'The King's Speech' to get PG-13 re-release?

kings-speechImage Credit: Laurie SparhamNow that The King’s Speech has 12 Oscar nominations, The Weinstein Company is considering ways to translate that ringing industry endorsement into more box-office. According to the Los Angeles Times, TWC is contemplating excising some of the coarse language that earned the film its R rating for a recut PG-13 version that would hit theaters in late February. TWC was upset by the MPAA’s decision to stamp the film with an R, and though the film has grossed $58 million already, there is the feeling that the exclusionary rating has cost the film money. Director Tom Hooper has not yet publicly commented on the proposal to edit the film.

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  • chris


    • Devin Faraci


      • Joe

        It better not win an oscar if they do that… that wouldn’t make the film as good as it was.

      • commentor

        @Joe – yes, because the profanity was the heart of the film. idiot.

      • Wes

        It enhanced the film greatly. It only took place in a single scene and showed how Bertie was warming up to his instructor and feeling less “regal” around him. I think it should be PG-13 as is.

      • Lily

        The foul language is a really important plot point because it helps the King speak better. I hope they don’t touch the film. It’s perfect the way it is. This is not a “children’s” film. It’s for adults. Leave it the way it is, Harvey!!

      • Camille Toh

        WHAT! and miss out on exploiting the public for every last dollar! Thats un American!

      • Ian

        @ commentor – It actually DOES have a lot to do with the actual plot, so calling someone an idiot for that sort of comment is, well, idiotic….That being said, it should really be PG-13 as is anyway, but the ratings board is completely full of morons, as we’ve seen many times before. I don’t see any benefit to recutting it to reduce the rating. High school kids are NOT going to see this movie anyway. Anyone who is interested in seeing the movie is able to get into an R-rated film anyway. Any box office benefit from getting it a PG-13 will be minimal and not worth censoring the work.

  • Andrew

    Unnecessary. No reason to do this except get more money. I say keep it as it as it was originally cut. (It’s a very soft R-rating.)

    • ger

      Of course it’s to get more money. That’s what this article is about.

      • Mike

        It’s really dumb to believe that it has the same rating as Passion of the Christ.

        If the movie didn’t have the 8 or so F bombs, it probably could have been PG.

  • whatevs

    While the single scene in the movie with all the cursing in it is hilarious, there is absolutely nothing else that’s rated R about it. It would be a fairly easy movie to edit.

    Considering the kinds of movies that get by on a PG-13 rating these days, leaving The King’s Speech the way it is would still be more tame than a lot of others with the same rating.

    • renaton

      no way that’s easy to edit out. It’s a plot point of huge deal, it helps the king immensely.

      I really think they will be shooting themselves in foot if they do this.

      It will get a lot of bad press, most of people that wanted to see the film will already have seen it, and it will seriously affect the way the Academy perceives the film’s reputation, which could cost them the win for Best Picture.

      • whatevs

        I didn’t mean easy in that it’s not pertinent to the plot, I mean easy technically since it’s only one scene.

  • Geek Salad

    I think the “R” was ridiculous…for F’s sake…the F word wasn’t used to denote F’ing! I’m sure some soccer mom on the MPAA board had to block her ears!

    …now that I think about it, I don’t even think I saw anybody kissing in this movie either!!! PG please!

    • pnpearce

      I absolutely agree. Giving this picture an R Rating for language is absurd. I have seen plenty of trailers for PG13 movies that have much more objectionable content than this. South Park reruns on network TV have as much profanity.

      • econruth

        The South Park episode where they count how many times the word $h-t is said is hilarious and completely makes an R rating for the King’s Speech ridiculous.

    • Lisa Simpson

      I never pay any attention to ratings, so I was surprised to see that this movie got an R rating. The language in that one scene should not have been enough for it to get that rating, and the movie does have something important to say to young people who stutter. A PG-13 would have been fine.

  • Bobby’s Robot

    Funny that a film about the importance of language and verbal communication would edit itself to make itself more “accessible”.

    • davey


    • renaton

      Very well put.

  • shawn

    Of course! That’s what’s keeping the 13-17 crowd away from a British historical drama about King George VI and speech pathology – the exclusionary rating!

    • Matthew M. F. Miller

      Well, Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth have been hailed as the next Pattinson/Lautner although that Helena Bonham Carter can’t hold a flame to Kristen Stewart.

      • @ Matthew


    • Nirveeze

      Of course!!!

      That was hilarious, and I thank you for that Shawn. You’re absolutely right.

    • Kelsi

      Best. Comment. Ever.

    • Ash

      When I saw the Kings Speech, I’m pretty sure I’m the only person under 40 who was in the theatre.

      • Casey

        Same. I am 20 and went with my mom, and I’m pretty sure I was the youngest person there by at least 20 years.

      • Mindy

        I, too, was likely the only person under 40 at the theatre for “The King’s Speech”. Though, I liked it and have told my friends to see it.

      • Jose

        Really? at my showing I went with a group of friends and there was only one couple there in their 50s and the rest of the people looked like they were around out age (19-21).

      • Swarley47

        I’m 14. I saw it. I loved it. I might be the youngest person to ever see this film.

      • Melissa

        I took my 9 & 11 yr olds. They were a bit bored by some sections, but overall they really enjoyed this movie. It is a great history lesson, and a wonderful story about overcoming difficulties. The R rating is absurd.

    • Cyndi

      I was thinking the same thing, Shawn! Hilarious!

      • Alexey

        Aamir learning rakpour? At this age? Its much easier to get a six-pack; believe me, Ive heard the stories surrounding rakpour and know its a very tough thing to learn. I would suggest a much younger person with a proper charisma; Hrithik will be hard to match up to, so only the best has to be chosen. I dunno why, but perhaps Ranbir could do it. You know, like how Vidya gave a complete makeover with The Dirty Picture, so Ranbir can do this role to come out of his chocolate-boy lover looks and characters.

    • m1

      Parents like to bring teens to well-made R-rated films. There were about 6 teenagers in attendance during my showing of The Fighter, though I realize it is a slightly different type of film.

  • Michelle

    You know what would make the movie more money? Putting it in more theaters. It’s only ONE theater where I live. But editing it is ridiculous. It takes away from the integrity of the film. It’s about LANGUAGE, for pete’s sake! Let the film speak, Harvey!

    • orville

      It hasn’t even made it to my area yet. Not holding my breath either. Our theatres seem to be allergic to anything that’s not a big action picture, a stupid gross-out movie, or the latest thing from Disney.

  • Ap

    Just because of the F-word? I think I heard it maybe 3 or 4 times. Every other time it was mouthed.

    But the movie is great. I really hope it gets best pic.

  • ChrisV

    I’m hoping with the Oscar nominations, it expands wider. Here, in the Eau Claire, Wis., market, “King’s Speech” debuts this Friday. I had to see it in Minneapolis two weeks ago. Likewise, I hope that “127 Hours” gets re-released now. It never opened wider than three theaters in the Twin Cities, and it’s the only best picture film I haven’t seen.

  • Rebekah

    The cussing in this movie is necessary to the plot. Also, the only reason this movie is R is the cussing. Other movies get a PG-13 when there are mass murders. The rating system is a mystery to me.

    • Jon

      , start a petition for this. It’s erlxemety crucial for Bollywood, reputation of YRF and sanctity of the venerable Dhoom series to get this wrong choice Aamir out of Dhoom 3 and replace him with Hrithik/Akshay/Ranbir/SRK/Salman/John/Ranveer/Imran (feel free to add more suitable names) for the betterment of the series.I bet this initiative will work because it is bound to get great response as even fans of Ash/Kareena/Priyanka/Deepika/Bipasha/Anushka are kind of unhappy with Katrina’s inclusion in the film [Ash/Bipasha are gold standard due to D2, Deepika’s body is better, PC has action image yada yada yada].Harish (!) Sahil lead the way! Only you guys can stop this catastrophe, save YRF and bring relief to fans of Dhoom series. It’s corers of money expectations of corers of fans at stake YRF will have to bow down to popular demand!

  • Amber

    NO F-ing way. Bertie’s cursing without a stutter was one of the most powerful scenes in the film. Don’t cut a word. The MPAA is f-ed up in their ratings system. Just incomprehensible that this gem gets an R due to a few curse words. Nice to know torture porn is more acceptable than foul language.

  • Mary

    Well, the fact that it got an R in the first place is ludicrous, but editing it for PG-13 is not going to make that much of a difference. If someone aged between 13-16 really wanted to see this movie, I’m sure they could convince their parent to take them. Since this movie is aimed more at an older audience, I don’t see how knocking it down to a PG-13 would make that much of a difference.

    • Mary

      Blech…I used “make that much of a difference twice.” I should have checked before posting.

  • Macy

    I guess I’m the only one but I think this is good. With these changes, now this interesting historical drama can be shared by a family or played in classrooms. And don’t you think this would be most insprational to young people struggling with speech impediments.

    • jfm

      Your not the only one. Why do filmmamkers think it is necessary to tell a fascinating story and insist that they include foul language to imply a story’s maturity? Not all of us want to bombarded by the F-bomb when we pay our hard earned money to see a great story.

      • Jenn

        Agreed. I don’t think the profanity in the film was absolutely necessary to the story and think that a historical movie being accessible to more audiences is a good thing.

      • @ jfm

        The viewers are hardly “bombarded” by the F-bomb in this movie. As pointed out above, it’s actually integral to the plot as helping him to overcome his stammering.

      • Mindy

        They aren’t trying to imply a story’s maturity. That is ridiculous. The cursing in this movie is in a very specific scene for a specific cause. It illustrates the main character’s speech problem and is instrumental in helping him overcome this problem

      • Mike

        I think that it would be a great idea as well… I really do not understand why people are so upset that the creators decide edit out the language to make the film more accessible to other people who WOULD NOT see it unless the language was removed or changed? It isn’t like you no longer will have your precious “R”-cut. Everyone complaining about an edit to this movie is selfish…
        This reminds me of the uproar over a single publisher removing the “n” word from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn…

      • shawn

        Ok, I’m going to assume that those people commenting in favor of the edits haven’t seen the movie, otherwise they would be educated on the matter enough to know that film wasn’t using profanity just for the sake of profane.

        and @Mike – if you don’t understand why there was an uproar over removing the “n” word from Huckleberry Finn, then you clearly didn’t understand the point of that story. When I teach my students the history of Germany I’ll just leave out everything about Nazism because it’s just too ugly a time. Hope there isn’t an uproar!

    • Pookie

      Being that it is historically inaccurate, I wouldn’t imagine that playing it in classrooms would be wise. In terms of cursing, I’m sick of hearing it in general (especially from kids), but I understand the context here. A lack of intelligence, originality and class are often displayed by the continued use of profanity by a person, and in a society in general.

  • Romy

    The King’s Speech rated R? WTF… Up here in Canada depending on the province it is either PG (not for children under 10) or G (general).

    • Jason

      Yeah, it’s PG here. I don’t understand how a bit of swearing constitutes an R rating…

    • Jennifer

      Apparently the ratings board in Canada is much less afraid of a few swear words than in the US. Trust me, movies here have gotten an R rating for a single use of the F word, regardless of context.

      • Kim

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  • Josh

    I work at a movie theatre and kids are trying to sneak into No String Attached, not Kings Speech. Most kids are asking what that movies even about and after I explain and not mention they cant get in they laugh and say never mind.

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