Clint Eastwood in talks to direct Beyonce in 'A Star is Born' remake

Beyonce-Clint-EastwoodImage Credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos; Duffy-Marie Arnoult/WireImage.comNo, it’s not an Onion headline: Warner Bros. confirms to EW that Clint Eastwood is indeed in talks with the studio to direct a remake of the musical A Star is Born, and Beyoncé is in negotiations to star. (Deadline first reported the news.) At one point last year, Nick Cassavetes was reportedly attached to direct the third remake of the classic story (it’s best known for George Cukor’s 1954 version starring Judy Garland), with Beyoncé as the young starry-eyed ingénue and Russell Crowe playing the has-been who lends her a helping hand. Crowe has apparently fallen out of the picture. No word yet on who Eastwood is considering for the male lead.

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  • Manny

    Beyonce, reeaaaaally????

    • Miss Talk

      AS much as I HATE that “reaaaaally”, I have to agree with you. Beyoncé is too big of a star right now. If she has to be associated with a movie called “A star is born”, then it should be her own biopic.
      Regarding her acting chops, I would say that we’re already used to the fancy and sophisticated Beyoncé, we don’t need to see the same in a movie. Unless she goes raw and make up free like Mariah Carey in “Precious”, or Oprah in “Beloved”, she won’t win that Oscar anytime soon.

      • Connor

        and Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand were unknowns when they played the part?? But anyway I agree Beyonce should’t play it but not because she’s too famous. It’s called acting besides I thing the role needs to be filled by a larger-than-life entertainer like those that came before.

      • Jank

        The Judy Garland version is a classic and she performs one of the greatest songs in movie history with “The one that got away” – Beyonce does not have 1/10th of Judy’s talent – Judy was the greatest singer of the 1900s, a terrific actress, a talented dancer, and an underrated comedic talent, and a beautiful woman top it off. Beyonce is overrated, part of the hype machine – she has not done anything memorable and will be forgotten ten years from now

      • bootsycolumbia

        Jank, it’s The Man That Got Away.

      • bootsycolumbia

        Don’t trash Beyonce’s acting abilities until you watch Cadillac Records. She played Etta James and she really should have been nominated for an Oscar. Her performance was as raw and real as you can get.

      • FromChicago

        They would have to rewrite the script and update it for today’s audience.

      • ashlee

        If this is going to make a splash there is no one better than CE to update the original story and make it relevant for this century. As for the male lead I read it was Russell Crowe. Frankly, I can’t see these two together. Professionally, they are very different disciplines.

      • Bluto

        Really, as part of his penance—Mel Gibson should be forced to play the role of the has-been.

    • filmboymichael

      I’m fine with Beyonce….Eastwood can get a good performance and she was really good in Cadillac Records….the headline though immediately made me think that Eastwood would play the male lead….I almost lost my breakfast!

      • Taylor

        I agree that she was quite good in Cadillac Records and really showed a lot of improvement in her acting. I don’t think she got enough credit for that.

    • BFD

      Why? No body can come up with something believable for this non-actress to do so they have to remake this film for a 4th time? Go back and re-release the Judy Garland remake and have Beyonce study it and learn how to act. Even Barbra didn’t come close to doing it as well.

    • SXiPPY

      Can Beyonce ever do a movie other than one that calls for her to sing in it as well, or doesn’t contribute to the soundtrack? Think about it – outside of her dismal performance in “Obsessed”, she always has to sing in a movie or for it. Someone should try something different than cliched singing roles. So lame.

      • Mallory

        Beyonce sung one whole song in Goldmember. Obsessed she was actually good in the movie. It was just a popcorn movie, not to be taken that seriously. Even the legendary columnist Liz Smith got it and said Beyonce was fantastic in it. Some actors’ and actresses’ careers were only in musicals. It shouldn’t even matter.

      • PN

        Beyonce did a lot of acting scenes in Goldmember with Mike Myers. She was that good in that movie. Her later movies were more musical or music-oriented, including Dreamgirls.

    • Japanese Japanese HIROSHI

      IMO, the equation is not right. Eastwood has been very good in his directorial efforts at creating simple yet beautiful scenes in an old-fashioned and somewhat quiet way (some Japanese films – even those produced in 2000s — are like this, as well.) while (to keep it brief) Beyonce (as an actress), to moi, might be fit more in the fast-paced popcorn flicks, etc. Quite a challenging job for him, methinks.

    • underfor5

      I don’t think Beyonce should be underrated. She was very good in Dreamgirls – centred, focused and didn’t attempt to outshine Jennifer Hudson, who had the more showy role.
      Could definitely see Will Smith in the other role.

  • aussie dave

    They need a washed up country singer like Kris Kristofferson in the ‘Streisand’ version. Glad Rusty Crowe isn’t doing it. Even though he’s in a ‘band’, his singing is pretty bad.

    • Stacie

      Jeff Bridges?

    • IMO

      Beyonce and Jeff Bridges would be more believable. Or maybe Denzel (washed up jazz player) – that would be cool

  • Jackie

    Uch, I think I just died a little inside. Beyoncé is NO Judy Garland!

    • Marilynn

      You’re so right! Beyonces Waaaayyyy Better!

      • Jank

        That is incredibly sad if you think the unremarkable beyonce is better than Judy Garland. You have probably only seen the Wizard of Oz – however I encourage everyone to watch more of Judy’s classics including “Presenting Lily Mars”, “Easter Parade”, “Meet Me in St. Louis”, “The Clock”, “The Pirate”, “A Star is Born”, “For Me and My Gal”

        Beyonce has done what?…an Austin Powers sequel..yeah

      • Brett

        “Beyonce has done what? an Austin Powers sequel, yeah”…and “Dreamgirls,” and “Cadillac Records.” She’s done other films, too, but those aren’t all that remarkable. Jank, I think you’re selling Beyonce a little short.

      • mike

        NOT even in the same league as Judy…I love Beyonce..but really…it’s like comparing apples and coconuts.

      • Jackie

        I didn’t see ‘Cadillac Records’ because I honestly can’t stand watching Beyoncé try to act, but acting aside, I don’t even think she’s much of a singer, more of an entertainer. I heard her singing “At Last” at Obama’s inaugural dinner, and I thought she was terrible. I sided with Etta James – why bring in a cheap imitation when you can have the real deal? Beyoncé doesn’t hold a candle to Etta James.

  • AK

    I love Clint as a director, but this does not seem like his kind of movie. And I love Beyonce as a singer, but she cannot act (even when she’s playing a singer–which is always). This sounds like a terrible idea on so many levels.

    • fancypants

      I agree. Beyonce usually plays singers which pretty much tells you how limited her acting is.

      • Uh..

        Hey, guess what? In this movie, she’ll be playing a singer!

      • Zakry

        So all singers all the same? If you play a singer, they are the same person? Dumb comment

    • bagabou

      Bad choice, Beyonce CAN’T ACT!! Sheesh, is Hollywood execs. so out of touch and can’t tell who can REALLY act anymore???

  • Pelon

    BAD IDEA!! EXTREMELY BAD IDEA! Beyonce is a fine singer with limited range as proved when she destroy Etta James’ classic ‘At Last’. other problem is her speaking voice. it does not translate well to the big screen. leave the Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand versions alone and let Eastwood and Beyonce find some other new project. perhaps Beyonce playing a mute.

  • Dee Jones

    OH NO! Beyonce needs to take a break. I don`t want to year from her until 2014 or 15. Sorry to say I can`t look at her acting.

    • Anon

      I agree 100%; she’s exposed enough as it is. And her acting is abysmal. She darn near turned “Obsessed” into a comedy.

      • fancypants

        Girl, Obsessed was hilarious. “I’ll show you crazy!” lol!

  • Classy!

    Hell no. Yuck. Beyonce has a nice-not extremely great, but very nice-singing voice and is a superstar, but enough of her in these kinda roles. She’s a singer in real life and, with great direction, she can play a singer on the big screen, but enough is enough. She’s not a true acting talent in the slightest. Christina Aguilera with her stunning, incomparable pipes deserves this role more than the decent-voiced, extra bootylicious Beyonce.

    • Jank

      no, no, no, what you all fail to understand is that Judy was excellent in dramatic roles as well – see her movie “The Clock”, her only non musical and it is probably her finest performance, she could do drama and comedy as well as any of the top talent and she had an amazing voice – NO autotuning required.

      • JN

        The Clock was not Judy’s only non-musical role. She was Oscar nominated for Judgement at Nuremberg. And that IS her finest performance.

    • Brett

      Aguilera and Beyonce are about the same. I wouldn’t put one over the other as far as singing is concerned. I just don’t see why: (a) We need yet another version of “A Star is Born,’ or (b) Why Beyonce would do a movie about the rise of a superstar singer so soon after having starred in “Dreamgirls.”

      • Classy!

        Aguilera is far superior vocally. You have to be close to deaf or close to death to not be able to tell.

  • Stuart Dooley

    Why Clint? Whyyyyyyyyy?

    • Bette

      If you are a true Clint fan, you would know that he is fantastic at this kind of movie….”Bird,” starring Forest Whitaker anyone ? “Honkeytonk Man” is another . Clint is the best.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        The difference is that Forest Whitaker can act.

  • dee123

    Is it April 1st all ready???

  • Jase

    You can’t top Judy Garland, so why try? A Star Is Born is a great movie- LEAVE IT ALONE.

    • KDH

      Agreed. I remember back in the mid-90’s there was talk of a remake with Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown(!) We dodged that bullet…now just leave it alone.

    • veronica

      judy garland’s version of this movie was already a remake. janet gaynor and fredric march starred in the original in 1937. judy garland’s was in 1954, and then barbra streisand’s in 1976.

      • Ackerman

        Thank you

      • Jank

        Yes, BUT remakes are only justified when the original failed to execute the ideas well enough – but Judy Garland’s version nailed it – nothing to improve so that should have been the last version

      • claudenorth

        I’m not a fan of remakes, but the basic story of A Star is Born is timeless and lends itself to retellings. The entertainment industry has changed so much since the last version (1976) that it could be interesting to explore those character dynamics as they play themselves out in the 21st century.

      • KDH

        All of which is true…none of which changes the fact that you can’t top Judy Garland.

  • aussie dave

    What about Rhianna and Chris Brown ?? – “A Star is Bashed”…..

    • Marilynn

      So wrong, yet so funny….smh whilst lmao!

    • Andy F.

      First laugh I’ve had all day. Well, except for when I read the headline and thought, Beyoncé and Clint Black??

  • Josh

    I can bet you good money that Eastwood will not sign on to this project if Beyonce does. He likes to pick his own actors and he won’t pick Beyonce.

    • Dennis

      Beyonce has been attached to this project for what seems like an eternity, and according to the Deadline article, Warner Brothers is intent on keeping her. If they approached Clint, it’s likely he knew that going into negotiations.

      • Josh

        Yeah but I have a feeling Clint thinks “I’m Clint Eastwood, I bring Oscar chances, they’ll choose me over Beyonce”.

  • Nita

    She’s hellbent on getting an Oscar. Too bad she’s a terrible actress.

  • Sina

    They should really chose an unknown singer with a great voice and make the male co-star the big name star. I can honestly see someone like Jamie Foxx as the big name star who gets jealous and out of control.

    • Brett

      Hmmmm, Beyonce and Jamie Foxxx in a musical about a rising young singer…why does that sound familiar?

      • Sina

        Did you read my comment? I said an unknown female singer. It would be wayyyyy better for an unknown amazing singer to be cast. that would make the role more authentic.

  • tori

    Yes because the movie just HAD to be remade. Get some new friggin ideas Hollywood! And while you’re at it, look for real actors too, not singers who already have millions looking for something new to do.

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