Box office report: 'Hop' springs into first place with $38.1 mil


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Little-known fact: The Easter Bunny is an avid box-office watcher, and thanks to the better-than-expected performance of one movie, children can expect a significant increase in chocolate eggs this year. Hop, Universal’s family comedy about the Easter Bunny’s rebellious (and Russell Brand-voiced) teenage son, sprinted ahead of the competition with $38.1 million, according to studio estimates. If the estimate holds (and that’s a big if), the film will have scored the best opening weekend of the year so far, passing Rango by about $39,000. Hop was made for $63 million by the production company Illumination Entertainment, which is now two-for-two after the breakout success of last summer’s Despicable Me. And with Easter still three weeks away, plus a splendid “A-” rating from CinemaScore audiences, Hop should have the box-office legs of a, well, rabbit.

In various alternate universes, Source Code made anywhere from seven cents to $683 billion this weekend. But in this world, the multiverse thriller settled for second place with $15.1 million. The PG-13 movie, which stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a soldier who repeatedly relives the last eight minutes of another man’s life in an attempt to uncover a terrorist, earned an okay “B” grade from CinemaScore moviegoers. Like other recent thrillers, Source Code skewed older, attracting an audience that was 64 percent over the age of 30. The $32 million film was directed by Duncan Jones, who also made the 2009 sci-fi puzzler Moon — and, yes, who happens to be the son of David Bowie.

In third was the horror film Insidious, which debuted to $13.5 million. The PG-13 movie, about a comatose boy whose body becomes possessed by evil spirits, was directed by Saw‘s James Wan and produced (for only $1 million) by the team behind Paranormal Activity. That horror-movie pedigree helped bring out the genre’s fans, and unlike most horror films, Insidious saw a Friday-to-Saturday spike of 13 percent. Also unlike most scary pictures, the film’s audience was slightly more male (52 percent) than female. CinemaScore graders handed Insidious a “B” rating.

Fourth and fifth place went to holdovers Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules ($10.2 million) and Limitless ($9.4 million), which dropped 57 percent and 38 percent, respectively. The fantasy action film Sucker Punch nosedived 68 percent for $6.1 million — the year’s largest second-weekend decline among wide releases. And The King’s Speech, which was replaced by a newly sanitized PG-13 cut, fell 23 percent for $1.2 million.

In limited release, the action comedy Cat Run deserves a special mention for opening to $30,000 from 103 locations, for an abysmal per-theater average of $291. Assuming an $8 ticket price and five showtimes per day, an average of 2.4 moviegoers attended each screening of the film. Check back next week for four new releases: the comedy remake Arthur, the adventure thriller Hanna, the surfing drama Soul Surfer, and the medieval stoner comedy Your Highness.

1. Hop — $38.1 mil
2. Source Code — $15.1 mil
3. Insidious — $13.5 mil
4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules — $10.2 mil
5. Limitless — $9.4 mil

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  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • Shelby Coman

      Why, yes, if you’re referring to Easter Bunny crap. I do enjoy jelly beans on occasion.

    • Loch Ness

      America gets the movies they deserve.

    • LOL

      Sorry folks, I misread the headline. Hop is indeed a delightful romp! America finally got it right. Good job my fellow Hop lovers!

      • Bluto

        Yes, but did you “stand up and cheer for more,” like Rex Reed?

      • LOL

        Why yes, I did.

    • colbea


    • Jason

      and LOL is a snotty bastard

    • Stew

      they can’t all be shrek. meh

      • ryan

        Well it recieved an A- cinascore so i guess …wow people enjoyed it.

  • megan

    i love russell brand! im 17 and i thought hop was funny and cute haha and its a kids movie lol. <3 RUSSELL :3

    • Russell Brand

      i hate you

    • Bluto

      Really Megan—did you laugh twice whilst writing your post? Did you really laugh “out loud?” Did it sound as delightfully sincere as one of Janet Jackson’s giggles in any of the songs she’s laughed in?

      I bet it did.

  • Marie

    Ha. That Cat Run movie was a flop of EPIC proportions.

    • Stew

      At least it’s not ANOTHER comicbook movie

  • Chris

    Jake Gynlenhaal isn’t a movie star. Source Code and Love and Drugs was too. How much longer is Hollywood going to keep pushing some actors and actresses down our throats. Hollywood doesn’t care about talent and popularity, only about who they want to push. I’m glad it’s showing in the bottom line.

    • Mike

      What about the movie actually getting great reviews? It’s not a movie like the Tourist…

    • Adwina Lambert

      True. T.G. is not a star! tee-hee

    • Raymond

      Source Code and Love and Drugs was too—what? Too what?

      Don’t keep us guessing.

  • Chris

    I’m saying Prince of Persia, Love and Drug and Source Code were or are on target to being flops.

    • Jose

      I doubt Source Code will be a flop, it’s budget was less than the $35 million and I’m Limitless and The Lincoln Lawyer. If Gyllenghall just does more dramas that are relatively cheap then his career will be fine.

      • Jose

        * and I’m sure it’ll have legs like Limitless and The Lincoln Laywer.

    • PN

      Maybe Jake Gyllenthal doesn’t care if his movie is going to be a flop. He goes for the roles he wants to do in movies, whether it’s funny or dramatic or dark.

    • Stew

      Hollywood hasn’t made a real blockbuster in years.. This is the best they can come up with these days.

      • Lindsay

        umm, I’m pretty sure you could call Avatar a real blockbuster. And that was only a little over a year ago.

  • Julie

    Prince of Persia did good business in the may not of been a blockbuster here but it did great business everywhere else and earned back it’s money.
    Jake is very talented. Apparently you’ve never read or talked to anyone who has worked with him. He’s an excellent actor and extremely well liked.
    How many actors who are considered successful had a number of “flops” – the majority of them.
    There is such a thing as TV and DVD where a lot of people who didn’t go to the theater will see Jake in his movies.
    Actually making 15 million was a goal for them because Of the type of movie it is. Sometimes actors make movies they believe in but it’s not something there is a big audience for.

    • Chris

      Prince of Persia only lost Bruckheimer over $150 million dollars.

      • Pete

        Chris, check the facts first you idiot. The world wide box office total for Prince of Persia was $335,154,643, the cost of the film was $200 million. That means this film earned $135,154,643, for the studio. That’s a win! I think you lost your brain!

      • Ferdi

        Don’t forget that studios get 50-55% of the movies total gross :)

      • Darrin

        Not that I want to get in the middle of childish name-calling, but that $200 production cost very likely did not include the many millions it cost to promote the movie worldwide, which would significantly lower the profit. So, maybe you want to make sure you have all the figures before calling someone else an idiot.

      • Colleen

        Plus, of that $135+ million, the theatres get around 50%.

      • Mike

        50% for theaters? I don’t think so. I’ve worked at a theater for years, and we make about 5 or 10 cents a ticket. Once the movie has been in theaters for six (maybe 8 weeks) then we start getting more. 50% is way to high. 5% maybe.

  • del taco

    Source Code is legit technology
    I’ve posted this from an alternate universe.
    My universe is pretty much the same as yours, except Charlie Sheen is President of the US.
    It’s not so bad……

    • Thorny

      If it is legit technology that lets Gyllenhall relive the experiences of the original guy’s last eight minute of life, maybe you can explain how Gyllenhall was able to experience things the original guy didn’t, like getting off the train. And how the devil did he get the Captain’s phone number to send her a text message?

      • DTO

        That was a tad spoilery, but having already seen the movie, I totally understand. The premise was interesting but ill-defined, and then they threw all logic out the window for one of those blow-your-mind twists that ruins the movie instead of making it awesome. Though it had potential, Duncan Jones follows up MOON with ASS: THE MOVIE. INCEPTION was better.

      • jj

        It wasn’t a text message, it was an email. Email addresses are usually VERY easy to remember.

  • Ktct

    Okay, I took three eight year-olds to see “Hop” yesterday. I don’t know how cinema score works, but I can’t imagine that adults of average intelligence were involved in giving it an A-. Did the kids like it? Yes. Me? No.
    I was just happy that my son chose to watch the Final Four rather than the Kids Choice awards! And by the by, there are eight year-olds who think the Black Eyed Peas suck!

    • gink

      Took two twelve year old girls to see hop. They said it was ‘stupid but hilarious’. I thought it was just stupid.

      • Tottofb

        Good review, Vishu…Here’s my take, and pepahrs a slightly differing perspective.First, as a fan of Christopher Nolan, I was one of the many that felt outraged by ARM’s Ghajini which was ‘inspired’ by Nolan’s Memento…but still I thought he indianized it as well as any of the locals could have…and definitely Ghajini was watchableSo I was looking forward to this dude’s new flick, and must say it ended up being watchable for the most part.I did read up on Bodhidharma after the flick and he is credited more with Zen and Buddhism than with Kungfu, but a bit of truth-stretching is OK….on the other hand, the past-to-present linkage was inspired, and yea totally sci-fi’sh – but thats ok too….after all, we have seen Tom Cruise with a fake face in MI-* and loved every bit of it, because of its execution…Speaking of execution:- though the stunt choreography in china in the beginning was pretty nice, the whole segment of the village, people etc was quite amateurish(c’mon – nicely permed & shampooed straight hair for the kid in 6th century AD??)- I thought Surya was OK – not bad, but nothing tremendous either- On the other hand, I was hugely impressed by Shruti Hassan’s performance…yes her diction could have been better, but then what bowled me over was her conviction of characterization – she played the role wonderfully…this girl has the looks, genes and the legs to last I think- Like you, I thought Harris Jayaraj was horrendous (he lost his mojo a long time back, and should really stop)- Ravi K Chandran’s cinematography was stunning – he is a current legend, and lived up to every penny of his top billing (the shot on the beach at dusk framed by just the headlights of the hummer – just wow)- ARM shot some scenes quite well…the scene where the professor is “shown” being killed for example- the songs were done for commercial elements as they say, but then again, dont think anyone actually enjoys them – just cant figure why they use song sequences to intrude into a story and screenplay that hums, with or without logic- the whole tamil thing was too much, sorry….he came off too preachy and artificial…i am a tamil guy who likes & appreciates my culture and heritage, but it was just too much over-the-top jingoism as you statedOverall, I felt the movie actually had a storyline right from the beginning, and was enjoyable as an action flick….definitely recommend it as ‘worth a watch’, 3.5/5 stars…

  • Lee Harvey

    America hates movies.

    • Stew

      They want original stories. Oh they want movies, but they have to GOOD movies.

  • George

    Dunacn Jones is one of the best new directors in the industry. Moon was, in my opinion, the best film of 2009!
    It’s a shame that his talent is overshadowed by treacly GCI fluff like Hop. But c’est la vie!

  • Mike

    I really wish I could give Hop a pass because it’s a kid’s movie, but it was BAD. It’s movies like this that make me want to send thank you letters and flowers to Pixar.

    • Michael

      Seriously, these days Pixar trumps ALL other kids’ movies.

      • Michael

        Except that new Winnie the Pooh movie looks utterly adorable. I’m glad to know that the 2-D movie isn’t dead after all.

  • Sue1

    The movie is aimed at kids, and they seem to love it. Those of you who insist on finding this as indicative of the end of cimematic integrity should get over yourselves.

    • whatevs

      Kids love every piece of crap movie.

      • Sue1

        So let’s stop making movies for the tasteless little heathens.

      • Stew

        At least Shrek was funny for the people who have to put up with the screaming and yelling little kids

  • jt

    How embarrassing. :(

  • James

    Sleeper of the weekend…Insidious…IT WAS AMAZING! Must go see!

  • Sebastian

    Leave Hop alone. I went with my buddy and his two kids 9 and 11 to see it. They loved it!!! I thought it was cute too. A nice movie for the kids. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Adam

      Just because it is for kids doesn’t mean it has to be stupid.

      Source Code > Hop

      • Alamode

        Hells Gate > Source Code

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