'Narnia': Walden, Fox in discussions on 'The Magician's Nephew'


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EW has confirmed that the next edition in The Chronicles of Narnia film series will be The Magician’s Nephew — if there is another edition, that is. “We are currently discussing with both Fox and the C.S. Lewis Estate whether we will make another Narnia film,” a rep for Walden Media tells EW. Although the rep stresses “nothing is official yet,” should a new Narnia film get the greenlight, the rep says “it will be Magician’s Nephew.”

The statement echoes an interview Michael Flaherty, co-founder and president of Walden, gave to The Christian Post on Tuesday. “If we can all agree to move forward,” Flaherty said, “then what we would do is find someone to write the script. So, it could still be a couple of years.” When reached by EW, Fox declined to comment.

In a November interview with NarniaFans.com, Michael Apted, director of last year’s The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, had speculated that The Silver Chair would be Narnia‘s next film adaptation. Besides Dawn Treader, the Narnia books that have been adapted to film are The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005) and Prince Caspian (2008).

The Magician’s Nephew was the sixth Narnia adventure C.S. Lewis penned in his seven-part fantasy-adventure series, but its story is chronologically first. (The Silver Chair, the fourth book in the series, falls sixth chronologically.) Set in 1900 London, The Magician’s Nephew follows kids Digory Kirke and Polly Plummer as they’re transported to the newly-created world of Narnia, courtesy of some magical rings procured by Digory’s eccentric Uncle Andrew. The book is also the first canonical appearance of Jadis (a.k.a. The White Witch, the main antagonist in Wardrobe) and Aslan, Narnia’s lion ruler.

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  • Dee

    Umm.. TMN is technically a prequel, isn’t it? Can’t they just go ahead and do Silver Chair before the kids get any older?? =(

    • Who Craig

      Silver chair doesn’t involve the Pevensies. :/

      none of the ones after “dawn treader” do except for the last one, where they all die xD haha But idoubt it would get made, this last one didn’t have ANY impact in theaters like the last two

      • joblo

        Actually, it just passed 400 million worldwide.

      • Cara

        Actually, The Horse and His Boy does have the Pevensies in it…as adults.

      • Dee

        I actually meant Eustace and Caspian (though he technically isn’t a kid, and he needs to be older anyway). And we need a Jill for TSC and TLB.

    • Eddy

      I agree!!

  • Kristen

    Noooo. They should do “a horse and his boy” instead. That is much better IMO

    • Kristen

      *the not A, sorry

    • Gina

      My absolute favorite of the series, and the one I’d most want to see filmed!

    • Dana

      But THaHB opens a whooole ‘nother can of worms. (a.k.a the Calormene)

      • Kat

        Yeahhhh they’d have to be REALLY careful in dealing with the racism. Plus, they might as well do the Magician’s Nephew now and let the kids who play the Pevensies finish growing up so they can appear in THAHB as the adult rulers of Narnia, like in the book.

  • jpratm99

    hope to see it on the screen Voyage def. took away the bitter taste of caspian.

  • Felix

    Maybe they want to do this one before Tilda Swinton gets too old to play a young Jadis…

    • Roncon

      Jeff Bridges-Tron: Legacy…

      • Felix

        I would really rather see the real Tilda Swinton than some botoxed CGI thing…

  • MWeyer

    If they can get Swinton to reprise her role as the Witch again, it could work but really not that much action involved in it. But some nice stuff, like explaining why there’s a lampost in the middle of a forest in Narnia.

  • Felix

    If they ever actually do end up filming the whole series (doubtful), it will almost certainly be regarded by history as the most painfully dull fantasy chronology ever created. Everything about the first three movies has been boring, generic, safe, and forgettable. Just let it go already.

    • Nobody

      Dull? Forgettable? What were you expecting? A horror movie? I understand that from a certain point of view, it isn’t a film an adult would want to go to see in a cinema. But it is one of the best films for children, at least I think it is.

  • Dan

    I can’t wait for this film to get made. I have no doubt that Tilda Swinton will reprise her role as the White Witch. I mean, she reprised her role for the last two films when the roles themselves were hardly there at all.

    I still believe that all 7 books will get made. I love this series and Narnia 3 did much better than Narnia 2 considering how much was spent on each film.

  • MWeyer

    Well, I had thought Silver Chair would be next as it involves Eustace and brings the “Caspian trilogy” to a close.

    The other books are harder. “A Horse and His Boy” seems perfect: Great story, good new characters and an epic battle scene. It takes place in the time when the Pensevieves ruled as adults so you can get different actors to play them. However, it’ll be tricky as it involves the Calormenes, a Middle-Eastern-like band of treacherous nobles who worship a god named Tash and want to attack Narnia. A complaint of the books (which Lewis always denied) was that by having the Calormenes be defeated, Lewis was basically saying Islam was inferior to Christianity and you can imagine how that subtext will play out to moviegoers.

    The hardest will be “The Last Battle” which is literally Armageddon for Narnia and the religious overtones are poured on thicker than ever before. I would love to see all the films get made but in the ultra-PC world we have, feel the studios might be a bit wary of the rest of the saga.

  • pat

    this is easily the best book…i liked them all except horse and his boy i really hope this gets made

  • Kim

    Love it!! My 9 year old is reading the series and loves them so far. She is on Book 3, The Horse and His Boy. But if they are going to try and make all 7 books into movies, they should do it before the kids get too old!

  • vjw

    OH, I’m thrilled to learn this. The Magician’s Nephew is my favorite!

    • Morena

      The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is the third contemporary film based on the Chronicles of Narnia saga by C. S. Lewis. Directed by Michael Apted, it tells the story of the two yseugnot Pevensie children, Lucy and Edmund, who return to the fantastical land of Narnia with their insufferable cousin Eustace to assist the noble Prince Caspian and the heroic mouse warrior Reepicheep aboard the royal ship, the Dawn Treader. Caspian is attempting to solve the mysterious disappearance of eight Narnian lords in the remote islands of the Western seas, and must do battle with slave traders, sea serpents, dragons, and the spectral legacy of the Snow Queen along the way. The film stars Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, Ben Barnes and Will Poulter, the voice work of Liam Neeson and Simon Pegg, features cameos from Tilda Swinton, Anna Popplewell and William Moseley, and has an original score by David Arnold. David Arnold is an interesting choice to provide the film’s music. He has worked with director Michael Apted before, on films such as Amazing Grace, Enough and the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough, but it’s been over a decade since Arnold scored a film with fantasy elements (the last being Godzilla), having spent the majority of his time since then scoring small-scale dramas and comedies alongside his Bond franchise. Furthermore, Harry Gregson-Williams created a fairly solid and popular musical identity for the Narnia series with his scores for The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe in 2005 and Prince Caspian in 2008, so replacing him mid-franchise would seem to be an odd decision. But, with a new director at the helm and a new studio holding the purse strings, musical changes often result; besides, changes of this kind didn’t hold back the Harry Potter franchise any. Written for a full orchestra and choir under the baton of Arnold’s regular collaborator Nicholas Dodd, Arnold’s score is built around two main themes: a swashbuckling, vaguely nautical theme which represents the Dawn Treader itself, and a lyrical, swooning, innocent-sounding theme for the Pevensie children, which is often accompanied by a cooing choral element. Both themes feature in the opening Opening Titles , before the Treader theme receives its first stirring performance in the exciting The Painting . The two themes are very closely harmonically linked, and often sound as they could flow out of one another at will, one giving way to the other, and subliminally giving the impression that the fates of the Pevensie children and the Narnians are intertwined. Thereafter, both thematic ideas feature prominently. The Pevensie theme is played lightly at the beginning of Land Ahoy , on a tender solo harp in Lord Berne , with tongue-in-cheek woodwind pompousness in Eustace on Deck , accompanied by pretty Christmas chimes and an angelic choir in Lucy and the Invisible Mansion , and with more choral loveliness at the end of Aslan’s Table . The more heroic Dawn Treader theme absent for a great deal of the middle part of the album reappears in the emotive, almost religious-sounding The Calm Before the Storm , and plays a much larger part in the finale. In addition, there is a noble, stately motif for the missing lords and their magical swords appears in 1st Sword , and an ominous brass theme for the mysterious `evil’ at the heart of the story which first appears in Coriakin and the Map . These two motifs intertwine cleverly in quite tense and dissonant The Golden Cavern , illustrating the way in which the manipulative `evil’ is using the point of the quest to tempt the protagonists. Arnold pays more than lip service to Gregson-Williams’ original Narnia theme in the majestic High King and Queen of Narnia , with quiet dignity in Aslan Appears , and with an almost-hidden statement of Narnian bravery in Into Battle , while the other prominent theme is for Reepicheep, the gallant mouse warrior who accompanies the heroes on their quest. Reepicheep’s theme, unfortunately, is a note-for-note restatement of one of the major themes from Arnold’s score for Godzilla (albeit re-orchestrated to sound charming and feather-light), meaning that cues such as Reepicheep , Under the Stars and Ship to Shore elicit occasional memories of 100-foot tall monster lizards rather than a sword-fighting gentleman rodent. The action music, of which there is plenty, is likely to be the major focus of attention for those who enjoy his bold, rhythmic style. Cues like The Lone Island and Market Forces actually have more in common with the action in his recent Bond scores than anything from his earlier fantasy oeuvre, especially through the use of tapped snares, powerful brass phrasing, rattling percussion and highly energetic tempos, although they do dispense entirely with the electronic element that his Bond scores feature so prominently. Elsewhere, cues like The Green Mist introduce a portentous

  • Elle Fanning

    Boring, psuedo-christian adored fluff. Bad kid acting, shoddy special effects and did I mention boring?

    • You should be careful

      Oi its a great cast and a great film if you dont think so dont write on here should you! :L

    • robertjm

      Psuedo-Christian adored fluff???? You should do some reading about C.S. Lewis. Ain’t nothing “pseudo” about his books! He was Christian to the core.

  • JT

    I sure wish they would do the Silver Chair. But, we may never get that with Will Poulter aging. That was the reason I brought my friends and family to see VOTDT. This has everything to do with the producer’s obsession with Tilda Swinton.

  • CharlotteRosepoulter

    I agree JT! I just want SC next. Its my favourite book, its very adventury (like LWW), it has Will Poulter in it (My fave actor and everyones fave Eustace*) and its next after VDT so we keep some contiuity and familiarity. What made them think that MN next would be a good idea (except from the fact that it is a prequal to the giant money making LWW!) Don’t get me wrong, i want to see MN made, I just want SC next!

    *figure of speech, i have no actual figures that back this up…but he is awesome!

  • Alicia

    Producing “The Magician’s Nephew” next makes perfect sense to me. The White Witch, Jadis, was described as younger and more alive and vital in “The Magician’s Nephew” than she was in “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.” If they are planning to cast Tilda Swinton again, they will need to do it soon, as she’s not getting any younger. “The Silver Chair” could wait a couple of years. I’m not sure how easy it would be to adapt “The Horse and His Boy” or “The Last Battle” to the screen, based on their content, which could be controversial.

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