'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' EXCLUSIVE: See Edward and Bella on their honeymoon in this week's issue!

breaking-dawnAttention, Twilight fans: Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive first look at The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. The shot, which is only available in our print edition, features Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) as husband and wife — on their wedding night. “It’s one of the most anticipated scenes,” Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon tells EW. “I spent a tremendous amount of time thinking about it. The anticipation is part of it and you want to play with what people expect and maybe subvert it a little and surprise them.” (Over Thanksgiving, the director teased fans with a separate shot from the scene in question of Bella’s hand clutching some feathers.)

For more information about Breaking Dawn (in theaters Nov. 18) and other big 2011 releases, check out this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly.

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  • melanie

    i want to marry jacob and edward there both hot

    • William


      • Josh

        Let’s be fair, she’s probably not old enough to have learned that yet.

      • Hope


      • Justin

        Oh, Josh! That was a good one.

      • KC

        How anti-climatic of EW.

    • kristen

      shut up there mine

      • korri

        Haha funny joke

        (dear god, let that be a joke, for the sake of humanity)

      • Jason

        Just the same as melanie, huh? They’re*

    • jasmine

      oh god

    • Rachel

      Polygamy alert!!!

      • aughra

        Sorry, marrying both Jacob and Edward would be polyandry. But you know *they’re* fiction, right?

    • Nathan

      The picture’s already posted on twilightish.com

      • Karate Pants


      • Meg

        And on perezhilton.com

    • cindy

      me too. i agree

    • Taylor

      omg STFU, they’re not real. I’m sick of everyone thinking they are. There ARE better books.

    • Marisel

      In the movie I want to marry Edward in the real world I want to marry Jacob …

  • Laura

    Let me summarize the Twi-hards who are about to comment en masse: OMG! Bella and Edward on their honeymoon?!!! This will be bestest movie EVER! Twilight 4 EVER! Squeeeee!!! *jumps up and down*

    • wino

      and you’ve just gave us a beautiful example of a typical hater troll comment. although you could’ve added something about fat housewives, cancelling your ew subscription and Harry Potter to really make a point :)

      • hooiskellie


      • Karate Pants

        Second wino’s comment.
        Laura, that was lame. Surely you and the hater brigade can do better than that. You’re getting dumber and the fans are getting dumber. By the time Breaking Dawn comes out, these message boards – once the forum for lively debate – will be reduced to a puddle of sparkly drool and owl poop.
        Try harder.

      • OMG

        Oh, no, the dreaded and cliched “hater” comments. Cue sounds of heads slamming into PCs.

      • Jason

        Why do you mention Potter? You think only Potter fans hate Twilight? LMFAO wrong.

    • m

      That’s funny!

    • beamie

      i think i speak for all the Twi-hards out there… i have been waiting for this movie for ever… its gonna b so awesome… cant wait for nov. 18… its gonna be the most epic movie ever…CANT WAIT!!!

      • laura

        And beamy is the a perfect example of why I made the comment I did…unless you were being sarcastic.

        Also, twilight is a series for silly teenage age girls and of course fat lonely housewives. And though I never bring this up because I will concede they are different, Harry potter is a far superior series based on the writing quality alone. And I have no ew subscription, I would certainly be throwing this issue in the trash if I did. Satisfied yet wino? ;)

      • laura

        Also, apologies for spelling your name wrong in my above post beamie.

      • LMG

        Laura..Why does it have to be competition? Each to their own! If you do not care for the series then do not read the articles and comment. I can promise you it is not just teens and fat housewives. Even if it was..what’s it to you? I have beautiful friends and relatives of all ages that love Twilight. Stop with all the hate and rudeness! It’s stupid and shows how immature and ugly of a person you are in life.

      • KCC

        LMG you make a great point, im personally not a huge of twilight but lots of my GUY friends are…don’t know why, but they are lol

      • Alyssa

        KCC-do they wear tutu’s and sparkles? And you say you have been waiting forever for this movie??? Hmm…I have been waiting since 1998 for the last/ending of Harry Potter to see Hermione and Ron finally kiss. I think you have only waited 3 or 4 years. Thats nothing.

      • Yay

        And what’s wrong with fat lonely housewives? They shouldn’t have their favorite movies?

      • Mechelle

        Well, Laura, I am not a fat housewife or a silly teenager and I love Twilight. You remind me of someone who might need some counceling. Let people have some fun and fantasy. Sometimes to get through life people need this. You like Harry Potter, well so do I! I love it just as much as Twilight. So Lighten up and if you hate it so much don’t spend all day reading about it!

      • OMG

        laura, “fat lonely housewife”? Really? Nice pejorative sterotype for women you have there. Let’s kick the women who nuture children and try to make a family (oh, and bring in half the income for the household on top of it). Yeah, let’s call them fat–because isn’t that the meanest thing you can come up with? Oh, and lonely. I guess if you’re fat you can’t get a fat husband, so you’re lonely. Man, laura, find someone else to kick. I’m sorry if a fat lonely housewife made your life hell, but everyone is not that way.

      • LJM

        I hate to burst your bubble beamie, but no movie with Kristen Stewart in it can possibly be epic! I am a fan of the Twilight books, but Kristen’s poor acting ruins the movies!!!

    • uuhhhh


    • Claudia

      1) Thank so much for anticipating what our reactions will be. Yes, we are excited and jumping up and down like any other fan.
      2)If you dont like this then why are you even on here. EW printed that picture for people who love this series and have been waiting for this for quite sometime. In fact I would say that the fact that you posted what you did makes you look a bit more immature than some of the teens out there (with all do respect). Please let us enjoy what we are being given and go to things that you actually like instead of trying to ruin for everyone else.

      • jen

        don’t waste your time on her. LOL! She’s obsessed with everything twilight!

      • Jason

        It’s hilarious to see Twitards getting excited for something like this.

    • Sharlin

      that made me laugh. that was good.

    • bad picture

      I just saw the picture on another site. It looks like a death picture of ‘Bella’. She looks super pale, lifeless and he looks like he just kissed her good bye. I thought it was the death scene after the birth but now I read it’s supposed to be a SEXY scene from their HONEYMOON? WTF? I know the acting skills of these movies are pretty low but that’s some BAD acting in that picture. Twitards will probably just have huge orgasms over it though.

      • FreezeBurn_TwilightGirl4Ever

        I guess when you are being screwed by a really cold vampire wiener it can give you a death-like look.

      • Yay

        I really don’t know what you saw, bit all I got from the picture is that it was shot at night, the light in the room is orange (candles probably)and overal there is too much shadows (oh remeber it is a night shot!!!)and not enough light to see the tone of her skin. So yeah, go hate everything somewhere else.

      • Jem

        are you having one right now?

    • FreezeBurn_TwilightGirl4Ever

      You should really check your attitude. Being a b!tch went out in 2010.

      • hooiskellie

        freezeburn! spent much time on the rc lately? (from nomnomnom_rob) !!! <3 twisters <3

        oh, and HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • KBeth917

        FB, I fcking love you, but nothing. <3

    • Rachel

      and then they’re going to ask, OMG why can’t the hole movie be like that instead of, like Rosemary’s baby?!! I mean baarf!

      • Jaczz

        Whole, the WHOLE movie. Hole is a hole in the ground. Whole is the total sum of. Go to school much?

    • hooiskellie

      ahem, i think you mean “this will be THE bestest twilight movie EVER!” and we don’t say “omg” we say OME…Oh My Edward.

    • Heather P

      Laura, your comment is spot-on. I don’t have anything personally against Twilight. I read all four novels and was very disappointed by the fourth one. But when people think Twilight is Shakespeare I have an objection or two .

    • SJ

      The real Twihard comment is this: I heard they might have to make it rated R because they have sex and there’s no way they can CGI the baby even though that troll guy in lord of the rings was CG but there’s no way they can do it for Breaking Dawn.

    • Ella

      You are sad!

  • StewyFan

    Bill Condon, you rock man. So far, I am very pleased with what I am seeing as far as the stuff that I care about with BD. I don’t really care for the crazy imprinting mess that will be in Part 2. I just want Edward and Bella and that chemistry that Rob and Kristen exude in every scene.

    • jen

      Wish I could give them the numbers to show that they can’t never stop the momentum! LOL!

    • jen

      Now, we can really gauge how ignorant a person is if she’s/ he’s talking about billions!

      That above message is for you. Take note that sales on Eclipse DVD alone can cover production cost for the 3 twilight movies. Sales projection for Eclipse DVD alone is on the run for US$150 million.. Now, what billions are you talking about?

  • Woot

    Why is exclusive in all caps? Really unnecessary, and reinforces the stereotype that Twilight fans are really annoying.

  • Kelly

    Pic is HOT!!!!!

    • bad picture

      I don’t think you know what that word means. Girl looks dead in the picture, what’s “hot” about that unless you are into necrophilia.

      • FreezeBurn_TwilightGirl4Ever

        Maybe he just got done screwing her so good that she passed out.

        It happens…*evil grin*

      • bad picture

        She is completely pale, drained of blood from her cheeks, lips, eye lids etc. and LOOKS dead. That’s not afterglow sweetie, that’s a funeral scene. After good sex, your blood is pumping and you have it flowing to EVERY part of your skin and body. But I’m guessing you are one of the Twilight virgins or middle-age women who aren’t getting any so you don’t know the difference.

      • kurt

        that looks all wrong.. is she dreaming of Jacob or the Sex was just bad……oh I forgot Kristen just can not act and doesn’t like


      • jen

        Its capital HOT! Trust us!

  • ERIN

    is there supposed to be a picture or something cuz i don’t see it

    • Voodoo

      “The shot, which is only available in our print edition (…)”

      Learn to read.

    • Liz Lemon

      I’ve seen it… it’s STUPID and you can see the bad acting seeping through the page. Lame.
      You’d think since the main two are supposedly dating that they would be able to pretend to have sex with each other…no.

      • sal

        I couldn’t agree more! Poor Bill Condon. Stewart always looks like she wants to puke and this pic is no exception…

      • Lins

        haha well said. Twilight is one of the worst movie series out there….

      • marie j

        You nailed it sal… and Robert has the same look… lol

      • FreezeBurn_TwilightGirl4Ever

        It’s a photo, not a video. How can YOU read so much into it?

      • gabi

        when I think about that hot scene in Remember Me with Ally I know who can’t act…kristen was hot with Dakota but with Rob I just can not see it

      • Karate Pants

        You know, you not only give Liz Lemon a bad name by being angry and snarky, two characteristics that just don’t jive with her personality – but because I bet the real Liz Lemon would TOTALLY be a Twihard…reading the series over and over again, workin’ on her night cheese in a fart-filled slanket. Get in character already.

      • tipsy

        @ Sal “Stewart always looks like she wants to puke and this pic is no exception…”

        Who says that right after that shot she won`t puke all over Edward? They said they`ll change some things considering that barely anything happens in the book save the now infamous body horror lifted from Alien. So maybe her I`m gonna puke facial expression is exactly what it is suppoed to be. Calm down, people. Jumping to conclusions about bad acting based on one shot is ridiculous. It`s context that matters and this out of context.

    • Sharon

      Well, you are obviously not a Twihard. The shot only available in print is all over the web, you just got to look.

  • LillyCB

    To all the people out there who have a huge stick up their butts, please remind yourselves, that while this series may be a silly, stupid, annoying (and whatever else you think of it), THINK OF HOW STUPID OTHER PEOPLE THOUGHT WHEN YOU FREAKED OUT ABOUT STAR WARS OR THE LORD OF THE RINGS… Seriously, GET OVER YOURSELVES!!! I LOVE THE TWILIGHT SAGA!! AND I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK!! PS: I have nothing agains Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, I love them both. Just please: SHUT UP AND LEAVE US ALONE!!

    • Emma

      Nah, it’s too much fun, especially when we get to see lame, inane posts like yours.

      And thank you for summarizing so well what the series is: silly, stupid, annoying… But you also forgot poorly written, trashy, creepy, idiotic and I’m sure I’m forgetting quite a few…

      • amoet

        @Emma: The movie is from the book for GODS SAKE!!!! If you want to hate Twilight, hate the book not the movie!!

      • Emma

        Oh don’t worry, I was referring to the books…and by extension, the movies get included. Win-Win :)

      • Emma

        But for the movies we get to add painfully horribly acted, terrible dialogue, effects, and the list goes on…

      • Anna

        Get off your high horse and grow up you silly little girl! Theres a word for people like you… BULLY! If you don’t like it, don’t comment. Didn’t your mother ever teach you manners?

      • emma

        Anna, you just don’t like that what I say is true…truth hurts, I know. The books and movies are terrible.

      • LMG

        Something keeps you on these articles..come on now..admit it closet Twi-hard! What is wrong with being silly and stupid? You must like to be, why else would you use a stupid and silly smiley face and write win win..unless of course you are about 10-12 yrs old.

      • emma

        Oh LMG, you caught me, closet twi-hard right here…I love Twilight so much. Twilight forever and ever and ever and ever!

      • Sharon

        I’m gonna have to disagree on the word trashy that you used to describe Twilight. Some of those other words are ok, but not trashy. Are you sure you’ve read the books? Mormon Mom Stephenie Meyer makes pretty damned sure nobody gets any until after the vows have been taken. The Vampire-Human divorce rate is also very low, so you can’t go with trashy. If you want to hate something, you really should know what you are hating.

      • emma

        Trashy…as in for the trash heap, my dear Sharon.

      • emma

        Though I am glad you agree with some of my other words… anyways, goodnight.

      • Emma

        I love twilight. Sorry for my former comments.;)

      • FreezeBurn_TwilightGirl4Ever

        Why are you commenting on something you hate? Why not step back and let others like it enjoy it.

        You don’t see us bad-mouthing you when you warship your leader, SATAN.

      • emma

        FreezeBurn…I understand why you’re asking me those questions, fine, whatever. But then I read your last statement…confirming to me that your a moron and a freak, really, of all the things? Satan? Yeah…ok. Just because I hate something that your pathetic self likes, does not mean I “warship” satan…and by the way, its spelled worship.

        But what the heck…Twilight for ever and ever and ever! I love it soooo much! (Good enough for you?)

      • gabi

        PEOPLE …!!!!! Twilight was written for Young ADULTS so stop criticizing . Why would you think this story holds more than an easy love story..you are all making it more than it is..ITS only Entertainment….like the Harlequin Novels…so give it up already..It was an easy read and that was it..no Bronzed Horseman or Gone with the Wind…

      • jen

        Why they are here? Because there’s a zero follow up and no stirrings among HP stars that is worth debating for. So, what are they doing now?

    • Mephysto

      Actually star wars is a real franchise… unlike this drivel

      • Alyssa

        Yeah..and funny thing is Princess Leia could Kick Bella’s Arse to the curb too.

        Oh and for the record I would **** Darth Vader before Edward Cullen. Vader is dead sexy man(long as he keeps that helmet on 0_o). He can have me as his little galactic wife anyday.

      • Karate Pants

        Nerdiest. Throwdown. Ever.

    • Sharon

      I agree with you. I am one of the millions of women that love Twilight. I am also one of those first Star Wars girls. So,yes that makes me old, but not a fat house wife.I know plenty of professional women friends that love Twilight. I also agree that J.K. Rowling is the better writer, but Stephenie Meyer tells a good story in a very personal way. So, they are both great. The only thing I would have to argue with you about is music, and you no one has yet touched the music we had in our day. That’s just simply a fact. I almost stopped reading Twilight when she had Edward commenting that sixies music was awful. But, I was enjoying the story too much and I just decided the author was deaf. Ignore all the haters, they probably hate everything and everybody, except themselves. I think Kristen could work on her acting, I am not her biggest fan, but she does fine for this franchise. Rob Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are the true stars of the series. They are both very good actors. I also think it wouldn’t hurt them to attend an acting school to hone their skills. But who is making millions, it sure as hale isn’t the haters or me. I guess they’re doing something right.

      • Alyssa

        UH…WB and Rowling make BILLIONS not Millions like Summit and Meyer. Though Summit crossed the 1 Billion mark-good job. You just have 5 Billion and some to go to catch up.

      • Liza

        Making millions doesn’t require skill or doing something “right”. There are plenty of rich people out there who did very little to earn even a penny of it so don’t be so hard on yourself or other middle or lower class people. I am one of the “haters” and I do like many things. I in fact LOVE books and movies. I read voraciously and just completed two books that were on the EW end year list called Room and Skippy Dies, they were great and the writer make Stephenie Meyer look like a hack housewife…oh wait that’s what she is. Just to let you know my favorite movie is Fight Club, from my childhood it’s Labyrinth so I do adore fantasy. My favorite book is East of Eden by John Steinbeck. My favorite TV show is Dexter and my favorite music is The Postal Service. Isn’t it insane to think people who hate Twilight can love other things? We must be crazy or have bad taste, either way we still have the ability to type on comment boards and show people like you how wrong and narrow minded you are.

  • emma

    I saw the pic on a website. Is it supposed to be posted here or are you just informing us that we need to go buy the EW to see it?

    • ginny

      if you hate twilight so bad why do you waste your time on these sites?
      why cant you go be miserable some where else?

      • amy1960

        I LOVE Twilight and i donlt care what people said.kristen and rob are doing a great job!! i love the books too i am 50 years old.

      • Alyssa

        @ Ginny…Im so sorry, but you walked into this… Harry misses you so get off the computer and meet him in the Gryffendor Common room. He wants to ” Study”

    • FreezeBurn_TwilightGirl4Ever


      I apologize for not proofing my comment before submitting. With that said… I don’t know you I was being sarcastic and funny with my comment. Try not to take things so serious.

      Get off the cross, someone needs the wood.

  • Twilight is not as bad as Bieber

    cool, I am curious to see the how the process of turning this train wreck of a book into a movie is going. I know all the Twi-haters think they are all bad, but man the fourth book is a doozy…

    • kristen

      shut up about twilight i love it LOVE

      • hc

        haha I love it too Kristen but admit it, the fourth book suuuuuucked.

  • dominic

    Harry Potter is better, and will always be better. It has a great story, which Twilight severely lacks. The Hunger Games trilogy is superior as well. I’m dreading The Twilight Saga: The Return of Kristen Stewart’s Annoying Facial Ticks.

    • hateharrypotter

      why do harry potter fans always come to comment on twilight stuff…Harry potter is a stupid children read. bunch of kids doing magic..please keep your HP crap to yourself sorry but I slept through one movie I was forced to watch…STUPID

      • axn

        LOL!!! Harry Potter is a stupid children read??? 1. Grammatically incorrect, silly girl. 2. Then what the hell do you call Twilight???

      • marie j

        yeah and vampires that spark in the sun is not stupid??

      • FreezeBurn_TwilightGirl4Ever

        Why is there so much F’ING competition between these fan groups??

        It’s so childish. Chill the F’ OUT.

      • Alyssa

        that’s why its in 69 languages and Twilight is in 32. And people ages 8-80 and both genders LOVE Harry Potter. OH and the media started the comparison.

      • Karate Pants

        They don’t spark, marie j. Duh. That’s just ridiculous.

    • Anna

      Why do you need to compare? It’s like comparing G’n’R to Kings of Leon… it’s not needed and its stupid. It is possible to like both.

    • Liz Lemon

      Hey. HP fan here. Don’t bring it up.
      Stay on topic. And you wonder why the twilight fans do it.

    • LMG

      How would you know about her ticks unless you are watching the movies…awwww busted!

      • emma

        Well, considering she acts the same in every movie, not just twlight…she has about two facial expressions, I think it was probably pretty easy for Dominic to be able to come to his conclusion

      • yutz

        Acting style #1: Down Syndrome.
        Acting style #2: Biting the lip.
        So versatile.

    • hooiskellie

      actually, she lost her facial ticks in eclipse. so i think you’re safe there.

    • tipsy

      Enough with HP vs Twi competition, it`s so passe! 2012 is all about Twi vs The Hobbit vs TDKR.

  • Dany

    So thanks to Mr. Bill Condon for the surprise.

  • TwI_Moms

    no comment.. lololol

  • Hannah

    I ca not wait to see breaking dawn part 1

  • alexus

    Love twilight saga, if you don’t then keep it to yourselves. .why you even on here commenting…losah..

    • FreezeBurn_TwilightGirl4Ever

      I 2nd your comment.

  • hateharrypotter

    oh Yeah and you can’t even compare the two Twilight is a love story and HP is whatever it is…can’t stand HP they suck

    • LMG

      Don’t go down to their level, but thanks for defending!:)

    • Liza

      From what I understand the Twilight series is a watered down, boring, unoriginal love story that’s not any better than a 50 cent romance paperback you can buy a any used bookstore. Harry Potter seems to be a highly detailed, emotionally rich, elegiac fantasy epic that spans many years and features dynamic and strong characters who are truly heroes. Wow, so I guess you’re right, twilight is a love story and harry potter is what it is.

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