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Oscar-winner Tom Hooper is officially in talks to film his follow-up to The King’s Speech. A spokesperson for the British director confirmed a Deadline report that he’s in negotiations to bring a musical adaptation of Les Misérables to the screen for Universal. The 1985 musical, based on Victor Hugo’s 1862 novel, is one of the most successful theatrical productions of all time.

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  • B


    • BitterFincherLost

      I hate Tom Hooper’s face.

  • rebecca

    But the Liam Neeson version is already great! You don’t really need to fix something that is already great. Just like The Count of Monte Cristo with James Caviezel, it is already amazing, so no one should remake a new version. Sure Les Miserables did come out in the 90s, but still!!!

    • CapitalFool

      Tom Hooper is in talks to direct the musical version, which will be totally different from the Liam Neeson version, which ahd no singing.

    • Kimberly

      Rebecca, the Liam Neeson version IS great, but it’s based on the book. This new one would be based on the musical, and therefore not a remake. I am THRILLED. I’m sure it can’t compare to watching it live (which was amazing), but it’ll be great to be able to experience it whenever I want.

    • Kal

      Actually, as a fan of both book and musical, I was pretty disappointed with the Neeson version. The changed ending with Javier and Valjean just didn’t work, among other things. I’m really excited about this news!

    • Jason

      The Neeson version was great until they DESTROYED Javert’s end and then chopped out 1/3 of the book!

    • billyD

      You do realize that both the Liam Neeson version of Les Miserables and the Jim Caveziel version of Count of Monte Cristo were remakes of already beloved classics, right?

    • Becca

      You neglected to realize that we’re talking about a film version of the hugely successful MUSICAL. Completely different from other film versions. I actually love the version with Gerard Depardieu and John Malkovich but this wouldn’t detract from the other versions at all.

    • Sioban

      but the one with Liam was not totally faithful to the musical…
      not that I want to see Liam die in any movie, but Jean Valjean dies at the end of Les Miserables… and Javert’s suicide was not faithful to the musical.. and the most heartbreaking omission of all: No Eponine!

      • Eileen

        Amen! Eponine is a great character. When I first read the book, when she is finally in Marius’ arms… I had to put the book down and cry. I never do that! I am so stoked for the movie. Of the musical!

    • djg

      “Amazing” oh that tells me a lot.

    • AB

      Got to agree with Kal. Liam Neesenis great, but the version with him is not. It was a very poor adaptation.

      • Paisal

        I liked the first track most of all. Well balanced , not too much base and disco chill style, hense there is a lot of engery hidden in the relax too, thanks for perfectly done vocal!

  • Ryan

    This sounds like it could be amazing. I’m liking it.

    • djg

      “Amazing”? Wow, magic tricks and everything?

  • BuffyJunkie

    This is great news. I thought ‘Miss Saigon’ was supposed to be shot first with Lee Daniels directing. Hopefully they’ll both get made!

    • Zoe

      Yup, agree! I didn’t even know a version of Miss Saigon was in the works.

    • LAJackie

      I would love a movie version of Miss Saigon. It is so cinematic anyway that it seems perfect. In one of my Les Mis programmes is an ad with the Cosette picture and the tag line “in 2001 she’ll be going to the movies”! 10 years later ….

  • LM

    Yes!!! It is about time this became a film.

  • Shelley with an E

    Is it another plain old film version, or will he adapting the musical version? I would love for the musical to finally get a screen adaptation! Do you hear the people sing? Yes, please.

    • steph

      Read the article. It’s 3 sentences, and the longest one says he’s doing the MUSICAL adaptation.

      • Mike

        Actually, it looks like it was edited to add the phrase “musical adaptation”. Before the wording made it sound like it would be the musical, but there was still a 1% chance it might not be.

      • Mike

        BTW, nice attitude though.

      • Sab

        watched this 2 weeks ago and it was AMAZING, my first proper west end show, and its not going to be my last, baoslutely LOVED IT , wish i could have seen it with idina mazel, and chenowerth, but the cast were awesome

  • emma Olands

    american or british actor playing french characters sorry but that doesn’t work for me at all

    • AA

      That’s okay, you don’t have to watch it. We won’t mind.

    • JD

      It’s been running in London since 1985. I’m sure a english accent won’t really matter.

    • Robert Fuller

      That’s a shame, because you’re missing out on some good movies: Casablanca, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Papillon, Paths of Glory…

      • Joan

        WOW! The Stony Creek Musical was fantastic in every way!!!! Thank you all so much, Stony Creek sundetts, student families and staff, for all the evidently sincere effort and hard work you all put into the many, many, countless details involved in preparing and presenting your fantabulous performance! Your show was super ~ loved the many important messages, and all so entertaining, too; bonus! A truly terrific and lovely evening; THANK YOU, ALL!!! Mrs. Affeld @ CFL (thoroughly enjoyed sharing your special evening with all of you! Thanks, again, ALL!!!)

  • AA

    Please be the musical please be the musical please be the musical.

  • London

    It is the musical version.

  • sandd


    • Rizki

      Thank you very much for providing the exintseve list! Much appreciated. Which places are you checking out? Now I have to figure out where to hang tonight after work to listen to some music. If only I could clone myself!

  • steph

    i love that people can’t even read a 3 sentence article that says he’s doing the musical adaptation.

    • Mike

      I love that you read the email 23 minutes after the people that questioned it and didn’t understand that it was edited for clarification. DUH, genius. #LOSING

      • Mike

        Or you know, read the ARTICLE (not email). Now I’m losing too!

  • Ann

    Yes! This movie will be great. Not too hard to screw up…unless you get actors who can’t sing (ie-Mamma Mia, Phantom).

    • RJ

      Or Nick Jonas in the 25th Anniversary special. I like him, and I get the reasons they cast him (one of his first roles was on Broadway as Gavroche, and he brought in a whole new demographic, exposing the younger generation to this amazing work), he just didn’t have the power needed to really make the role memorable. That said, YAY for a movie. Please think of Alfie Boa!!!

      • djg


    • Becca

      Ha. Well, the actors in Phantom and Mamma Mia weren’t Broadway quality for the most part (although Raoul in Phantom was a Broadway actor.) But I think less professional voices are okay in movie musicals if they’re good actors. Just my opinion. I loved Phantom even though Gerard Butler had a different quality to his voice than stage Phantoms. Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried did credible singing jobs in Mamma Mia, too.

      • Brian

        You are so wrong. Shows where singing predominates should feature people who can, you know… sing. You wouldn’t cast Hamlet with dancers. (Or would you?)

    • djg

      Emily Rossum. I just want to punch her in the face. She’s had that deer in headlights, innocent fawn expression for like 7 years now.

      • Ben

        Agree – so annoying. And now she is working this whole new ‘aren’t I cool’ thing because she has sex on that stupid show she is on, Shameless.

  • jessica

    i would love to see a movie of this

  • David

    I have mixed reactions of hope and fear. I love this musical so much, and have seen it many times both on Broadway and touring productions, that it’s a thrilling prospect to see a movie. On the other hand, I love it so much that it’s terrifying what could happen to it as a movie. Cross my fingers…

  • Tania

    The Liam Neeson version was not very accurate to the book. It focused way too much on Val Jean/Fantine’s relationship and didn’t even included Eponine whose role was vital to the book and the musical.

    I honestly think that the musical is the closest adaptation of Hugo’s masterpiece.

    • Ann

      And not to mention, the movie version ended at what was actually halfway through the book. It was not a good movie. I was very disappointed in the Liam Neeson version.

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