Katherine Heigl vehicle 'One for the Money' taken off summer schedule

Lionsgate has pulled the Katherine Heigl comedy thriller One for the Money from its summer slate to an undetermined date this year. The film, based on the popular Janet Evanovich novels about bail bondswoman Stephanie Plum, had been moved from July 8 to June 3 earlier this month to keep it out of the way of Sony Pictures’ The Zookeeper and Warner Bros.’ Horrible Bosses (both comedies). The June date, however, placed the film against Fox’s superhero mega-prequel X-Men: First Class. “We just want to find the right home for [the film],” a Lionsgate rep tells EW, “and that [date] didn’t feel like it.” (Reporting by Josh Rottenberg)

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  • Fatt Hardy

    You know who sucks, is an awful person and makes terrible movies?

    Katherine Heigl.

    • tarc

      You know who is a smart, classy, well-spoken, talented woman that drives certain jealous ladies mad? Katerine Heigl.

      • LOL

        You know who I’d give my left nut to get a massive BJ from? Katherine Heigl.

      • ger

        LOL, I’m guessing it’s not anywhere close to massive.

      • Toby

        I agree. KH is not a good actress. She’s the poor man’s Jennifer Aniston.

      • Team Peeta!

        Not even!! At least Jennifer Anniston is likeable!

      • earl

        Heigels like Aniston…they both have Emmys, both are decent actors, but seem to have no idea how to pick the right film projects!

    • Nancy

      Yeah, but all those films you mentioned had Meryl Streep, and Heigel is NO Meryl Streep.

      • Stacey

        It’s Heigl, not Heigel. Idiot.

      • Rock On

        Who cares? She still sucks either way its spelled. Idiot.

    • Maria

      Awful – because you don’t like her perhaps? But from what I’ve seen this horrible person donates millions to animal welfare, adopts a special needs child, is never at the center of some Hollywood scandal, is very happily married and always seems to be hanging out with actor she has worked with long after their shows have ended. Apparently they all hate her though right? She is so awful. Well I wish everyone I knew was that awful.

      • whatevs

        I agree. All the good that she does goes to waste just because she expresses unpopular opinions at times. Even Charlie Sheen is more popular than she is for being a douche; probably because he’s a man.

      • DUH

        personal life aside, heigl does make terrible movies. her best was knocked up, which still wasn’t that great.

      • Loyalty

        Maria – Heigl Lover – she is a horrible person that donates money to animals when we have starving children. She adopts a special needs child for sympathy when she was having issues with her show. She isn’t getting into trouble like other celebrities b/c no one likes her enough to hang out with her. See the issue – it’s you Maria – you pathetic celebrity wannabe – Kate Heigl hates you too.

      • Joshua Grutman

        Not sure if she’s nice or not, but man does she make horrible, terrible movies. The only good movie she made, Knocked Up, she went on Howard Stern and called it sexist. That’s not a great career move.

      • doris

        I think Katherine Heigl is a great actress. I loved her in the love saga, love comes softly and enduring promise. I agree she not in no scandel or nothing so leave her alone. I think she is great.

      • TCC

        Everything that you named are complete vanity projects that she forces upon herself to become more likable. It will never happen, she will continue to be the poor-man’s Julia Roberts for the rest of her career.

      • HM

        jeez, people are tough…she’s not that bad. Besides, I read some of these books and they are hilarious, I’m sure it will be good

      • david

        Money given to animals is not being taken from starving children. We should all choose what form of contribution to make. If I give to an art museum it’s not taking money away from the symphony. Lord you’re dumb.

    • Loyalty

      Another self-absorbed TV person that thinks she has talent – Fatty Hardy you said it right she sucks and so do her movies. Fans of Talentless Heigl – boo hoo to you, your brainless bimbo is not going be seen this summer. Hopefully never again.

      • maggie

        Loyalty, Is there something wrong with being an animal rights activist? Do you have any clue what kind of epidemic Heigl is working to prevent? Brainless Bimbo, huh? wow.

      • Brenda Barrett

        ‘Loyalty’ is obviously an idiot. Would that his/her parents had been spayed or neutered…

      • CuriousMinds

        @Maggie: You know she only played a doctor on TV, right? She can’t actually prevent an epidemic in real life. She’s what we call an AAAAACTRRREEESSSS. A very, very bad aaaaaaactrrrreeessss.

    • Rita

      Yeah, she does suck! I can’t stand her either!

    • peppermint

      She rocks…she is drop dead gorgeous. She is an exceptional actress evidenced by her role in Grey’s Anatomy. She has a heart and helps many less fortunate. She is cautious with the rolls she takes…that doesn’t mean she “sucks”. It means that she is brilliant.

      • CuriousMinds

        No, she sucks. She’s good looking for sure & kind to animals no doubt. But as an actress…sucks.

    • Anonymous

      Word. She is completely awful.

    • Natosha

      With a name like hardy fatt why would you even bother to make a comment

      • CuriousMinds

        Are you saying that overweight people don’t have the right to voice an opinion? You’re a goddamn Fattist!

    • y so critical


  • CJ

    Translation: The movie sucks and it will flop big time if we put it up against any kind of competition.

    Katherine Heigl isn’t a box office draw and she’s a complete miscast in the role of Stephanie Plum. Too bad Lionsgate is learning this lesson after having Heigl headline 2 movies (Killers and One For the Money).

    • Karen

      Perhaps but lets be honest if you are trying to launch a franchise the week between Harry Potter and Transformers 3 is not probably the best choice. Would any movie beat those? Doubtful.

    • Danny

      You could be well right CJ the movie might suck. But Heigl is a box office draw – the facts say so. Yeah Killers didnt do great but thats the only one of her movies not to turn a healthy profit. Her last 5 have grossed $750+ million world wide in total – which put her about 3rd on the list for female stars in that Forbes list recently. Given that Killers apart none of them cost more than $35m to make thats good going.

    • Tangled

      Lionsgate should build a time machine and release it against Mars Needs Moms. It’s comical that Judd Apatow’s success with Knocked Up was attributed to Heigl. Clearly her career since then prooves she ain’t no Julia or Sandra.

      • Luis Silva

        …or even Reese.

      • Mark

        Yet Heigl’s movies have done better than Apatows since. Check out how Funny People performed against say The Ugly Truth which was released at the same time. If you check her box office she has outperformed both of the ladies you mentioned with in the rom coms genre.

      • Mark

        In recent years I meant to add..not over their careers obviously.

      • B

        Yeah, but all of her movies after Knocked Up sucked.

    • Babylovemonkey

      It’s not that I hate her – but some of you sure have issues with her that seem very unhealthy. Maybe everyone on here that is so determined to speak ill of another person like that, maybe needs to keep it to themselves. Do u make asmuch money as she does? Have you been on a hit TV show that has been on for years? Do you even have a movie credit by your name anywhere? God people!!!! Just shut up and crawl back in the miserable nasty hole you came from. Whew! That being said, I have read all the Janet Evanovich books and – no – Katherine is not the rigt one for this role. She nowhere fits the description of Stephanie Plum in the books. So, a little upset about that. But, like I said, all you people who want to hate like that usually have issues within themselves they don’t like very much. Go see a psychiatrist. Piss off.

      • Mel

        I, too, have read the books several times, and Janet Evanovich is such a visual writer I can’t imagine that the movie could live up to the books. I was against Katherine Heigl as Stephanie from the beginning; she doesn’t have the zaniness to pull Stephanie off. I don’t hate her as a person, though. I’m going to see it tonight with my daughter, but ther reviews so far aren’t good. At least we’ll get to spend some time together, and we’ll always have the books!!!!

  • Steph

    You are very wise, my friend.

  • Harvey Dent

    uh oh, sounds like a turkey

    • Cindy

      Probably end up being a straight to dvd that no one ever even knows is out on dvd.

      • Ashley

        You guys don’t get it do you. It doesn’t matter who is playing in the movie, tons of people are going to see it reguardless because it’s based on a rediculously popular book series. I’m talking huge fan base. Anybody who has ever read and enjoyed a Stephanie Plum novel is going to go see it. Just like Twilight. Those movies sucked ass. But nobody cared because they got to see characters they love come to life. It was aweful and I went to see it three times. yes,yes, I know what a sad story that is.

  • Butters

    They shoukd move the release date back to some time around never.

    • moviefan

      LOL! The right home for the movie is on a shelf collecting dust in an obscure archive.

  • amanda

    Lionsgate could’ve had a fairly successful franchise on their hands with the Stephanie Plum book series but they killed that potential when they cast a one-trick-pony for the lead who is also one of Hollywood’s most unlikable actresses. I only feel bad for the fans of the book who have been waiting years for the movie to be made and then they get Katherine Heigl as Plum and a movie that apparently is too weak to go up against any of the other summer movies.

    • Andy

      Don’t get that view at all. I think the total opposite. She is very likeable and far from a one trick pony. I dont think she has chosen her roles that well but have no doubt she is a talented actress. The fact is the dagger are always out for her – the crap she gets far outweighs any of her supposed crimes. Honestly the hate this woman gets is totally out of proportion.

      • HoldMeCloserTonyDanza

        I think the hate she gets is because she has picked her roles so poorly. Also her tantrum to be released from Grey’s Anatomy really brought her down.

      • Rock On

        I think the hate she gets is because she sucks…. irregardless of the role. Horrible actress. Maybe for the sequel they can cast Tara Reid as the lead…. actually that would be an improvement.

      • CuriousMinds

        She’s just plain unlikable. There’s something about her that rubs people the wrong way. Aside from her questionable talent as an actress (I personally think she’s the same in every role and about the calliber of a high school play actress), she just comes off (in interviews) like a boring, self-involved a-hole.

    • mojomom

      totally agree- I am one of those fans that waited for years for the movie, and was soo pissed when I heard they cast heigl. she’s absolutely the worst choice for the lead !! and an irish man w/ blue eyes for chocolate-eyed Italian stud Moralli??? can’t imagine how bad its going to be !!!

    • Bubbles

      I love the Janet Evanovich “Plum” books. I did not think KH would make a decent Stephanie, I was thinking along the lines of Jessica Biel, you know a woman who could kick butt, make horrible mistakes, and have 2 men crazy for her.
      I dont know about the guys they picked for Morelli or Ranger, I would have picked differently. I was looking forward to this movie, but if it ends up straight to DVD i will be satisfied with the book alone.

  • Tempi

    I love the Stephanie Plum books and would love to see a movie made based on them. However, this is NOT the movie. I knew it would be terrible and apparently even the people who paid for it think so too. This was a miscast of major proportions.

    • mahovolich

      I agree. I thought that this movie was woefully miscast from the getgo. Every casting choice I heard was a disappointment.

      • Anya

        I agree that Joe, and Ranger were all horrible choices.

    • Sarah

      Completely agree. Heigl is a terrible choice for Stephanie Plum.

    • 3reddogs

      I, for one, would love to know who Janet Evanovich would have cast as her big screen Stephanie Plum. (Any bets it wouldn’t have been Heigl?)

      • Rusty Jones

        I agree, it appears that the entire cast has been miscast.

      • di401

        She wanted Sandra Bullock – who would be perfect. This casting is a disaster.

      • Lonecia

        Janet Evanovich was thinking of Sandra Bullock as Stephanie. I certainly would not choose any of the people KH did. And if she does do the role she HAS to dye her hair brown. I had though that Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) would make a great Ranger. I like Debbie Reed as Grandma Mazur and the lady they chose for Lula though,

      • sarahgirl

        I think Marisa Tomei would have been an awesome Stephanie Plum! Sandra probably would have been great too. I don’t get why they cast KH in this role at all. Clearly, the casting director hasn’t read any of the books.

  • Buffy Freak

    Well now I’m gonna have to come up with another movie to not see this summer…

  • Kelsey

    Read: It’s awful and we know it, and Heigl was cast back when she still had some bankability/likability. Now it’s clear that if we put it out in the summer, it’s going to tank horribly, so we’re dumping it in the off-season, probably September or February, to mitigate the damage.
    Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

    • peppermint

      NO, it means that the mindless masses prefer to see slap stick comedies. It means that the marketability of the film has to look for better placement of time instead of competing with films that idiots find captivating.

  • JPX

    Why bother? Let’s skip to the end. The film will make no more than 20 million and an additional few million on DVD. It will just barely break even. No one cares about this.

    • Danny

      The movie will comfortably make way more than that. The opening weekend alone will be between $15m and $30m based on all of Heigls starring movies. Her last Life As We Know It took $54m on a $30m budget in the US and only Easy A did better as a romcom.

      • Stacy

        Thanks for the facts Danny… I’m personally looking forward to adding my measly $10 to that number.

  • Karen

    Well the movie was slated for July between Harry Potter and Transformers 3…so to be fair that was never a good slot for any movie to compete with. By the time Lionsgate got around to seeing that probably wouldnt be the wisest positioning they moved it forward but by then it was too late to promote it. So it was always gonna shift I think.

    • moviefan

      Uh, no. Sony and Warner Bros are confident enough to slate ‘The Zookeeper’ and ‘Horrible Bosses’ respectively on July 8 (between Potter and Transformers) so that really does speak for Lionsgate’s confidence in OFTM if they removed it from that date. Moving it to June 3 put it up against the X-Men movie which it also couldn’t compete with. Let’s face it: for Lionsgate to completely remove OFTM from its summer schedule means they know they have a crappy movie on their hands which can’t compete against any other movie being released till the end of August.

      • Maria

        Also it wasnt about competing with X-Men – it was counter programming. Its mid-March now…and the move to June 3 was unrealistic. They hadnt even released a trailer or poster. There was no time to promote it. Trailers are out for movies in August / September already. So once July wasnt happening it was not gonna happen til late summer. Lionsgate were already pushing Conan.

  • Carrie

    That’s too bad. The Stephenie Plum books are so much fun, but it sounds like the movie might be terrible.

  • Jerrica

    My sister and I are huge Stephanie Plum fans and for the most part fans of Katherine Heigl. We can’t wait to see this movie!!! I am so sad that they took it off the summer schedule!

    • Tempi

      If you are fans of the book then you know that Stephanie is New Jersey born and bred. She is of Italian and Hungarian descent. Does that even remotely descibe Katherine Heigl? She is a beautiful woman and they died her hair a mousy brown for the role and it looked horrible.

    • Stacy

      Jerrica, I agree… Love the books and am looking forward to seeing the movie.
      Tempi, You seem to be attacking someone just for saying that they want to see the movie. Also, do you know what Hungarians look like?

  • Ethan

    Heigl is such a one-note actress. She is like Jennifer Aniston but even less likable. She plays the same character in every movie and her mannerisms are always the same. Killer was so awful and her character Jen was so annoying. Please let this go straight to DVD so I don’t have to see it or hear about it.

  • Kira

    The right place for it? How about straight to DVD?

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