Joseph Gordon Levitt joins 'Dark Knight Rises'... but not as Falcone


Image Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, long-rumored to be joining his Inception brethren in The Dark Knight Rises, will appear in director Christopher Nolan’s third Batman film. But a source close to the situation says that recent reports that Gordon-Levitt will play Alberto Falcone (a.k.a. the Holiday Killer) — the son of former mob kingpin, Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkinson) — are incorrect. So, Batman fans: Begin the re-speculation now!

(Reporting by Dave Karger)

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  • reel_deal

    Jean Paul Valley, the man who takes over Batman when Bruce Wayne gets his back broken by Bane.

    • that guy

      holy sh*t that would be awesome if that’s the actual route they go to close the trilogy

      • Roy

        No way man. As much as I like JGL, he is far too scrawny. Chris Nolan’s Batman needs to be able to kick ass with his fists. Be honest…who would you pick in a fight between JGL and Anne Hathaway?

      • Dave

        Lol, he is pretty scrawny. I am very glad Joseph is joining the cast. He rose to the top of my list for best actors from Inception.

      • kimmy

        Dave, I agree with you. I see him in a whole new way after Inception….and even 500 Days of Summer. SO EXCITED!

      • Marianne

        Actors are capable of bulking up. I mean look at Tobey Maguire in the first Spider-Man movie.

      • anymouse

        Seriously Marianne, that’s your example? He was still far from what a Batman should look like (as he should have been, Spidey and Batman are totally different body types). No way JGL could get to the size he’d need to be, he just doesn’t have the frame for it.

      • lostidol

        I have an example…Christian Bale. Look at him in The Machinist. Or The Fighter for that matter. He’s pretty scrawny. A few steroids and a muscled up bat-costume go a long way.

    • chocolateislove

      This. Would make an awesome end to the trilogy.

      • Big Walt

        Why would that be an awesome end? I just can’t see it. And like the poster above I can’t see JGL as Batman. I am not familiar at all with the Valley character though so maybe he would fit with him.

      • Patricia

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    • Mr. Holloway

      I like it.

      It works perfectly when you consider all the talk from Bale about how this is his last Batman movie with Nolan.

      • C Men

        You’re all wrong. My sister’s best friend works as an assistant to a writer that’s working with Nolan on the script and I know for a fact that JGL is going to be playing the role of Howard the Duck.

      • djg

        With Howard the Duck being a Marvel character, yes that would be a big shocker.

      • ANON.

        @C Men: I realize that you are kidding, but as a comics fanboy, I feel obligated to make the following statement: Howard the Duck is Marvel, Batman is DC.

      • C Men

        That’s why it’s being kept top secret, duh. You heard it here first.

      • MrSmith

        C Men suggests Howard the Duck as a character in the next Batman film, and the biggest argument against it is the publishing entity?

      • HM

        JPV isn’t really jacked though when he takes over Batman, it’s all about the high tech suit. That’s how he ends up beating bane i believe, so it may work.

    • angelcop74

      that would be AMAZING! JGL is awesome!
      Good eye reel_deal !

    • tracy bluth

      Amazing idea.
      If Marion Cotillard plays Talia and Gordon-Levitt plays Valley I would be somehow be even more excited for this to come out!!!!

      • Justin

        I would accept that for a ending to Chris Nolan’s Batman Trilogy.

    • Jacob

      Okay, have JGL take over for Bats, but PLEASE do not let Bane break his back. That is not how I’d want this trilogy to end. Talk about anti-climactic.

      • Emilio

        I second that.

      • Anonymous

        You do realize how shocking and epic it would be though?

      • Brian

        I don’t think Batman needs to be further destroyed morally/physically, but I don’t see him getting a happy ending here. I could definitely see Nolan having Bane break his back.

    • Sam

      And Tom Hardy is already cast as Bane so thats definitely possible, that could be really cool

    • A-K87

      ooops ‘sightings’.

    • The Scraggler

      Best. Idea. Ever. Some people wouldn’t like the ending but they would never forget it, that’s for sure.

    • whatnowsucka

      Best ending to any Batman series of films EVER.
      I’m rooting for this. People would never forget it.

      • dave

        Isn’t this really the only “series” of Batman films? It’s not like the Burton/Schumacher/who else?, movies were in any way related.

  • Rebecca

    Don’t know why but I really want to say Robin. Lol.

    • Kmb

      Haha I was thinking the same thing.

    • Brian

      Robin would work, but Nolan/Bale don’t like the character, which is a shame. He IS important to the story, since it’s Bruce’s attempt to rebuild his family.

    • tomm

      Robin has a huge teen following from animated series ‘Teen Titans’.

      Bale/Nolan are judgine Robin based on TV show and Chris O’Donnell’s versions, which is not fair.

      • Emilio

        Please, no Robin. The character has never been any good on film.

      • baalroo

        Which is exactly why he needs to be Robin. It’s a great character that’s INTEGRAL to the Batman mythos.

      • BigBOO

        Yes, a boy in skimpy shorts is SOOO integral to the Batman mythos that fans voted to have the Joker KILL him (Version 2.0 anyway) off for 20 years.

      • Leithen

        Ah, but the last two (male) versions have been amazing characters, loved by almost everyone.

      • Brian

        The one who died, Jason Todd, was actually the second Robin. Richard Grayson (the first one) is one of the first DC superheroes and has been around almost as long as Batman (he was created a year later). Obviously there’s something to the character audiences connect with.

      • Brian

        And yes, the original costume with the shorts–even though it’s his circus costume–was ridiculous. But just give him pants instead and make him at least 15-16 years old instead of 9 (which is also silly), and there’s nothing wrong with Grayson being Bruce’s sidekick/surrogate son.

      • Big Walt

        There’s a connection to Robin for young boys who (used to) read the comic book. Young boys aren’t really the demographic they’re going after with these movies.

      • Brian

        There’s also a connection with older readers when Grayson steps away from being Robin and his surrogate father, Batman. That whole growing up/breaking away from your parents thing. Granted they wouldn’t get to that in one film, but maybe WB would want to spinoff a Robin series from this.
        As for the demographic, of course WB wants kids just as much as they want anyone else.

    • JJ


    • Liz Lemon

      There’s no way Nolan would include Robin in his version of Batman. However, I can see JGL playing a Robin-type figure. Maybe he’ll be assigned as Bruce Wayne’s assistant or something?

      • fffcubed

        you guys are close i think but youre thinking inside the box. think talia al ghul’s protege the way bruce was rhas’. a comparable opponent just like batman…

      • Brian

        Maybe he’s playing Alfred in a flashback.

    • Julie Cooper-Nichol

      JGL is too old for Robin. Bring it on, Nick Jonas!

  • Brian K

    I figure the Riddler. He has the lean body and quirky personality for it.

    • Niix Starkyller

      And mind-frakking is a Nolan specialty. If he removed the cheese-factor and tapped the potential of psychopathic genius, it would all fit nicely into place. Put a bowler on JGL’s head, some evocative sunglasses on the face, fit him with a black suit, green tie, and “?” tie pin and we’re good.

      • Emilio

        Do not forget the vest. A green one too.

      • Cheri

        I’ve been banking on the Riddler since the rumors about him joining started. If you see him in interviews, he has this kind of manic energy that’s just barely reserved. He could tap that and be as amazing a Riddler as Ledger was a Joker.

      • cj hartlin

        i always thought johnny depp was the riddler he would own it

    • Charlie Brown

      The Riddler is actually the most acceptable next villain since his psychopathic behavior is very simular to other real-life serial criminals, with the taunts and riddles to wave a middle finger to the authorities. There was a great profile on History Channel on the psychological behavior of Batman villians.

      • TheJester

        Well said; he’s potentially more believable than most other Batman villains.

    • Jack

      Nolan already said The Riddler wouldn’t be in this film, and anyway, if he was, I think Michael Emerson would be best as The Riddler, not Joseph Gordon Levitt

      • Mark

        Oooooooh… I never even thought of Emerson. You’re 100% on the money, Michael Emerson would own that role like nobody else.

      • kimmy

        OMG. Emerson would be the BEST RIDDLER EVER!! what a fantastic idea, Jack.

      • heather_kaye

        Yes, please! He would epically broken. The man is genius.

  • Cass

    D{i}ck Grayson!

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Could be D!ck, but not Robin.

    • BigBOO

      D i ck. D i ck. D i ck.
      P E NNIS!!

  • ST

    I hope for the Riddler.

    • Brian

      I’d love that too, especially a version like the 90s cartoon Riddler, but Nolan’s already shot that down too.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Oh, he did? Well, that’s poopy.

      • David

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    • Marla

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  • Cash

    He is so amazing I hope it’s something awesome.

  • Rashy

    who the hell knows, I am so sick of all this senseless speculation. He could play a turd flushed down the toilet and people would still applaud. And for all those tight wearing queers, Nolan has stated repeatedly there will be no ROBIN, give it a rest.

    • oJAEflo

      Man, someone smack the cup of Haterade out of this guy’s hand… ASAP!

    • Tyler

      I’m sorry you had a bad childhood. Maybe thats why you say such obnoxious and unnecessarily hurtful things.

    • James D

      Rashy don’t be a hater, this a forum for speculation, ya hear?! Them’s the rules you butt-plug.

    • Niix Starkyller

      Someone needs a hug!

    • tomm

      So sick of the ‘Batman and Robin’ are gay crap. It’s just from non-fans of the comics. They base it on old stereotypes and their own fears of men.

      • Big Walt

        Some of the really old comics are kind of weird though. They slept together (by that I mean in the same bed) at one point.

      • Setan

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    • Sara

      Queer? Are you kidding? Guys wearing tights are HOT! Who knew so many straight guys have amazing legs?

      • Michelle

        I know right!

      • C Men

        You should see me in spandex.

      • djg

        “Amazing legs” Wtf does that even mean? Are they magic?

      • C Men

        It means they’re very muscular and well toned. I thought that was pretty obvious. You are apparently not too bright. I bet you don’t have amazing legs.

  • Coehn

    wow what a suprise!! ok since alberto falcone is out of the picture, i think it’s either black mask or azrael like reel_deel metnioned. i personally would prefer him to be azrael since he looks too young and pretty boyish to be black mask, even though he wears a mask.

    • Lynch2000

      And he looks too young and boyish for Jean Paul Valley too.

  • Duck

    I am hoping for the Riddler as well as holding out for the possibility that Tom Hardy isn’t going to be BANE… I really think that a story involving Dr Hugo Strange would be best…including BANE really handcuffs the directions that the movie can go as his character is somewhat limited (and would likely require some CGI)

    • A-K87

      Duck, there is 0 possibility of Hardy NOT being Bane

    • John Berggren

      Assuming that Bane would require extensive CGI is ignoring how Christopher Nolan conducts himself in this particular version of the Batman universe. Cast any preconceived fantastical notions of the character aside.

    • Michelle

      Did you see what Hardy looked like in Bronson? No CGI needed!

    • Big Walt

      Why can’t JGL be Hugo Strange?

  • Dan

    Right, some perspective.

    Robin is no. That’s a given, what’s the point, where would it fit? Think.

    Secondly. Riddler? Unlikely. Bane. Selina Kyle. Probably it with hints of other trouble stirrers.

    The Long Halloween, Mafia, underground crime scenes, the chase of Batman, him coming back, a Bane scene…then JGL? So likely.

    • Brian

      The point of Robin is that it’s Bruce rebuilding his family. That’s where he fits.

      • Kris G

        Man, no one is buying that. I’m sure a writer put that out there as an excuse, but putting a child in tights and throwing him into extreme danger bears no resemblance to Bruce’s childhood.

      • Brian

        I didn’t say Bruce was trying to recreate his childhood. Robin, Alfred, Batgirl, etc…these are all Bruce’s attempt to build a new family. Since being Batman is his main connection to his own parents’ deaths, of course his new family would be swept up into his crusade.
        I don’t like the extremely young Robin either. 15-16 at a minimum. The first Robin (Richard Grayson) had a very similar origin to Batman (watched his parents die at a very young age thanks to criminal’s actions). That’s why Bruce took him in: because he knew what the kid was going through and so Grayson wouldn’t turn into a criminal himself thanks to this tragedy.

    • Emilio

      Can it be a two part film? They have a lot to work with.

  • Dan


    Maybe, maybe and Hardy is playing us all along. I wouldn’t actually put it past Nolan. Hmmm.

  • Bat Lover

    I honestly think he could pull of the Joker. He shouldn’t just be written off, he was always an ongoing villian. He looks similar enough facial wise to Heath Ledger.

    • Ana

      He does but it’s going to take more than having a similar look to recreate what Heath did in that role. I think it would be a huge mistake for him to try to pull that off even if he’s capable.

    • Kirsten

      The Joker is being written off because Nolan has already said, more than once, that he’s not using the character since Heath Ledger died.

  • Johnny

    Guesswork is fun. JGL FTW!!!

    • C Men

      He’s awfully pretty, maybe he’ll be Harley Quinn.

      • datruth82

        He shoots and…he scores!!! C Men FTW. Funniest. comment. ever.

  • Jim

    Is this gonna be The Long Halloween?

    • Silk Spectre

      Not really, since Harvey(Two-Face) isn’t in the equation, nor Holiday.

  • greg

    You know, he doesn’t HAVE to be playng some iconic comic book character. He could just be an ordinary doctor or lawyer or reporter or something.

    • Big Walt

      I was thinking the same thing. Kind of taking over the heroic role Harvey Dent played in the last film.

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