'The King's Speech' to be re-released as PG-13 version on April 1


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Get ready for a more family friendly version of this year’s best picture-winner, The King’s Speech. The Weinstein Company announced today that a new, PG-13 version of the film will open nationwide on April 1 on 1000 screens and will be the only version of the film left in theaters.

“We are thankful to the MPAA for their wisdom and swift action in approving the release of  The King’s Speech PG-13 release,” states TWC’s president of theatrical distribution and home entertainment, Eric Lomis, in an official statement. “The action enables those to whom it speaks most directly — young people who are troubled by stuttering, bullying and similar trials — to see it.”

The PG-13 version of the film will contain significantly less f-words, which helped garner its original R rating.

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  • Austin

    Yea, because teenagers were just flocking to see this historical biopic about a stuttering English king, but were thwarted by their parents. . .

    • Mr. Holloway

      lol, exactly!

    • JJ

      Gee Austin, what are you 14? I bet you haven’t even seen the movie.

      • Mr. Holloway

        Yeah, I think the point Austin was trying to make is that A.) this isn’t exactly a movie directly aimed at teenagers and B.) even those teens who DID want to see it but weren’t old enough to get into an R-rated flick without an adult probably wouldn’t be blocked from seeing “The King’s Speech” by their parents.

    • MissMel

      @JJ: Really? You think there is a plethora of teenagers out there right now giddy with joy because they’re going to be allowed to see The King’s Speech? I haven’t seen the movie yet either,but I don’t have to see it to know that it’s not exactly the sort of flick teens flock to in droves.

      • Alyson

        As a 13 year old, I’m offended. I’ve been waiting for a PG-13 release. It’s kind of stupid that it was R in the first place, but oh well. Not all teenagers are going to be flocking to Sucker Punch. We’re not THAT stupid. Adults must stop underestimating us. It disgusts me.

      • Boxing Mic

        Then why dont you let your scary uncle take you to see the R version of the flick, Ms Alyson McFingerbang

    • Cassie

      Actually, it’s the theaters who enforce the R rating most of the time. (I speak as someone who’s been turned away from an R-rated movie for lack of ID!)

  • Snsetblaze

    I haven’t seen the movie yet. Just cursing? Did it have nudity or violence? Why was it R in the first place?

    • Mr. Holloway

      No nudity, no violence.

      It really was just two quick instances of streams of profanity which weren’t even throwaways lines and served the plot.

    • JJ

      In reply to your questions, there were “two swear words” that were used by the Duke of York in the content of the film and his frustration as a stutter. Sadly, this warrant an “R” rating. Yet, we see movies with extreme violence that have a PG-13 rating. How ridiculous is that???

      Although, the film was perfect and as far I am concerned it should have been left alone, I understand that there are folks out there who are fanatics of one kind or another and would be offended by the f word and the s word. So, if by deleting these words it makes more people see this beautiful historical movie, so be it.

      • M

        I don’t think you need to be a fanatic to be offended by swear words. But I agree the movie shouldn’t have been R.

  • silvia

    it takes away the feel of how the film was intended to b.if people cant handle the curse words then they shoodnt go watch the film.

  • Akemi

    This seems like an enormous waste of time and money.

  • Barry

    Will the R rated version be available on DVD?

    • Ryan

      yes it will be. People are much better off pre-ordering on Amazon for cheap and waiting for it to come out Apr. 19.

  • Jackie

    Great, this gives me enough time to see the movie one more time in its proper form before the re-release!

  • M

    April 1st? This isn’t an april fools joke, is it?

  • DRG

    It never cease to amaze me how the prudes have managed to take over every single facet of life in America.

  • M

    I get why people are complaining. But there’s also a good side to this – the film will be viewed by a lot more people, and admired by a wider audience. Which hopefully will encourage the movie industry to put more stock in quality pictures like the King’s Speech, and give us more films like this!

    • Jess

      Yes. We need less entertaining films in theaters!

  • HD

    This is one of the few cases where profanity is actually necessary and serves the plot of the movie. Honestly it should have been PG-13 in the first place.

  • Jefffro

    Epic FAIL!

    This should be considered an April Fool’s Day joke!

  • Lisa Simpson

    The movie should never have been rated R in the first place, and this sanitized versionis a waste. I hope that the director will protest.

  • Woot

    Will these edit make the film less boring?

  • Darrin

    Why now? 1000 screens for the handful of people who haven’t gotten around to seeing it yet after 4 months but can’t wait 2 more weeks to see it on DVD? Is there that many people who avoided seeing this because of a few bad words? And will they avoid it again on DVD?

  • So stupid

    Such a waste of time. The original version should have been PG-13. It is ridiculous that the MPAA rated TKS an R for a certain # of swear words (which are acknowledged as inappropriate language within the context of the film), while many PG and PG-13 movies have disturbing violence, and casually offensive language and content. It is not worth damaging the integrity of the film to try a milk a few more $$ (especially since I don’t think it will make a difference in who goes to see it anyway).

    • Thank goodness

      Thank Goodness for people that realize you don’t need to have a garbage can dumped on your head to realize it is garbage. We all know the word and any word could have been used in its place to show his frustration. Some of us just do not want it in our entertainment. You also limit a movie that has a great message and could be shown in educational settings by changing one word. There is nothing wrong with upholding descent standards. It really doesn’t matter if you are 80 or 12 it’s not necessary to use obscene language to get across a message. Look in the dictionary and increase your vocabulary.

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