'The Hunger Games' gets a release date

Hunger-games_320.jpg Game on! Lionsgate has announced to EW that The Hunger Games, the highly anticipated adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ futuristic YA thriller about scrapper Katniss Everdeen and her fight to survive a brutal reality TV contest, will be released on March 23, 2012. Director Gary Ross recently revealed to EW that he aims to go into production of the first installment of Collins’ trilogy later this spring.

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  • Bridget

    YES! This is amazing news!!!

    • marie j

      YES! I can’t wait!

      • xxv

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      • kc

        O.M.G! I cant wait i love hungergames! I need to be like katniss.

      • brad

        me either

    • seinna

      yeah cept i cANT STAND TO WAIT A WHOLE NOTHER YEAr!!!!! grr cant wait

    • Mikayla

      I know right I’ve been waiting 4 a long time for this movie to be in process of making…freakin great series!

    • penus


  • Katnissblows

    This movie will suck.

    • mickey

      In your dreams, bro.

      • Katnissblows

        Um, not a bro, a sis. I’m a girl who hated The Hunger Games, Peeta was a bore from the start, and Katniss was cool until she went psycho in the third novel.

    • Sia

      It probably will.

      • LadyFire

        I think that it will be all right, but now way will it be better than the book. Maybe because the book is soo dramatic and you see it from Katniss’ P.O.V and through her thoughts whilst in the movie you cant soo.

    • Katerina

      You blow. Seriously, if you think it’s going to suck, why did you click on it in the first place?

      • emmab1029

        haha i totally agree if u hated the book then y on earth would u click this??? haha and its gonna be amazinggggg unless it was like the lightening thief that was a good book but the movie sucked…

      • Gale23

        i hope 18 year old kids wont be playing 11 12 and 13 year kids like the lightning theif

    • AREM

      Ummm………. no it’s gonna be awesome. You’re just one of those annoying fanboys that can’t satand actual good movies.:P

      • kaloalo

        i’m just not gonna get my hopes up cause hp7 disappointed me and the twilight movie was just a laugh fest

      • Katnissblows

        Not a “fanboy” Why do people assume because I don’t like the Hunger Games that I’m male? I’m a very straight female who hated it. Gale was alright but by the third book that was the only good thing.

      • charlotte

        Sorry you had your heart set on Katniss/Gale. A little bitter, huh?

      • Katnissblows

        @Charlott: Hell no, I wouldn’t want Gale to put up with that. Plus, I could sort of care less about him also by the end of the book. I was mostly upset by how they destroyed Katniss.

    • Lucy


      • Jenn

        I think storms bring out more trolls.

    • eat the BREAD

      If you think the books weren’t great, why did you even bother reading all of them?

      • gabby

        Im so exited to whatch the movie once i finish the 1st book my im only on part one of the first its seems soooooooooo cool i want to skip to the end to see what happens but i dont want to spiol it but want to see the movie

    • blahh

      the book was great but the movies arent usually as great as the books .. but im still excited for the movie : ))

      • yocheved

        me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • reese

      u suck

    • Katnissblows is a troll

      Quit trolling.

      • jfkdls;

        i have to agree with her because i loved the first two books, was excited for the third one and let down a ton… mockingjay sucks. if you haven’t read it, don’t. make up ur own ending to the story. katniss is psycho and she is never happy again. DON’T READ IT!

    • A~GIRL

      Well I hope it wont! haha I love the hunger games and I can’t wait to see the movie! Im soo happy she ended up with Peeta I kinda just want to skip all the way to Mockingjay! haha

      • GALE_IS_HOTT

        she would be better off with gale

    • Hope

      If you don’t like the movie, please don’t comment. Oh yea, its not coming out on March 23, 2011 bcuz its already April 8th. The date is still unknown. Sorry.

      • The girl that was on fire

        Um, actually, it is coming out on the 23rd. If you havent read, it says its coming out in 2012, not 2011.

    • kenzi

      you blow

    • trisha

      yeah well u suck

    • Trey

      You suck… Don’t search for The Hunger Games (The BEST books ever!) and say they suck. Stupid! They were amazing!

    • em

      yes, the books were great but you are right that the movie is going to be okay. although I am no expert. It’s just a theory

    • jsbd

      it is probably because you havent read the book yet because your a freakin idiot

    • ely

      This is awesome! Li <3 peeta! so cute!….. cant wait !!!!

      • Olivia

        i LOOOOOVE peeta too!!

    • matthew


      • rue is awsome

        I agree with matthew. U suck KATNISSBLOWS! And i hate all of u cause Gale is way better than peeta! But i must admit that mockingjay is pretty lame. Katniss just needs to get over her crummy little life and deal with it!

      • Sean

        I think in this day and age of almost 24hr cnvnectioity that it’s so important to switch off when you’re on holiday and not working. Everyone needs a break and if there’s something that you really need to keep an eye on while you’re on holiday then you obviously haven’t prepared enough or built in a suitable contingency.muse recently posted..

    • alli


    • Gummi

      how dare you katnissblows u suck have u even read the books???????

    • Jacob

      I hope you die JK and your name is just about as true as this : i just killed your mother Huh you happy now

    • Anonymous

      HATER-ALERT. Have you read the book? This movie will blow up everywhere. Don’t comment if you have something bad to say. Just keep it to yourself.

    • joerge

      katniss blows your just jellous and lkjasdf;ljk rawwr so keep it to yourself

    • Katnisswillkickyourass


    • devin

      fuc u if u think this movie will suc then y did u look up when it will come out??? HATER

    • bussboys

      i luv this book i hope the movie is great

  • mrswinchester248920

    Hmm, rather soon for a movie with no one cast. They better got on that. I still wonder how Rue’s death will go over with the general audience and the sheer amount of child on child violence. . .

    • Kyle

      I was thinking the same thing, but i was also thinking that this movie would be very boring if it didnt violence. It will probably go out with a pg-13 movie and will have a Warning to the general public saying that it will have graphic violence. Like the Muttations that will be in it will have to be scary enough to put the picture through that thats will be what happens to them if they die in the Arena.

      • ughh

        i think this movie will come out rated as r i wll not watch the movie if it is pg13 it probably come out boring if it dosnt have very much violence!!!!!

    • LABrattie

      How is that “rather soon”? it’s like 5 months til the summer. that’s plenty of time. you obviously don’t know how movies are made.

    • Strepsi

      I hope they keep it, it’s the matter of fact political brutality that makes it so compelling to read.

      Don’t worry about casting, any agent would kill their first born child to get their young actor client into the Hunger Games. And they’re damn juicy parts, especially what Katniss and Peetah go through in the trilogy. How about — not as the leads but as other competitors — Chloe Morents (KICK ASS) as CLove, and Jennifer Laurence (WINTER’S BONE) as Glimmer?

      • seth

        Wasnt jennifer lawrence already cast as katniss

    • j-mart

      I’m sure they’ll soften it up quite a bit. I’m sure they won’t show an 11 year old getting speared in the gut. My 5th grade daughter read it in school. I thought it was a little too much for her.

      • Marcy Runkle

        Your 5th Grade daughter read it in school?? Wow, how wildly inappropriate! It has a 14+ designation for a reason (violence, obviously) – I think that was a really bad call on the part of her teacher. That’s not to say that some 5th graders couldn’t handle it…but what a choice to make for elementary school reading!

      • DaniVT

        I work at an elementary school and a number of our 5/6th graders are reading this series.

      • HungerGamesLover

        To everyone that said that it should be 14 and up for the books that’s so dumb because 12 year olds actually go into the arena so ppl tht are 12 should read it. I’m 11 and I read them and they didn’t have any scary effect on me. It’s even on my summer reading list. So u have no idea what ur talking about in forms of were too young. It’s not even that violent!! The movie is gonna be rated pg13 for a reason so tht younger ppl can see it. Haven’t u read the article on this website. Godd

      • HungerGamesLover

        If they don’t show rues death properly I will be mad and so will a lot of ppl so I am hoping she gets speared in the gut and by the way she is 12 not 11z get ur facts right

      • HungerGamesLover

        Did ur daughter get like scared from it? Did u even ask her? I mean seriously if she got like nightmares or got scared that is weak no offense but tht would be weak

      • DrBirdlie

        If they screw up rues death so many people will be pissed also if a 5th gradercant handle this books then sed fifth grader needs to grow upppp

    • Mal

      Have you been to a public school lately- child on child violence in the book is nothing compared to reality. MOVIE TILL ROCK Mr. Gary Promise. Or else we will all grab pitch forks and torches marching to his house.

    • sabrina

      well, you know, im sure they can do it, they just have to make it pg – 13.
      i mean, in the movie Kick-ass, they had the “little girl” (Chloe Moretz) who was only 11 (in the movie) get beat up by a man in his 30s 40s, and thats child abuse, so i think thats a little bit worse, although it was rated R. but still.. i think people can handle it, they just need to grow up a little bit and stop b!tching about movies and just enjoy them.

      • hayley

        im not sure what you mean. i would hope the violence in the hunger games to be far worse and more intense then kick ass, otherwise it won’t be sticking to the book. and kick ass was rated MA. hunger games needs to be rated the same in my opinion.

      • jay

        lol… it was a superhero vs supervillian… if a young girl wants to be a superhero she cant cry “child abuse” every time she gets beat up. its not like he met her uncostumed on the street and started bashing her head in…

    • Snsetblaze

      My thoughts exactly Mrs. Winchester. And is the script even written?

      • sammy

        Yep, it is – by Suzanne Collins herself.
        At least that’s going to assure us that they won’t randomly let scenes out or add new ones we don’t even need, or even glorify the aspect of the deaths and forget about everything else that is important in these books.

      • Kayley

        yes the script is written i think theyre thinking of casting pretty soon

    • jsbd

      you know you are a total spolier to other people

    • devin

      this movie is about the first book not the third

  • carla

    Ahhhh!! So excited!! Now that they’ve announced the date, I just hope they don’t push it back once it gets closer to the 23.

  • Lauren

    March seems to early in the year. That is one of those months that is known for bad movies. I am surprised they are not trying to push it as a summer blockbuster.

    • Kim

      I agree, usually movies with this much hype get a summer or December release date. This leads me to believe the studio doesn’t have much faith in it. Not a good sign.

    • Quirky

      Actually January and Febuary are usually the dumping grounds for bad films. Lately March has been more about niche films that appeal to smaller markets. Watchmen, 300, Alice in Wonderland, etc. all had March dates. Even the Matrix had a March release date.

      • SJ

        Good call, Quirk. It might be better in March rather than getting bogged down in summer sequels and blockbusters.

      • Hassan

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    • Mocha

      That is a little surprising…still, I’m glad they’re not pushing it back to the summer anyway. Maybe they know how much people want to see it and don’t want us to have to wait unnecessarily? (I know that’s probably optimistic to the point of idiocy, but oh well.)

    • Kelsey

      March isn’t that bad. It’s January and February that you want to be wary of. Like Quirky said, a lot of big movies have come out in March.
      I took it that they were trying to take advantage of the spring break crowd. And have you seen the summer 2012 lineup? It’s already really crowded — Star Trek, Spider-Man, Batman, Bourne, The Avengers so far and still a year and a half out. So I’m not surprised that they’d be a little cautious with an untested property.
      If the franchise does really well, THEN maybe they’ll consider a summer release. But right now, I wouldn’t worry about it.

    • idk

      you people are so superstius im not trying to be mean and all but come on!!!!! rly?just give it a chance if it truns out bad then you can talk crap about it. and a comment on my side if they mess up or delet the kissy kissy part im going to be soooo bummed out.

  • Jules

    Let’s hope they do it justice and not just rush to get it out to theaters…

  • AJ

    Sooo they’re remaking BATTLE ROYALE?

    • Voodoo

      I was thinking the same thing, first time I heard of it. And the fact that Stephenie Meyer actually likes these books, makes me believe they’re crap.

      • Nick

        Actually, they’re the exact opposite of crap. Stephenie Meyer wishes she could write like Suzanne Collins. Pick up the books and you won’t be able to stop. I promise.

      • AREM

        Exactly Nick.

      • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

        I guarantee Meyer never actually read these books.

      • mrswinchester248920

        Um, Susan Collins was not very clear with her writing. I had to reread scenes a few times to tell what was going on sometimes. Mostly death scenes in the third book.

      • Snsetblaze

        I’m an adult who enjoyed the books. I thought they were very well written.

      • steph

        @ mrswinchester – you must not have been reading very carefully, because i zoomed through the books (they were like crack!) and managed to understand the entirety of the plot, as well as who died.

      • Kelly

        Actually Prunella, Meyers did read the Hunger Games, that is where I first got the recommendation to read the book.

      • Katie M

        Just ignore the Meyer praise. Stephen King, however, praised them and I have a lot of trust in his opinion.
        Plus the writing style sucks you in because it actually has a good story.

      • charlotte

        There is plenty of crap you can legitimately give Meyer. The Twilight series is not that well written. Bella is a wet-blanket. However, I do believe that her genuine enthusiasm for the Hunger Games helped expose this very good series to a lot of readers. To that, I give her thanks.

    • Kyle

      Its not really a remake its like a MAKEOVER. because that movie didnt realy make sense cause you had to read the words the whole time.

      • Literacy counts

        Yes, Kyle, things don’t make sense when you have to read words the whole time. Like your comment.

    • District 12

      they are not the same thing, the books are amazing, the movie has the potential to be even better

      • Sameera

        Hello Julius!Much looking forawrd to seeing you at Oxford again soon.Your KARNEUS date on 16 OCt is missing from your schedule trust you’re on for that!!Peter & Fiona xx

    • Jake

      It’s good to see the trolls coming in from the cold

  • Katnissrocks

    Yes! I am obsessed with this series. In my opinion it’s better than Harry Potter which I also love. Bring on the casting for Katniss and Peeta!

    • Nicole

      no way, not better then harry potter. nothing is even comparable! but these books are amazing! CANT WAIT!

      • Aiden

        Harry Potter will be a classic, a classic that I won’t read any more of(religious reasons). But Hunger Games is probably going to be the next big “thing” with Team Gale and Team Peeta all raring to kill each other with weapons of mass destruction.

    • Sara

      Don’t exaggerate.
      NO way better then HP, but still great in its own right.

      • allie

        Ok Nicole and Sara, let’s say it together. OPINION. Need a definition? I am entitled to like what I want to like. If Katnissrocks likes Hunger Games more than HP, she’s allowed. Once more with emphasis… OPINION! Good girls.

      • District 12

        Opinion, yes people are entitled to it, however no one over the age of 14 could possibly like Hunger Games better than HP if they have read both series. HP being better is a fact, people need to stop trying to compare it to other inferior series, and I say that as a fan of the HGames series. You are comparing two things which are not even in the same league

      • District 12

        HP has transcended out of the YA categorizing in which it was written and is now considered a classic, what other series of books has the top grossing movie franchise of all time and their own mini theme park? Not to mention the fandom surrounding Harry Potter, there is a whole generation which grew up with the series and have been loyal fans since the first book. The hunger games fandom will die down as soon as the movie comes out because it will probably suck and then hunger games fans will be cast in with the same lot as the twihards

      • Marcy Runkle

        Hunger Games fans will never be cast in the same lot as the twihards, because the Hunger Games books are amazing, and Twilight is really awful. Whether or not their movies are good or bad is irrelevant. I am still to this day trying to figure out how the hell Twilight got where it did on such little actual substance.

      • Julie

        @ District 12. I’m over 14 and I like Hunger Games so much better than HP. Maybe because I’m over the hype of it. I used to love Harry Potter but just not into it anymore. I read all the books and have seen the movies. Guess I’ve just moved on. Everyone has their own opinions of course. I can’t wait for Hunger Games movie to come out.

      • Julie

        @District 12 Also once all the Harry Potter movies are done that hype will die down as well, especially because all the books have been done for a while.

    • Hannah

      I’m a huge HP fan,and its not better but I have to say its up there. Number 2 in my favorite series. I have to admit that Collins’s is a slightly better writer (just with the drama and the violence at least), but Rowling has a great imagination and humor and everything else fantastic.
      So yeah. Not better then HP, but just as freaking amazing.

    • A2

      I can’t believe so many people are hating your opinion. I tried to read Harry Potter, but it’s not all that interesting. Hunger Games is the best series I’ve ever read.

      • Jane

        Maybe you should read more?

      • Vanessa

        DarkkiraraGT on September 16, 2010 I’m having the same peblorm? as semoo201 but nothig seems to work even when its on dual mode. I also wanted to ask does the SAT button have to be red like in 1:02 because mine shows up green instead?

    • Katnissblows

      This book sucked.

      • Gummi

        can we all agree that KATNISSBLOWS sucks? I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES

  • hungergamesaddict

    Ohooooooooo yay! I could not be more excited. I saw this and I yelped so loudly that my ‘rents looked over at me and asked what was wrong. If they push this back, though, I’ll be super disappointed. But they’ve got a date, and that’s what counts!

    • Gage

      I should have done this reveiw when I planned my week’s workouts I already moved my run tonight when I walked outside and it was dark + rainy (yucky combination). I don’t think I’m as vigilant about checking the weather in cooler temps, since it doesn’t bother me as much. In the summer, I check it ALL the time and tend to complain about how hot it is. =)

  • Prunella Von Schleidlhaagen

    Shouldn’t they cast it first?

  • jen

    Yes! It seems like they’re taking forever to get this made. Now just need to get the casting done.

  • Abel

    Jodelle Ferland as Katniss! Please cast her! I don’t care what the haters say, she is the perfect Katniss.

    • District 12

      how about they cast some one who can act? Katniss needs to be an unknown, same with Peeta, lets get some fresh faces

      • Abel

        Screw unknowns, Jodelle Ferland should be Katniss. She can act and is perfect for the role. Not hailee, lyndsy, of kaya. And unknowns shouldn’t be cast.

      • Kelly

        Yikes…Jodelle is waaay too young! She doesn’t look at all like Katniss! I agree with the unknown:)

  • Kevin

    Nice! Hope it doesn’t hold back.

  • ash

    Hailee Steinfeld for Katniss, please

    • seattle maggie

      I’ve been thinking the same thing! Hailey Steinfeld would be the perfect Katniss!

      • fredo

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    • Msw

      Yes. I heartily agree with Ash as well. I think she is a terrific actress and looks the part.

    • marie j


    • Snsetblaze

      Good choice. I also like the Chloe Moretz and Jennifer Lawrence suggestion for some of the other roles.

    • hayley

      completely agree, she is the best actress i have seen suggested for the part and my personal favourite. i think she could pull off the role brilliantly, just going by her acting in true grit.

    • m1

      She’s too young.

    • Brandi

      Yes. Yes. Yes. I didn’t really think about it before. She may be 14, but she’s like 5’10” or something and she looks a little older than she is. And Katniss is like 16 in the books, and there are 3 books that span over a year or so. So, Hailee Steinfeld would be perfect. I originally wanted Lyndsy Fonseca, and I still kinda do. But now that they’ve thrown Hailee Steinfeld into the mix, I’m liking the thought of her in it.

    • Turq

      Yes, please! She’s my favorite for the role! Although, one of the concerns is that if she’s Katniss, who will play Peeta? Because a guy who’s 19+ kissing a 14 year old is going to be a little weird. Okay, A LOT weird.

      • hayley

        YES i have been worrying about the same thing. katniss and peeta can’t look awkward together.

      • m1

        Many people (myself included) are suggesting Callan McAuliffe (from Flipped). He can act, looks the part, and is 16.

    • inFiniti

      Hailee steinfield looks like shes freaking 11 years old and has a gap the size of Texas ( sry but true)…. i think an unknown should be casted, but not some lame unknown like someone from Twilight ( lol) whoever said no to the unknowns are ridiculous because all actors/actresses are unknown before their famous… i like jodelle but katniss needs to look a lil older…

  • Liz Lemon

    So, does this mean they’ve started casting? I wish I was more excited, but I’m nervous that Hollywood will try to focus on the romance aspect of the book when the series can be much more than that. I’m also very worried about it’s low budget considering all the visual effects that will be needed.
    I just wish Warner Bros had gotten the film rights. Considering they’ve got LOTR and Harry Potter under their belts, they’re the reigning champs as far as book series adaptations go.

    • Kyle

      I KNOW they could probaly put better effort into the MOVIE…

    • Heather P

      Warner Bros. did LOTR? I had no idea. Here I was thinking it was New Line all along.

      • AREM

        Warner Bros. owns New Line.

      • jodipo

        to be fair, Warner Bros and New Line were not merged until 2008. So really, Warner Bros did NOT do LoTR even though Time Warner did own both studios at the time they were made.

    • District 12

      your right again Liz Lemon, I wish WB had gotten the rights

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