'Black Swan' controversy: 'Natalie herself did most of the dancing,' insist filmmakers


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A claim by Natalie Portman’s ballet double from the movie Black Swan alleging that the Oscar-winning actress did not perform the majority of that film’s dance sequences has quickly been challenged. Sarah Lane, the American Ballet Theatre soloist who doubled for Portman during some of that film’s most difficult dance sequences, told Entertainment Weekly that the Oscar-winning actress did only 5 percent “of the full body shots” in the film. But the filmmakers insist that simply isn’t the case, saying in a joint statement released by Fox Searchlight, “We were fortunate to have Sarah there to cover the more complicated dance sequences and we have nothing but praise for the hard work she did. However, Natalie herself did most of the dancing featured in the final film.”

Lane decided to speak out after a recent story in the Los Angeles Times quoted Portman’s fiancé and Black Swan choreographer Benjamin Millipied saying “85 percent of that movie is Natalie.” “They wanted to create this idea in people’s minds that Natalie was some kind of prodigy or so gifted in dance and really worked so hard to make herself a ballerina in a year and a half for the movie, basically because of the Oscar,” Lane told EW. “It is demeaning to the profession and not just to me. I’ve been doing this for 22 years…. Can you become a concert pianist in a year and a half, even if you’re a movie star?”

In interviews, Portman didn’t hide the fact that she had used a body double for key sequences in the film. “I do have a double for the complicated turning stuff,” Portman told EW last November. “It was not anything I ever could have done in a year, nothing I could’ve caught up with. But I think it was just better for all of us if I did as much as possible.”

Portman has yet to respond to Lane’s remarks.

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  • Larry

    Sure…..and monkeys might fly out of my butt

    • LOL


      • celeste


      • Lincoln

        I agree with the professional dancer, it is demeaning to the profession of dancing to imply that she could just get it in such a short period of time. Natalie always came off as a phony

      • Nick

        what are you guys talking about now? yes actors are phoneys.. That’s why they call it acting.. sheish

      • Nick

        Sarah = WINNING!!!

      • rosamund

        I don’t think Natalie Portman ever claimed to be at the level of a professional ballet dancer. The training she undertook was so that she could simulate a professional ballerina on film. She didn’t need to dance at the Met, she needed to be convincing to the general public on a movie screen, when supported by all the aspects of the film-making craft – including careful camera angles and directing; choreography that accommodated her limitations; and, yes, special effects and body doubles.

    • Amanda Kiwinerd

      Grow up, idiots! She did some of it and a double did the hardest parts. What’s so difficult to understand??

      • Dave

        Why does anyone give a rats arse about this? Hardly any actors do stunts on movies, why should this be any different?

      • Team Sarah

        The studio is implying that Natalie Portman became a ballerina after just one year of part-time lessons. As someone who took years of ballet (and is fairly decent) the studio is full of crap. The Ballerina is not seeking credit she is defending her profession, it’s pretty darn hard profession. The studio should have just kept quiet, Natalie already has her Oscar. They elevated this matter by commenting

      • Quirky

        @Team Sarah, read the LA Times story that EW links to. The story only says Portman was in 85% of the dance scenes. There’s no mention in the article of them belittling ballet. If the double, which no one is denying exists, only did the more complex routines that probably did amount to only 15% of screen time.

      • maggie

        @Quirky, the story may have said that Portman did 85% but that doesn’t mean it’s true. I really doubt she did that much, because she would have to be a better dancer than the professionals who spent many years learning to dance like that.

      • mininchico

        I solidly agree. What’s with the nitpicking?

      • Meier

        Clearly, there’s only one way to solve this. Get a mathematician who’s an expert in percentages to watch ‘Black Swan’ multiple times. If he says Portman did less than 72.63% of the film’s dancing, then the Academy must revoke the Oscar for Best Stunt Dancing we all watched her win on February 27th. You’re welcome, America.

      • AnnieMae

        @Sarah: Portman did have experience in ballet. No-she wasn’t exactly a real-life Black Swan, but Portman had enough background to get a feel for the role. Believe me, nothing separates Lane from ALL the other body doubles in Hollywood. Is Lane going to take credit for the acting too?? Perhaps they used CGI to replace Lane with Portman in the dramatic scenes?? PLEASE!!!!

      • thin

        Okay, here’s the thing; there aren’t that many full-body dancing shots in the movie compared to partial body shots like head-and-shoulders and feet/legs. If the dancer says that she did 95% of the full body shots, she may very well be right, but it’s kind of misleading on the surface, because that’s 95% of a relatively small percentage of the shots used in the movie. So the studio says that Natalie did most of the dancing in the movie herself, and it’s true, because there are a lot more upper-body shots than full-body. I don’t know how seriously anyone’s supposed to take the actual percentages, but I think the general gist of it is probably right on both sides.

      • @AnnieMae

        Lane is not a “body double.” She’s in the same league as a stunt double. She has a skill that the actress needs to display but doesn’t have the ability. That makes her very different than a body double.

      • toddluvslounging

        Tom Cruse does many of how own stunts. That doesn’t make his movies any better. It was dumb for the studio and Portman’s husband to claim the dancing. Nobody saw the movie for the dancing.

      • WaitUp

        A lot of you keep harping on “If you read what she said” about Sara’s remarks, then we would all somehow believe that the only intent for her bringing this gripe to light was to defend the profession of ballet.

        Well I read what she said. And the last words she spoke the article were: ” It’s just unfortunate that I kind of lost credit.” Did *you* read what she said? She said *I*, not *the profession*. Sure, she brought it up earlier, but those last words are extremely telling, don’t you think?

        I don’t feel that Natalie could have danced like a professional either, but this lady should have taken her gripe through other channels if she really was concerned about defending the profession. How about starting with DanceUSA, who helped found the Performing Arts Alliance, and advocates for dance professionals nationally?

    • Irene Cara

      This brings me back to ‘Flashdance’ and Jennifer Beals. You go Sarah!!!

      • Huh

        Flashdance still has an awesome soundtrack ppl. I rock out to that in my underwear from time to time just for fun.

      • AcaseofGeo

        Two of my favorite artists have “throw away” tracks on this album, Donna Summer’s “Romeo” and Kim Carnes’ “I’ll Be Here Where The Heart Is”, although I hardly count Kim’s song as a “throw away”; its a painfully beautiful song. They were also eclipsed by the movie’s ICONIC title song and “Maniac”.

      • Jean Genie

        I’m with Huh & Geo: the ST album is very, very underrated. Especially the ones that couldn’t be hit singles. I even love Frank Stallone’s “Lady Lady Lady”.

    • Nick

      And now we present the continuing mystery of The Black Swan.

      psst.. those weren’t real swans.. they were inflatables picked up from Spencer’s gift store at the mall.

    • diva alert

      Wow, this is truly a case of life imitating art. Disciplined Ballet dancer (natalie’s character) gets jealous that young upstart with more charisma/passion (mila’s) overshadows her and in this case goes on a divalicious rant to attract bad publicity. sara is a self-serving tool, but hey prior to this none of us even knew who she was, so guess it worked.

      • Barry Oblahblah

        Hey Diva Alert! You’re a SAG troll.
        Nobody believes Natalie did most of the dancing.
        Typical Hollywood nonsense. Stop believing your own hype!!!!

      • Diane

        “None of us even knew who she was …..”
        Unless we were ballet fans.

        Just because your corner of the world doesn’t include the standouts in other arenas doesn’t make them any less known.

      • maggie

        Sara is defending her profession. It makes makes it look like ballet is so easy that anyone can do it, if you believe that after 1 1/2 years of parttime training someone can do what it takes professionals years to learn working fulltime. Sara is a star who has worked hard to get where she is. Why slam her and her profession?

      • Jean Genie

        Might as well finally say this: I’m tired of all this halo polishing the fans, media, etc. are giving to Natalie, especially since she’s pregnant. Sarah has a right to make herself known for all the REAL hard work she’s done.

      • Nick

        if life imitated hollywood art everything would have a comicbook theme and plenty of midrift and predictable endings

  • Tarc

    All I can say is that balerina just royally tanked her own career. I mean, who’d hire her after all that pot stitting (well after she cashed the check)?

    • Brett

      EXACTLY. I can’t believe people are defending this ballerina. She agreed to be a dance double, she KNEW she would not be credited, I don’t get why she’s making a big deal AFTER she agreed to it, signed the dotted line, and cashed the cheque.

      • erin

        If you read what she actually said, it’s not really the lack of credit that she’s upset about. It’s the implication that an actress can learn to do what she does (as an accomplished dancer with decades of training, study and experience) in 1 year of ballet lessons. It’s an insult to all artists.

      • LOL

        Sarah Lane is an F-18!

      • Bob

        And what you just wrote does not negate what Brett said. You know, if you read what he actually said.

      • erin

        I read what he said, Bob, and it DOES negate what he said. Don’t be a douche.

      • Chris

        She’s upset with the perpetrated FRAUD not the fact that she personally wasn’t credited – it’s the attempt to take credit and fool people onto thinking Portman gave this raging bull like transformative physical performance when she did not. Big deal, she’s a size 2 who went to a size zero…what a difficult transformation. Get real – any other actress having deceived the public so would be soundly told where to go.

      • Tarc

        And again, she just committed career suicide. She was aware that Portman was the star and that she was the stuntdouble. Does anyone really believe that Stallone gets punched a hundred times and walks away with his teeth? No. Portman DID do ballet when she was younger, and a crash course before the film to make the transitions seamless – as was her job. The fact that the replacement dancer is complaining is ludicrous on so many levels. And again, what producer will hire this lady; what kind of badmouthing will she do after their show?

      • Tarc

        She was credited – it’s literally in print on the film. Career suicide, plain and simple.

      • Rob

        How is that career suicide? For what telling the truth? Defending the notion that ballet is a difficult field and takes more than a year to conquer? If I were a choreographer or director of a ballet I would not hire Sarah Lane why? From what I can see she did a great job as a double, looked great in the movie and seems to be an outstanding ballerina. Is the fact that she merely got tired of Hollywood pretending that her career could be mastered in a year supposed to cause me, someone in her field, not to hire her? Because it wouldn’t. If anything I’d respect her more for her honesty and standing up for our field, if i were a ballet choreographer or director.

      • Tarc

        LOL! Yes, for telling the truth or a lie, or whatever). You’re completely missing the point. The people that hire don’t give a whit about ‘defending the art’ – they see a woman with a lot of sour grapes and no common sense when talking to the press. Would you take the choice when there is a long line of essentially equavalent dancers in the queue? Nope.

      • DogBoy

        LOL on “career suicide”…. Is she not going to get the next great “psycho ballet dancer stunt double” role?

      • Actor

        And what’s yoru criticism for the people who asked her not to speak up during NP’s Oscar campaign? Do you have any criticism for those people and what they were trying to do?

      • Tarc

        @Actor – Are you asking if ‘bald-face liar’ has been removed from the required quialities of a PR rep? Ah, no. Get real. Portman has no control over the studio’s campaign – she’s a much an employee in that system as Lane. In truth, we have no real idea what the percentage is (the film editor and SFX people do, but us? Nope. And certainly not Lane.) The point remains that producers will not want to hire Lane *in her own area* because of the sourgrapes. If she did it to an Oscar-caliber film, she’ll certainly do it to a lesser production.

      • C

        They have always said that the double did the hard parts… no one said she didn’t. Why couldn’t Natalie have learned the easy parts in her training for the movie? No one is saying she matched the talent of the double in that time.

      • Nick

        she is allergic to gravity?

      • nancyD

        Stunt people get credited. Hell, even drivers get movie credits now, along with people who are never even close to a movie set like accountants.

        There is absolutely no reason that ballerina should not have had a credit at the end of the movie. She had an incredibly important part in making the dance sequences believable – give her her due.

      • thin

        She *is* credited. Way to pay attention to the discussion.

      • @thin

        Lane is NOT credited as Portman’s dance double.
        She is credited as “Hand Model”, “Stunt Double” and “Lady In The Lane.” To be honest, the film should have properly credited Lane as Portman’s dance double.

      • @brett

        No, Lane didn’t know she wouldn’t be credited as Portman’s dance double. Lane has said in interviews that she was disappointed when she saw the credits.

      • @Tarc

        “Portman has no control over the studio’s campaign – she’s a much an employee in that system as Lane.”
        Tarc, Portman’s fiance, the film’s choreographer Benjamin Millipied, is the main person to claim that Portman did almost all of the dance work. You think she has no influence on what her fiance says about her? Really?

      • rosamund

        The fact that Lane doesn’t mention the other dancing, double, Kimberly Prosa – only her own work – makes me think she’s concerned with getting credit for herself, not just on dispelling the myth that ballet can be mastered in a year. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, she complained that “Natalie . . . never mentioned my name once. Nobody ever mentioned my name hardly ever.” I’m not saying, by the way, that Lane doesn’t deserve any credit for her work on the film– only that she’s advocating for herself rather than simply “the beauty and the heart of true ballet”, as she said in her WSJ essay.

        By the way, the other body double said that Portman “studied for several months, from the waist up is her”, while Lane “did the heavy tricks, she did the fouéttes, but they only had her for a limited time, a couple of weeks.” This was in November 2010, way before people started taking sides in this controversy.

    • Voodoo

      How did she “tank” her own career? Most dancers don’t work in Hollywood. And you obviously haven’t read the articles carefully. Maybe you should take some “Reading 101″? The same goes for a lot of people here who are blurting out the same nonsense.

      • Skip182

        She tanked it because she looks like a spoiled brat and will be blacklisted from future films. It’s not that hard to understand. It doesn’t matter if she’s telling the truth or not, she’s coming off as a poor sport.

      • Lee

        @Brett: At first I thought the same thing, but really, how many movies came out last year featuring a ballerina? She’s a professional dancer–probably with the NYC ballet. Two totally different worlds. Anyway, many ballet dancers I know hate the movie for similar reasons.

      • @Skip182

        There’s not many huge ballet companies in Hollywood. Don’t think the ballerina’s looking to have a film career. If she’s correct (and I don’t see how she couldn’t be — NO WAY someone can dance like that in a year and a half) then her industry most likely agrees with her.

      • Tarc

        Obviously you’ve never been around the dance world. She tanked her career – what producer would hire someone that’s now infamous for pointmessly badmouthing the stars of their last production? No one. There are lots of choices, and she just gave herself a giant red A on her chest.

      • Rob

        Unless it is a totally different field. Oh wait, that’s right, it is. Again, as others have pointed out Sarah Lane is not trying to be an actress. She is trying to do ballet and at the most dance. From what I understand most people in the field of ballet are as pi%^ed as she is at the implication (notice implication not statement) that ballet can be mastered in a year. Despite what you want to believe she has in no way tanked her career.

      • engedi

        No, not a spoiled brat–not in the least. There just wasn’t a justification for the lies and false impressions given by the Black Swan people.

      • Gleaper

        People who are imeasurably talented will always be desirable. This is a non-argument.

      • Tarc

        @Gleaper – Well, when you run into someone that’s either ‘immeasurably’ talented’ or irreplaceable’ call me. We’ll call Guiness together. UNtil then, the ‘next great dancer’ is as far away as the next call back or the next injury. Lane is infinitely replaceable.

      • Christina

        Tarc, replaceable in what exactly? Please tell us about all these upcoming ballet movies!

      • Tarc

        Who’s been speaking about ‘ballet movies’? I’m speaking of ALL professional roles – which should be obvious.

      • Voodoo

        @Tarc, you obviously know nothing about the dancing world. Now, go away.

      • Ryan

        Wow this is a glib thread: Black Swan was a MASSIVE success, let me repeat that… a MASSIVE SUCCESS, it was made for 13 mil and grossed 300 mil worldwide. So to say they WONT be making more ballerina movies is just… a strange stance to take in the LEAST. There are hords of follow up movies for ones that had HALF that success. So yes she totally blew her career, even if the ENTIRE ballet world backs her, NO ONE MAKES ANY MONEY IN THAT WORLD. So getting into film after a hit like Black Swan is a once in a thousand lifetimes opportunity for making real money, so yeah she blew it on so many levels.

    • Beau

      EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hope she didn’t have any acting aspirations.

      • um

        i think the point is, she doesn’t. she’s a dancer. not an actress. and her point is an actress cannot become a classically trained ballerina in 18 months time.

    • Simi

      She’s a ballerina, not an actress. I’m sure they’ll be plenty for her to do in the ballet world. They’re probably okay with her saying that it takes more than a year for someone to do what they do.

      • Tarc

        But it’s NEVER ok to badmouth a past job. Performance always has a large PR component, and she just killed her dance career.

      • Rob

        Horsepucky. It is absolutely alright to badmouth a past job. Particularly if it is in a different field. Loads of successful people have done so. It is even more accepted in entertainment where many people in the same field, let alone different ones, often do not like each other. All she has done is make herself more appealing to anyone in the field who agrees with her and had absolutely no effect on people in her field who could not care less about the movie and only care if she can dance. Which she can.

      • Tarc

        Obviously, you know nothing about said entertainment field. It’s not acceptable to anyone doing the hiring, since such behavior affects their bottom line. In a highly competitive field, even minor drawbacks tank a career, and that’s a pretty big drawback.

      • Christina

        Tarc, you still haven’t revealed to us all these upcoming ballet movies that she’s apparently going to miss out on. If the next ballet-centered movie is in ten years, that’s hardly a big drawback to her career, now is it?

      • Tarc

        Again, never said anything about ‘ballet movies’. Obviously, I’m referring to her *career* when I speak of her career.

    • maggie

      Actually the ballet community will love her more for defending their art. She already has a great career as a soloist for the American Ballet Theatre. That’s a great job in ballet.

      • Tarc

        And when she tries to leave, she’ll be ‘that dancer that maed all that bad press about Black Swan’. Producers don’t give a rip about her ‘defending her art’ (if that’s how you choose to misinterpret Lane’s comments). They only are about generating cash. Personally, I think ballet is great, and it’s certainly true that even someone with a ballet background doesn’t get to professional level in 18 months. Did the producers of Swan try to hush up any griping about the film? Sure – it’s their job! Lane still gave herself a black eye.

      • Lois

        You are the one choosing to misinterpret was Lane said. maggie’s comment is correct. Lane was defending her art, and the hard work her co-workers put into their craft.

      • nancyD

        Sarah Lane hardly tanked her ballet career – and if American Ballet Theatre is smart, they will take advantage of her name and use her in advertising. “As seen in Black Swan,,,” would bring lots of film fans in to see her dance live.

        Since she never spoke a line in the movie, there is no film career to tank.

      • @Tarc

        Lane is a HERO in the ballet world for being vocal about the hard work and dedication it takes to become a professional ballet dancer.
        Tarc, your “producers” applies to film producers. Lane isn’t trying to become an actress, so your remarks don’t apply to her career. You know nothing about ballet companies. Lane is a well-known dancer and has a great career. This will only enhance her ballet career.

    • Eolra

      Sarah is a ballet dancer, not an actress, and she isn’t trying to get more movie roles. She dances with a professional ballet company; her career will “tank” – I seriously doubt her artistic directors give a crap about any Hollywood garbage.

    • DiMi

      She has NOT tanked her career Many dancers and dance companies will admire her for demanding that people understand that ballet takes years, not months for actor. I’ll bet she gets a career BOOM because her dancing in the final scenes was amazing.

      • ltmcdies

        well we’ll see won’t we…

    • toddluvslounging

      I doubt she hurt her career as a body-double since I don’t think there’s a lot of ballet movie in the future. However, she probably helped her professional career. Nobody likes to see their art belittled and the ballet companies are probably happy she stood up for their art.

  • Tarc

    Wow, that’s a boatload of bigotry.

  • Bia

    Why do these producers keep lying…they aren’t fooling anyone just like the people of Flashdance weren’t. It’s obvious they used a professional dancer for the whole movie unless they were in close-ups. Regardless, Natalie won the Oscar, so why not just admit it? She’s a great actress…why must she also be an expert dancer?

    • Megan

      Because her “Oscar Buzz” was generated by all this “I worked SO hard to become a dancer” crap (except for the part of it that was generated by the lesbian scene). At least with Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago, she did all her own dancing. And with Reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line, she did all her own singing. At least the buzz was warranted.

      • Kris

        Natalie Portman didn’t win cause she could dance, she won because she’s an amazing actress. Comparing singing or some broadway dancing to becoming a ballerina in a year is just ignorant. If you read the article you would know Natalie never claimed to be an expert ballerina BUT she did train like hell for a year to get in shape for her part (which is where the buzz came from). Natalie’s win was FAR more deserved than Reese’s or Catherine’s.

      • deedeedragons

        Being pregnant also didn’t hurt.

      • Rebecca

        @Kris–Natalie Portman won because of that bedroom scene with Mila Kunis. I didn’t see anything extraordinary with her acting or Mila Kunis’ (who, I’m sorry, channels Jackie from The 70s Show in all of her roles, even on Family Guy). Chicago and Walk the Line were much better movies than Black Swan (which was all hype and no substance).

      • Tarc

        To be frank, the Oscars are wholly political affiars now, so Portman won for more than one role, and for more than one reason. Her dancing (which was great for an actor) was as impressive as the effort taken to get into that really frighteningly thin state ballerinas maintain (my sister-in-law was a professional ballet dancer for years). Adrian Brody and Christian Bale both have gold on their mantles for a similar physical transformation, why not Portman (who is a far better actor than either of the men)?

      • rosamund

        I don’t think Natalie Portman ever claimed to be at the level of a professional ballet dancer. The training she undertook was so that she could simulate a professional ballerina on film. She openly mentioned using a body double in interviews. It’s not fair to say that Portman didn’t do any work, and only stole the credit for Lane’s dancing – her physical transformation in the film (the weight loss and so on) proves she had to undergo intensive training for the role. Even Lane praised her for the amount of preparatory work she did.

    • MockingbirdGirl

      The Guardian newspaper invited actual ballerinas to screen the film and they described Portman’s dancing as “passable,” but nowhere near the technical ability of a real dancer. Sounds like the body double is just feeling bitter about not getting more recognition (though I’m guessing she didn’t turn down the paycheck).

      • Chris

        They described her ‘positioning’ and stationary posturing as ‘passable’ not HER dancing, as they, especially, would have known she wasn’t dancing. Nice try. Now stop slamming the kid Natalie stepped on to get an Oscar.

      • MockingbirdGirl

        Actually, among the comments they make are: “But, good as she is, it’s impossible for her to look like a professional dancer” and “I found it hard to tell when she was dancing and when it was the body double.” And since Portman and the producers have admitted all along they used a body double for the complex dance sequences, I’m not terribly sympathetic to someone WHO WAS KNOWINGLY HIRED AS A BODY DOUBLE but is now whining about the lack of recognition. Boo hoo.

      • Tarc

        Portman’s Oscar has nothing to so with dancing – Chris, you do know that and Oscar is an ACTING award, right? Miss Sourgrapes just snuffed her own career to ride her broom for a few minutes.

      • Eric

        Plenty of the rave reviews that Portman got mentioned how much work she did to become such a good dancer. And Oscar voters love rewarding actors who go to extreme lengths for their art, by gaining or losing weight, or mastering a different discipline….like dancing.

        You might think that it shouldn’t matter, but realistically, it matters to a lot of the voters.

      • @MockingbirdGirl

        They couldn’t tell the difference when dancing because they CGI’d Portman’s face on the dancer’s body. But they thought she didn’t position herself properly. So when it was clearly Portman, they didn’t find her believable.

      • Nick

        She got 500 bucks and a free year’s pass at universal studios tour.

    • Chris

      Uh no, she’s actually quite a boring barely competent actress, which in part, explains the extraordinary measures she and her agents/studio have gone to convince the public (and voting academy members) that she gave this tour de force DANCING performance and transformation, when she did not. There’s a reason why she is only now, at 30 giving what some think are decent performances. It’s because she’s always been a fairly uncharismatic snore before now…she almost had to pull this stunt…her acting chops alone are sub-par.

      • jodipo

        wow Chris, did she take your birthday away or something? Get over yourself.

      • Tarc

        Interesting opinion. Idiotic, but interesting. Portman’s work in quite a few movies has been stellar. If you were speaking of Halle Berry, you might have a point, but Portman more than deserves her gold.

      • @tarc

        so anyone that doesnt share your opinion of np is automatically an idiot??? i like her, loved beautiful girls. all these people who defend her by name calling, wow, how mature. i think the producers should buck up and admit who did what. and to those that say sarah got her credit blah blah blah, did you miss the part where they credited her as an extra?? not as a body double???

      • Tarc

        Nope, people that are idiots identify themselves readily enough. When did stating the facts become ‘name calling’? Sorry, don’t care. Lane was hired, had a contract and was given a NAMED part (not left out of the credits, not as a stunt double, or a generic pool title). She knew the deal when she signed her contract, and now she’s griping over nothing. That’s the problem.

      • @Tarc

        You really don’t get it. She isn’t complaining about getting credit or not. She’s complaining about the notion that someone can transform themselves into a professional ballet dancer in a short period of time. It’s an insult to her profession to say that Portman did that.

      • Tarc

        @@Tarc – If we restrict the discussion to that, the first question is: did Portman really say that (herself)? The answer is no. Did her PR reps lie or attempt to mislead? Without question (no matter what the comment was about) – because they get PAID to push their studio’s agenda. Truth and reality have nothing to do with either the dance or the movie worlds (or regarding anything involving advertisements in all locations).

      • @Tarc

        Nobody said that Portman herself made any claims about doing all the dancing.
        However, Portman’s fiance is the main one pushing that Portman did almost all of the dancing. Her fiance, Benjamin Millilied, did the choreography for the film.

  • James

    Why are they afraid to admit it? Its not like they are going to take the Oscar back. They should have been up front to begin with.

    • jitta

      Dude, they LIED so that she would have a shot at winning. Her entire Oscar campaign was built on this charade. Duh.

      • @Peter and everyone else who is insulting Jews

        okay, seriously? what is up with these Jew remarks. totally uncalled for.

      • Tarc

        Um, you were under the mistaken impression that any PR campaign (for laundry soap or OScars, no matter) isn;t based entirely on lies and half-truths? My, we are naieve…

    • Gybing

      I was thinking about the same thing. Is there any clause with Oscars that they can repeal the awards based on the later findings? (and I’m talking about the basis that might have affected their votes only).

    • AnnieMae

      Even if the dancing was like Lane said, only 5% Portman, why does it take away from Portman’s acting in the whole entire movie. Did a dancing Lane play acting Nina too but the special effects replaced her face with Portman’s?? Come on!!!

  • commentor

    uh… Meryl Streep learned to play violin like a pro for Music of My Heart, so I’d venture to say Ms. Portman could learn a few dance moves. It’s not like she performed a whole ballet for the movie.

    • erin

      Meryl Streep learned to play the violin. She did NOT learn to “play like a pro”. Being a professional, classically-trained artist is light years away from learning “a few dance moves.” You display your ignorance with your comments.

      • commentor

        Thanks for the laugh. You might add JADED to classically trained “artist” on your resume.

      • Black Swan

        Erin = Sarah Lane. LOL!!!

      • Lala

        Black Swan = stalker-moron. LOL!!!!!!!!!

      • LOL

        LOL = LOL. LOL!!!!

      • Nick

        hey at least she played the violin.. that’s something!

      • Actor

        Meryl Streep didn’t learn to play violin “like a pro.” Just like Adrien Brody didn’t actually play the Chopin piece it was widely said he played in The Pianist, which won him an Oscar too. That’s just Hollywood hype designed to get stars awards so the studios can cash in on them. If you knew anything about classical training in any field of classical art you would be laughing at them. Becoming a violin or a piano or a ballet pro in a year or even in five years is humanely impossible.

    • rosamund

      I’d venture to say that Portman did learn a few dance moves for this role. However much of the dancing ended up in the final cut, she would have had to learn the choreography just so they could get the face shots. Even Sarah Lane said that the close shots were all Natalie.

  • ashley

    so over this. Who. Cares. Why didn’t this woman come forward months ago? why now? And I doubt it’s just 5%. and nobody has ever said natalie was some genius…i just saw an interview where the director said a professional ballerina would instantly know natalie was not a professional but a normal person would not.
    Hope you enjoyed your career (and that paycheck.)

    • Megn

      She didn’t because she COULDN’T. The studio refused to let her do interviews until after awards season.

      • Chris

        Don’t you love it when the people who have been royally duped lash out, not at the manipulative machine that tried to pull the wool over their eyes, but at the whistleblower who tried to tell them how their chains were being yanked. What sheeple some of you are.

      • Tarc

        I love it more when complete morons ‘out’ themselves on the internet.

      • RMS

        That’s ridiculous. What did they do? Lock her in a closet?

      • Gleaper

        Hey, Tarc, just because you post a lot doesn’t actually mean lots of people have your viewpoint.

      • Tarc

        @Gleaper – So? Duh.

      • @Tarc

        “I love it more when complete morons ‘out’ themselves on the internet.”
        Me too! That’s why I love reading your posts. You “out” yourself over and over with each post. Keep it up!

  • DL

    Wow, seriously? The Elders of Zion? That’s about as real as the alien from Paul.

    • DL

      And also, if you’d actually seen the movie, you’d know she won the Oscar for her acting. The dancing was just gravy.

  • Barack Palin

    Natalie Portman didn’t do her own dancing! Wow! I suppose next you’ll tell me that Zoe Saldana really isn’t blue and doesn’t have a tail and that Pandora doesn’t exist.

    • ebby

      You know what, though? Zoe Saldana did some decent ballet in Center Stage! Now THERE’S a good movie. Guess they couldn’t cast her in “Black Swan,” though, huh? lolz.

      • Rebecca

        This (although that second Center Stage was garbage)!!

      • mytwocents

        zoe actually trained as a ballerina though.

      • Celimene

        Indeed – Zoe was a dancer before she was an actress, not the other way around.

    • Actor

      No, next thing we’re going to tell you is that Natalie Portman and the people behind her Oscar campaign shouldn’t have gone around for months and months telling the world she was actually blue. That’s what they did and turns out it worked because a lot of people are dumb enough to believe that some people -usually movie stars- are actually blue … or that some people can learn classical ballet in no time. I guess Margot Fonteyn who trained well into her 50s to create and maintain her art form wasn’t as talented as Natalie Portman who couldn’t even pull off a stripper dance believably a few years ago.

      • sils71

        Exactly. Except in this case they promoted her by saying she had worked so hard she managed to turn her skin blue and grow a tail for this role. So much dedication…

    • AnnieMae

      LOL!! Good one!

  • James D

    Yeah, that’s pretty racist as well.

  • Sal

    Remember what she said, guys? Natalie was 5% of the FULL BODY SHOTS. There weren’t a heck of a lot of full body shots, it was mostly the upper half of her body during most of the dance sequences.

  • pat

    oooh, natalie isn’t a professional ballerina?

    • Wes

      Even more shocking: She’s a homewrecker having a baby out of wedlock.

      • Tarc

        Look at your neighbors. If that’s the worst thing you can say about Portman, I’d say we cannonize her now. (And might I point out that Mary also had a baby out of wedlock…)

  • chris c

    This woman is just trying to steal the limelight from Natalie.Anyone who has seen this movie knows she deserved that Oscar.

    • Megn

      Personally, I think a couple of the other nominees were more deserving, and that Natalie got a LOT of attention because of the dancing, which apparently she didn’t do much of and spent a lot of time taking credit for someone else’s work.

      • JM

        Natalie spent a lot of time giving an Oscar-worthy performance. Stop with the idiotic conspiracy theories. The dancer was a stunt double – standard in the movie business. Nobody is denying that Lane did the most difficult dance sequences, but it is incredibly poor form to whine about getting credit. If she didn’t know that stunt doubles don’t get Oscars for their performance, she shouldn’t have signed up.

      • Eric

        According to the double, the studio is lying about how much of the dancing Natalie did.

        If the studio is, in fact, lying, then the double has every right to object to it.

    • Vinny

      She was good, but not Oscar-worthy. Annette Benning should have won. Natalie was as always…crying…over dramatic, etc.

      • Bob

        Annette Benning? Yawn. I actually thought she might pull the upset, knowing how traditionally square the Oscars are.

      • Susannah

        Crying and over-dramatic?…Because one wouldn’t be acting over dramatic and crying when they are having a complete psychological breakdown…

      • Rachel

        I’d have preferred Michelle Williams over Annette Benning though I know she had no chance at it.

      • Jean Genie

        Too bad Annette can’t get pregnant anymore … the Oscars were much too desperate to court the young & hip this year.

    • DiMi

      If natalie only won the oscar for her ACTING, we wouldn’t be having this debate; she won the oscar because everybody involved with the film deliberately misled audiences – including the academy – into thinking that Natalie did most of the dancing. She won for BOTH her acting and the mastery of ballet, which we are now hearing was a fraud.

  • Nutcracker

    I agree with Sarah lane. She is 100& right about this one. I always wondered how Natalie got the Black Swan role even though she had no dance education of any kind. She did not deserve to win that Oscar. It should’ve gone to Michelle Williams. The Swan producers just wanted Natalie for her celebrity and her established rep from the Star Wars franchise. It really is a slap in the face to professional dancers. Like Sarah, I have also been practicing ballet for more than 20 years. But you will never see me in a film because I’m not a child star. And by the way, the douchebag who played her instructor would’ve been fired for sexual harrassment in the real world. And furthermore, most ballerinas are not bi or gay.

    • LOL

      This comment is funny on so many levels. The first being the fact you bring up Star Wars as her baseline reason for winning. Second that you refer to Vincent Cassel as her “douchebag instructor” who is in reality a great actor. And last that you bring up the “real world” argument as most movie idiots do. This is a movie. It’s NOT the real world. Movies aren’t real. Get that through your head, you dumb dancer. Stick to what you know, dancing, and leave assessing film to those who actually have something intelligent to say.

      • Voodoo


      • @LOL

        Your comment is silly. Nutcracker didn’t say that Portman won the Oscar because of Star Wars. She said that Portman got the role over other actresses who could dance because she was more famous due to Star Wars.
        Nutcrackers didn’t diss Vincent Cassel’s acting, but the rather the character as being unrealistic.
        Yes, movies aren’t real life. But that doesn’t mean that someone can’t criticize something that doesn’t ring true.

      • N

        You’re the dumb one for replying to Nutcracker’s comment in such a way, which by the way, I completely agree with. Hear, hear!

    • Bob

      Rep from Star Wars? I think her rep comes from everywhere but Star Wars. Sounds like you just have an axe to grind.

      • Lala

        Oh please, Bob. Your attempts of trying to get Nathalie laid by praising her are failing miserably.

      • Aaron

        What are you talking about Lala? Portman has a previous Oscar nomination from working with Mike Nichols in Closer (whom also directed her onstage in Chekhov’s The Seagull). She’s also been on Broadway in Anne Frank. She’s worked with renowned directors like Luc Besson, Wong Kar Wai, Jim Sheridan, and Woody Allen. Yes, the Star Wars films are probably her most widely known films (and most lucrative), but her appeal reaches far outside of that clique.

      • Voodoo

        @Aaron, excuse was I talking to you? Besides, I wasn’t commenting on her career but on Bob’s annoying comments throughout the board. He seems like a stalker.

    • Skip182

      You may have been practicing ballet, but you apparently have never read anything about Portman. You try to assert she had “no dance education of any kind” yet she danced for several years when she was younger. You = Fail.

      • @Skip182

        Portman has said she took a class in tap, ballet & jazz dancing for a couple of years as a kid. She did that for a children’s performing group that she belonged to.
        That’s very different than studying ballet seriously. Portman has said she had no real background in ballet before training for the role.

    • Tarc

      Other than the fact that you’re completley worng, of course.’

    • Belinda

      Firstly, I think you’ll find that the majority of Ballerina’s / Classical dancers ARE actually bi or gay!

      Secondly – Natalie was great in the movie – but for anyone to seriously believe that the distant dancing shots are not Sarah Lane is just ludicrous! Only the upper body close up head shots are Natalie.

      I think Sarah’s main issue is that they are denying that – it’s silly really… it’s pretty obvious. Sarah still has a career – she is a beautiful dancer… if people in the industry steal/rip off other peoples songs they get sued – why is it different for any of our performing arts?

  • Zach

    Plus Jews don’t have saints.

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