Amy Adams to play Lois Lane in 'Superman'

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Amy Adams has nabbed the role of Lois Lane in director Zack Snyder’s reboot of Superman. “Second only to Superman himself, the question of who will play Lois Lane is arguably what fans have been most curious about. So we are excited to announce the casting of Amy Adams, one of the most versatile and respected actresses in films today,” said Snyder in the official Warner Bros. statement. “Amy has the talent to capture all of the qualities we love about Lois: smart, tough, funny, warm, ambitious and, of course, beautiful.

The thrice Oscar-nominated Adams will join Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, and Henry Cavill in the Warner Bros. film.

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  • Dave

    I think this is good casting, although I do admit that I found it very surprising. I never would have thought to cast Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Personally, my choice would have been Rose Byrne. But Amy Adams is one of the finest actresses of her generation and I’m sure she’ll do a great job.

    • Flip

      Yuck, bad choice!

      • the fat girl from smallville

        from season 1!

      • DRG

        Great actress. Too bad she’s throwing away such remarkable talent on such fanboy tripe.

      • Jack2211

        Really? She has great comic timing (enchanted, sunshine cleaning) As long the character’s written well (plucky, determined, smart) and not as irritating, wishy-washy or self absorbed (I’m talking to you, screen version of Julie Powell… and leap year movie girl) it should work. Although, I don’t predict much chemistry between the leads, but what do I know? The other casting (Lane and Costner) seems a little bland…

      • HAHAHA

        I remember the fat girl from Season 1! HAHAHA

      • Chelsea

        @Jack—Did you by chance watch The Tudors? Cavill had chemistry with practically everyone, I’m not worried about him and Amy.

      • Nick

        god how many comicbook movies did these crazy people produce ???

      • Lincoln

        EPIC FAIL

        This is a role that should have gone to Zooey Deschanel, Kerri Russell, Bridget Reagan, or an unknown – ANYONE but her, and given how lame Sucker Punch was, this movie has failure written all over it, probably on par with Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

      • Lincoln

        This girl is more Lana Lang than Lois, just look at her. This is poor casting

      • Clark

        It feels a little creepy that Amy Adams is 9 years older than the Henry, look at all the crap Jake Gyllenhall got for dating Taylor Swift, so does the gap become acceptable once both parties pass the 25 year old mark? Or is this hypocrisy?

      • Serenity is one the greatest movies this Century

        I think Jewel Staite would have made a better Lois, or Nathan Fillion, either way – Firefly FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

      • LP

        @Clark— I’m no comic book connoisseur but I believe that has always been the point of the Kent/Lane relationship. Lane is the seasoned reporter and Kent/Super is the young upstart that has a thing for her. If I recall correctly the age gap is 9 years in the comic. Fanboys, I’m I correct on this?

      • Mac

        A casting coup, that’s for sure! How can anyone gripe? The only questionable thing might be her age, but that should be too bad. I think fans should be lucky they nabbed a capable actress.

      • sadtroll

        The only questionable thing is the inclusion of the word “warm” in describing Lois’s personality trademarks.

        Adams? Well, she’s probably better than a capable actress but I doubt she’ll need to be for this. She wouldn’t have been my first choice but I’ll keep an open mind.

      • sers

        I love Amy! Now I can’t wait for the movie!

      • Ted Striker

        It’s a scam! That’s a picture of Isla Fisher. Have you ever seen those two in the same room? I think not!

      • Brad H

        @Clark. Divide age by 2 and add 7. That is the socially acceptable dating age difference.
        Everyone knows that!!
        If you are suggesting that a 17 year old dating a 12 year old is the same thing as a 37 year old dating a 32 year old, you are clearly a misguided individual. (I was going to use the term idiot, but thought that was over-dramatic/mean)

      • Shiny

        She was so awesome in Season 1 and so memorable, too bad she didn’t devour Pete Ross. She had a standout guest role and has gone on to great things. Good for Amy.

    • Jojo

      Great to see Amy Adams stretching her wings to do out of the box roles. She was so good in The Fighter.

      • Lily

        LOVE Amy Adams. She’ll be a great Lois Lane!!

      • wersa

        She’s one of my favorite actresses right now! I’m so glad she’s in this movie.

      • Serenity is one of the worst movies of all time

        Firefly sucks. Amy Adams rules.

      • Ted Striker

        Yes, I agree that she and her nipplage were very good in The Fighter. Boing. Here’s to Lois Areola Lane.

    • Kyle

      Talk about a GIANT step up from Kate Bosworth. Fantastic! I hope the script is good, otherwise it’ll be such a waste.

      • Serenity is one of the worst movies of all time

        Seriously, Margot Kidder AGAIN would have been a step up from Bosworth.

    • Allan Trimple

      Amy Adams is 9 years older than Henry Cavill. Margot Kidder was 10 years older than Christopher Reeve. Teri Hatcher is older than Dean Cain. Was the comic book character an older woman??

      • Lea

        Well, I haven’t read the comics, so I don’t know. But since Lois Lane is usually portrayed as being a top-shot journalist at the Daily Planet when CK comes along, I’d say she reasonably could be older.

      • reel_deal

        Some fanboy brought up somewhere that Superman could be older than anyone in the comic (think The Doctor from Doctor Who were 90 is considered to be like a baby’s age) but have adapted to the Earth’s rotation, allowing him to age normally

      • Jas Rey

        To add to your list, Lois Lane is at least a year older than Clark Kent on Smallville. Not exactly super-canon, but nothing is 100% anymore considering how many times they’ve changed the story around (comics, multiple universes, different movies, etc.). This news makes me so happy. She’s been good since she was on Smallville and Buffy in bit parts long ago. Now she’s a three-time Oscar nominee and an incredible actress. Just what Lois Lane deserves.

      • Mike

        Lois Lane is older than Clark Kent. I don’t know by how much in the comics, but by at least a full year on Smallville, plus she’s supposed be a bit more experienced in life than Clark. Amy Adams will be perfect for this role.

      • Shiny

        I doubt they’ll go to screen with Cavill; I’m guessing there will be a switch to a more established male actor for Supe. The nobodys haven’t been selling out the box office in comix movie lately. I don’t see Costner and Adams playing to a no-name Supe.

      • irwan

        i gotta correct you, Margot Kidder was only 4 (read: f o u r) years older than the late Christopher Reeve. and true, Teri was older than Dean but only by two years.
        so, i guess, casting an older Lois is within the tradition…but, 9 (read: n i n e) years older??!!! that’s just TOO MUCH…!!!!
        Rachel McAdams would make a better choice. and Joan Allen as Ma Kent.

    • Anna

      Dave, I also would have loved to see Rose Byrne as Lois Lane. I thought she really fit the part. Oh well. Amy Adams is great too. I guess we can catch Rose Byrne in the new X Men movie.

      • Heidi

        OOOH – who is Rose paired with – I’m hoping Michael Fassbender??

      • Anna

        Rose is playing Moira MacTaggert. If I’m not mistaken, I believe the character is a love interest of Professor X. James McAvoy is playing him in the movie.

      • Kim E

        Rose Bryne and Henry Cavill have been in a movie together it’s called I Capture the Castle. It’s a great movie, check it out.

    • Tarc

      Awesome choice!

      • Sith Lord J

        I love the timing of the Announcement. I guess Zach wanted to take focus off how poorly Sucker Punch performed this weekend.

    • Heidi

      I love the idea of Rose Byrne. I think Amy Adams is a great choice for Lois Lane but don’t see chemistry between her and Henry Cavill… hopefully it will work.

    • Wes

      She looks more like a Mary J for Spiderman than a Lois L for Superman. Honestly, I expect this to be as big a flop as Superman Returns, so I’m really don’t care who plays who.

      • Matty B

        You’re negative. Have some hope in people. Has Superman taught you nothing? People are capable of great things and great movies.

    • Color Me Impressed

      Wow. This movie is shaping up to be kindof awesome.

    • pam

      God, she is going to do a young girl impersonation to compensate for being a decade older than Superman.

    • Le HIROSHI

      Quite a surprising choice in the end. But it should be all right(?).

    • Rush

      Plucky enough to be Lane, though she needs to be brunette.

    • stevenjaba

      One of the great actresses of her generation???!!! Her generation must be pretty bad off then. So far, the only acting I’ve seen her do is the perky thing. Ugh.

      • Samuel

        It didn’t say Greatest it said “one of the most versatile and respected actresses in films today” and I agree with them, I don’t watch enough modern movies to know of she’s one of the greatest, but she’s is versatile and from what I’ve heard, very respected among the acting community, that is not one to appear on a tabloid for publicity

  • Chelsea

    I totally see her meshing with Henry Cavill. They’ll look gorgeous together. Hopefully Amy’s performance will burn Bosworth’s Lois from my brain!

    • Matt1

      Bosworth was the weakest link in ‘Superman Returns’.

      • jk

        Second weakest. The script was worse than Kate Bosworth’s bland performance.

      • Nick

        I would like a second helping of plain boring thank you.

      • irwan

        agree with jk on the script. the direction too was SUCKY. he’s responsible for the whole thing, after all.

  • A

    Great! I love Amy Adams. I think she’ll totally nail the role of Lois Lane.

    • L

      I can totally see her in the role, but isn’t she a little old for Cavill?

      • A

        A little. Cavil is 27 and Adams is 36. But i think it’ll work out okay.

      • Polly

        I’d rather see someone with acting chops play Lane over some ingenue. Not to mention the fact that Adams is a freakin knockout.

      • Jennifer

        How many movies do we have to sit and watch where the lead actor is literally old enough to be the lead actress’ father and nobody seems to notice or care? I wasn’t sure about Diane Lane as Ma Kent but Amy Adams will be one of the reasons I actually want to see this movie.

      • Jane

        27 to 36 is okay for now, but if they have sequels with a lot of time in between, then the age difference will become apparent.

      • Emma

        Perhaps. Or less so. If they wait 3 years (a likely gap) he’ll be 30 and she 39. Not too bad.

      • Nick

        Wouldn’t it be nice if there were any young male actors in Hollywood that were any good?

      • Strepsi

        @ JENNIFER: THANK YOU. How many times have I seen a 70+ Sean Connery or Clint Eastwood with a 30-something leading lady? At least this pairing is plausible and doesn’t make me want to gouge my eyes out.

    • Athithya

      That is one beautiful photo – I love the linthigg & overall color! That would be so cool to cruise around town in a golf cart & year around at that, living in Florida! The closest I’ve come to a community such as this is Cloud 9 Ranch in Caufield, Missouri – except everyone rides around on 4 wheelers (ATV’s) instead of golf carts. It’s a lot of fun!!!

  • tracy bluth

    Amy Adams is great, but I was rooting for her Sunshine Cleaning costar Emily Blunt.

    • Cate

      Emily Blunt would have been great! But Amy Adams is just perfect as well.

    • Sarah

      Now that I had a second to think of it… Emily Blunt would have been a great Lois Lane. However, I am really happy with Amy Adams because she is so talented and I think she will do very very well as Lois.

      • jt

        Emily Blunt doesn’t want to sign on to franchise roles that are that she would be forced to do for up to ten years.

  • Lauren

    This is excellent news, Amy Adams is a wonderful actress and will be able to capture all the aspects of Lois Lane’s personality that everyone loves.

  • Kaylee

    LOVE HER. great choice!

    • Valley Girl

      ITA. Great actress, and lucky to be cast opposite hottie Henry Cavill!

    • Daryl

      Totally agree. She’s a great actress and will make a good Lois Lane!

  • LOL

    Nice timing on the announcement. Anything to divert attention away from the Sucker Punch tank job.

    • Nick

      comicbooks to the rescue

  • forever1267

    A very good choice.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    A surprising choice but an excellent one. Amy Adams is a wonderful actress and I can see her playing the role easily. Nicely done.

  • Jamal

    Disappointed that they didn’t cast a black actress for Lane.

    • Jango

      I don’t think that could ever happen, simply because “Lois Lane” is quite possibly the whitest name in the Universe, next to Gertrude Peachtree.

      • Dani C

        ROTFL! Awesome!!

      • Nick

        Latisha Lyons, the million dollar beyotch

    • DinjaB

      Disappointed that they didn’t cast a butch woman for Superman.

      • Brian K

        DinjaB – close enough, an English man.

    • Matt1

      Don’t feed the trolls!

    • Elle Fanning

      I’m dissappointed they didn’t cast a teenage Lois Lane to an adult Clark Kent/Superman like in Johan Solowist’s 80’s era graphic novel.

      • Scott


      • Matty B

        I’m pretty sure “Elle Fanning” is just kidding. If so, nice snark.

    • David

      Hey Jamal check out the comic book Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane # 106. Lois Lane changes her skin color to black. “Black Like Me” story.

      • Jamal

        Amy Adams has red hair. There’s no law that says actors need to look like their comic pictures.

    • Ian

      We’ll have to settle for a possible black best friend, Jamal. Or maybe just some black extras. You know, the typical.
      They reinvent and reboot franchises all the time with some interesting differences, like a british Superman and an overexposed wide-eyed cutesy Amy Adams for the Lois Lane role, but no black actors. Never that.

      • Pittner

        Thank goodness.

      • Santos

        It is too bad Ian and Jamal. And Pittner’s a sarcastic idiot. Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan, or Naomi Harris could have done some amazing things as Lois, but the all-important white audience would never give that a chance. They cherish their iconic media representations. Anything else would “be” WRONG, and they would boycott the film if Lois were anything other than white.
        I bet they’ve never even asked themselves how and why Kryptonians look so darn caucasian.

      • Jane

        Not a fan of a black Lois Lane because I’m a traditionalist. But I could have been very happy with Zoe Saldana in that role. With Lois you want professional, driven, witty and likable and she imbued all of those qualities.

      • Ian

        LOL Jane. Zoe Saldana???
        You wouldn’t be a supporter of a black Lois, BUT you could get behind Zoe Saldana as her? Firstly, that’s a contradictory statement, and second: do you honestly think she is the only black actress that could do the role justice based on the portraying the qualities you mentioned? Or is she the only “black” actress you’ve bothered to familiarize with? I’d hate to think you chose her because Hollywood has commercialized her due to her “look” being more industry-desirable.

      • Matty B

        There’s always hope that a Black Vulcan movie may someday get a green light of its own! Go, Black Vulcan, Go!

    • Monkey


      • Monkey

        Hey, It’s Superman not the planet of the apes…

      • Ian

        What an argument you make Monkey. It couldn’t be more incorrect or ignorant, but as long people agree, right?

      • ever-lovin’ brown-eyed maurice

        hey,monkey,you make a planet of the apes reference in regards to black people yet you name yourself after a primate.racist cowards like you never have the b*lls to say anything like that to a black man’s face.we have a black president,i’ll bet that makes you shiver while you’re in bed next to sean hannity.

      • Matty B

        Sean Hannity (ROTFL). Hee hee!

    • Liz Lemon

      I can totally see Zoe Saldana in the role. Come on Hollywood step outside the box for once.
      Amy Adams always seems so Popsicles and Rainbows to me.

      • Ian

        Why is is it always Zoe Saldana?

      • Samuel

        This is not ordinary hollywood, this is Christopher Nolan! Remember who he picked for batman? hmm… I trust his judgment

      • Matty B

        Watch the Fighter. She’s not all hearts and flowers. She’s gritty. Very different from what she usually plays. And watch her as Amelia Earhart. She’s kind of already doing a Lois Lane thing in that performance. A comedic version but it’s got the same kind of energy.

  • Flip

    The wrong choice for this role. Why is Nolan casting Plain Janes like Amy Adams and Anne Hathaway in iconic comic book roles?

    • Matt1

      “Plain Janes”!? They’re both hot! My God, I own the movie Havoc and I don’t even know what it’s about but the dvd’s practically worn out!

      • Flip

        Hot? No. Both Amy and Anne are average-looking and ho-hum. Neither one is beautiful or glamourous. What a shame.

    • Alia

      Good lord. In what screwed up world are Amy Adams and Anne Hathaway plain???

      • whatevs

        Anne Hathaway has a scary face.

      • Mike

        Also, they are both great actresses.

        Plus I think Snyder has more input on Spuerman than Nolan.

      • Flip

        In this one.

        Whatevs, I slightly agree. Anne Hathaway has a huge nose that is extremely distracting. I hate the idea of a Yentl Catwoman.

      • Flip

        Mike, they may be “great” in some roles but neither one has what it takes to pull off Lois and Selina.

      • Jo

        Erm, reality? a tasteful one? in what screwed up world are a hideously plain, boxy-looking fake ginger whose psycho smile is always plastered across her face and that nasty-looking Joker skank with saggy breasts and no curves and an attitude problem NOT plain?!

    • avenger

      Totally agree! They don’t have enough of a personality to pull off these roles. This movie went from having potential to sucking

      • Flip

        Agreed. When I think Amy Adams, I think “boring”. She doesn’t have the spunk to pull off army brat/hard-hitting reporter Lois Lane.

      • Jas Rey

        You don’t think she has the personality? Flip thinks she’s boring?

        Because when I think of Amy Adams I think of the cartoon brought to life spunkiness of her in Enchanted. Or the gritty tough love of her in The Fighter. Or her sublime take on young pregnancy in Junebug. Or even her stealing scenes from Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Christopher Walken in Catch Me If You Can.

        But sure…think what you want.

      • Monica

        These pictures are worfnedul! Not too hard with a child as beautiful as he is but I am sure it is tough working with such young kids. My favorite is the last one. His eyes are so innocent and say so much. Do you do maternity photos too?

    • Foxer

      Margot Kidder played the penultimate Lane and she wasn’t exactly Playboy material…thank god.

      • ww

        Believe it or not, Margot Kidder appeared nude in Playboy a few years before the Superman movies.

      • Foxer

        please tell me you’re making that up… I just died a little inside.

      • Flip

        The best Lois Lane was and always will be Teri Hatcher.

      • Jane

        That’s right she was on the cover of Playboy. What made her an awesome Lois wasn’t her looks, but because she had the nerve to play Lois in a kooky, almost stupid way. Although she was wise to the world, when it came to Supes, she was just a kid in unchartered territory. This was so different from the portrayals of Lois from the comic books and tv shows and it made the character accessible. Teri Hatcher followed Kidder’s cue and that’s why her Lois was a success. This is where Bosworth went wrong- playing a traditional Lois and came off looking like a stuck up b—-h.

      • ElisaQ

        Do you mean she was the ultimate Lois Lane? I don’t mean to pick on you; I’m just confused by your comment. “Penultimate” means second to last, and I can think of several more recent Lois Lanes.

      • Matty B

        Grammar Nazi.

    • Jas Rey

      I’m not even going to address your ludicrous comment that they aren’t hot. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and all that jazz.

      But both of these women are Oscar Nominees. Hathaway has an Oscar Nomination for Best Supporting Actress and Ms. Adams has 3 (Count ‘em – THREE) nominations.

      That’s three nominations when she’s only been working twelve years. It took Jack Nicholson 18 years to get the same amount of nominations.


      • Flip

        Oscar nominations don’t mean they’re suited for these roles.

    • 1twinsfan

      Plain Janes??? On my very best day I don’t look as great as either Adams or Hathaway on their worst.

      • Flip

        Wow…that is unfortunate for you!!!

  • Matt1

    Perfect casting! I like everybody so far, especially Costner as Pa Kent. My hopes keep getting higher for this, don’t let me down like you did with Sucker Punch Snyder!!

  • MKS

    Amy Adams is definitely a terrific actress, and can play this role with gusto well – my biggest concern is that they get a better wigmaker than the last one or have her dye her hair.

    • Jo

      she doesn’t have the right coloring to be any shade of brunette is the problem. that and what a plain-looking, terrible “actress” she is. but that goes without saying.

  • kate

    My only hope of seeing this movie was if Erica Durance was Lois Lane. I guess that’s gone out the window.

    • A

      Everyone knew that wouldn’t happen, so why were you even clinging to the possibility?

    • Ally

      Me too. I would’ve loved to have seen Erica Durance as LL on the big screen. And it’s not like she’d be considered too ‘old’ for the role – I’m pretty sure she’s the same age as Amy Adams.

    • the terryr

      Wow, I’ve grown to love Erica on Smallville, but she, like Tom, are terrible actors and are completely wrong for a movie version.

      • Sarah

        They’re not terrible actors by any means but I would not have gone to see this movie if they had been cast because they are too tied to Smallville… which overall, is not a good verision of this classic story. The writing is just so awful and the dialogue is just dripping in lame pop culture references in an attempt to make characters seem witty.

        Besides, those two have played this roles on Smallville and when that ends they should get a chance to do other things.

  • Ryan

    Love love love this choice! Big surprise though, didnt even know she was in contention

    • Dana

      Love this choice! They seem to be casting this film somewhat based on the character types from the most recent incarnation, “Smallville”. And Amy Adams is definitely more of a Chloe Sullivan/Allison Mack type that can act than someone like Erica Durance, who was cast for her (questionable) looks and nothing else.

      I just hope the script is good, because they seem to be going out of their way to cast decent actors for this.

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