Debbie Reynolds remembers Elizabeth Taylor: 'Women liked her and men adored her -- my husband included.'


Image Credit: Las Vegas News Bureau/AP Images

Few people have had as interesting and complicated a relationship with Elizabeth Taylor as Debbie Reynolds (pictured, right), who was famously good friends with Taylor until Reynolds’ husband Eddie Fisher (pictured, center) left her for Taylor after Taylor’s husband Mike Todd died in a plane crash. (They later reconciled.) Reynolds spoke to EW about Taylor, who died this morning. “She had a long, productive career,” says Reynolds. “She was the most glamorous and sensuous star of our generation. No one could equal Elizabeth’s beauty and sexuality. Women liked her and men adored her — my husband included — and her love for her children is enduring. She was a symbol of stardom. Her legacy will last…. I just talked to her two weeks ago. We just chatted. I said, ‘Getting old is not easy, is it? Being ill is very difficult.’ We talked a little bit about being sick and she said how hard it was and that she was pleased I called. We reminisced a little bit. She was very sick, and I’m pleased that she can be out of her pain now…. People always assume you’re going to carry a grudge, but I don’t do that. We passed through that with time.” (Reporting by Josh Rottenberg)

For more on Liz Taylor and her storied life both on-screen and off, pick up the issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands April 1.

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  • HuskerDude

    Class act…

    • carolyn wagner

      i agree with you….class act

      • L

        Lover, on the other hand…not so much. More like a classless act.

    • Rush

      I wonder how Carrie Fisher felt about Liz and her breaking up her parents’ marriage.

      • kaje has a lovely quote from Carrie.

      • Kate

        Carrie & Debbie were on Oprah a few weeks back and Carrie was very young, doesn’t remember her dad actually leaving but neither of them held any kind of grudge. In fact, Debbie explained that the 4 of them, her, Eddie, Mike & Liz, were really good friends and when Mike died, Eddie was there as a comfort to Liz and it was almost as if he replaced Mike for Liz, not that she was really in love with Eddie.

      • 3reddogs

        By an odd coincidence, she (Carrie) was quoted on my local news show this morning:

        “If my father had to divorce my mother for anyone – I’m so grateful that it was Elizabeth. A woman who rarely did things in half measure.”

    • Richard

      Anyone remember “These Old Broads” from around 2000ish? Carrie wrote it for four actresses including her mother, Debbie, and their friend, Elizabeth Taylor. I believe the part written Elizabeth went to Joan Collins when Elizabeth wanted the smaller part of the agent. In interviews Debbie and Elizabeth joked about the man who tore them apart, Eddie, also being the man who ultimately brought them back together because he scorned them both. It’s a shame how that kind of class and grace is becoming extinct.

      • Carla

        The world has moved on, indeed. Great ladies like Debbie Reynolds and the late Dame Elizabeth are from a bygone age, where people knew how to really be adults.

  • Kaelyn

    Debbie Reynolds keeping it classy. I thought she still hated Liz, good show.

    • Eva

      I would have held a grudge if someone stole my husband from me, unless our marriage was over already as apparently Debbie’s was with Eddie when he cheated with Liz. Not that Liz had great morals, but that is not spoken about. Look, she vouched for that major child molester, Michael Jackson. I’m proud to say none of my friends are molesters or adulterers.

      • mjfan

        I feel sorry for your igorance and your hatred…the man was found not guilty of all charges…in fact, he was setup by a DA with a MAJOR VENDETTA…
        so sorry you cant be a class act like Ms Reynolds…

      • beuschman

        I’d love for the media to poke through your life, Eva. It seems that the most self-righteous and judgmental people have the most to hide.

      • phyl

        Eva-your stupid comments lead me to believe you are an ignorant narrow minded fool with no class whatsoever…I am happy for Debbie and Elizabeth that both were able to put those events behind is too short to hold bad thoughts toward anyone..

      • Kanaan

        I loved both ladies. Debbie and Eddie both said their marriage was falling apart. Why hold a grudge? Why be miserable? It is a waste of time and energy.
        Most people who call Michael a child molestor are usually the same people that would file fraudulent charges against a wealthy person while scarficing their child’s mental and emotional well being.

      • Sandy

        Eva, get some help. And, I doubt you even have any friends.

      • Chris

        Eva you do realize he was found innocent and the kid that got all the money admitted that he lied because his father needed the money. You say you are glad your friends are not “molesters or adulterers,” well with your horrible disposition I find it hard to believe that you even have friends.

      • Cindy

        Eva……you really don’t know what you’re talking about when you made reference to MJ. I think you’re an absolute idiot!!!! You really need to get a life!!!!!!!

      • VW

        Eva you are a very weak person….Women like Ms. Taylor&Reynold are priceless. They have power to over come.

      • Dhungangha

        @EVA, do NOT talk ill about the deceased you moron with the inferiority complex!!!

      • Angieb09

        Eva you are whats wrong with most people today. You would rather believe a lie then the truth. MJ was found not guilty and the child stated he lied about him for the all mighty dollar. Taylor is the last of a era that has long past. R.I.P. Ms. Taylor. I am glad you stood with MJ. Eva get a life.

      • Blinky

        Eva, I would say you’re a moron for repeating the lies about MJ who was a kind, gentle man, but others have beat me to it and done it it better.

      • Eva’s Husband

        …i’m cheating on you.

      • Jenny

        Debbie is a class act. But you are exactly right Eva. All the Michael Jackson defenders make me ill. Say something bad about Michael and all his crazy fans go pysho. Even if one doesn’t believe he was a child molestor, what about the fact that he admitted to sleeping in the same bed with a 12 year old boy. That is not normal and not right. A grown man should not sleep in the same bed as a teenage boy period. Why is that so difficult to understand. Now, start hating on me crazy Jackson fans.

  • Meg

    Both classy women. Hollywood needs more women like them.

    • Sue1

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • Lisa

      How is stealing your best friend’s husband considered “classy?” Debbie is the classy one, not Liz Taylor.

      • tomm

        Classy is getting over faded marriages, no one is set in stone.

    • Renelda Moorehead

      No one can breakup a rock solid marriage,
      according to psychologists. And grudge holding makes one holistically unhealthy.
      Liz & Debbie & Michael were consummate
      performers. to Liz & Michael: R.I.P.
      To Debbie: You Go Girl!!!

      • JJovana3

        I couldnt have said it better!

  • sara

    Very very classy.

  • Robin

    Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor–two women who truly define the term “star”. Thank you, Ms. Reynolds for your kind and gracious thoughts about Ms. Taylor.
    And condolences to Ms. Taylor’s family and friends–she was a beautiful, talented woman who in her later years gave some much-needed support to the fight against AIDS.

  • ghn

    What a difference from today’s stars who only have T & A.

  • RBlues

    Classy lady.

  • Bobby

    Debbie and Elizabeth both came up in a time where STARS were cool and knew how to behave and remain STARS not just celebrities. Thank you Debbie for that and RIP Elizabeth.

    • Lorie

      ITA with you.

      Class acts…both of these lovely ladies.

    • JKS

      Don’t forget, they also had talent. We will miss Elizabeth Taylor.

  • Carolyn

    I am so glad to see that Debbie Reynolds reconnected to Elizabeth (she hated to be called Liz) Taylor. I am sure she was glad you called her. I always saw you too as a beautiful, talented, and classy woman of the screen. I am glad to see you are still that same woman, God Bless You!

  • Sharon

    Ms. Reynolds has class and moxie! God bless her.

  • Alyssa

    Both were beauties to me. One a gorgeous black-haired, cat-eyed Beauty. The other a Blue-Eyed, Blonde Bombshell. Both were still pretty into old age. Debbie is funny and classy like her daughter, Carrie. And shes right let bygones be bygones in life.

  • tbrash03

    Wonder if Jennifer Aniston will say the same about Angelinia Jolie!

    • Sandy

      I wonder, too. Neither Aniston or Jolie have/had the talent of Reynolds and Taylor, however.

      • Mac

        Reynolds is great and has had good roles, such as in Singin in the Rain and The Unsinkable Molly Brown. Obviously Taylor talented, too.

        I actually think Aniston has a lot of talent, especially her comic timing. Her legacy in television is a done deal as Friends was solid viewing (defining for its time and sharp writing). She has a couple of decent movies under her belt (Office Space, The Good Girl) and it has been said that she could’ve been a castmember of SNL, but man does she need better roles.

        I actually think Aniston has more talent than Jolie, although Mrs. Pitt is talented, too. I’m not sure she can handle a comedy, but she has star power to spare.

      • Kiki

        Since Angelina Jolie is not married to Brad Pitt, she is NOT Mrs. Pitt.

      • doris

        Jolie has undeniable talent–she already has an Oscar, aside from other awards. Her co-stars and directors have praised her commitment to her roles. In her private life, neither she nor her friends have resorted to name-calling. She seems not to care to be Mrs. Pitt but to be the woman that Mr. Pitt will go to the ends of the earth for and back–which he has done and continues to do.

    • JKS

      Give ‘em 50 years, see what happens. Although Elizabeth and Debbie made up in the sixties…

    • sara

      no one will ever call you classy.

    • epr24

      well, angelina & jennifer were not friends. Debbie and lyz were. This wasn’t only about forgiving the women who stole your husband but also repairing a friendship. I’m glad they work it out.

  • Marc

    Like so many before me said… classy ladies. Too bad today’s megastars can’t learn from it. Dame taylor was underated as an actress I think.

    • Liz

      She wasn’t so underrated, she has two Oscars for Best Actress.

  • spring

    Who cares what Aniston thinks she is not a HW beauty or a real Movie Star.

    Elizabeth will be missed.

  • bob

    Debbie has been through almost as much a Liz Taylor if not more. I was a pe-on that stood outside here hotel trying people to go on time-share tours. Those people ripped her off. Taylor brought a lot on herself. Debbie Reynolds is really the one with Adonix DNA and Tiger Blood.

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