Superman found: 'Tudors' star Henry Cavill cast

Henry-Cavill-SupermanImage Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment Henry Cavill, 27, best known for playing Charles Brandon on Showtime’s The Tudors, has been cast as Clark Kent/Superman in the new Superman movie to be directed by Zack Snyder, Warner Bros. announced today. “In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time, and I am honored to be a part of his return to the big screen,” Snyder says in the release. “I also join Warner Bros., Legendary and the producers in saying how excited we are about the casting of Henry. He is the perfect choice to don the cape and S shield.” The film is expected to hit theaters in December 2012. David S. Goyer is writing the script, based on a story by Goyer and Christopher Nolan, director of The Dark Knight and Inception, who is among the movie’s producers.

Cavill was at the top of EW’s list of contenders last October. The British actor had been in the running for 2006’s Superman Returns, which ultimately starred Brandon Routh. 

Henry Cavill shares his five favorite filming locations with EW in 2008

Henry Cavill proves he’ll look good in Clark Kent’s suits

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  • Anthony G

    If Nolan is involved, expect lots, and lots, and lots of expository talk, horribly underwritten female characters, and absolutely zero emotional engagement.

    • Marie

      Gee, someone’s feeling bitter…

      • DiMi

        He’s not bitter; he’s right. I enjoy Nolan’s films, but Anthony G’s critique – especially of Nolan’s underwritten female characters – is spot on.

      • Ingrid

        I second DiMi and I’m really glad someone (Anthony G) finally pointed this out. Nolan does great, intense films, which I enjoy BUT he’s not really character driven. There’s always some larger theme he’s harping on. While his films are goldmines for memorable quotes, they are less so for memorable characters, especially female characters. If you look at the Batman films, every female lead has been little more than a place holder. He doesn’t necessary belittle women per se, but he definitely doesn’t give them much to work with. Exhibit A: he’s now cast Anne Hathaway as Catwoman in the third installment. A harbinger of emotional depth she is not.

    • pickle t1ts

      A British Superman?… Christian Bale is so good at playing Americans (American Psycho) that it wasn’t a stretch to see him as Bruce Wayne but now the other, most famous, American superhero is British too? Oh fuhg, and Spiderman is a limey too. There should be an American James Bond now to even the score.

      • reel_deal

        yet Robert Downey Jr. is Sherlock Holmes, Rachel McAdams is Irene Adler, Ben Affleck was Ned Alleyn…score. settled.

      • reel_deal

        Oh, and Johnny Depp was Sweeney Todd

      • Kris

        Rachel McAdams is Canadian but…yes, score settled.

      • Sharlin

        and the new Spiderman is now British too!

      • henninggirl

        reel_deal, the character of Irene Adler is from New Jersey, you nit wit!

      • james

        preach it…..

      • Steph

        Heh this is funny.

        Who cares where an actor is from?! Bale is Welsh yet he was acclaimed as the “American Psycho”.
        It’s not like Brandon Routh, an American, did such a great job in Superman Returns. Who knows- Henry Cavill, a Brit, might actually revive the franchise.

      • gslgg91

        Renée Zellweger was Bridget Jones

      • BG 17

        …Thor is played by an Australian, Green Lantern and Green Hornet by Canadians – at least Captain America is played by an American…

      • Jose

        And Tom cruise was the last samurai and brad Pitt was the Mexican

      • Allobidallo

        I always thought that Superman was from another planet. So what difference does it make if an American or Brit plays him. He’s an alien.

      • Dbamma

        Brandon Routh didn’t screw up Superman Return, it was Bryan Singer who did. I thought Brandon, may i call him Brandon, presented a great superman image.

      • Andrea

        I totally agree with you, Dbamma. I think they should’ve given Brandon Routh another chance with another director. He definitely had potential.

      • Carlos

        I am tired of Hollywood outsource jobs to British or Australian actors. There are plenty of U.S. actors out of work.

        Maybe the next Henry VII should be a black or Puerto Rican American?

      • Emilio

        It is like saying, Bale isn’t an orphan, less a superhero, so he can’t play one.

      • Carlos


        I am tired of Hollywood outsourcing jobs to British or Australian actors. There are plenty of U.S. actors out of work.
        Maybe the next Henry VII or James Bond should be a black or Puerto Rican American?

        I wonder how the British would feel seeing a black or Puerto Rican U.S. citzen playing the role of James Bond?

      • Dan Too

        Who cares if he’s British? It’s not like they could cast a Kryptonian.

      • musica1

        If an actor can really get inside a character and make me believe he/she is the character, I don’t care what country they’re from or cultural background. I’d rather see a Brit do the job right than an American mess it up again.

      • Charles

        How are so many white Euorpean actors getting green cards to come work in the USA? With the influx of illegals, mostly from Mexico and Central America. Some of these people have dark skin or non European features, therefore they are given Green cards so easily.

        Let a black USA citizen play as James Bond in England. Let’s see how well the white British and whites in America dislike this idea.

      • Jamesb3

        I’m okay with it, provided the performance is well done and he is respectful of the role. Besides, even all the examples cited here of Americans playing Brit characters isn’t enough to erase the stain of Keanu Reeves playing Jonathan Harker in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”…we still owe them for that one.

      • todd

        Oh please, a 50 year old Italian played Pinocchio in a live action film.

        No, I’m not making that up.

      • Lloyd

        Two of the six big-screen James Bonds were NOT played by British actors (Lazenby, Brosnan) and although Connery was British, he wasn’t English, even though the character is an Englishman.

        And just staying with the Bond franchise, Felix Leiter (a white character) was portrayed twice by black actors.

        The moviegoing public was fine with this. So yeah, it’s just you.

      • MaryJane

        I don’t know why they would pick a Britisher to be an all American hero. Frankly, I don’t see anybody as being Superman anymore except for Tom Welling. Why doesn’t the big screen cast him?

      • j

        People please… Superman is a British Krptonian… Did you not notice Marlon Brando’s accent as Jor-El?

      • Phil

        Who said Brad Pitt was the mexican? The Mexican was a gun!

        Did you not understand the movie?

      • StatDaddy

        Kevin Costner was Robin Hood, and wasn’t Gweneth Paltrow some English character in that Shakespear movie?

      • StatDaddy

        And the other way, Let’s not forget that Anthony Hopkins played an American President (Monroe, Madison?) in Amestad(sp?)

      • StatDaddy

        John Quincy Adams

      • joe t

        LOL! So after decades of using American Caucasians in Native American and Asian roles a few Brits take white American roles and now it’s all wrong? No wonder blacks laugh at white America’s whining and moaning about reverse discrimination! Bunch of hypocrites!

      • Beatrice

        Someone on tv mention some worry about Superman with a british accent. He is spoosed to be all American after all. However, many british and even an australian speaks in an American accent when playing an Amercian in a movie or on t v. Robert Pattinson is one and the guy who plays on the Mentaliston t v from Australia.Just mentioning it that’s all.

      • Lala

        Directors look to Britain because they have better actors!

      • buddy

        I loved Brandon Routh as Superman.

    • Jacob

      Oh, Anthony G. It’s so easy to criticize, isn’t it. By the way, I’m DYING to read your latest masterpiece. Based on your summation of Chris Nolan, it must be brilliant…

      • ajay c

        @ Carlos,,,
        Who are YOU to be “tired” of Hollywood outsourcing jobs to British or Australian actors! There are plenty of jobs given to latinos like your self, so why wouldn’t it be alright to give to the Brits, Aussies, Asians etc,,,,

      • Carlos

        @ajay c; I am a United States citizen born in NYC. My ethnicity is Hispanic of Puerto Rican ancestry. My race happens to be black.

        My point, Hollywood should stop outsourcing jobs to British and Australian actors. There are plenty of trained qualified U.S. actors that could play Superman. Timothy Olyphant is one of those actors.

      • StatDaddy

        I would like to have the role!!! I’m American and available for work tomorrow

    • HD

      It might go without saying but I haven’t seen anyone say it yet, HE’S HOT! DAMN!

      And finally, someone has called out Christopher Nolan!

      • Kim

        Yes he’s very hot! I remember the first time I saw him was in a movie called I Capture the Castle. Very sexy then and even more sexy now.

      • Kimberly

        I first remember seeing him in the count of monte cristo. I thought he was really cute then. (I’m his age so it was a teenage crush sort of thing) Then I saw him in The Tudors and thought wow…time as been really, really good to him.

      • Leo

        He’s hot yes and he can act very well. He’s deserving, I hope the script is good

      • DiMi

        Hot Damn is right. This guy is so intensely sexy on screen that it is insane. Thank goodness I remembered 8th grade British history because whenever he was onscreen during The Tudors I would lose track of the entire story line. He’s almost too sexy to be superman; I don’t know how he’s going to turn down the sex appeal to play Clark Kent, but he’s so hot, I won’t even care if he screws it up, and that’s saying a lot because I LOVED the Superman movies when I was a kid.

    • bruno


    • Sean

      they should cast TRACY MORGAN!

      • Dbamma

        Tracy Mogran should disappear

      • Charles

        @Sean; LOL LOL

        That’s a great idea to have Tracy Morgan.

        Boris Kojoe would make a great superman.

      • DiMi

        Charles, you’re right. Boris Kodjoe would be an amazing superman. He’s a terrific actor who could play both superhero and nebbish. Unfortunately, most white people would GO INSANE if Superman weren’t played by a white actor.

        It will be interesting to see if the producers are brave enough to cast a non-white Lois Lane. Probably not. If they do, it will be a Latina or an Asian American woman. Not an African American.

        Superman’s not human so there’s no reason that he needs to be white, but most white Americans really wouldn’t be able to handle it if he weren’t. Tea partiers would be more comfortable with a black president than with a black Superman, and we know how much they hate having a black president!! Sarah Palin would lead the boycott of a film with a black superman.

        Sean, you’re not even funny. You just prove my point that white people think the idea of a black superman – of any appearance – is absurd.

      • Lala

        what about that guy, again British, but black Chiwetel Ejiofor? I had to look that up, whew what a name. He’s a great actor.

    • Kalie

      I agree. That movie was nothing but depressing and some of the scenes were absolutely pointless.

      • Krzysztof

        Allrightie, I’ll bite on a few of these. First of all. Erin! Caribbean. Caribbean. CARIBBEAN. I am a ltlite horrified. You missed the year’s best action flick, as far as I’m concerned I’m ashamed to say it, but I loved J.J. Abrams’ M:I 3. Yes, that’s right. ABRAMS. Not CRUISE. He was an incidental. And, for all the other things we could say about him, he does do that one part you know, the part he always plays very, very well. Did you hear how Cruise and some lackey writer had the entire screenplay done, and wanted Abrams, who’s really only done TV stuff (Lost and Alias and allegedly a new Star Trek movie; not sure yet how I feel about that), but Abrams said, sorry, dude, can’t go with this script? It lacks sufficient MOTIVE for the main character? So he wrote another one, including a threatened love interest. Everyone loved it. All systems go. And you know if you say no’ to Tom Cruise, you must have testicles of steel. So. Superman. There are so many plot holes in that one, I totally concede it to you. And yet, despite the horrid casting of Lois Lane, despite the sheer stupidity of the threat the villain posed, despite the dozen or so head-scratchers elsewhere I enjoyed it. It did have heart, and it sold me. Somewhat. Would’ve been a heckuva lot better with tighter plot, though. Amen! X-Men 3. Doesn’t it make sense that the mutants, who don’t want to be neutralized, should want to kill the one source of neutralization? I was really bugged that we didn’t get more of how the anti-mutant felt about things. I would have loved to have gotten more of that. Except for the giant scary fact that he was played by Cameron Bright, who plays almost all creepy/psycho kids in movies these days. He must be a total whack job in real life. Check out his portfolio on Ew. As for Jane Grey she had to have been rather disassociated from her actions, don’t you think? She didn’t really enjoy destroying, as I understand it. I think the shock of killing her lover (Cyclops, right?) really freaked her. She was beyond help, at this point. Which is why Hairy Guy oh, okay. Don’t spoil the ending. Fine. Okay, so Pirates . A mess. I’m with ya. Too many subplots! So unnecessary. I cannot believe the great gobs of money that one is making. I did enjoy watching that one, too, though. I guess I’ll stop commenting now.

    • C.C.

      wow someone doesn’t know great cinema…dude you are in the minority on that stupid opnion

    • GB

      Oh goody, just what the world needs, yet ANOTHER movie based on a comic book. No wonder boxoffice keeps going down.

      • Fred

        That’s absurd. They’re about the only things actually making money.

    • Mole

      I dunno dude, you sound pretty emotionally engaged right now…

    • nate

      You’re an idiot!

    • Michael

      Sounds like somebody didn’t understand ‘Inception’…

    • DN

      Are you all comparing various roles of different levels of obscurity to the icon that is Superman?? Seriously? Are you dizzy from spinning this decision?

    • harry


    • Carlos

      Timothy Olyphant would have made a excellent Superman. He’s sexy, masculine, and he has a nice tight body.

    • Scotty2010

      This guy is a terrible choice for Superman! Look at all the fuzz man! When did Clark Kent ever have a fuzzy face?

      • Jod

        They have things called razors now…
        But why are they making yet another Superman movie? With yet another actor? At least the new Batmans are good…

  • Kirra


  • Allison

    Yum. That’s all I have to say.

    • Cathy

      That was the word that came to mind for me! Great choice.

    • Becca

      Oh yes, YUM indeed!!

    • Valley Girl

      Hubba hubba!

    • Allison

      I would like to add I just showed my mom this picture, and she said “Oooh… he’s cute.”

  • jordan

    I would’ve liked if brandon routh stayed, I always thought he was pretty good. Tom welling from smallville would’ve been a good choice too.

    • Nathan

      no and no.

      • Trish

        Yes and yes.

      • scott norwig

        No, really. No and no.

    • Jeremy DC

      Yes and no.

      • Steph

        No and yes.

        …Just mixin’ it up.

      • Sneha

        Thanks a lot for your energy to have put these tngihs together on this site. John and that i very much prized your ideas through your articles with certain tngihs. I realize that you have a variety of demands on schedule and so the fact that a person like you took the maximum amount of time like you did to steer people like us through this article is actually highly loved.

    • Kalie

      I thought they were doing a 2nd Superman movie w/ Brandon Routh?? I’m a little confused about this. Another reboot? It would be awesome if Tom Welling played Superman in the movie. To me, he’s this generation’s Superman.

      • Dbamma

        I think Routh would remind movie goers of Superman Returns (worst than superman III IV & V). Tom Welling has lost the bulk and edge he could have brought to the movies. Smallville to me was a better disappointment that never lived up to it’s potential.

      • Dan Too

        Superman V??? I must of missed that one.

      • scott norwig

        Not even “Superman Returns” was worse than “Superman IV.” And there never was a “Superman V.”

      • LauraT

        Why does nobody remember that Tom Welling can’t act? Even the best scenes of Smallville are ruined by his patented three modes of acting: 1) wooden trance; 2) pinched-face whining; 3) shouty mcshoutersons.

      • forrest

        how many times can you do an origin story otherwise known as a reboot or update? C’mon, just get on with the further adventures of….

      • Sangs

        Amy, I think it’s too late for rteirwes. the best I can do is a little armchair criticism.Tara, whassamatta? You don’t like Jesus wit da laser beam eyes? (Did you notice how Lois Lane’s fiance is just like Joseph, of Mary and Joseph?)Kate, sorry. I fixed my spelling. I never spell check these things. Superman: yes, the real estate plot was a bit much. everyone will want to live on this inhospitable dark crystal! X-Men 3: Yes, the motive of the bad guys was clear. I just can’t figure out the goal/motives of the good guys. Why would they risk their lives to preserve and protect the government’s plan to destroy them? And as for Jane from what I understand, she had a totally split personality. So the real Jane only surfaced during a few moments in the movie. Mostly she was her alter-ego. So why would this all-powerful alter-ego be content to let Magneto and others orchestrate events?

    • BigBoo

      Brandon Routh?? Oh god no!!! He made Dean Cain look good! Welling WOULD work – but one can see casting him might bring too much baggage from the TV show. Shame – but Cavill seems like a good fit.

      • tarc

        Routh did a fine job – the concept and script were just that terrible.

      • scott norwig

        No, Dean Cain made Dean Cain look good. I prefer his Superman to Welling’s “emo” Clark any day of the week.

    • musica1

      Yes and yes, but this choice is good, too. Just hoping Snyder can keep it PG-13. has he ever made a movie that isn’t R?

      • Brett

        His recent animated movie about the owls.

    • Abha

      After study a few of the blog posts on your website now, and I truly like your way of blnioggg. I bookmarked it to my bookmark website list and will be checking back soon. Pls check out my web site as well and let me know what you think.

  • jordan

    I think this guy will do a good job though.

  • Michael

    YES! Henry is awesome. This is a great choice!

    • Liz Lemon

      Agreed! He’s awesome! And talented…and hot…and British! Win-win all around.

  • Singer


  • Jonathan

    Really excited for this! Loved him in The Tudors, and I’m sure he will be awesome in this movie.

  • Yolanda

    Nice looking guy. Let’s see if he can make me forget Christopher Reeve. I hope they go against the grain for Lois Lane, maybe think outside of the box and get a woman of color for the role?

    • ChiefWannaDubie

      I’ll pass on whatever you are smoking. Supes doesn’t have jungle fever.

      • Bravoboy

        I think that they should really go against the grain and give SM a love interest who is a minority male, Lawrence Lane? I mean if the Star Trek showrunners are feeling guilty that they didn’t have a gay character on their show, I don’t want Zach Snyder to feel guilty either…. Up, up and a gay!

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        @ Bravoboy

        ROFLOL Thread winner!

      • MysterWright

        Well you know major metropolitan areas are mostly kosher, right? Haha!

      • Dee

        Racist much ChiefwannaDubie? The times they are a changing. And Superman can change with those times and fall for a woman of any race and creed.

      • Malcolm X

        It’s not racist to prefer that the new movie doesn’t experiment with what wasn’t broken.

      • DiMi

        Chiefwanna & Mazo – Why are you guys such racist, sexist, stupid losers? The funny thing is, it’s always the ugliest, most disgusting white guys who are racist like that. A black woman wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole.

    • Teresa

      Not gonna happen unfortunately. Knowing Hollywood, and what’s likely going to be the ideal idea of beauty for the rest of mankind’s existence, they will cast a blonde, even instead of the brunette Lois originated as.
      We’ll have to wait for Black Panther for there to be a black love interest/heroine, and even that’s not guaranteed. He could run into some white American or British woman on a humanitarian mission, or lost Charlize Theron – looking South African that somehow washes up in his fictional home country of Wakanda. Hopefully it won’t be worth the outrage for producers to go that route, and why would they want to?
      Will we ever see this black (or gay) opposite? I mean, as surely as there are people it would represent and who would wish to see it, there should be.

      • Mazo

        White fanboys and those going to see it primarily for its romance angle would puke at some weave wearing sass mouth black chick trying to score Superman and acting a fool. Not many white guys get jungle fever for a reason, lol.

      • Laila

        Mazo, you’re super ignorant. Get some help.

        And fan-goers (white or otherwise) had no problem going to see Halle Berry and Pierce Brosnan in “Die Another Day”. It debuted at #1 and grossed over $160,942,139. Anyway, Teresa was suggesting that they cast for artistry, not numbers.

      • Malcolm X

        The only sister whiter than Halle Berry is Lisa Bonet. Not too hard a stretch. And Halle was riding high after winning an Oscar and being in the first “X-Men” movie, so she was considered bankable at the time.

      • DiMi

        Mazo, my response to you is a few lines up. Again, your racism and sexism just makes you look like an idiot, and again, i’ve noticed that it’s always really hideous white guys who spout this kind of drivel. (Note, Brad Pitt dated several black women before he married.) Please just shut up and keep your racism and stupidity to yourself.

  • Catherine

    i was not really paying much attention to this reboot, but now i am super excited for it! i LOVE henry cavill!

  • dee

    Loved him in the Tudors! This is a big plus to get him in this role. He’ll be great.

    • Tory

      This is huge for Henry. He has come close to major leading roles so many times, including James Bond, Batman, and Superman Returns. He made the Tudors worth watching, and not just because of his looks. His character changed the most and Henry showed it, unlike the one-note Jonathan Rhys-Meyers’ Henry VIII.

      • Lala

        I agree his character was great.

  • Wha’ever

    OK, he actually looks good for the role. Could he keep his beard ? :p

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    OMG!!!! I really wanted Tom Welling but I’ll take Henry Cavill! I loved him from The Tudors ( and he is really easy on the eyes!)

  • Ryan

    Too bad Anne Hathaway is the new Catwoman, as she would have been a wonderful Lois Lane… maybe Rachel MacAdams?

    • Kris

      Sophia Bush.

      • Pat

        Sophia Bush would make an excellent Lois Lane!

      • jodipo

        Sophia Bush could not act her way out of a wet paper bag

      • Jonathan


    • tipsy


      • jodipo

        now THIS I like.

      • Tory

        Yes! Mila has the spunk and sass and looks for Lois! Unlike boring Bosworth.

    • Liz Lemon

      All those choices are too obvious. Someone like Michelle Williams would be an awesome Lois Lane. Plus, Michelle hasn’t starred in a big, comic book film yet. It would be brilliant!

    • Liz

      Mila Kunis

      • jennifer


      • Shariq

        Wow. Yes, she’s be quite fantastic.

    • teekay

      I could see Kristen Bell doing a good Lois Lane.

  • del taco

    bad choice
    Son of Jor El looks like a sleazebag

    • Brian Wilson

      Chris Reeve looked like a skinny beach boy when he was cast. Then they bulked him up and dyed his hair.

      • Mari

        I sntorgly reccomend using Kevin Smith’s Superman: Lives script. I have long been a fan ofSuperman and think that his script was excellent. In my opinion it would behove to try to use his script because it could turn into one of the best comics movies to this date.

    • I’m more interested in who’s going to be the villain. Hope it’s not Lex, I’m experiencing a little Luthor fatigue.

      • amazongirl999

        Lex Luthor is Superman’s “Joker”. That’s why it’s so hard to get it right. Nickleson ROCKED the Joker until Ledger showed up and knocked the role out of the park. I think it takes a good combo of solid writing, respect/understanding of what the character represents, and a strong actor who “gets it”. Unfortunately, all people care about is how close someone looks to the comic book character, which is stupid. Luthor is the ultimate capitalist. The best stories about him don’t make him outright evil, just having no loyalty to anyone(which is what true capitalism is: no patriotic BS, just concern for the bottom line).

        The prob is that Superman’s villains are mostly kinda lame. If not Luthor, it should at least be somebody who won’t turn the whole thing into a re-make of the last fight from Matrix Revolutions. Braniac might be good. That could be a great excuse to show off some bada$$ Kryptonian tech and history. Darkseid is cool but that seems more like a guy to save for a sequel. But at ALL costs, Hollywood…PLEASE avoid one-note, boring jokes like Doomsday. And if I even THINK the Toyman is on his way, there will be nowhere you can hide from a pimp-slap, Mr. Goyer!

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