Leonard Nimoy joins 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' voice cast -- EXCLUSIVE


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Here is some news that should make Transformers: Dark of the Moon live long and prosper in the hearts of sci-fi fans.

Mr. Spock himself, Leonard Nimoy, has joined the film as the voice of Sentinel Prime, the predecessor of Optimus Prime whose wrecked body is seen in the teaser trailer, found crash-landed on the moon by the Apollo 11 astronauts in 1969. Later, after being brought to earth, he takes the disguise form of a fire engine in the movie’s massive, climactic battle through Chicago.

Apart from his obvious Star Trek cred, Nimoy also has a history with Hasbro’s shape-shifting alien robots: He was the voice of Galvatron in 1986’s The Transformers: The Movie.

Transformers filmmaker Michael Bay had toyed with the idea of inviting him to play a voice in the second movie, Revenge of the Fallen, but wasn’t sure he could pay the veteran actor enough. “I was too scared to ask him,” the director says. “Plus, he’s married to Susan Bay, who’s a cousin of mine. So I had to be careful. I’ve met him at family functions. But he told me, ‘I would be honored. I’m glad to be back!'”

Bay has been open about changing course with this third Transformers movie and making a stronger story than the critically pulverized last one. He says part of that is giving the metallic characters a bit more soul, even if they’re villains. “The robots have more character in this movie. Much more. You really understand their struggle, on both sides actually,” Bay says.

The 3-D Transformers: Dark of the Moon opens July 1.

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  • Melinda


    • man in black

      I thought he’d retired…?? If he wants to go back to work, then he needs to come back on Fringe STAT!!

      • Jay

        William Bell is dead. Its bad enough his “soul” is living on inside Olivia, lets not make him a zombie, OK?

      • Brian

        Red Universe Bell might not have really died in a car crash…he could still come back.

      • Bill

        He did tweet about making a return to Fringe, could be a flashback or something like that.

      • Dicazi

        His tweet was about William Bell coming back to Fringe, and the character DID. I am loving Bellivia, but I could totally see alt-Bell making an appearance.

      • Your Queen

        WHO GIVES A RAT’S?

        He’s a one hit wonder actor that only brings caricature to every bit part he’s had in the last 30 years.

        This guy could take a dump and EW would get excited.


      • Cris

        Wow. What’d he do, kill your grandma? Why such hatred toward the guy? If you hate him so much, you could have always … y’know … NOT clicked the link to the story.

      • Your Queen

        Grow up you pathetic BlTCH, Cris.
        I just tell it exactly like it is.
        Ask anyone who anyone on EW about me, you useless weakling.

      • Mary

        I second this 100x times!

      • Dicazi

        Queen, if you create a character that survives and prospers for 45 years, I might listen to you.

  • Crystal

    That’s cool . . . but I was so severely disappointed by the last one I don’t think I could bring myself to watch this in the theater. Maybe I’ll rent it after all of the critics have reviewed it.

    • Emma

      Watching Transformers on DVD is the silliest thing ever. 90% of the fun is seeing all that spectacle on a giant screen.

      • Crystal

        Spending $8 to watch Transformers 2 is the silliest thing ever. What a piece of awful trash. I’d rather save money. If a movie is good, it doesn’t need a giant screen.

      • Lee

        You are kidding right? I guess you didnt see on IMAX? I mean TRUE IMAX!! It was F***ING INCREDIBLE!! Yes, the second one sucked; was all over the place!! BUT… seeing them on that giant screen was worth the price!!

      • Crystal

        I don’t go to a movie to be amazed by computer graphics, I go to a movie for story and character. The first one had a good balance of both, and the second one was horrendous in every way imaginable.

    • Ron

      But wait! It will be in spectacular 3D! haha

    • Oliver

      Emma & Crystal. It’s fairly good, I’m 40, and a sci-fi fan, but neither a “geek” or a movie buff.
      I was impressed. There were only one or two cringeworthy robot dialogue exchanges (remember it was a cartoon)
      The rendering was much better and didn’t seem pointless hardly at all. I even ceased to be annoyed by the 3D after about 25 minutes. it is worth the $20.00 you’ll pay to see it.

  • harry


  • Mike

    I thought he said Fringe was the last thing he would ever do? Guess that didn’t include voices?

    • Lee


  • Hot Rod

    First Galvatron, and now Sentinel Prime. The man was born to be a Transformer.

  • Michelle


  • Fortune


  • MWeyer

    He was a highlight of the old animated movie: “Coronation, Starscream? This is bad comedy!”
    “Megatron? Is that you?”
    “Here’s a hint!” Tranforms and blasts Starscream to ashes.

  • Nick

    Doing the voice of a character is hardly the same as filming a scene on camera. I don’t think this violates his “retirement.” Not that any of us would care if he chose to work until he can’t anymore.

  • Lorie

    This is totally cool!!

  • Pee Poo

    Leonard’s saggy neck looks like my balls.

    • Pee Poo

      “The robots have more character in this movie. Much more. You really understand their struggle, on both sides actually,”…oh shut the f_ck up, a$$hole. He actually believes his own BS

    • Basssinger

      Sorry about your impediment…a good plastic surgeon might be able to help…question is do you want them lowered or raised?

  • Jeremy

    I heard a rumor he will be doing the voice of Smauge in the Hobbit movies.

    • Pee Poo

      I heard a rumor that you like it in the bum son.

      • Matt1


      • Blue Silver

        Damn! What are you, like 12 yrs old?? Grow the fkcu up!!!
        ….For the record, Leonard Nimoy kicks ass!!!!!

    • Color Me Impressed

      @Pee Poo: Very mature. @Jeremy: That would be kindof awesome. The only thing that would make it better is if Jeremy Irons did the voice of Smaug. Now THAT would be awesome!

      • Pee Poo

        The only thing that would make it better is Jeremy Irons giving it to Leonard Nimoy while doing the voice of Sausage, Smaug’s older effeminate cousin.

      • Rose

        @Pee Poo: Quiet, you. O_O;

        @Color Me Impressed: OH MY GOD YES. That would be the best thing EVER. He could use a variation of his Scar voice! (oh great, now whenever I read The Hobbit, I’m always going to imagine Smaug talking like Scar. XD)

  • Lydia Roberts

    I hope Leonard Nimoy does more mainstream films from now on.

    • Wickeddoll

      He can do *way* better than those craptacular Transformer movies. EGAD.

      • Sanger

        01 Jul 11, 2011 8:32 am Geoff Gould Its rcouiuldis that Michael Bay encourages non transformers fans to think its all about Prime. Add to the the complete character misrepresentation of Megatron as a sort of deluded bully who can be bossed around. Starscream wasn’t done properly either, he wouldn’t flail about if he lost an eye he would escape as he always does.Killing Ironhide was stupid, letting that pass in the film without dealing with the grief was just rude.I think Bay is a really lazy, unimaginative director who just alters everything to make it simple enough for an idiot to big-up.Also Hasbro have really failed the franchise they are quick to meddle in IDW story lines but why not here?Shame so many great designs for the characters, such a waste of lore.I hope this kicks off some kind of need to do more movies, like what happened with Batman G1 Transformers deserve that, especially if it can be done like IDW’s Infiltration etc.

  • Steve

    Starscream: “Sentinel Prime? I thought you were dead!”
    Sentinel Prime: “You thought wrong.” *blasts a hole through Starscream*

    Great news – now my interest in this movie has really gone up!

  • trish

    Come back to “Fringe,” Mr. Nimoy! Free Olivia!!!!

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