Barbra Streisand 'Gypsy' adaptation still alive

Looks like Rose will rise after all: Universal has confirmed to EW that the studio is in talks to acquire a Gypsy adaptation starring Barbra Streisand, despite reports that the project had been squashed. Apparently, both lyricist Stephen Sondheim and book writer Arthur Laurents are still on board. Warner Bros., the studio reputedly formerly attached to the project, tells EW that they never made a deal for the adaptation. (Reporting by Tanner Stransky)

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Barbra Streisand in talks for ‘Gypsy’

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  • Danny

    It will be great to see Barbra in a musical … her first since 1983’s “Yentl,” 28 years ago.

    • Syuzn

      dude your a dumbass and cant skate you do pop shuv its with your back foot not from foot and you dont slide your foot at the same time as you pop you pop then slide stpiud ass

  • abadstroller

    Streisand as Mama Rose…ideas, anyone, on Gypsy Rose Lee? Lea Michele would be an obvious suggestion, but perhaps too much so. I still want to see Lea in Funny Lady though.

    • Sam

      Lea is too bland for Louise. Laura Benanti proved how much meat there is to the part 3 years ago and so we need someone who can do it as much justice. My vote is for Natalie Portman. After her, Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, and then Abbie Cornish.

      • abadstroller

        Love Lea, but I agree. I’m happier with Hathaway: She sings, dances, acts, and–I’m fairly certain–would look fabulous in feathers!

      • sp

        Rachel McAdams cannot sing, plus she is not a live performer.

      • jt

        Most people may not know this , Laura Benanti comes from a very gifted family of performers. Laura’s mother gave Anne Hathaway voice and performing lessons , when she was a young girl. So, it is not surprising Hathaway has become a talented triple threat performer.

      • jt

        sam, Natalie Portman is not a triple threat- her awful singing in the Woody Allen movie scared me for years.

    • tracy bluth

      I’m probably going to get attacked for typing this, but I don’t think she would work. Now that my love for Spring Awakening and the first 12 episodes of Glee is starting to die down I’m beginning to realize she really isn’t a great actress. Plus, Louise isn’t supposed to be an amazing, belting singer, and Lea seems incapable of not belting her heart out on every song.

      • Frank

        she doesn’t have to belt on the show they expect her to belt. She would do as directed. I think she has become a very good actress every day she is improving.

      • Chelsea

        She can belt but I honestly don’t think she’s THAT great a singer. And her acting is amateur.

      • Steven B

        How can you hear Lea sing Don’t Rain On My Parade and not know that she was born to play Louise? Not to mention the similar noses…….

    • abadstroller

      And she looks like she could be related to La Streisand. That’s why I can’t imagine the others as Rose Lee. You also need a personality that can hold its own against Streisand.

    • Fishpaw

      Would rather see Idina Menzel in Funny Girl

      • chazm


    • chazm

      After her Oscar singing performance, I’d have to say Anne Hathaway

    • Sezai

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  • tracy bluth

    YAYYYYYYY!!!!! Not that the original film wasn’t great, but it’s been way too long since Barbra starred in a musical, and I’m sure she’ll be a phenomenal Mamma Rose.

  • Jennifer

    Babs is waaaaay too old to play Rose.

    • Anne


    • abadstroller

      She turns 68 next month. An slightly older Mama Rose would be a different angle, and hone the ambition and anger to a finer edge. The sense of time passing far too quickly and the need to accomplish and be recognized before it’s all over….

      • nana

        Hah! Right, because I’m sure Barbra is just dying to he recognized! She’s never been recognized for anything before has she? That whole EGOT thing she has isn’t very impressive, is it? *dripping with sarcasm*

      • Jan

        Pretty sure abadstroller was talking about the character of Rose.

      • Della

        Shoot, so that\’s that one supopess.

    • G. R.Longo

      and Rosalind Russell was not too old?

      • GHB

        Rosalind Russell was only 55 when she played the part.

      • Amy

        Streisand does not look anywhere near her age, so she could get away with it.

    • Vince

      What could you possibly know about ANYTHING??? Barbra will be just fine.

    • Barack Palin

      How about Teri Polo as Rose?

      • Arne

        Sometimes the simplest reeipcs are the best! Your yogurt sounds fantastic I can’t wait to give it a try! Thanks for sharing your recipe with the Hearth and Soul Hop.

    • Silvana

      Bonjour !Pareil que Ste9phanie qui a laisse9 un commentaire plus haut.Le hedanabd est mal mis, cela te fait une teate de champignon et je te trouve ridicule avec.J’ai ri en regardant ta vide9o de pre9sentation. Merci pour ce bon moment !Et d’avance e0 ceux qui n’aimeront pas mon commentaire, en s’affichant sur un blog, il est ine9vitable d’avoir des critiques plus ou moins ascerbes !! C’est la contrepartie !Julie

  • Bobby’s Robot

    If not a film, at least a studio recording of her doing those songs.

  • Reggie

    I’d actually be a little surprised if Lea didn’t play Louise. She does tend to rely on her belt a tad much, but they need money names for the average audience.

    • Frank

      Lea can take direction and if they direct her not too that is what she would do.

  • Kirsten

    Okay, I’m confused. Last week it was reported that Sondheim said no to it. Know, supposedly, he’s on board for it? Huh?

    • TorontoTom

      You try tell La Streisand that she can’t have her way…

  • Kate

    Why not an unknown for Louise? With someone like Streisand on board, it wouldn’t be all that necessary for a big name for that character. It could be interesting to see a new face.

    • Pheda

      Vocea e9 te3o certo. Im le1 com vocea. Seu blog e9, sem dfavida vale a pena ler, se algue9m vem ao longo dela. Im sorte eu fiz porque agora Ive aqdiiruu uma vise3o totalmente nova deste. Eu ne3o percebi que esta queste3o era te3o importante e te3o universal. Vocea absolutamente coloce1-lo em perspectiva para mim.

  • Lou

    You guys are nuts. Lea would be fantastic. Tomboyish at first; sexy at the end. There are really no belting songs for Louise, and she proved in Spring Awakening she can be restrained. Glee just isn’t about restraint, but she has it in her. Give her a break.

  • KB

    I understand why you’re saying Lea Michele. While she IS extremely talented, there are a lot of other actresses who could do just as good, if not even a better job than she could with the role. For some reason I personally don’t see her in it :/

  • Fishpaw

    You mean to tell me that Babs has mellowed so much that she is willing to risk being upstaged in a musical? Hardly think so. It will be cast with a bunch of nobodies. Would love to see Hathaway as Gypsy tho.

    • abadstroller

      Ditto. It would be soooo much fun.

  • Dizzle

    I wholeheartedly agree with Hathaway as Louise. She’s capable of transforming from mouse-y to sultry. And it’s believable!
    With Lea, I can’t imagine her charming the crowd over during the burlesque scenes.
    And I might be in the minority, but I always love me some LuPone as Rose.

  • Vince

    Not for anything but Barbara is near 70 a bit old for the part and YENTL was not a musical.

    • mike

      Granted Babs sang ALL the songs as comment with NO one in the film around her noticing, but…a dozen (or more) full songs sung and staged in a film still IS a musical.

  • jones

    How old is Mama Rose supposed to be? I’m not sure if this will work.

  • G. R.Longo

    And I vote for Lea Michelle in the role of a young Gypsie Rose Lee!

    • Dortha

      Your answer lifts the itlneligence of the debate.

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