Box office report: 'Just Go With It' barely beats 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' in photo finish

Go-With-It-Brooklyn-AnistonImage Credit: Tracy BennettWelcome back, Hollywood. After being in desperate need of a defibrillator this past month and a half, the box office finally roared back to life as three movies debuted to at least $25 million. And it was an exciting comeback as well, with a race so close that it’s too early to declare an official winner. But according to studio estimates, Sony’s romantic comedy Just Go With It barely squeezed out a victory by earning $31 million. If the result holds, it’ll be star Adam Sandler’s 11th film to open at No. 1. The $80 million movie, which also stars Jennifer Aniston, drew a crowd that was surprisingly 58 percent female. And despite reviews that were overwhelmingly negative, the PG-13 film scored a strong “A-” rating from CinemaScore audiences. With Valentine’s Day on Monday and President’s Day Weekend after that, Just Go With It will be able to further capitalize on its status as a “date movie” that appeals to both women and men.

He may be 28 years younger and five inches shorter than Sandler, but pop star Justin Bieber’s 3-D concert pic Justin Bieber: Never Say Never finished just $700,000 behind Just Go With It, according to estimates. The G-rated film debuted to $30.3 million, as throngs of Beliebers (even Johnny Depp is one) stormed theaters to witness the Grammy-nominated singer in three glorious dimensions. As expected, the audience was heavily female (84 percent) and young (67 percent less than 25 years old). And, also as anticipated, the modest $13 million film transported Bieber fans into a state of euphoria. While Never Say Never received an overall “A” grade from CinemaScore moviegoers, women rated it a perfect “A+.” Folks, whether you like him or not, the Bieber isn’t going away anytime soon.

In third place, Disney’s Gnomeo & Juliet surpassed the industry’s most optimistic expectations and grossed $25.5 million — the biggest February opening ever for an animated film. Disney took advantage of the market’s dearth of kid-friendly films and slickly advertised the G-rated movie, which was developed as a Miramax project, as a fun-for-the-whole-family treat. In spite of mediocre reviews (and the fact that this was, well, a Shakespeare adaptation starring lawn ornaments), moviegoers took the bait and liked what they saw, with the film receiving a “B+” CinemaScore grade. That wasn’t the case for the Roman Empire-set action film The Eagle, which debuted in fourth place with just $8.6 million. The Channing Tatum-Jamie Bell epic predictably skewed male (64 percent of the audience). But with a middling “C+” rating from CinemaScore graders, the PG-13 film will likely fade from theaters quickly. Thankfully, The Eagle had a lean budget of about $25 million.

The college thriller The Roommate rounded out the top five, dropping a less-than-expected 44 percent for $8.4 million. And in limited release, the Ed Helms comedy Cedar Rapids laughed up $311,000 from 15 locations, for an encouraging per-theater average just over $20,000. Check back next week as Hollywood keeps the new releases coming with the sci-fi action film I Am Number Four, the don’t-mess-with-Liam-Neeson thriller Unknown, and the first movie ever to feature a male comedian dressed as a woman, Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son.

1. Just Go With It — $31.0 mil
2. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never — $30.3 mil
3. Gnomeo & Juliet — $25.5 mil
4. The Eagle — $8.6 mil
5. The Roommate — $8.4 mil

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  • LOL

    Incredible that people actually spent money on the Sandler movie. America loves crap.

    • Lol stinks

      Then how come no one loves you?

      • LOL

        Eat dog feces maggot! LOL rules. I have more friends than you stink face

      • jon trent

        Fools like the two of you, r the reason that everything requires signing in.

      • Betsy

        Facebook friends don’t count. Actually, in your case, it’s probably myspace friends. You seem like one of the last desperate losers still clinging to a dead social site, telling each other how stupid everybody on facebook is while you “pimp out your page.”

    • Jose

      Don’t you have anything original to say? You’ve been saying that for the past for weekends.

    • Mike

      I LOVE crap.

    • DRG

      Yep. More proof that nobody has ever gone broke underestimating the taste of the US public.

    • Desmo

      Sandler, further proof that the jews do indeed control Hollywood

      • Rae

        That’s disgusting. Would you say that in a crowd or just in your basement?

    • Michael

      Did you even see the movie? I’m guessing not. It was actually quite fun and entertaining. No one said it’s Oscar material, but there’s nothing wrong with liking a feel good movie like Just Go With It. And I for one can never get enough Jennifer Aniston. I love her. (…Yeah, I know, that was basically an invitation for all the haters to spew their anti-Aniston venom at me).

      • Aliyah

        I Love Jennnifer too! Such a class act! Angelina and all her creepy psycho followers are pigs! Angelina also has some real ugly kids! Pitt was such a fool and still is!

    • jj

      LOL your comment is irrelevant. No one cares who or what you like. There is a reason I hate comment sections, and your sort of attitude is why

      • annie

        jj If you hate comment sections, why are you on here commenting????

  • Jose

    Just Go With It will probably retain the number one spot when actuals come in. It increased on Saturday while Never Say Never dropped.

  • Matt1

    Good job ew for getting this article up about 4 hours after the rest of the world reported the Top 10!

  • Swarley47

    I’m not surprised The Eagle didn’t do as well. I’ve never even seen a trailer for it.

  • Danny

    Cedar Rapids, on the other hand, is a solid crowd pleaser. Based on my experience and what I heard from other people around me in the theater, word of mouth should be excellent.

  • Brie

    Wow @ Gnomio & Juliet. I thought that movie would gross around $15 million.

  • Dave

    I saw Just Go With It. It was alright. Not as bad as some of Sandler’s recent movies, but certainly not one of his best either. Jennifer Aniston was easily the best thing about it.

    • LOL

      Screw you Dave. This movie sucks and anyone who likes it is stupid

      • Aiden

        I completely agree with you, Dave. Adam Sandler’s shtick can get a little old sometimes, and this movie wasn’t pure aces, but it worked–mainly because of Jennifer Anisotn.

        LOL: I’m not sure if I’m bothering with my time replying to your ignorant, narrow-minded remark, but I just can’t help myself sometimes when I see a doofus who doesn’t have the decency or self-control to hold back senseless comments. Being mean and judgmental doesn’t solve anything.

      • LOL

        I just wrote your name on toilet paper and wiped my butt with it Aiden

      • Matt1

        Ok, that was funny

      • annie

        I don’t waste my time on sick people like LOL anymore. They are beyond help.

      • Rashy

        Then why even comment on him Annie, what are you an estranged little orphan. I loved how you said anymore!

      • annie

        Your comment Rashy made absolutely no sense. Better luck next time.

      • The Buffoon

        I bet LOL’s got really hairy b_lls.

  • Savina

    Go Jennifer and Adam!! I heard this movie is hilarious, I can’t wait to go see it.

  • Darrin

    Even with a couple high salaries for the stars, how the hell do rom-coms cost $80-100 million now? Where is all the money going?

    • Le HIROSHI

      @ Darrin,

      – –

      Very good question, indeed. Unless Sandler and his crew were all pulling a dancing with smurfs in 3-D a la King of the World, doubtless for a rom-com flick, the $ 80M ceiling sounds too absurd a figure – this I totally agree. Or the cost of living in Hawaii islands (along with LA) must have been outrageously high? : )

      – –

      By the way, John, where is Kidman’s pic? : )

    • Le HIROSHI

      (Cont.) “. . .and the first movie ever to feature a male comedian dressed as a woman, Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son.”

      – –

      Dear JOHN, I hope you were kidding. To begin with – Robin Williams. . .

      • Darrin

        Obviously he was kidding with that comment, especially considering that is the 3rd (why, oh why) big momma’s house movie. Please let no one go see that piece of junk.

    • Rashy

      All the money is going up Charlie Sheen’s

  • Nick

    The only time I’m really happy about an Adam Sandler movie getting the number one spot is when it’s either him or Justin Bieber.

    • Symce


      I have an better idea for Bieber, go to school, judging from your interviews, the average pile of roadkill possesses more IQ than you.

  • Aiden

    Good for Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. “Just Go With It” is incredibly enjoyable to watch with friends or anyone else who likes their movie light and fun. They absolutely deserve it.
    It’s not the deepest films you’ll see, and it’s purely entertainment. But, damn, Jennifer Aniston came in full force with her talent and charm and it carried most of the movie. Everyone I know who saw it loved it.

    • Tristan

      Aiden, we’ve heard your cry for help. Clearly Jen Anistan is standing right behind you holding you hostage with her high voltage blow dryer. Blink once if you need rescue and twice if you need better contacts.

      • lolisanidiot

        Ok I am a huge JA fan, but that was soo funny. LMAO!

  • Leslie

    Does anyone know if Cedar Rapids will get a wide release?

  • del taco

    the CIA is now using Justin Bieber’s new movie to torture prisoners
    no more waterboarding,
    watching a Justin Bieber movie is more effective in getting information.

  • JPX

    I don’t want to live in a world where Justin Bieber and Jennifer Aniston top any box office list. The masses are a$$es. Goodbye cruel world.

    • Ethan

      Bye, don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

    • Tristan

      Step away from the ledge and download the X-Men trailer. Breath, that’s good. Now watch the Cowboys & Aliens trailer. Feel better? There you go, buddy.

  • drake

    you stupid americans, no wonder your empire is crumbling.. Here comes the new Chinese regime

    • Tristan

      That’s what we want you to think. Check the iPods of the children of the revolution and you’ll find them infested with Bieber! Mwa ha ha!

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