'Hunger Games' director Gary Ross talks about 'the easiest casting decision of my life' -- EXCLUSIVE


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This afternoon Lionsgate announced that The Hunger Games had finally found its hero. Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone) will play Katniss Everdeen, the embattled tribute from District 12 who goes on to lead a revolution in Suzanne Collins’ best-selling trilogy. Director Gary Ross spoke exclusively with EW about why 20-year-old Lawrence is the right actress, at the right age, to bring Katniss to life on the big screen. (Warning: Some spoilers follow.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When did you know Jennifer Lawrence was your Katniss?
GARY ROSS: First, I saw Winter’s Bone, and I just thought she was phenomenally talented and just kind of riveting and amazing and had so much power. And then we had a meeting and I found her to be just a completely compelling, intelligent person. But then she came in and read for me and it just knocked me out. I don’t want to go into too many details, but we did a scene from the movie and it was so amazingly powerful that it was sort of stunning. You glimpsed every aspect of the role and the potential of the whole movie.

There’s already quite a bit of hand-wringing that, no matter how good an actress Lawrence is, at 20 she’s simply too old for the role.
First of all, I talked to Suzanne extensively about this. Suzanne saw every single audition. And not only did Suzanne not have an issue with Jen’s age, she felt you need someone of a certain maturity and power to be Katniss. This is a girl who needs to incite a revolution. We can’t have an insubstantial person play her, and we can’t have someone who’s too young to play this. Suzanne was incredibly adamant about this. Far from being too old, she was very concerned that we would cast someone who was too young. In Suzanne’s mind, and in mine, Katniss is not a young girl. It’s important for her to be a young woman. She’s a maternal figure in her family. She’s had to take care of Prim, and in many ways her mother, since her father’s death. She’s had to grow up pretty quickly.

Was the opportunity to side step any child labor laws an added bonus?
That’s not the reason. I absolutely cast the right person for the role and in my view there wasn’t even a question who the best Katniss was. It was the easiest casting decision I ever made in my life.

In the books, Katniss is described as being olive-skinned, dark-haired, possibly biracial. Did you discuss with Suzanne the implications of casting a blond, caucasian girl?
Suzanne and I talked about that as well. There are certain things that are very clear in the book. Rue is African-American. Thresh is African-American. Suzanne had no issues with Jen playing the role. And she thought there was a tremendous amount of flexibility. It wasn’t doctrine to her. Jen will have dark hair in the role, but that’s something movies can easily achieve. [Laughs] I promise all the avid fans of The Hunger Games that we can easily deal with Jennifer’s hair color.

How will this inform the rest of your casting, in terms of age, look, everything?
Now that we have Katniss, we see who feels good with her both as Peeta and Gale and the rest of her family.

Have actors already started reading with her?
No, but we’ve read a lot of people for a lot of roles. Obviously, we have to make sure that the cast balances and makes sense. We’re very close. I have very, very good ideas about who I want in a lot of other roles. So I think there’ll be a lot of stuff coming pretty quickly.

Have you had conversations with her about the enormity of stepping not just into a franchise like this, but a character that is already so beloved by the world? How do you prepare a young person for that?
Oh god, have you ever met her? [Laughs] Don’t worry about Jen Lawrence. She’s a very powerful person. Jennifer is from Kentucky. I think she feels such a complete connection to who Katniss is, the way many people do, but this just seems like a very good fit to her. I think she’s very confident about the role, I think it feels very organic to her. She’s ready to dive in. She goes to archery class next week. Yeah, she’s going to start shooting arrows next week! I think by the end of the week she’s going to be learning to climb trees. She’s a very strong, confident young woman. She’s very confident in her own talent and who she is as a woman, and I think that all these things make her want to dive into the role.

Will you indulge in the blogs and message boards over the next few days to gauge fan reaction to the casting news?
I think one of the wonderful things about The Hunger Games is that everyone has such a personal relationship to the material that they feel they have a very specific idea about the character and who the character is. And that’s wonderful. And I think a lot of the debate that has gone on about who Katniss is is fantastic, because people feel very passionately that their take on the character is unique and correct. But the one that I’ve honestly listened to the most has been Suzanne, who conjured this girl out of her own imagination. To Suzanne, Jen is the perfect realization of the character who is in her head.

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  • HungerFan

    If Suzanne is fine with it, I’d hope that fans can be fine with it.

    • Stef

      Amen. Not going to pass judgment until I see the movie.

      • Anita Wu

        considering how he described her, im starting to get my hopes up for the movie! Katniss must be perfect in character, make up can fix the appearance. since collins believe she is right then she probably is since its the author that knows her story best (…stephanie meyer is questionable)

      • Natalie B.

        The girl doesn’t fit for me. She doesn’t have any edge. The author chose her, but I think it’s a punk out to the character. The character is not a ingénue. She seemed not to be in touch with her girl parts.
        When she came onto Peeta, I somehow got that she didn’t do it on spite because she wasn’t in touch with her girl parts.
        To me…this character is Chloe Moretz. A girl who looks fresh, but old in heart, mind and spirit.

    • nunnya


    • Vina

      I want to hear it from her directly.

      • Deb

        Well, if you read the linked article about the initial announcement, Collins says she never thought they would find an actress who fit the role as perfectly as Jennifer Lawrence. Sounds like a glowing endorsement to me.

      • Vina

        Thank you.

      • wsugar

        The ckeck cleared, so she is happy with it.

    • Renee

      I have to admit, I’m skeptical, but if Suzanne sees JL as Katniss…well, she should know best.

      • katie

        I’m also COMPLETELY skeptical. The whole POWER of the story was that these were KIDS being put in this horrifying situation. Surely there are powerful children actors out there who can give off a maternal vibe?

        Secondly, she’s a “pretty girl”. They need someone with more grit. I would’ve loved JL for one of the tributes from District 1 or 2. Our Katniss is supposed to be grittier. Ugh.

        This reeks of a commercial enterprise cashing in on starlet popularity. Ridiculous.

      • Jeff

        @Katie: Have you seen “Winter’s Bone?” If you want to see Jennifer be gritty then you need to check that film out. She’s far from a starlet.

      • katie

        I admit that Hollywood magic can cover most of my “grit” concerns. But I’m afraid they can’t overcome the age issue. I think the director and author both underestimate the power of children and their strength. Sure, JL may be a powerful actress, but so is Meryl Streep. Too old is too old.

      • Steven

        I believe you all forget that almost every major movie and mainstream TV shows (not Disney Channel) have older people playing teen roles. No one is screaming and crying over that, so please do not make this an issue. Jennifer played a girl younger than her age for Winter’s Bone and she got an oscar for it. This gives the movie so much more credibility. It makes me excited that they will actually do this right and avoid all of the cheesy mistakes Hollywood made with making Twilight into a movie.

      • Raul

        Katie, Jeff is right. Jennifer in Winter’s Bone had enough grit. I also agree that they need a woman not a girl. It will be great.

      • Jenn

        Don’t forget also that the actresses all auditioned for the role. It sounds like she gave a much better reading than anyone else on the shortlist, and that’s obviously pretty important!

      • ryan

        they gave the role of Hobbits to guys over 5’7

      • jk

        katie could not agree with you more! east??then why the huge search….they should have cast her weeks ago then…so disappointed by this!!

      • Cash

        My issue is not her age its her size. She’s supposed to be starving undernourshed and scrawny. JL is a tall buxom woman. It just doesn’t give the impression of her as the underdog hiding out in trees.

      • bianca

        it says katniss wasnt realy that pretty. i am a hunger games adic… ill wait for the movie but i think shes all wrong… but who am i to judge?

    • Flip

      Not a fan of the SQUIRREL-SKINNER!!!!!

      • R

        was not a huge fan of Winter’s Bone either, but JL was amazing in the little-seen Charliz Theron film ‘The Burning Plain’ and this year’s Sundance fave ‘Like Crazy’ has already garnered great buzz

      • nunnya

        Funny that that’s what I remember best about Winter’s Bone.

      • ST

        Was that SQUIRREL SKINNER supposed to be insulting? Pah!
        And lets not forget whoever plays Katniss has to be willing, ready and able to get her hands dirty killing herself some FOOD.

    • allie

      I understand what they are saying but if this movie is successful this is a trilogy. Lawrence is already 20 – by the time they film Mockingjay she could be in her mid 20’s… I don’t know.

      • ?????

        is she really gonna age that much in 5 years or so?

      • Betty White

        Maybe I should play Katniss then!

      • Love Movies

        The suggestion for Jen to play a tribute does not make sense because aren’t the tributes significantly older than Jen? She is only twenty. Katniss has lived a difficult life, and that makes a person age. Jen is only 4 years older than Katniss was in the first book. Remember Katniss ages almost a year with each book.

    • Carrie

      Agree- Suzanne Collins would know, based on the audition, if Jennifer Lawrence is the right Katniss.

    • Kim E

      How about Ethan Peck as Gale?

      • Sara

        I like! I currently hate the three names for Peeta I’ve been seeing (Alex Pettyfer, Josh Hutcherson, and Hunter Parrish) but not much speculation for Gale. I think Peck would be a great choice!

    • stones

      you call her Suzanne – really?

      • Krishana

        SOOOO excited.i just orrdeed my copy. do not want to wait two weeks unfortunately, without meaning to, I came across a spoiler review and found out information i would much rather have waited for. im warning all you eager readers: BEWARE OF SPOILERS! they are not any fun and will ruin your read. Luckily for me what I read only revealed one major plot point . and a bunch of minor details.but still, be careful!

    • Chelsea

      She wasn’t who I pictured but she is a talented actress so I can deal. Now if they screw up Peeta, that’s another story. I fear I’m going to be disappointed with anyone who’s not David Kross.

      • Francisco

        The Hunger Games is definitely one of the best books I have ever read. If you liked this book, you uhosld definitely read the rest in the series. This book is about a girl named Katniss. Every year, the Capitol chooses two children, a boy and a girl, from each district and puts them into an arena to fight to the death. When Katniss is chosen she must fight to stay alive in the Hunger Games. I liked this book for many reasons. One reason is that Suzanne Collins has a good distribution between action, dialogue and description. She explains the general idea of the terrain around Katniss, but not so much that it would be boring. Some books have way too much talking and no action, so it’s boring, and some books have way too much action and not enough talking so as to the point where you don’t know what is going on. Another thing I liked about this book was that even though it seems like the book is just about kids killing each other, it actually has a great side plot that actually turns into the main plot for the whole series. I think that this is a great book and you uhosld definately read it if you haven’t already. [A] plot-driven blend of suspense, science fiction, and romance. -USA Today

    • SammyShawn

      I am dubious about this choice… I do feel that 20 is too old but I will wait and see. I agree with another poster that the whole point of this is that they are kids having to go thru all this horrible stuff. I dont think it will feel the same with a grown woman. We will see! Im still excited about it.

    • Nini

      That’s exactly how I felt; if the author’s fine, so am I. When I heard the news, I was so disappointed. But this interview calmed me down. I’m just glad its over.

    • dcmoviegirl

      Whatever. I’m tired of Hollywood casting callsheets calling for Caucasians ONLY. This should have gone to the best actress for the part.

      But because of that racist gaff, we only know for sure that she’s the best white actress for the part.

      Also, Gary, [laughs] hair color wasn’t the issue.

      I’m just tired of Hollywood doing the same exclusionary practices.

      The layers of Jergen’s Glow this actress will wear, in the tradition of so many white actors in Hollywood looking ~exotic~ is.

      • Jesse

        i know. its a bummer they couldn’t find a black person with olive colored skin. theres plenty of them around. are you just stupid.

    • bruno

      i think it’s a brilliant casting move. LOVE her. think she’s gonna be amazing!

      • Paco

        I was lucky enough to get my hands on an ARC of Catching Fire too. I just fineshid it last night, and I’m still digesting it. Amazing book. Thanks for the review do we have any idea when the third book is coming out?

      • Marleny

        I have some great students this year. Half of them not only love to read but rlleay get into the books. Thanks for your kind words. I will pass them on.

    • myra

      Who will they cast as buttercup?
      a) a very old geriatric cat that is also a great actor because after all in movies and tv old cats always play kittens.
      b) a red or black cat with acting experience and awards nominations because after all color is not important they will dye its hair and acting is more important. Plus it’s impossible to cast a yellow cat that also has acting talent.
      c) a black old cat that became famous not because his acting but its singing but had a 5 minute role in a movie and gary ross liked his acting.
      d) Cate blanchet! She is an oscar winner actress and because of that she can pull off anything. If you don’t think she is the right one watch all of her previous movies. She even played BOB DYLAN!
      e) a yellow mashed-in nose,half of one ear missing, eyes the color of rotting squad.
      f) a squirrel or a dog because there is one thing called makeup and there’s also Hollywood magic.
      G)None of the above they will just cut out Buttercup because he is a minor role.

    • I

      I agree!!!! A first I thought thAt jl wud b to old but i have watched the trailer( 1000 times:D) and i could not believe that it was Jen!!!!! Great job!!! The casting is Perfect!!! I love this series and the movie is already booked!

  • Rolo Tomasi

    She is so beautiful

    • eeeee

      She’d still make a better Johanna though

  • Reba

    Lame. He’s trying really hard to justify his decision.

    • Jose

      And you idiots are really trying hard to justify your bull.

    • Kayla

      i think he’s being bias.

    • katnissblows

      Agreed, horrible choice. She is way too pretty and white for Katniss. Susan Collins isn’t being “flexible” she is being a kiss-up and showing her lack of backbone. I have no hopes for this movie.

      • Mel

        Ridiculous. God forbid the cast based on talent rather than overall appearance. What is Hollywood coming to?!

      • Bah

        Seems like the worser fans of this fandom are taking it to another level. Insulting the author now? Geez!

      • Ian

        Jennifer Lawrence isn’t the end-all-be-all of talent! There are surely young actresses that are just as talented or more so then her that look like Katniss! She happened to be in the right role at the right time for a subjective Academy to “judge” she deserved a nomination. Yet another tall voluptuous blonde gets the prize, to the offense of everyone who isn’t also a Barbie or a misguided oversexed male.

      • @Ian

        Well, I’m neither of those things and I cannot wait to see her in the role. Based on Winter’s Bone and what Ross and Collins say she is going to deliver exactly the strong, fascinating character the books describe.

        And can we all move one from this myth of the “great unknown” crap? EW said they auditioned like 30 actresses and if the filmmakers and author thought she was the best choice then where is this fantasy monstrously talented young actress you’re talking about? Clearly she didn’t audition.

      • katnissblows

        @Bah: don’t even get me started about that author.

      • @ katnissblows

        I don’t understand people who constantly go to places talking about things they clearly dislike. If you don’t like the series, why annoy yourself and others by going to articles relating to the series?

      • Love Movies

        You are getting stuck on her age. Yes, the story is about the horror of children being placed in a battle to the death. However, the series is about a young woman finding herself and starting a revolution. A 20 year old could do that, and it still makes sense. 20, even 25 is still very young to have an entire nation follow you in a revolution. Also, the books constantly talk about Katniss being unaware of her own beauty. Gale brings is up several times in Mockingjay. She is not ugly. She is a tomboy type who doesn’t realize that she has appeal, both physically and with her personality.

      • katnissblows

        @@Katnissblows: don’t judge

    • Liz Lemon

      Well it worked. His explanation about why a younger actress wouldn’t have worked is spot on. I think Jennifer is the right age for the role. My only issue was her overall look. She looks older than 20 and she’s also…for lack of a better world, built. She looks like one of the District 1 and 2 people, but that can easily be changed. Thinking about the books, Katniss is really strong and athletic. She hunts. She’s the primary caregiver in the family. Everyone at school is intimidated by her. So they need someone who can do that believably.

      • seymour

        I totally disagree about using an older actress. By using someone older, they’re losing one of the most powerful things about the books – that it was kids who were put in these kill-or-be-killed situations, and kids who lost their childhoods to war.

      • Miser

        I agree with you completely Seymour. It’s what made the book haunting, the fact that young teenagers are being forced to kill each other until one is left standing. It just doesn’t feel the same way with a bunch of twenty something year olds acting as those teenagers.

      • ST

        Also at some point Katniss has to stand naked in front of Cinna and her prep team. Put a 14 year old there? Then have her making out with a boy in a cave? People will be storming out of the cinema screaming blue murder.

      • Laura

        For heaven’s sake. She’s 20 years old! I have no doubt she can pass for 16 or 17. It’s not like they cast a 40 year old actress.

      • Ms. Chanandler Bong

        Built! That’s what I thought too. I always pictured Katniss to be leaner, this girl is built like a brick house and unless they strap everything down I don’t think there’s movie magic that will help that. And there’s a difference between giving off the older maternal vibe and looking old and Jennifer is definitely the latter.

      • Liz Lemon

        I think they can make Jennifer look younger. So, hopefully they will still have a very young looking Katniss. But Katniss is basically an old soul. She’s a little girl who was forced to grow up too fast, so I’m just saying it’s smart to have someone OLDER in the role. However, I think she will still LOOK the part. Hopefully. But like I said, Jennifer’s going to have to drop some weight or something. She’s way too in-shape.

    • Reba

      JL doesn’t fit Katniss physically and, yeah, hair and makeup and weight-loss can help a bit, but honestly, she’s WHITE. Why can’t Hollywood ever pick a darker toned girl even when the role calls for it? This is ridiculous.

      • Love Movies

        Seymour and Miser I don’t get it- so it wouldn’t be haunting if 20 year olds were forced to kill themselves in a fight to the death? Yes, teens being forced to kill themselves is horrible, but you are saying that if they are 3 years older, it wouldn’t be as miserable to watch, or the concept wouldn’t be as cruel. That doesn’t make sense.

    • dcmoviegirl


      Notice the nervous laughter and avoidance of skin color in his answer? As if hair dye will make her darker.

      Hollywod stays racist.

      • Jesse

        a good tan and shes good to go

  • Lunna

    I’ll have to wait and see… But my only wish: NO ALEX PETTYFER FOR PEETA!!!1

    • Nan

      I agree with the no Alex Pettyfer.

      • Chelsea

        Although I do think JL is too old for Katniss, she is an amazing actress, so I can grow to accept her casting. However, if they screw up Peeta with Alex Pettyfer, this movie will officially be in the Twilight-garbage pile. And if they do cast him and SC comes out praising it, something’s up. I want David Kross for the role.

    • sAm

      GOD forbid not Alex Pettyfer!!!! he’s getting on my nerves!!!

      • Dim

        I think he’s getting on everyone’s nerve with his attitude and Hunter Parrish is a far better fit for Peeta. Jen seems so devoted! She’s taking archery lessons!

      • Chelsea

        I like Hunter Parrish, my only issue is that his voice is tad thin/slightly effeminate. I don’t mean to be insulting about it, I do like him, but it’s a bit distracting. I’ve only really seen him in “It’s Complicated”, though.

      • Chelsea


      • Krystal

        I think she’s a great fit for Katniss. She is a tough broad I can tell and all ya have to do is dye her hair and she can get a tan and voila Katinss. I believe Hunter would be great for Peeta esp with the age thing now. He’s great in Weeds and I think he can tackle Peeta.

  • ErinNC

    Great interview, Im feeling better about the casting already!

    • Rosario

      I agree the love triangle is not to detaelid in the book, and to make it more steamier’ they don’t have to add more kiss scenes with Peeta and Katniss, the idea of showing Gales reaction is a great example of making things more intense in the love triangle. And since Suzanne Collins was co-writer for the script, the movie will not stray too far from it’s original story.

  • John C.

    I love her ever since I saw Winters Bone. My only hope is that she doesn’t turn into another Kate Hudson and do her best (and only) great work at the beginning of her career. I hope she emulates Cate Blanchette or someone else who balances out the popcorn flicks with character driven smaller films.

  • r

    I’m excited! She was my pick the moment I saw Winter’s Bone. I thought thats Katniss – case closed! I have my wish list for Peeta and Gale so I hope if I was right with this I’ll be right for the other 2 as well.

    • lynda

      I thought the same thing when I saw Winter’s Bone. Her character in that did everything she could to keep her family safe.

    • muggslie

      agreed. great choice. and, sheesh, you guys are so critical! a woman is too tall and built and you hate on her for it?!? this character is actually pretty articulate and nuanced. if the director AND author are this excited about jlaw, calm the f down already. i’m really looking forward to this movie!

  • Maggie

    Thank GOD they didn’t cast some teen starlet…I was worried they’d cast a Selena Gomez/Miley Cyrus type…

    • Rachel

      But none of them were up for this role. Another Oscar nominated actress was.

      • ST

        A nomination for best supporting actress doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as one for best actress(yes, in a lead role, because she CARRIED Winter’s Bone).

      • Brandy

        Hailee was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, but she carried True Grit and more than held her own in scenes with Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. She was in every scene in the movie and was in no way just a supporting actress.

      • Marcy Runkle

        I loved Hailee in True Grit, and can’t wait to see her grow in future roles, but she was never, ever Katniss in my eyes. People are saying that JL is too old, but to me Hailee looks waaaaaay too young. I’m thrilled with the casting decision.

    • Liz Lemon

      They weren’t even considered. But I’m glad they didn’t go with Emma Roberts. She was up for the role. And I also heard something about Megan Fox. Also, very wrong. In the end, we ended up with what most people wanted…a talented actress whose is somewhat unknown.
      Now, I just hope they choose all the other parts wisely.

      • Sarah

        Well said.

      • Jessie


      • bianca

        right on emma wud be perfec
        i thought katniss was sapost to be flat and skinny…. am i wrong?

  • Kmb

    I have to admit, this makes me feel a little bit better about Jennifer Lawrence being Katniss. If Suzanne Collins thinks she’s the best person for the role then I’m going to trust her judgment. Now if only they’d cast Noel Fisher as Peeta…

    • Mocha

      Same here. I still would have preferred Hailee Steinfeld, as she’s an excellent actress and would have grown up at exactly the right pace for the other two movies, but Jennifer Lawrence is amazing and I’m relieved they didn’t cast a no-talent tween star.

    • katie

      I totally agree! Great interview with Gary and it’s interesting to see Suzanne’s thoughts. I think Jennifer will do great.

  • Lore

    Hey People, just think this, shes not Kristen Stewart, so at least this lady is a hell of an actress, she was a Oscar nominee, that has to count something, i havent read the books, but im happy that shes a good one, nothing compared with the ………….. that is Bella Swan, damn i hate her very much

    • Adree

      I’m in love with your comment. Exactly, this isn’t going to be another twilight fiasco. Tehy actually know what they are doing and have a solid foundation.

      • Anneke

        Well, to be honest, I don’t think she does’t care about human life, I just think she’s totlaly “the big picture” you could even say “for the greater good.”To her, every move they make as the opposition must be carefully weighed to balance how much risk they take, and how much they lose, with how much damage they inflict to the capitol and how much it advances their cause and or UNadvances the capitol’s cause. For her, all that risk for one life doesn’t balance out. Which isn’t right, really. But it’s the type of decisions people in power do have to make in the real world all the time. She’s not evil. That’s not to say I like her though. I like D13 and Coin very little as well, like you, but that doesn’t mean I can’t understand to some degree when I step into their place ? It’s tough, but I can see both sides of the picture here, for the most part.

    • jim

      sorry but kristen is a terrific actress. Twilight is not my thing but she’s wonderful

      • District 12

        you must have low standards for wonderful, she is awkward, stiff and could not convey any emotion if a gun was pointed to her head

      • Jessie

        I love Kristen Stewart too (& Twilight.) I’m not sure why eveyone keeps comparing the two though. They’re so very different! Can’t wait for this to come out. Hope they get good actors for Gale & Peeta.

    • Sarah

      @Lore-I couldn’t agree more. Anything is better than Kristen Stewart.

      • m1

        Megan Fox is better than Stewart? LOL.

    • SIa

      I actually love Kristen Stewart and I can’t wait till she shows you that she’s better then the rest and then I can laugh in your face.

  • Myoh

    I’ll believe in Suzanne Collins & Gary Ross.
    I watched interviews of Jennifer Lawrence and must agree with Gary Ross is a very powerful person. I absolutely love her personality.


  • Myoh

    I mean Jennifer Lawrence is a very powerful person.
    Sorry. Typo.

  • kybarakat

    at first when i saw her i was like no no no no no! she doesnt look like katniss at all! i dont know why i forgot that changing hair and make up is the easiest thing is the world…. i should know that as a cosmetologist… ha ha. but reading this article made me feel much better. i am so excited for the movie!

  • Laura

    if she’s katniss then hunter parrish NEEDS to be peeta

    • Liz Lemon

      I would really like to see Hunter get that role. I also want Taylor Kitsch as Gale.
      Hunter’s 23 and Taylor’s 29, but I think it would still work since Jennifer looks older.

      • kimmy

        oh damn. taylor would be an amazing gale!!! he’s the first person mentioned that i can see in the role!! too bad he’s so old. maybe he could be finnick in the last movie?? haha

      • Liz Lemon

        Finnick wouldn’t be bad. I can see him playing that part too. He’s older, but he doesn’t look it. And Gale is supposed to look older than 18 anyways.

      • Cheryl

        Yay, Riggins!

    • Sarah

      I could see that! Good call.

    • elcamino

      That would be great. Stephanie Hunt as Johanna,and Zoe Kravitz as Enobaria in the other movies.

  • Star

    I don’t think they should make a movie at all. If they do, I hope it doesn’t end up like Twilight.

    • ST

      It won’t, because they’ve gotten on the right track casting an actress that isn’t constantly blinking and twitching. For. No. Reason.

    • Asdws

      Great post, tension is so imtorpant and it’s something I try to continually build/improve in my fiction. I just purchased the Hunger Games for my e-reader and now I am even MORE pumped to begin after reading your post. This sounds like it will be a great study in tension writing, and of course, a fabulous read! Do you feel all 3 books do this or one more than the others in the series? Just curious.

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