'The Wolverine': no short list of directors yet to replace Darren Aronofsky, says source -- EXCLUSIVE


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Wolverine might be cooling his heels — and his adamantium claws — for a bit following the surprise announcement that Darren Aronofsky is dropping out of directing The Wolverine. Although Twentieth Century Fox released a statement yesterday saying the studio planned to “regroup and move forward aggressively” in the wake of Aronofsky’s departure from the Hugh Jackman superhero sequel, a source close to the project tells EW that there is no short list yet of filmmakers who might be tapped to take the reins. Factor in the tragic series of events currently unfolding in Japan — where much of the movie was to be shot — and the studio is “in no rush” to hire someone to immediately kickstart the movie. “I think we’re going to let it air out a bit before we approach another director,” says the source. “The one good thing, after losing Darren and what’s going on in Japan, is that we have a great script and the star attached and ready to go.” In fact, given that so many key elements are already in place, the source says it’s still possible that a new director could ramp up production on The Wolverine as early as this summer.

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  • schaden

    This is a good move. With the devastation in Japan, the last thing to do is to shoot a movie there. It’s disrespectful. And honestly, replacing someone like Darren Aronofsky is hard to do. Whoever will replace him will be overshadowed by Aronofsky. Better get someone just as talented. Hugh Jackman is a fine actor, it’d be terrible to spoil him with a bad film.

    • Merrydan

      Well said.

    • Reality

      How would it be disrespectful to shoot a movie in Japan? Like any location, they would be bringing in money which I’m sure would be appreciated.

      • Mike

        You know, Americans aren’t the only ones who shoot movies in Japan.

      • Jacob

        Yeah, it wouldn’t be disrespectful at all. “Reality” is right… look at New Orleans. They wanted movie companies to come and shoot films there… the first big ones being Deja Vu (Denzel Washington) and Bad Lieutenant (Nicholas Cage). It wouldn’t be disrespectful (I don’t even understand why it would be).

        PS… You shouldn’t scrap a movie because the director backs out… especially before any real movement has begun on the film. They just have a script. It’s not like half the movie has been shot or anything.

      • Jacob

        *and by New Orleans, I mean after Katrina…

      • Daniel

        There are some cool fight scenes beewten Logan and SabreTooth, and also my favorite scenes were with Gambit.a0 But I did get sick of seeing Wolverine going into his rage mode, especially when they did that cheesy from the top view, thata0we parodied in the last MegasShow ()

    • Korey

      Couldn’t agree more. Perfectly said.

      • Misae

        Of coarse there would be no wolivrene. As a fan of the x-men and comics in general I wish people would read the source material befor they wine about not seeing their favorite character in movie version of these stories. Wolverine was not introduced as an X-Man until Giant Size #1. Which debuted the new x-team. I applaud the producers and director for not bowing to fan preasure. Now let’s pray that the new Spidey will be truthful as well.

    • Anita

      Agreed about it not being shot in Japan What is this going to be, a prequel to the 2000 X-MEN film?God, I’m so sick of the Donner/Singer X-Men.PLEASE reobot this franchise!20th Century Fox just wants to keep the rights to the X-Men property. That’s why we’re getting FIRST CLASS and more mediocre Hugh Jackman Logan movies; if they don’t keep making them, they lose the rights.Marvel NEEDS to reclaim its most popular comic and get it into the hands of a studio willing to make a REAL X-Men movie.

  • paulO

    Hugh Jackman did Van Helsing, The Fountain, X-Men, Australia, and Deception. He’s used to bad films. This spinoff series is over.

    • Rashy

      The Fountain was great doucher. It was his best work to date.

      • Meso Soup

        No that actually belongs to The Prestige

      • B

        Both of those were great.

  • barney

    Poor Jack bulked up

    • Quirky

      I know. Wasn’t there a story just last month about Hugh Jackman’s 6000 calorie a day diet in order to bulk up for the movie?

  • Kelsey

    I agree with Schaden. Given what’s going on in Japan now, Aronofksy leaving and the fact that this film is just plain unnecessary, I see no reason to push this.

    • D’s Advocate

      Well, pretty much *any* film is unnecessary.

      • Arjay

        Super informative wirtnig; keep it up.

  • fish eye no miko

    Oh, no, we might not get a fifth Wolverine movie!

  • criss

    Hugh is an amazing actor. I´m sure they´ll find a perfect director for the movie. Darren is just a backstabber!!!

  • DavidJ

    Yeah you know Jackman has to be pretty bummed at this. Everytime he thinks he’s about to make a good Wolverine movie, something goes wrong and he gets stuck with a hack director.

  • Jae West

    In my opinion they need to recast Hugh Jackman. He’s too tall and looks too American.

    • JC

      He’s Australian, brain trust…

  • Raheem

    I was actually looking forward to this standalone non-sequel after the sucky, comically macho first attempt at a Wolverine spin-off.
    But I don’t know that setting — or shooting — a movie in Japan is disrespectful. Unless it was a disaster movie; that would be morally tone deaf. The country could use the financial boost that comes with shooting a movie over there. It just seems like it would be logistically impractical right now.

  • Dave

    Without Aronofsky, I’m much less likely to see this movie, given how bad the first Wolverine movie was.

  • Kaze

    Darren Aronofsky isn’t the only director in the world and probably not the best suited to make a movie of this kind. Aronofsky wanted total control of The Wolverine, and Fox said ‘no thanks’ because it would mean a PG-13, so goodbye merchandising. That’s all. Shameful that he has drop a few weeks before shooting, but they will find someone more reliable…

    • Dave

      Umm, if I’m not mistaken, all the X-Men films, including the first Wolverine movie, have had PG-13 ratings, so why would the studio care if this was PG-13 as well? You don’t make any sense.

  • Heath

    Kaze, the movie would have been PG-13 with Aronofsky. R rated films are the ones that lose the wide audience and merchandising possiblities.
    It was a coup to get him in the first place and now Marvel are pretty much screwed. Good luck finding a comparable director with the same creative drive and vision.

  • jk

    Even the script calls for Japan, couldn’t they shoot in another location? Okinawa, maybe?

  • JJ


  • Lynn

    This could be one of the movies I’ve been waiting for if it, (The Wolverine) STAYS TRUE to the character and its origins. I, for example have read that the producers on this film have taken notes from Frank Millers take on Wolverine, which is a great idea. Lets also remember that the affective objective here is not to aspire to what they think a chick would want to see in Wolverine, (a Hugh Jackmen pretty boy type) but his stronger fan base instead. No, instead lets give the bulk of Wolverines fan base what they want and will actually come out to BUY a MOVIE TICKET to see. An (R-Rated) real take on the character (not removing Hugh and not over doing it with the cgi from the claws but tastefully I’m sure there is a way to persuade the audience that this is believable and entertaining, with a guy WHO CAN FIGHT and has 6 RAZOR SHARP CLAWS…

    • Lynn

      Another thing Wolverine is R rated, his hole concept in its self and his capabilities are all what we as a fan base or a people buy in to about him (We need to see more of him getting shot and healing to demonstrate his almost indestructible capabilities, showing more close up shots of him trying to balance a “hurts every time” pain from metal nails shooting out of skin from his fist)remembering that he is only a man. His skeletal system is incorruptible but he still feels pain this gives the character more weight and better sales him to an audience that he is a rare but believable human being, a mutant.

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