Box office report: 'True Grit' (finally) finishes first with $15 mil

true-gritImage Credit: Lorey SebastianIt was quiet out there — too quiet. The overall box office dropped 30 percent from last weekend to gross an estimated $112 million. If studio estimates hold, it could be the worst first weekend of January since 2000. But at least Rooster Cogburn finally got to taste victory. In its third week of release, True Grit won the weekend with $15 million — a decline of 39 percent. The Western also became the Coen brothers’ first film to reach $100 million, with its cumulative tally now standing at $110.4 million. True Grit galloped past Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to become the fifth-highest grossing Western ever, behind Dances with Wolves, City Slickers, Blazing Saddles, and Wild Wild West. By the end of its run, it’ll likely pass the latter three movies to become No. 2.

Little Fockers slid 47 percent for $13.8 million. The comedy has so far made $124 million, which is nothing to sneeze at. But, by comparison, 2004’s Meet the Fockers had accumulated $204.3 million by this point. The $40 million medieval thriller Season of the Witch debuted in third place with a decent $10.7 million. The figure represents star Nicolas Cage’s lowest wide-release opening since 2008’s Bangkok Dangerous, and with a C+ grade from CinemaScore moviegoers, the PG-13 film shouldn’t hang around in theaters for long. On the other hand, distributor Relativity Media covered at least 75 percent of the movie’s budget via foreign pre-sales and tax credits, so Witch‘s financial outlook is likely rosier than it initially seems. Also worth noting is that, as is common with supernatural thrillers, the film’s audience was particularly diverse: 36 percent Hispanic, 31 percent Caucasian, 14 percent Asian, 10 percent African-American, and 9 percent “other.”

Fourth and fifth place went to TRON: Legacy and Black Swan, which earned $9.8 million and $8.4 million, respectively. This marked the first time Black Swan cracked the top five, and the $13 million ballet thriller has now collected $61.5 million, making it director Darren Aronofsky’s biggest hit by far. In sixth place was the music drama Country Strong, which expanded nationwide to the tune of $7.3 million from 1,424 theaters. The $12.5 million film attracted an audience that was 73 percent female, and CinemaScore audiences handed it an okay “B” rating.

In limited release, the Michelle Williams-Ryan Gosling relationship drama Blue Valentine expanded to 40 theaters and grossed $719,000 — a healthy per-location average of $17,975. And The King’s Speech continued its impressive run, accepting $6.8 million from 758 theaters. The Oscar hopeful has so far made $33.3 million. Check back next weekend as the Vince Vaughn comedy The Dilemma faces off against the superhero flick The Green Hornet.

1. True Grit — $15.0 mil
2. Little Fockers — $13.8 mil
3. Season of the Witch — $10.7 mil
4. TRON: Legacy — $9.8 mil
5. Black Swan — $8.4 mil
6. Country Strong — $7.3 mil

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  • king of kings

    And Narnia is dead… maybe next time they reboot this series, they will do away with the horrible religious messages… mainstream audiences don’t care about that and that’s why these films are failing at the box office

    • SC

      So, you propose rebooting Narnia with the primary point removed?

      • king of kings


      • SC

        Good luck with that.

      • king of kings

        It can happen… if you have faith

      • Sith Lord J

        Remember when the Golden Compass was suppose to be the next big thing?

      • Alex

        It just needs to be well made, well told, avoiding cliche religious phrases like those in dawn treader, but reaching the depths of the original that simply do have an exploration of God more than just empty allegories.

        The first movies had a little more of that exploration, in relation to this third one, but the overall hadn´t been that well executed. Then again, the Narnia series isn´t as easy to make a movie as HP (even with the cuts HP requires to fit into a movie) or other fantasy franchises (though even those haven’t been as successful as Narnia).

        The first Narnia didn’t make critics go crazy, but it had a magic that made money, the second was poorly promoted by a Disney that wasn’t happy with Walden already, had more problems with critics, and also lost a lot of the magic of the first one, it of course failed in comparison. The third takes even less risks than the previous ones, keeps things fun and is designed to please kids and religious people with words like faith and temptation thrown around, but it is the poorest in execution and writing, while it was already carrying a bad image for being dropped by Disney, plus marketing was narrowed down for younger children and christians. The result was a mediocre success (given it cost a lot less and still should pass the 100 million in the US and probably the 400 worldwide). What Narnia needs is to never be done again, or be, simply well done in terms of entertainment and in terms of the themes the work explores, be them considered religious or not.

    • datruth82

      king of kings, the religious messages had nothing to do with Narnia’s performance. The second (‘Caspian’) was very dark, which turned off many viewers. And, the third one (‘Dawn Treader’) was very, very, very slow – the plot just plods along. So, the direction and pacing were the nails in the coffin, not the messaging. So many people today are so out of touch with religious doctrine, that most religious messaging (no matter how overt) would probably go over half the audience’s head.

      • joker

        Plain and simple, the first Narnia movie had its moments but was far from being a great fantasy film ala Lotr. The second one however was just horrible, so bad so, that I decided not to watch the third one.. so yes, I think this is one of the dullest movie franchises ever

      • JPX

        “So many people today are so out of touch with religious doctrine” I’m happy to hear that. It’s 2011, it’s time to stop believing in magic, make-believe, and superstition. I hate to break it to you but there’s no magical man in the sky governing things.

      • Thom

        Yup. This film franchise just isn’t very good. It’s dull, it has characters with ZERO personality – the only one with any personality is the CGI mouse! – there is absolutely nothing to be invested in in these movies.

        They’re perfectly watchable, but there’s absolutely nothing memorable and they’re not engaging at all.

      • ryan

        I know the third one was the best book in the series they shoould of could of made that a smash! Caspian I knew would kill it because it was the least interesting book and british movie of tem all. 310 million though did double the budget though so who knows what Fox will think?

      • The Man

        Wow, JPX. I guess whatever helps you sleep with a clean conscience after getting wasted or high and waking up in bed with a senior citizen. Wait a minute, you’re not a senior citizen yourself, are you? If so, my bad…

    • Dan

      First off, all three Narnia movies were amazing! The Narnia franchise is far from over.
      Based on production costs, Voyage of Dawn Treader is already doing better then Prince Caspian domestically and will soon catch up to worldwide within the next few weeks.
      Worldwide, Voyage… is already 153 million over production costs.
      At the end of Prince Caspian’s worldwide run, it was over 194 million.
      Narnia 3 still has plenty of life in it and will eclipse this number very shortly.
      I can’t wait for “The Silver Chair”.
      The messages of faith and the magical adventures of Narnia will continue to reign and I truly believe that the entire series will eventually get made from these epic masterpieces from C.S. Lewis.

      • Daniel J

        Thanks for that comment, Dan! That’s exactly what I was going to do. In fact, Dawn Treader is doing better than both Tangled and Tron, in a way. It has already grossed a lot more than what was paid for its production and advertisement budgets. Compare that with Tron and Tangled, neither of which have covered both their production and advertisement budgets. There is still plenty of steam in this franchise. The franchise has earned more than $1.5 billion! It is quite likely that they will soon greenlight the production of The Silver Chair.
        I personally thought that the Voyage of the Dawn Treader was the best Narnia movie so far (and the other two are in my top 6 movies as well).

      • Mephysto

        To those that think Narnia is a successful series and have hope for a Fourth movie, I feel sad and sorry for you. Each movie has been making less and less money, that means audiences are losing interest with each passing film, and the people financing them see this too. So, do you think the producers and studio will take a chance on spending millions of dollars on something that most likely will make less at the box office? And it doesn’t matter that they might make their money back thanks to foreign markets, they still have to face another financing problem in North America, and that is the theatre chains that have also been disappointed by not seeing any profit when showing those movies. I am sure they learned their lesson too, and IF there is indeed a fourth movie (although very doubtful), they will refuse to show it in more then 2 screens

      • Dan

        Mephysto: I have hope for a fourth, fifth, sixth, and a seventh Narnia movie!

      • king of kings

        Dan, you must actually think that there is a heaven too, and that you will go there some day… you poor dumb thing

      • Dan

        I do believe in heaven and in the Lord Jesus Christ. Just looking at the wonderful creations here on Earth plus knowing what he has done in my life is proof enough for me that he exists.
        Faith = believing in what you can’t see
        I just can’t imagine all the intricate details of this world happening because of some kind of “accident”. A Creator knew what he was doing and gave us all a choice to believe in him or not.
        Big Bang – no
        Monkey transformation – no
        God – yes

      • john

        And why was the reason god created us Dan?

      • Son of God

        so that one day we can join Him in Aslan’s country, I’m proud of you Dan, God bless you :)

    • calvin Kimbo

      Speaking of religious messages, if mm memory tells me right, the True Grit soundtracks were based on a religious theme. Say what now?

      • jeremy

        yes, it even started with a Bible quote as i recall. unfortunately, i also recall use of the Lord’s name in vain. totally uncalled for. the film would have retained a sense of purity without the profanity. keep the cussing out of these films. Gunsmoke lasted 20 years without it.

    • Damion

      The message people think should be taught is tolerance and broadness. CoN is refreshing! Honestly you see what you want to see. I am guessing the term “king of kings” has zero to do from your viewpoint.

    • Nathan

      You know, the next time they try to reboot Tron they should do so without the whole video-game theme. mainstream audiences don’t care about that and that’s why its failing at the box office.

      • jeremy

        if you take away the video game theme, then there’s absolutely no plot! is that what you want? the plot was thin enough as it is! True Grit almost made up for my personal disappointment with the Tron sequel.

    • stephanie

      Well, maybe if audiences did care about the religious messages, maybe our country wouldntbe in the shape its in. You ever think about that????

      • Brad

        Actually, the country is in the shape its in because corporate America is pulling too many string. Combined with the fact that people are all about instant gratification and unable to realize that change takes time to occur, and that they don’t think they should have to pay for it (read: tax cuts,) our global power is shrinking. Americans need to wake up that sacrifices must be made by all in order to get us back on track. Previous generations were up to the task. Our current generation has proven unwilling and entitled.

      • cabal

        Ah, yes, the religious message. Ever read that message? Men are superior, women are lesser beings doomed to an eternity of being ground under the heals of men for their sins. Great message. God created us to worship him, what a narcissistic thing to do, what is god, Tom Cruise??? Yep, great messages in that book, a vengeful god, degradation of women, mass genocide, and an existence of suffering to culminate in a holy war that will kill off the entire human race! Keep preaching.

    • stephanie

      To King of that name supposed to be funny. I hate to tell ya,but the only thing you seem to be king of is ignorance. One day you will be face to face with the true King of Kings. Wonder what ignorance will spew from your mouth then?

      • king of kings

        The true king king of kings? You mean superman? Cause that’s the only imaginary character I dig… :-D

      • king of kings

        And king of ignorance? Yeah this coming from a pathetic simpleton who believes in an imaginary being

      • LadyJNewYork

        ^5 preach stephanie preach!!

      • Beepela

        There may or may not be a God, but you are certainly a jerk. Do you really think insulting people will change their minds about anything? Honestly, what is the point of all your comments, except to be mean and rude to other people?

      • Alex

        What good is it to have a movie talk about God (in a very mediocre way in this third installment that makes the once interesting Aslan into a dull cliche) for all the Christians here. Is it for a sense of gratification for you and a sense of frustration for atheists? how sad of an existence of a movie… Does the movie really peek interest in God through Aslan as the more elaborate books could do to some? I doubt it… Does it bring petty fights to defend “the faith” in a way comparable to the pharisees of Christ’s time? apparently…

    • AJ

      Okay, the Narnia’s aren’t failing. If you look at Dawn Treader’s worldwide gross it comes in at #2 in the box office, just shy of Tangled, which came out 2 weeks before Narnia.

      I wouldn’t say $337 million is a failure with only a $155 million dollar budget. Narnia is a huge worldwide hit so it’s unfair to judge it by its domestic gross.

      Also, the Narnia franchise is worth 1.5 billion with only three movies having been made. I wouldn’t call that failing. Also, the domestic gross of the Dawn Treader exceeds Golden Compass by 30 million.

      Also, Christianity is the biggest religion in the world. So what you said about mainstream is false. Isn’t it creepy how the liberal media completely teaches its followers to believe that they are the mainstream. It is albeit easy, considering liberals control Hollywood for the most part. Liberals control the arts and tell us what mainstream is.

      Wait a minute, Passion of the Christ made $300 million domestically! $600 million worldwide. The movie was entirely about Christ’s death, and look how big it got. The first Narnia made a total of $745 million. Prince Caspian, albeit lower than LWW, still made $420 million (oh, by the way, they advertised PC using normal Hollywood standards instead of targeting the faith audience… interesting, isn’t it).

      So now, after losing their audience to PC, they needed to get it back and reestablish ties with the faith community. I think they’ve done that. Now, if they just push forward, I think they’ll win more and more back.

      The Last Battle will be a whopping hit!

      • king of kings

        Hey idiot, I am not a liberal, so quit being ignorant and think for yourself rather then spew what they brainwash you with in your cult… and yeah Passion of the Christ made that much money because it was such a fun movie. Where else are you gonna see a poor bastard get the snot beat out of him for almost 2 hours?

      • jodipo

        hly delusional nutcase batman. Hey AJ, take it down a notch. We all getit, your a Christian and that means you have a big penis or automatically win every argument or some stupid crap.Kepp on blaming the “Liberal media” for all the worlds woes.Let me guess, your a big Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck fan right? It shows in your ignorance and insistence on bullying others with your religion. If you had true faith you wouldnt need to do that.

      • Lisa

        I’m still praying it’s enough to get to the Silver Chair and Magician’s Nephew, although production costs are likely to be much less next film if it turns out to be enough.

        The problem with Narnia series is that it slowly gets more and more depressing.

        I sincerely do not want the Last Battle just everything else. I do not want to be bothered by the problem of Susan.

        I do not care for the religious messages. I find religion as something to give a standard of morality not stuffed down one’s throat which is what it felt like in Dawn Treader.

    • angryoldguy

      You idiot! haven’t you ever read the original C.S Lewis books? That’s what they are about! I could go ahead and tell you the ending, but you wouldn’t want to know anyway and I wouldn’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t read the original 7 novels. You might try reading them, and I think you would be surprised at the differences. My complaint with the movie versions is that they are trying to move too fast, trying to condense too much too soon. The “moral”f the story is something to be discovered by the reader, over the course of the 7 books.

    • Joe Walker

      Actually, the latest Narnia movie has so far made $94,681,000 which is not too shabby.

    • rt

      If audiences are turned off by “religious messages” than both the first Narnia movie, and the Mel Gibson Jesus splatterfest movie would have tanked.

    • Juan

      Dead? 337 million world wide after a month. Has not yet been released in Japan. I think this has a real chance to pass the 400 mark. I wouln’t say “failing at the box office”

    • cabal

      unfortunately, Narnia suffers from slow, prodding source material. Being a lover of fantasy neither I nor my children could make it through more than a few of the stories. The movies had to be mediocre, they followed the books.

  • TinLV

    Come on… City Slickers, Blazing Saddles and Wild Wild West weren’t true Westerns, they just happened to be set in the West; big difference from my point of view and like comparing apples to oranges in terms of box office for Westerns.

    • SC

      “Blazing Saddles” is definitely a western; it’s a western comedy/parody, but that’s a legitimate sub-genre. I don’t know about “Wild Wild West”.

      “City Slickers” definitely isn’t, though.

      • Lisa Simpson

        “Wild Wild West” only belongs in the category of really bad films that cost too much money to make. And I agree that “Cty Slickers” isn’t a western, but “Blazing Saddles” should more accurately be considered a Western parody.

      • al

        4 types of Westerns: 1.Primitive: i.e. The Great Train Robbery 2. Classical i.e. StageCoach 3. Revisionist i.e. The Unforgiven 4. Parody i.e. Blazing Saddles, City Slickers, Wild Wild West

  • korri

    I wonder where HP is in the listing. I went to the movies to see it a second time and the theatre was basically full at 3pm. I was surprised considering its been out for a while!

    • Jay

      SAME HERE… the other day I went to watch it with some friends because there was nothing better to watch… and when I entered the theater it was JAM PACKED… I was sure the hype had faded out… but it still has some spark to it I guess

      • Bella

        Potter is not gonna make 300 million dollars… Eclipse FTW! Lol

      • A

        Bella, sorry to inform you, but while Eclipse may have grossed slightly more than Deathly Hallows domestically ($300 mil vs $287 mil), Deathly Hallows’ worldwide gross ($905 mil) far surpasses Eclipse’s ($693 mil).

      • Liz Lemon

        Lol. DH won’t leave the theaters until at least March. Jeez Louis, hold your horses before you make silly assumptions.
        It’s currently the number 3 highest grossing film of 2010 and it only has 13 million to go before it reaches the 300 mil mark. I have a feeling it won’t be a problem.

      • RT

        The latest Harry Potter has long since left Twilight in the dust. World wide Potter has made over 900 million (and counting) Eclipse never made it to 700 million. LOL.

      • G

        After 52 days in release DH has made 98.9% of the total Twilight eclipse made in its first 52 days and each of its weeks since its debut weeks it has been doing stronger boxoffice. WIth several weeks left to go in its run, anything is possible.

      • Matt1

        Bella is a stupid whore.

    • Dave

      It came in at #14 this weekend with about $2.4 million.

    • ryan or will tell you. or even They will tell you the numbers farther down the list or just go to the movie section on

  • Terry

    Really, who cares? If I were the producer of True Grit. I would be happier with a number 2 or 3 at the BO with a 25 mill gorss, than a #1 ranking with 15 Mill. Other than a one week bragging right about being #1 at the BO(in Jan no less) what’s the big deal?

    • @Terry

      It kind of is a big deal. It gets more people in the seats when you can state in your commercials that it’s the #1 movie in America. Some people see those ads and think, well if everyone’s seeing this movie, maybe I’ll go see it too.

      • Terry

        Gee, I understand that. I was talking about the article. Though I would still rather have more money than the higher ranking. But I know that there are a lot of lemmings out there who will go see a movie just because others are going to see it. Me, what a movie makes at the BO has absolutely no bearing on whether I go to see it(I saw it on the 23rd, the day after it opened.

    • Jose

      Terry, not only is it number one (for once a in a long time a good film is number 1 may I add) but its also a big deal because, as the article states, the film crossed the $100 million mark and still has a lot of juice left. Making it the highest grossing Coen Bros. film.

      I think its also a big deal because since their release, both True Grit and Little Fockers have been head to head and True Grit finally won the weekend.

    • Jem

      It’s a big deal because it reached number one in its THIRD week of release. That’s very rare these days when films come and go so quickly at the box office, even after big opening weekends. Big for Westerns, big for the Coens, and big for quality Oscar worthy films.

  • Liz Lemon

    Way to go Coen Brothers! I’m so proud.

    • jeremy

      yes, and way to go Jeff Bridges. i thought it was your best outing ever, even better than Starman.

  • Philip

    Narnia is actually far from over. The 2nd one cost 225 million to make and another 175 million were spent on advertising. This one had a budget of 150 million with 100 million advertising costs, and it has already banked 310 million worldwide. Domestically, it has grossed 95 million and it will pass 100 million mark by the time its out of theaters…Caspian did 140 million on a much larger budget..I think any studio will be happy to shoot a 3rd film when it is guaranteed that it will gross at least 300 million…

    • Dan

      Yeah! Narnia is doing quite well for itself. Once it passes $100 million domestically, it will be the first Fox film to do so since Avatar. I’m sure Fox won’t mind teaming up with Walden Media again and again.

  • fromMarkHall

    The only thing these CGI fantasies need are interesting villians and/or villainesses. Tilda Swinton as The White Witch was quite effective in the first Narnia film but I haven’t seen either sequel; just been told so many times that they suck that I haven’t checked them out for myself yet. Anybody up for Free Showtime???

    • ryan

      Well then silver chair has a bunch of action and villians! Also im getting itchy for a new Dexter! So free showtime would be nice.

    • Daniel J

      I would highly recommend that you check out both Narnia 2 (Prince Caspian) and Narnia 3 (Voyage of the Dawn Treader). They are some of the best movies ever! In fact, Dawn Treader is my most favorite movie.

      And the thing about villains. Prince Caspian has an excellent villain, King Miraz. In one way, he’s almost a better villain than the White Witch, because he’s human, while she’s a witch.
      And the Dawn Treader has a villain today, albeit not in the form of a single person. It is a green mist, which takes on different shapes/forms for each person it attacks/tempts.

      • Philip

        I really hope they make the Silver Chair, imagine the underground city on screen and Tilda Swinton returning as the witch..

      • Frank

        Daniel… are you five years old? I admire your enthusiasm, but the third Narnia had an extremely poor villain. It also happened to be extremely episodic with no narrative drive. Having said that, Prince Caspian is indeed underrated and is in fact my favorite of the solid, but flawed Narnia film series. It still can’t hold a candle to LOTR.

      • Dan

        I loved the Green Mist. Nothing can top the White Witch though, but I loved the Mist more than the Prince Caspian villain.

  • PNK

    Just saw The Fighter – give Christian Bale his Oscar RIGHT NOW. Amazing film, insane family, huge experience. Bale and Melissa Leo are superb. This is almost as good as The Wrestler!!
    (now on to see True Grit and King’s Speech!)

  • Mephysto

    To those that think Narnia is a successful series and have hope a. Fourth moci

  • couchgrouch

    Meet the Parents 4 will be titled Dumb Fokkers and will be about its audience.

    • m1

      You need to get laid or something. Your rudeness is showing.

  • Kate

    I really love The Black Swan. Nice to see that it’s moving up in the rankings.

    • m1

      Totally agree with you. I hope it crosses $100 million.

  • Cathy Grippando

    We enjoyed the new TRUE GRIT with Jeff Bridges and a new up and coming talented new actress !!! she was as cute as a button and has alot of talent. We definetly will be seeing her in more movies to come……

  • JoeC

    I saw the first one in the Narnia series and loved it; the second one, not so much. Haven’t seen this one….

  • dominic

    The Fighter was amazing, Tron: Legacy was pretty good, and I finally saw True Grit today and loved it. I’m so glad to see an actual movie in the #1 spot instead of the infantile Little Fockers. Up next, The King’s Speech and Black Swan!

  • Shh

    I thought Country Strong was great, the music and acting were fantastic. It’s doing well no? Considering it wasn’t in as many theaters at the other movies.

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