'Thor' clip: Don't tase me, bro!

When your immortal father wants to punish you, he knows exactly where to banish you: the realm of New Mexico. At least that’s what happens to Thor in this summer’s superhero movie, out May 6. A new clip teases a little more of that first moment when the strapping Norse god first lands on earth and meets the women who will help him in his new environment. Natalie Portman is the level-headed one — a woman of science — and Kat Dennings is a tad more flighty — she goes from volunteering to provide CPR on a “hammer’d” Thor to tasering him in panic. Take a look.

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  • Julie Anderton

    So, when Thor is banished to Earth, he must lose his godly powers. Otherwise, a taser wouldn’t have that effect on him. Interesting…

    • Temp

      My guess is he doesnt have his powers until he recovers the hammer. Hence the other footage of him fighting his way through SHIELD agents to try and get it back?

      • Julie Anderton

        Makes sense. In the trailer, he handles the SHIELD agents pretty easily, but it’s not like he’s throwing them through walls or showing any other signs of super strength.

    • therealeverton

      “Whoever wields this hammer, if he be worthy, shall posses the power of Thor”. He has his power taken and Mjolnir (The Hammer) sent to Earth waiting (Sword in the stoone like) for Thor to earn the right to his power back. So he’s effectively Human when he arrives on Earth and will stay that way untill he proves worthy of his power.

  • harry

    LOL awesome!!!

  • Barrack Obummer

    I dunno. I’m getting bad vibes for this movie. I want to want to like it but…..

    • sam

      me, too. I really, really want to like it, but something is just…wrong?

      • Meso Soup

        YEs its your attitude….

  • remo williams

    i found out quite abit about this movie that i won’t spoil for others,but i wish they’d had them speaking in the shakespearean lingo like in the classic thor comics.

  • Chelsea

    Well, anything compared to “The Green Lantern” trailer looks awesome, lol. This actually does look good, though. I guess time will tell.

    • therealeverton

      It’s cool in the comics and the toons, especially when other heroes kind of mock it; but there’s little logic to (even interior logic within the boundaries of the storyy), so I think it would just be off putting. I mean if Kenneth Branagh thinks it’s a bad idea to use Shakespearian speech then that’s that really. The man knos his Shakespeare, that’s why i think he was such a perfect choice for this film. it’s just under 4 weeks now and I’m counting down to it more than I do for Christmas!

    • therealeverton

      Sorry comment should have gone one post up.

  • Janelle

    The Norwegian in me can’t wait to see this movie, it is motivating me to research more on the old Norse mythology. Totally going to see it at the drive in so I don’t have to get the 3-d neck cramp/headaches.

  • Janelle

    Oh and also hoping for a Vincent D’onofrio cameo … you have to be over 30 to get that reference

    • Lisa Simpson

      He made a better Thor. And in what looks to be a much better movie.

    • Mrs. T


  • Karate Pants

    Entertainment Weekly seems to have turned into Comic Book Daily. And the geeks shall inherit the earth…booooo.

    • Judo Thong

      A lot better than Entertainment Twilight.

      • Karate Pants

        Well, I disagree. Obviously. BUT, next time everyone’s whining about Twilight overload, I’m going to direct you all back to the barrage of comic book nonsense that has been the past few months.

    • therealeverton

      Well except that you’re talking about a number of, mostly, unconnected movies and TV shows. They’re big news, entertainment wise, so I wonder what you expect them to do instead. Is there some kind of quota? Too many articles about shows starring blondes? Too many articles about action movies? Too many about Romcoms? I just don’t get it. I mean it’s annoying enough when people moan about Twilight coverage, surely to be expected, but at least that’s all about one thing. Dark Knight Rises articles are nothing to do with Amazing Spider-Man ones, or X-Men blogs, which have even less to do with Thor; which is a least a tiny bit related to Captain America, but that minor connected is barely mentioned.

      On top of that people who “hate” all of the popular entertainment blogs that this popular entertainment “magazine” exists to write, sure do seem to spend a lot of time reading about the things they hate?

      So let’s not insult the millions of people for whom this, and other comic book related stories, may be interesting and go read something we do like and leave positive (or negative if warranted) comments there instead.

      It’s a no complaint the articles are almost entirely unrelated and it’s all genuine “news”

  • elena

    Kat Dennings FTW. Are she and Natalie Portman’s characters sisters (they kinda look similar) or just all together in the ensemble?

  • Randy

    Thank God he’s not as lame as the actor who played Thor in that Bill Bixby Incredible Hulk TV movie. That was a bad one.

    • pie thrower

      That and the black costumed Daredevil. It was horrible.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    The norse mythology buff in me has mixed feelings about this film. I love Norse mythology so anything dealing wit it is a must see…but I also know they will get the myths completely wrong.

    The Comic nerd in me can’t wait to see this film! So I think that only 1/3 of me doesn’t want to see it.

    • therealeverton

      They won’t get the myths wrong because it isn’t based on the myths; it is based on the Marvel Comics reinterpretation of those Myths. On a comic book reality fitting version of them. If it was just Thor then yes, you’d be thinking of the Myths, much like when watching Clash of The Titans 1981 you’re thinking well this isn’t right there are no actual Titans anywhere to be seen, let alone to clash. It’s worse in the 2010 version, but even then I’d say if you’re looking for accuracy then the History channel is the place to try.

      So get that other 1/3 and tell it not to worry, the Myths are safe, this isn’t a movie about the Thursday king, it’s a Journey Into Mystery with Marvel’s The Mighty Thor. Flying (we hope), blonde not red haired, not the father of countless children with various mothers, but maybe still a little brawn over brain. Enjoy! (we hope)

      Dude, The Destroyer! What more could we want, (still hearing rumours about infinity gauntlet too!)

  • Walrus

    EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Portman’s body double has just come forward to exclaim that she held the flashlight in the film, and they just pasted Natalie’s face onto her body in editing.

    • pie thrower


  • Mike

    This movie is going to blow.

  • The Other Guy

    I don’t know…this movie might suck. And that would suck

  • Edin Abdulahi

    Don’t tase me, bro! HAHAHAHAHAH DON:T TASE ME HAHAHHAHAHA tototot

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