Taylor Swift joins Universal's 'The Lorax'


Image Credit: Christie Goodwin

Taylor Swift has joined the cast of Universal’s 3-D animated film, The Lorax, based on the famous Dr. Seuss children’s book about preserving the environment. Danny DeVito is voicing the fuzzy, tree-loving Lorax, Ed Helms is the greedy Once-ler, and Zac Efron plays Ted, the young boy who seeks out the Lorax. Swift will voice Audrey, the girl of Ted’s dreams.

Rob Riggle and Betty White will also voice characters for the film, which will be released on March 2, 2012.

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  • M

    Hell to the no.

    • Jake

      The Bernie Lomax. Oh no, not that!

    • clark

      Taylor Swift is a decent singer, but there is no need for a love interest, something I wish FRINGE would have stuck to

  • Melanie

    Whhyyyyy does this movie need a love interest?

    • pammy

      Totally agree!! One of the first Dr. Seuss stories that I first heard sitting in my school library with my elementary school class… turned into a movie. I do NOT need my childhood memories to be profited upon.

      • pammy

        and why the hell is Taylor Swift still infantilizing herself by signing up for this?

    • Hv

      Because EVERY thing needs a love interest today. That’s why virtually every TV series ends with all the characters pairing off. The development for the Lorax should not be surprising, but it is still woefully troubling and deeply disappointing.

    • Laura

      The pictures are faoulbus! The bride is gorgeous and the groom looks like a handsome actor! I love the group photo with the parents and also the silly pictures of the wedding party! Very proud of both of them, it looks like a great start to a wonderful future together! Love and best wishes!

  • ck

    excuse me while I go barf. I can’t believe they are going to ruin what is perhaps one of my favorite stories of all time. Hollywood is truly desperate isn’t it?

  • pammy


    • Jake


    • Mohamed

      Taylor,Your smile is so infectious in the it gets bteetr video, but it’s missing in the headshots! Don’t let those silly NYC photographers hide your light.Keep smiling,Jeremy

  • Wendy

    Awesome. I love Dr. Seuss. Good for Taylor.

    • Zach

      Are you kidding. The Lorax WAS one of Dr. Seuss best stories and now they are going to completely ruin it by adding a love interest that never existed. I have nothing personal against Taylor Swift, but a love interest needs to stay the hell out of a tree classic environmental conservation story. Ted has no girl of his dreams in the orginal story. Adding this aspect deminished the original message, and in my opinion will cause me to never EVER watch this god aweful idea of a movie.

  • gary

    Yes! Haters gonna hate!

    • blah

      I think ck wants to barf on you.

      • gary

        not a single F was given. I think I have right to voice my opinion.

    • coco

      oh yes we are all just a bunch of haters in hater-ville *eye roll*

  • Slimer

    oh joy

  • angelwhiteraven

    Why oh why!!!??? This is my favorite Dr. Seuss book. I cried when the Lorax left the first I saw the movie in elementary school.
    I’m dreading this, hopefully they prove me wrong but I doubt they will.

    • Zach

      Unlikely, you will most definitely be dissapointed. This is such a crappy idea I don’t know how anyone is going to watch it if they know anything about the original, or respect Dr. Seuss even the slightest ounce.

  • kane

    Good for her! I actually like the cast. unpopular opinion.

    • Zach

      It has nothing to do with her, that is the WHOLE point, it has nothing to do with any love interest, it has nothing to do with a girl, it is about saving the dam planet.

  • Liz

    It could have been anyone, why her? Just why?

    • tanya

      so are you trying to say that you hate the girl LOL and you’ll not get mad if the girl is not Taylor??? wow!

      • kate

        tired of taylor overexposure. she’ll be “dramatic” with a “good girl image” as usual. sighhh

      • Lance

        LOL Kate, then don’t watch it LOL So if Lohan will play the role, you’ll love it? Please.

      • kate

        hey Lance! are you by any chance “gary” also? or maybe “Wendy”?

        and since you’re asking, i’d like it better if someone like abigail breslin plays the love interest if they had to have one. it’s a kids movie after all. i’m tired of seeing taylor everywhere.

      • Lance

        Kate, who’s gary and wendy? LOL you don’t know me. Well that’s your opinion. You might as well replace efron if you’re going to breslin.

      • Anna

        What’s so wrong with a “good-girl” image? I’m tired of people bashing Taylor for being too “clean.” Would you rather teens and young girls be looking up to, say, Paris Hilton? No thanks. Stop knit-picking everything she says or does looking for a reason to bash. Just because she cares about her reputation-unlike other starlets-doesn’t mean she’d obsessed with popularity. She’s an excellent role-model for any girl with big dreams who’s been put-down all her life. Leave the poor girl alone, already.

      • kate

        cause she’s presenting a false sense of reality, very idealized, and her “image” is good but she went and f’ed some guys in her songs. and sorry but who looks up to paris hilton? she’s sort of known as a blond joke.

      • Zach

        I think the main point is that they F’d the story completely. There isn’t supposed to be any girl, it doesn’t matter which one thay are going to use. It is just wrong.

  • Justin


  • Minutiae

    A LOVE INTEREST?!? Just… no. I bought my daughter a copy of the original animated version at Target for five bucks a month ago, and I think we’ll be sticking with that.

  • R

    Ugh. One of the most poignant, imporant and relevant childrens story and they feel the need to add a love interest. This should be disapointing.

    • fireflystare221

      I agree! Why are they making a movie at all? Leave it alone!

  • kelly

    I like it. Don’t blame the girl, blame the makers if you don’t agree with the love interest.

    • tanya

      Agree. Hate the makers not the girl. Ge’ez people, I actually like this cast.

    • Iris

      Well she’s still signed up to play a nonexistent love interest from the original story. She’s the one who lends her voice and will be getting paid for it also. She knows as well as the makers that this will keep her in the headlines with young fans and benefits her own image. I think we have a right to be upset at this blatant attempt of using a childhood classic for a movie studio’s purpose of making money. If Taylor’s signed up to play a stitched on character then she SHOULD be ready to take the heat for it.

      • Lance

        Okay. I’m just gonna say that even if Taylor is good in this movie, people will still hate her which is sad. Unpopular opinion but yeah I kinda like them.

      • kate

        and this is perfect! so true!!

      • Steve

        Dude you hit the nail right on the head.

      • Steve

        I mean Iris by the way. Ms. Swift should have known better.

    • Vince

      I like it too. Give the girl a chance before you judge her. And yeah I agree, even if she’s good in this movie…. people will still hate her.. and yeah it’s SAD.

      • Iris

        Forgive me if I’ve been turned off by any type of Taylor “acting” from Valentine’s Day. We are also judging how she’ll be based on our previous experiences of seeing her in movies. Voice acting is as much of an art as regular acting.

        Anyway, here’s to hoping they don’t pitch her voice even higher to make her sound younger in the movie.

      • Vince

        She’s hilarious at Vday. She’s supposed to be somewhat “dumb” and “bubbly” because that’s her role. I know that voice acting is different than the regular acting. and I think it’s harder than the regular one. But I respect your opinion if you don’t like her. I’ll still watch this because I love the cast.

      • Sara

        Taylor Swift is no Johnny Depp for a great voice actor, that man was HILARIOUS in Rango. Swoon for Johnny. I agree, she’s probably just put in the movie for publicity. But then again, a love interest for a movie that’s based on a timeless story is unnecessary to begin with.

  • Shawn

    Oh man, I can get behind the girl’s music, but I don’t know about this. Let’s hope her voice acting is better than her acting acting.

    • wunderbarf

      Did you mean to say you’d like to put her music behind you, i.e. you wish you had never heard her “sing”? Not to be too mean, but I have yet to hear her sing live and sound halfway decent. If she plans to continue her music career, i hope she gets some voice lessons. If not, then I fully support her movie career if it will keep her off the radio.

    • Luna

      Hello? Did you SEE Taylor in SNL? She rocked the house, and well, many people weren’t that good in Valentine’s Day. Give her a chance before you start hating.

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