James Cameron: 'Avatar' sequels coming Christmas 2014 and 2015

avatarImage Credit: WETAJames Cameron has spoken frequently about his intention to turn his mega-hit Avatar into a trilogy. Now, according to the director himself speaking at the PGA Awards on Saturday, those two sequels have release dates. Cameron tells EW, “I am in the process of writing the next two Avatar films now. We are planning to shoot them together and post them together, and we will probably release them not quite back to back, but about a year apart. Christmas ’14 and ’15 is the current plan.” Of course, it’s probably best to take those release dates with a grain of salt, since the first Avatar had several release dates before its December 2009 release. Still, now fans know that they’ll have to wait at least three more years for a return to Pandora.

Cameron also notes that we’ll see some familiar faces return. “Basically, if you survived the first film, you get to be in the second film, at least in some form,” say the director. One thing’s for sure: some percentage of the presumably-massive Avatar sequel gross will go to charity. “Fox has partnered with me to donate a chunk of the profits to environmental causes that are at the heart of the Avatar world,” says the director. “I didn’t want to make more Avatar movies without a grander plan in place.”

(Reporting by Carrie Bell)

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  • Liz

    Great two more movies for people to overhype and claim that they are the best movies ever. Avatar was good but wasn’t as great as everybody hyped it to be.

    • Jon

      Liz, What gives you the right to talk for the population.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        I agree with Liz

      • Tye-Grr

        I agree with Liz as well.

      • Frank

        “I didn’t want to make more Avatar movies without a grander plan in place.” Hopefully, the “grander plan” also includes three dimensional characters and a compelling story.

      • Blue Silver

        I disagree with Liz. Everyone, however, is entitled to his/her opinion. Btw, if the 1st movie made bank, the sequels will too..that’s a given!!!

      • Josh M


      • harry

        I disagree with Liz.

      • t.t

        I give her the right
        the film was crap … a Pocahontas rip off

      • Dave

        I agree with Liz and Frank.

      • Mike

        For being somebody who doesn’t really care for Avatar, you sure did read and comment fast.

      • Liz lover

        I agree with Liz and most the things she says on here, she can speak for me anytime lol

      • sean

        disagree with liz.

      • seriously????

        I guess i didn’t realize posting on ew.com constitutes speaking for the entire nation. Holy cow.

      • Ricky

        I agree with Liz.

      • Mike

        I agree with Liz

      • Mike

        I disagree with Liz. Why care what others say and think? If that affects you so, grow up. I enjoy the movies for what they are, and I like that so many people enjoy them. Not to mention that it’s fantastic that Cameron stuck a deal with Fox to donate much of the proceedings to environmental causes, of which you’ll only take for granted. I say again, grow up.

      • Marc

        Where did she say she was “speaking for the population?”

      • The Cappy

        What gives you the right to complain about Liz speaking her mind? Also, she’s not speaking for any population, just for herself. She’s right, nevertheless.

      • Blake

        Liz wasn’t speaking for the population dumb@ss, she was just giving her own opinion of the movie, I think that right is in something called the bill of rights. And plus a lot of people do agree with her in thinking those movies got way more hype than they actually deserved.


        I disagree with Liz and I agree with Frank. I hope I am ‘speaking for the population’. lol
        Avatar = muddled mess that hinged upon its special effects to save it from a rip-off plot/ideas (Pocahontas, Laputa, Dances With Wolves), and lacking characters with depth and lacking substantial plot. Period.

      • Lazengann

        Yea, Liz is right. But if a portion of the profit will actually go to charity, I won’t mind the sequels that much.

      • pianoman

        Liz is right. I highly doubt Cameron would be making sequels if Avatar only grossed 230 million.

      • Nag Nag Nag

        WHO CARES??? Everyone on here who tries to belittle everyone else whether or not they liked the movie. Debate something else instead of convincing everyone to agree with your opinion, one way or the other.

      • DM

        Agree with Liz, too.

      • Mark

        I agree with Liz…My opinion is that Avatar was so awful that it wasn’t even worth a Red Box rental. Why make 2 more of them.

      • Ryder

        I agree with Liz, Mike, Mark and Tarantula. Yet, I disagree with DM, Shawn, Dave, Ricky and Liz

      • DelegatedAuthority

        Liz speaks for all humanity.

      • anger dragon

        you are right what give her the right to speak for everyone

      • anger dragon

        what give the americans the right to take over the avatar land ther got what ther deserve i wood of done what jack did help them out as a americans that there home not americans

    • Hamm

      I give Liz the right to talk for the population. Please continue . . .

      • Jack


    • hf

      I disagree with Liz, Avatar wasn’t very good. It was a boring mess. The 3D helped obscure that a little, but only a little.

      • Ian

        Maybe you should look “disagree” up in the dictionary, Brainiac…

      • Kyle

        Perhaps you need to reread Liz’s comment, wiseass.

      • hf

        Wiseass? More like dumbass. Liz said it was good but not great. I was pointing out that I disagree, it’s not good.

    • jack

      liz is a whore!!your just mad nobody would spend that much to sleep with you!!!

      • anonymous

        You don’t know jack !

      • Robert Singleton

        Jack’s comment sets the standard as far as going to far when you disagree with someone. If you don’t go as overboard as Jack did, then you’re probably okay.

      • Paco

        I slept with Liz. She is a whore. Plus i didn’t have to pay her. She liked me for me, but she’s right about Avatar. It was over hyped and a shell of a film.

      • jesss

        how rude!

      • anger dragon

        what give the americans do take over the avatar land ther got what ther deserve i wood of done what jack did help them out as a americans that there home not americans

    • Bri Guy

      I bet Liz thinks Twilight RULED!

      • TMC

        Really Bri Guy? Really? Why is that whenever someone thinks a movie sucks it’s because they think Twilight is the best movie EVER. Where in this article does it even mention Twilight? No where. So please don’t bring it up. It’s called having an opinion Bri Guy.

        BTW I agree with Liz. Avator is overrated.

      • Spelling Nazi

        Nowhere is one word, and as far as I know ‘Avator’ is not a word, nor a movie title. I’m also guessing you like Twilight. Not because you dislike Avatar, but because you seem kind of dim.

      • @Spelling Nazi

        Are you serious? Wow I spelt two words wrong and all of the sudden I’m dim? I know Avatar is spelt with three A’s and I know nowhere is one word. It’s called a spelling typo. There is no reason why you need to insult my intelligance. And no. I am not a Twilight fan.

      • LOL

        I think Spelling Nazi’s comment was a little harsh, but how funny is it that you spelled intelligence incorrectly in a post defending yours?

      • Spelling Nazi 2

        It’s spelt “intelligence”.

      • Meep

        LOL. Irony.

      • Spelling Notzee

        “spelt” < "spelled"

        PRO FAIL

      • easily amused i guess

        Spelt makes a heck of a loaf of bread but has no intelligence as far as I know…

      • wings

        Spelling Nazi – First of all Avatar is a word if you knew how to use a dictionary:
        Definition of AVATAR
        1: the incarnation of a Hindu deity (as Vishnu)
        2a : an incarnation in human form b : an embodiment (as of a concept or philosophy) often in a person
        3: a variant phase or version of a continuing basic entity
        4: an electronic image that represents and is manipulated by a computer user (as in a computer game)

      • Dave

        Actually spelt and spelled are the same word Pro guy; spelled is just more used in American-English. Spelt is used in actual British-English. Be informed instead of opinionated lulz. Highly functioning developmentally disabled.

      • Lacey

        Who is Liz??????

    • Devin Faraci

      Liz, no one puts a gun to your head to watch them. idiot.

      • babysloth

        She said the first was good but overhyped so for that she’s an idiot?? I think both Avatar and Titanic were spectacles to be seen on the big screen (which I did) but in no way inspire a repeat viewing (at least for me). At the heart of the matter is that both of those stories were extremely weak and to make a true masterpiece of cinema, you need a well written story. All deserved accolades will come from the story.

      • Mark

        Says the man that thought Terminator:Salvation was better than Avatar.

    • RICH

      i agree with liz

    • Nathan

      This article is about Avatar, not Inception.

    • Chloé

      More billions for Rupert Murdoch.

    • sparkle the gym bag

      i am a sheep please talk for me

    • Matt1

      Your mother is a whore Liz!!

      • Liz

        It’s true. She told me all about your dad.

    • sarah

      I agree with Liz. The graphics were gorgeous, the story dull and the characters (especially Sully) bland. I’ve spent all the money I plan to on this franchise.

    • Lily

      I saw it in 3D. I want my money back. There is NOTHING in that movie worth seeing it in 3D. Decent movie, bright colors, BORING story plot. Same old story plot with cute blue characters… he should have done the Smurf movie.

      • JohnDoe

        Hmm, sounds like Star Wars(1977). And don’t tell me the Star Wars dialogue and story are original or well-written, or I’ll laugh in your face.

      • ap

        Can people STOP mentioning the Smurfs every time they complain about Avatar? Talk about being unoriginal in your “critique”

      • Zork

        Hmmm….Smurfette in Neytiri’s outfit.

        It could work…

      • curt

        I love the comparison to the SMURFS – hopefully, Papa Smurf will make his appearance in the next “original” story of Avitar….. ha ha ha

    • pam

      maybe not the best movie ever-you could argue that for all of eternity, but the cinematography of it was beautiful and the message behind the movie was extremely important for our times-we are messing up the planet and we may be past the point of no return. Rather than debate this movie, go out and do something positive for the planet. Make your own Avatar, if you will. Personally, I would love to live in a place like Pandora-minus losers of course.

      • JohnDoe


      • Woot

        Good message does not equal good movie, people seem to forget that. I agree about the doing something positive for the planet part though.

    • kenny

      I agree with Liz. Inception /was/ amazing.

    • Bob Loblaw

      Liz is spot on!

    • Raja

      Avatar was 10 foot tall kitty smurfs in space with a touch of pocahontas Dancing with wolves. Hey. Maybe in the second film Cameron can rip off Jurassic park more then he already has with the animal sounds.

    • Ajaflkgffgaghjqsa

      Well said, Liz.

    • Reid Wright

      I was under the impression that the story of Avatar was always taking a back seat to the set and costume design. At no point was i led to believe that it was going to break new ground in story telling. Movies should be judged on their merits rather than you’re belief that you could create something of intrinsic value to your perception of todays society.

    • Jay

      I want Liz. Are you single? Can we make babies?

    • Peaceman

      Liz for President!

    • kazz

      i agree with liz

    • tri

      Great, two more movies for people to overvalue their own opinions (both positive and negative) of.

    • veggiedude

      I agree with Roger Ebert. His review was spot on. Avatar was great. Who remembers the Hurt Locker? Did it deserve the Oscar? Nope.

      • Woot

        Roger Ebert liked The Hurt Locker more… he named it the 2nd best film of the decade…

    • curt

      You go, Liz – yes it was a lame movie – kind of fun to watch. I’ll be 750 million people have looked through kaleidoscope as well. Doesn’t mean they were the best things ever – just interesting. Yeah, way too hyped. He’s a “legend in his own mind” Glad he has some self-esteem!!! His “hissing” woman ruined the movie along with the hideous story line -

      • Dances With Cats

        I bet Liz can hiss…and be hot doing it. And I agree with Liz…

    • steve

      We shouldn’t care this much about something that’s not going to happen for almost four more years. Avatar was a great show with a terrible story; basically Dances With Smurfs.

      • Keith

        LOL. Dances with Smurfs. Sums up movie exactly.

    • rick

      whats up with all the ” i agree with liz comments ”

      honey, we all knpw its you writing all these replies, just woth a different name

    • rick

      dumb whorw

    • Prof

      Agree with Liz.
      Even the special effects weren’t that special…

    • Matt

      Totally agreed. Avatar was a formulaic special fx demo. Cardboard characters with a predictable, tired plot.

    • jon

      I know it was completely overhyped and overrated. Now let me go back to watching the real great movies of our time: The Twilight Saga.

    • Danimal

      Does anyone care what Liz thinks? Obviously a lot of people thought the film was great or it would have tanked at the box office. It’s hard to argue that the film is not amazing. Nothing like it had ever been made before. Perhaps it makes people feel “cool” to bash what is an amazing piece of work.

    • wings

      To each their own. You might not believe it’s a great movie, but another person does. That’s Ok, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    • Jamie

      By all means continue to speak for the population lol I couldn’t agree more with you.

    • Dora

      Liz, it’s people like you and the rest of the idiots who agree with you, that should be eliminated from this planet. Most of you are too moronic to share the air with the rest of us. Tragedy is that you all have no clue how dumb you are but a good gauge is to see how happy you are in your life and well you are liked by others. If your not, then just stop breathing already!!!!

      • YouYourYou’re

        Surprised the spelling Nazi didn’t reply to this one…but I guess when you’re on a rant about people not being worthy of sharing your air, you are going to make some spelling mistakes. You go Liz…you’re right on the money with your speaking for the planet. I say you go talk with them first when the aliens invade.

    • Sith Lord J

      Cameron should get Arnold to play the man sent by Earth to get Jake Sully.

    • mark

      Avatar. Definitely one of the best movies ever made.

    • lauren

      liz needs to go comment on something she actually likes

    • Jango Davis

      I think Liz is big-headed egoist who has no idea what she is talking about. Sounds like another jealous woman who hates a man who’s more successful than she is.

    • Jeremy


    • Bluto

      I thought the movie was pretty damn awesome—and I’m speaking for myself, not some snarky generalization that isn’t even accurate, Liz.

    • shiba

      So totally psyched about the next two movies, the first was an excellent creative piece of film. For there to actually be beneficial factors in our environment with “Avatar” in mind is great. Cameron did well and will continue to success with charity in mind he has my blessings..!

    • Greg Scott

      Isn’t it enough that it was good? Movies don’t re-define existence; they entertain. I’m really looking forward to the sequels, and to many other great and un-related new films over the years.

    • Joy

      Actually Liz, it’s the graphics that made the movie – something that deserved the hype. But it was the storyline that many people (fans included) didn’t so much appreciate.

      It’ll be interesting to see how the two future movies turn out.

    • And Action!

      I would prefer to see a movie about Liz instead of Avatar 2.

    • Dan

      I do believe that the next two Avatar films will be overhyped since the first one did so well at the box office. People that state that Avatar was great might have a good reason to say that. In my opinion, Avatar is a good film for the story, visuals, and some of the acting. My friend stated to me that James Cameron in an idiot and my response is that this idiot has directed the top two grossing films in history and has Alien, Aliens, and the first two Terminator films under his belt. I am willing to see how Cameron expands the world of Avatar and what direction it will go.

    • Joel Jordan

      People who don’t know Visual FX or its history don’t appreciate films such as “Avatar” and “Life of Pi” and “Gravity”. They talk about plot and almost nothing about the visual aspects. These films are “events” …they are “experiences” that transcend just mere plotting (and how many other films have tired plotting, not too mention borderline visual FX…..HEY lets talk about “Hunger games” and “Twilight” movies). “Avatar” was simply the greatest technical achievement to date. You should stand in awe of Cameron….

  • KC

    Damn. I was holding out hope that he would’ve forgotten the easy money and made Battle Angel instead.

    • JohnDoe

      He’ll still make it, just after he finishes both Avatar films.

  • DavidJ

    Cool news. Say what you will about the story, but the first movie was still an incredible experience in the theater, and I can’t wait to have another one.

    • Emma

      Absolutely! I can’t believe we are 3 years away; Avatar was an amazing film that I adore!

      • Alejandra (all-ey-han-dra)

        Go Emma!

  • rebecca

    Yuck, yuck and…hmm…YUCK!!!!

  • jasmine

    avatar was the one of the worst movies i’ve ever seen. sure the graphics and effects were nice but the story was boring.

    • Anna

      Broken record. Try coming up with something new to say about avatar.

      • Rolo Tomasi

        Doesn’t make it less true.

      • curt

        Why would you come up with something different when it’s completely true – BORING!!!

    • @jasmine

      That’s big talk from someone who inherited her creativity from people who named her after a Disney cartoon.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Unless Jasmine is like 2 it’s highly unlikely she was named after a Disney character.

    • @jasmine too

      I guess that’s why you took your time to write on this you self-righteous douche-bag.

    • JohnDoe

      You obviously haven’t seen very many movies then. If you think Avatar was a “bad” movie, you should try Transformers 2 or The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie. Or Battlefield Earth, etc. I could go on…

      • Pent

        You get Battlefield Earth. There was just no excuse for that.

        You can’t however, expect a comparison between Transformers 2, Power Rangers, and Avatar to stand. Transformers 2 and Power Rangers were action movies; one of which was “dumb summer action” and the other of which was “kiddie film”. Avatar was made for an entirely different audience and hailed (read; hyped) as James Cameron’s ultimate Masterpiece.

        The other two fulfilled their purpose. Avatar only succeeded in the mind of its creators.

  • Joe

    As soon as I saw the title of the article, I thought: ” I bet the first post will be some Debbie Downer who claims to hate the film talking about how bad it is” And I was right.
    I can’t wait till 2014! Avatar was the most thrilling moviegoing experience I have had since the first Star Wars (A New Hope). James Cameron rocks and I am looking forward to returning to the wonderful world of Pandora!

    • underthefan

      Well said Joe on all points! I just wish it was sooner than Xmas 2014…

    • Ash

      Can you read? The first comment said the movie was overhyped. Not that the poster hated it. Read first, post second.

    • i like to poop

      you might want to try some new things in life like what it feels like to be inside a vagina..whooo Star Wars…Avatar..shiny balls on the Christmas tree…

  • AltDave

    Can’t wait. I have no doubt that, now that the world of Avatar is established, the sequels will have deeper storylines and be superior to the first installment.

    • underthefan

      My sentiment exactly! Especially knowing Cameron’s history with sequels.

      • Knowitall

        I guess you dont remember Piranha 2

    • JohnDoe

      James Cameron didn’t direct Piranha 2. He was fired from the project after a week.

  • Phil

    I bet you he comes out with 4D

    • Mike

      Well, I guess it would be a shorter wait to 2014 then! (you know since the 4th Dimension is time and all lol )

    • My Opinion

      I thought 4D was double D’s

  • Kiki

    That is really too bad. Why ruin a good individual movie with sequels? And given that James Cameron’s ego has grown to George Lucas proportions, I’m pretty sure we are in for Star Wars Episodes I-III type disasters here.

    • Kelsey

      Except that Cameron has made sequels like Aliens and Terminator 2. Imagine if Avatar 2 improves on Avatar to the extent that the former two movies improved on their predecessors.

  • AltDave

    Hey AVATAR bashers: please feel free to stay away from the sequels, in droves. There are hundreds of movies released every year, I’m sure you can find something that suits you. Meanwhile, the overwhelming majority of the moviegoing public will be enjoying Cameron’s return trips to Pandora. If this upsets you, please, just put on your big-boy pants and GET OVER IT!

    • whatevs

      If you get over the fact that there are people who didn’t like the story, maybe they will follow suit and get over that it was a bad story. Try leading by example.

    • Hamm

      I am going to stay away. Now that I know what a load of crap it is and what to expect, the hype won’t have any effect on me.

      • B

        Hamm, we’re so proud of you. Maybe there’ll be a Kids Are Alright II out by then so you can watch that instead.

    • wyciwyg

      there ya go — folks who dont like the movie dont have to watch it. it is not mandatory !

    • Prof

      The timing between the sequeles reminds me of The Matrix.
      That can’t be good..

  • Kelsey

    I don’t care what people think, I’m excited and looking forward to it. I saw Avatar in IMAX 3D on opening day and loved it. That may be because I wasn’t affected the “hype” at that point. I saw a movie I wanted to see, and I enjoyed it.
    There comes a point when a film gets so hyped up that there’s NO WAY it can live up to expectations. But that shouldn’t automatically suggest that the film itself is bad. Instead of using the ovehype as an excuse to trash the film, why not examine how we build anticipation for films? It’s not the film’s fault people talked it up outrageously.

    • JohnDoe

      Completely agree with you. I think the film spoke to a greater theme of human greed and corruption that a lot of people are afraid to admit is true. Not to mention, a lot of people mistook the mercenaries in the film to be U.S. Military, which they are certainly not. Can’t wait for the films.

  • Minvike

    Considering Christmas ’10 was a month ago, it’s really 4 years.

    • ???

      Um, four years and eleven months is still closer to five years than it is to four years.

      • Minvike

        Um, nooooo, 3yrs and 11 months is closer to FOUR years than the THREE years the article and everyone else is saying it is. Today through Christmas ’14 is 3 yrs 11 months (rounded to 4). Do the math.

  • JDD

    Wasn’t his original vision to visit the other moons of Pandora in the “sequels”?

    • Hanna

      I heard also that Cameron would explore the underwater realms of Pandora in one of the sequels.

  • Jon

    All the Avataar bashers that posted a comment must really love it or they wouldn’t be reading about it. Secretly they are living out the Pandora experience.

    • Rolo Tomasi

      You don’t have to read the article to leave a comment.

    • Hamm

      Agree with Rolo. I read the title, thought ‘Oh No!’, and left my 2 cents; and here I am peacing out.

  • gord

    Liz you ignorant slut.

    • Brett

      Gord, you ugly troll.

    • anonymous

      Who woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning ?

    • @gord

      gord, your trolling might be more successful if your comments were more relevant, like try referencing jokes within the past couple of decades

    • LOL

      Why does America love crap?

      • B

        I agree.. 1st Obama, now Avatar. By no means did any other country watch Avatar or like Obama.

      • JackDawson

        72% of Avatar profits came from overseas. Why are you crap?

      • @B

        B, do a little research before you speak. Obama had a 87% approval rating overseas when he was first elected into office. Jack is also correct, most of Avatar’s profits came from outside the US.

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