Natalie Portman's bottom gets digitally de-thonged in new 'Your Highness' trailer

Here at EW, we watch trailers to anticipate the drama, intrigue, and artistic vision of upcoming films. Especially if that artistic vision involves Natalie Portman’s butt. After today’s release of the the green-band trailer for Your Highness — starring Danny McBride, James Franco, and Portman as a band of misfits who embark on a quest to save the kingdom — my colleague Clark Collis (an experienced reporter on all things derrieres) pointed out that Universal used some CGI trickery to cover up Portman’s behind, which was seen in all its thong-y glory in the previous red-band trailer.

According to a source close to the production, the scene was altered so the MPAA would approve the trailer for screening for “appropriate audiences” in theaters. The R-rated flick will indeed show the the raunchier version on the big screen when Your Highness is released April 8. After the jump, see if you can spot the differences (what a fun, sexy game for you!) at 1:09 in the green-band trailer and at 1:33 in the obviously NSFW red-band trailer.

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‘Your Highness': James Franco gets stoned, Natalie Portman gets raunchy in red-band trailer

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  • Marie

    Hehe. Looks amusing.

    • BFD

      Well, that looks intellectually stimulating.

    • Rush

      Princess Leia’s mom is a MILF!

      • Grand Muff Tarkin

        On the money!

      • Jason

        Carrie Fisher’s mom is in this? Surely she’s dead by now.

      • Tacky

        Debbie Reynolds is very much alive. What a dumb thing to assume. But she did just lose her dad. Happy now?

  • Jam

    Why can’t more women be like Natalie Portman..what a wonderful world this would be…Peace & Joy for us all…get to it ladies

    • womyn

      don’t even….

    • Sam

      Why can’t Natalie Portman stop doing horrible british accents?what a wonderful world this would beā€¦Peace & Joy for us all

      • Tye-Grr

        She’s quite good at them.

      • JAM

        seriously, her accents suck.

      • sXwamp

        Really your worried about how she talks ??????????? We’re talking about how hot is she looks!!!

      • Jam the good

        I actually do like her accent…and since she is originally from Israel, can’t expect her to be the all-American gurl & she’s the closest thing we have to a Audrey Hepburn …and bout the point of if every woman were Natalie is true..if Hutchy or Sam on here both have a girl just like Natalie Portman ..and every woman is just like her as well, there would be no need for us to fight over women because we’d all be happy…I know its how communism got started but believe me this -ism would work wonderously..Peace & Joy to everyone!

      • Stacey Heart

        She looks fat and pregnant and BBWMarriage was amazing

    • JC


    • whatevs

      I’m pretty sure we’d all rather be fat and ugly than be approved by you. You, however, can go sulk for the rest of life after you realize no one will ever love you.

      • liz

        dunno…it was a pretty crass comment, but if I could be fat and ugly or look even passably like Natalie Portman, I’d rather look like her. Jam’s approval or not….

      • hutchy

        So what you saying is…..your fat? The only people I ever see saying women like Portman “aren’t womanly” are fatbody housewives. At least guys are honest with themselves, you dont see a chunky dude looking at Brad Pitt being like “Pshhhhhh…..a hot chick would OBVIOUSLY prefer Jack Black to him!”. Why? Because most dudes arent morons.

      • Brody

        Most dudes aren’t morons? Really? Come on, most dudes will freely admit that they ARE morons.

      • Jason

        “Your fat” what? Oh, wait, you meant YOU’RE fat. Looks like the moron assumers are right again.

      • BlackIrish4094

        @Jason. Criticizing spelling / grammatical errors is such a waste. Oh wow, you GOT him dude, way to go. Like moron assumers is great grammar anyway.

    • Mark

      You mean have a rectangular butt instead of a round shapely one?

  • Trixie

    And here I was thinking “dethonged” meant that the thong was taken away………………

    • Jon

      You’re right. It should have been “be-thonged.”

    • MCS

      You obviously know at least a standard amount of English, unlike most EW writers.

    • Christian

      Technically, the thong was taken away and replaced by something less-thongy, so she was dethonged. Y’all are confusing this with the Jessica Alba situation, when it’s the reverse: the original has a thong, the CGI’d version has a bikini-style botton.

      • Trixie

        Yes, I understand… I wasn’t saying it was incorrect, just that I was, maybe, hoping for the other way the word could be used :P.

  • Nikki

    This trailer actually looks funny. I might want to see this. Go James Franco and Natalie Portman!

    • darclyte

      When I first saw the red band trailer last week, I couldn’t decide which made me laugh harder…the line about what if she was “BF’d” or the “if your…is like…then they’ll be no problem” line. Watching it again, I’m still not sure. Laughed both times again. Looking forward to this.

  • Jerrry

    She’s flat as a pancake. I don’t see what the appeal is.

    • Jason

      What’s wrong with pancakes. Some people still like there women real! Oh and by the way she is gorgeous.

      • bun in the oven

        Was this shot after Black Swan? I know all that training was behind her.

      • homer

        dammit now I want pancakes.

    • DC

      You MUST be black

      • Jimmy

        Indeed I am, and I love me some white tail. But Natalie Portman is a 6 at best.

      • octopus

        Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy. Too bad you have no taste in women. I’d love to see what you call and 8 or a 9…

      • BEAU

        She is about a 25+. The most perfect woman in the world. Gorgeous, classy, intelligent, funny, speaks 4 languages ….the absolutely perfect female!

    • Jonathan Walters

      I’ve had her and I can assure you the appeal is warranted.

    • wino

      that’s nice shot of a 12yr old boy’s behind.

      • Will

        Are you honestly making fun of a nude Natalie Portman? Just shut up and enjoy what God has blessed upon you!

      • John Wayne Gacy

        What’s wrong with a 12 year old boy’s behind?

    • Ry

      Yeah I agree Jerry! WE should totally judge women by what body parts they are genetically incapable of controlling, rather than the smoking hot body she obviously worked her ass off for! Chauvinism rules!!!!!!!

  • Jordan

    lol looks like a knight’s tale 2.0. i’m game.

  • Liz Lemon

    This film will suck regardless, but I think they should go with the thong-less version. Its much more sophisticated and time-period-appropriate.

    • LOL

      Love me some Liz Lemon!

      • greg

        Because a movie like this is really worried about being “time-period appropriate”?

        I think you’re missing the point.

      • just saying

        i personally really dislike movies that aren’t “time period appropriate”. It’s very jarring and leaves you feeling disconnected from the world of the movie (Knight’s Tale, Marie Antoinette- I’m looking at YOU!)

      • Hen

        It depends on the film, and the tone. Some can pull it off, but Marie Antoinette got killed by the off kilter tone brought upon by that jarring disconnection you mentioned.

  • sam

    They did the same thing to Amy Adams in The Fighter trailer. In the trailer (whilst making out with Mark Wahlberg), she is wearing a really awkward pair of high waisted black briefs, but in the movie she is wearing a low slung string bikini brief. They basically just covered up a couple of inches of stomach. Every time I saw the trailer I thought “Why would they put in her in such an unflattering pair of underwear?” So unbelievably bizarre.

    • Mocha

      Well, the MPAA works in mysterious ways, so I guess actresses will just have to live with digitally-covered-up rear ends.

  • LOL

    It’s a Portman world and we just live in it.

    • KarlHall

      HAHAHA… ^ THIS!

  • david

    love the middle ages and middle age movies. this should be good!

  • Joe Habenicht

    This movie has serious potential. A modern day Holy Grail! Franco and Mcbride Rock. Portman and Deschanel are hotttt! I think this may be an instant classic!!

  • Sean

    You’re destroying art! The director’s original vision must be preserved!

    • The Dude

      He should have envisioned her nude then…that’s art!!!

  • The Dude

    I think she actually looked better covered up. The thong thing just doesn’t work.

    • C Men

      You shut your dirty mouth!

      • wtf

        c men…ftw!…lol

  • MiaS

    Wouldn’t this be “Your Hinney-ness”??

  • Paul Nelson

    nice ass

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