven’t had the time yet. I need to see it at least one or two more times to really take it all in. Happy for Tangled. And I can’t wait to see The King’s Speech.

  • Simon

    Can’t wait to see The King’s Speech! I am really excited to see Colin Firth.

    • Barbie

      OMG, is Firth coming back? Droooool.

  • rich

    Burlesque has a great cinema score and will also be around next weekend.What a fun movie glad for Cher and Christina!!!!

  • rich

    Burlesque is also the #1 album on Itunes… for all the Christina haters out there..hahahaha

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